Convicts and Promotion

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The 24 convicts are standing solid as a rock in Parliament. No one is taking a step backwards. The first to hand himself over to the voters and resign will become a national hero. But they donít understand that. How many years will be needed for them to be taken out of our hair? In three years weíve only been liberated of Previti. They are long-term convicts. Drug addicts who canít break the habit.
The government is not indifferent. One at a time it helps them regain confidence in themselves after their trial and conviction. Itís true that few have been in prison, but all are honorary detainees.
Last year Vito and Pomicino, the former convicted of corruption and sentenced to 2 years and the latter for illegal financing and sentenced to 1 year and 8 months and for corruption and sentenced to 2 months, have been appointed to the Antimafia Commission. Since theyíve been there, organised crime has become the top company in the country. If Andreotti (prescritto for life) were also there, it would become the top European multinational.
The government does not forget the convicts in Parliament. And thereís a reason for that. Imagine the day the current Ministers and undersecretaries finish up in court because of any old judge like Forleo or De Magistris. Who would help them? Today itís your turn, tomorrow itís my turn and the CSM is for Mancino.
Gianni De Michelis, once defined as a leftover from a whale, a great chaser of ministerial women and author of the book: ďDove andiamo a ballare questa sera: guida a 250 discoteche italianeĒ {Where are we going to dance this evening: guide to 250 Italian discos} has been promoted. This happy initiative to the benefit of the convict sentenced to 18 months for motorway ring roads in the region of Venice, and sentenced to 6 months for illegal financing is the work of Massimo DíAlema.
To understand what we should expect in 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has brought together a committee of experts called : ďGruppo di riflessione strategicaĒ. {Strategic Reflection Group} The people who are in this will get together in a meeting room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss energy, production, commerce, security and the future of the world. The Charon of the Left has sent Gianni De Michelis to be part of the group. The appointment of the former ballet dancer is because he is president of the Institute for Relations between Italy and Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Far East.
I expect thereíll be other important gestures in relation to the convicts. The bombers at the Defence Committee, the brigands at the Minister of the Interior, the extortionists at the Treasury. Let us give them hope for the future and letís give Forleo to DíAlema.

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Scusate ma se al sabato sera non esco sto a casa
a sparare cavolare con internet.

Questa e' di politica.

Questa e' la mia opinione, forse mi sbaglio.

Ho letto che i verdi sono "in piazza" contro il nucleare e a favore del solare.

Ma io ho alcuni pensieri in testa.
(potrei dire grilli)

Ne elenco 4.

1. I verdi, essendo parte della maggioranza, perche' non fanno qualcosa di concreto,
invece che andare in piazza coi cartelli?

2. I verdi dicono: senza dimenticare che il nucleare porta alla bomba atomica.
ma che cazzo c'entra con la produzione di energia?

3. Il solare non e' totalmente pulito, da quanto mi dicono gli amžci ingegneri,
ma per i verdi il solare e' un angelo.

4. La FPL (enel Florida) ha iniziato una campagna via internet per spiegare alla gente come risparmiare energia.
Perche' non lo fanno anche i verdi? Si vede che non vogliono fare un dispetto alla ENEL.

Per me sono delle MERDE peggio dei berlusconiani.

Almeno loro invece di rompere i coglioni se ne vanno al Post Garage a farsi il
Rum col Meyers (che poi il bartender invece del rum gli piscia nel bicchiere,
tanto sono degli imbecilli).


Le prossime elezioni penso di fare uno stronzo qua in America dopo una cena al KFC, farlo essiccare bene,
portarlo in Italia,
e infilarlo nella scheda il giorno delle elezioni.

Tanto e' uguale che votare.
Perche' al potere abbiamo solo una massa di stronzi.

Grazie e buona notte.

Don Fabulous

Posted by: Miroslav Gagliardi | November 11, 2007 12:37 AM

la cupola vuole l'antenna
la cupola vuole l'antenna

Posted by: ROBERTO BELLUCCI | October 31, 2007 05:56 PM

Hello everyone,
They should feel as insecure and cash strapped as the average Joe Blow on the street.
The only way to wake them up is to give them what they give you.
And one more just in case they didnít get the message!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 31, 2007 05:49 PM

Hello everyone,
No surprise, no changes no future!
Regardless what the Italian people think of their Rulers, these Incompetent Idiotic Bunch just keep on chucking along with their Egotistical Personality.
As to be expected the Beppe Grillo V-Day is past and gone, with no perceivable effect what so ever for the common folk.
Actually, more Parties are in the works, with the result that each and every citizen will have to support more incompetent people than ever before.
As for Italy competitiveness, the ranking is at 46th out of 131, which mean last in Europe and behind Cina, Oman and few others.
I sincerely admire good intention and democratic demonstrations, but being a realist these Rulers only understand few thing!
A referendum on Gun Ownership should be started immediately, and Mr. Visco shall be mandate by law to collect the Taxes personally at each and every tax payerís house without escort.
Seriously more radical actions are needed, these Idiots are sinking the Country, stashing their money outside Italy for when the shit will hit the fan, and in the meantime they fuck with you while laughing every day going to work in the Senate, the Representatives chamber or the Council of Minister.
They need to feel your breath down their neck, especially from Mr. Smith Wesson.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 31, 2007 03:37 PM

Usate di piý la parola "guilty" o "found guilty" piuttosto che "convicted" (usata pochissimo). "charged" invece per indicare le condanne a "carico".


Posted by: Gigi | October 31, 2007 03:10 AM

Even if convicted, i don't think anyone has spent a single day in jail.

Posted by: nino arena | October 30, 2007 08:27 PM

It is well known that a country with no justice is governed by criminals ( Saint Augustine 4th century AC ).
Italy is a country with no justice, and, according to S. Augustine, this explains the fact that only 24 criminals have been convicted out of the several hundreds sitting in the Parliament.

Posted by: Giuseppe Vidozzi | October 30, 2007 07:23 PM

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