Let's go forward together!

Thousands of tiny companies are closing down in Sardinia. Their lands are being repossessed for debts that they can no longer pay. There are between 5,000 and 7,000 companies at risk. The crop farmers and sheep farmers are challenging the enormous amounts of interest applied by the Banco di Sardegna on mortgages that they thought offered good terms. They are asking the Region to take action to help them, No one responds. Whatís the use of a Region if it isnít to protect the territory, the culture, the citizens and local production? If they are not taking an interest in these topics they may as well be done away with so as to cause lower costs to the citizens.
The Banco di Sardegna is demanding payment of its loans, but the only thing about it with a connection with Sardinia is its name. It is in fact owned by the Banca Popolare dellíEmilia Romagna. Thatís the one that has an incestuous relationship with Gruppo Cremonini, which at one time was at the centre of an investigation on Milena Gabanelliís programme called Report. Why was it incestuous?
The diagram that Iím showing here highlights the fact that the company called Marr (in the Cremonini Group) and Cremonini, have the following in common with the Banca Popolare dellíEmilia Romagna:
- two supervising auditors
- threedirectors
- a director (in Cremonini) who became a supervising auditor in Banca Popolare dellíEmilia Romagna:
(the green lines connect the directors, the red lines connect the supervising auditors)
Marr was awarded the tender organised by Consip S.p.A. for the supply of foodstuffs for the Public Administration of the Region of Sardinia.
The management of the bar at the Cagliari-Elmas airport has been entrusted to Cremonini that sells panini imported from all the world except Sardinia with moddizzosu from Sanluri, sausage from Murru di Irgo and Boi from Nuraminis
The Banco di Sardegna has two of its directors who are also directors of its controller, Banca Popolare dellíEmilia Romagna: Guido Leoni and Ivano Spallanzani. Leoni is also the CEO of the Banca Popolare dellíEmilia Romagna. Itís he who gives the orders.

To sum up: the farmers are having their lands taken from them. Soru is thinking of Topo Gigio Veltroni, whoever is making decisions stays in Emilia Romagna and has more than a brotherly relationship with Cremonini, a group that is in the foodstuffs business and could get food produced in Sardinia.
There are grown men who are crying on the video. I would like someone to think about these thousands of families. Iím going to do that by soon going to Decimoputzu where they are doing the hunger strike. Iíll do a bit of hunger striking too, but you see I really need that.

Let's go forward together!

PS This evening at 6:00pm in Piazza del Ferrarese in Bari thereíll be the collection of signatures organised by the Bariís MeetUp2 against the incinerator and the turbogas power station at Modugno.

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Beppe and Staff,
please note that I'm posting again, because I made a mistake. The Landslide occurred on March 7, 2005 (2 and a half years ago)

I'm contacting you, because WE really need your help in Calabria.
I am 23 years-old and have been subject to Italy's fine democracy. A town called Cavallerizzo di Cerzeto, located in the province of Cosenza, Calabria - endured some Landslide damage back in March of 2005, 20 houses and the main road collapsed. Guido Bertolaso of the Protezione "Incivile" has condemned the town, my house included. The majority of the town was not touched by the landslide, however the politicians of Calabria and Bertolaso himself made it more then clear that according to them it cannot be saved, even going so far as to banning a group of geologist I commissioned to conduct my own private case study of the town. Bertolaso and the protezione civile have intimidated and scared the people by saying that the town is dangerous, it is extremely important that everyone should know that the geological study done by the government is confidential and NO ONE has access to it. If the Italian Government has not done anything wrong, then why can't our lawyer or the courts have these documents? Rather the Italian government would rather continue to waste time on spending Tax payers money on rebuilding a new town with factories that NEVER existed in the first place - can anyone tell me where the Finanza is to investigate this situation? Guido Bertolaso of Protezione Civile has strip us from our rights and said "it's the new town or nothing", I didn't know that communism rules Italy. I would like to know where my rights are in this case? The illegal factories have been built, these falsified owners are being paid 8K Euros a month when they never made 8K Euros in a year in this 400 population town in the middle of the mountains in Calabria. The government promised everyone Villetta's - 47 million Euros to build this new town, a town the majority does not want - but the government insists on wasting tax payers money - 250 houses remain standing out of 270. how long does justice take in this country? some individuals have been paid 100,000 euros because they stated their company was lost in the landslide - in reality, the landslide was very minor and didn't even cover the bushes - a reminder that many of these individuals never had these company's to begin with. Guido Bertolaso is an evil man who profited from our disaster, along with the other numerous politicians and religious figures of our region and country. A note that Comitato per Cavallerizzo (www.comitatocavallerizzo.it) a group of crooked individuals who conducted affairs on behalf of the citizens of Cavallerizzo and never had the legal permission or right to do so on behalf of the majority of the people, they falsified statements/signatures that NO ONE wanted to return home, and everyone wanted NEW Villas. This is injustice and a complete conspiracy, when will the rest of Italy be aware of this scandal?

A massive investigation needs to be made as soon as possible. If things do not change for the better, us citizens of Cavallerizzo are prepared to take justice in our own hands. Citizens have opened a web site where the truth can for once be seen and heard, please visit www.cavallerizzo.com for further information.
I thank you for your attention. I look forward to hearing a response from you.
God Bless,
Stefania Talarico
citizen of Cavallerizzo di Cerzeto.

Posted by: Stefania Talarico | October 20, 2007 05:21 PM

I would like to know if the italian medias are reporting these events or if, as usual, everything is being swept under the carpet, in order not to bite the hand that feeds them, and by reporting I do not mean just superficially mentioning that something is going on, in between hours of programs about football or the latest celebrities gossips,( vital matters, for which there is never lack of time and space in our medias )but actually investigating and reporting the real facts, and highlighting the human tragedy that these greed based decision by the banking system cause,on a daily basis, in the name of the god profit.

I would like to suggest that after the media's V-Day, the next one should be dedicated to expose the real nature and activities of the banking system.

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | October 20, 2007 11:38 AM

The post upstairs (the Levi-Law) doesn't work.
Every time you click on it it says that the page doesn't exist.
Can somebody fix this problem?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | October 19, 2007 07:13 PM

This behaviour is a normal day at the office for any bank anywhere in the world; this is what they do. Lure people into debts, lending them money that exists only as figures typed on a computer screen, and DOES NOT exist in reality, by making them believe that it is good for them ( the people / companies etc. ) to get into debts, and charging interest on it, and then either making a fortune by cashing in the interest on money that doesn' t exist, or taking the properties that DO EXIST away from the people who have borrowed that money.

If the governments of the world were allowed to print their own money. they could lend them to their citizens interest free, so that people do not have to pay for 2/3 houses in order to buy one, and so on, for everthing else.

But the banking system does not allow governments to print their own money, only a network of private banks those - central banks - that most people are mislead into thinking they are own andcontrolled by their own goverments, whilst in reality all central banks are privately owned banks, controlled from behind the scenes by other private banks, who in turn are owned and controlled by other interesting people.

It is the central banks, and those who covertly control them, who control the governments, not the other way around; this is one big reason why the politicians of any country "appear" to actin ways not really in the interests of the country they are supposed to serve and represent, because in reality they are serving and representing very different interests.

2 great American presidents had tried to break this vicious and criminal circle, by ordering the printing of state issued money, instead of central banks money, one was Abraham Lincoln and the other was J. F. Kennedy, they also have another thing incommon.

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | October 19, 2007 11:06 AM

These Sardinia events are typical of the behaviour of the Italian Bannks. Please go and see the annual report of Banco di Sardegna. They claim "Exceptional results". Of course, because they suck money from the people as you mention. I have been working in Sardinia, as architect at the hospital S. Maria Bambina, Oristano, so I know Sardinia very well.

The problem with the banks has been outlined very dramatically by the transmission "Report" of Milena Gabanelli. She was showing how the international banks are just "fucking" municipalities, and regional administration, with the "derivates".

Can you immagine that the son of Bassolino, president of regione Campania is a senior manager of UBS in London, lending derivates to his father in Napoli ?

Please, go on the site of Ministero del Tesoro, Direzione II responsibile of the "Debito Pubblico", and read what is going on at national level.

The "Mattanza" of funds belonging to the Italian done by our public servants is incredibly shameful. And all the international banks are exploiting us without the minimum of decency.

Excactly as it happens in Sardinia !

Beppe, please set up a party.

I can help because I am a specilist in international contracting. All public works in Italy, must be done with the rules of the World Bank.

So the robberies will drammatically be reduced.

Let us be sure of our victory.


Carlo Musso

Posted by: Carlo Musso | October 19, 2007 10:12 AM

Goodluck with the meetup! Hope it turns out well!

Posted by: P. G. | October 18, 2007 11:37 PM

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