Free Rape


Free rape. The leap in quality in respect to the rape of once upon a time has finally happened. It couldn’t be otherwise in a country that is adrift. The locations for rape are no longer the dark alleyways, the parks in the deepest night or the places of ill-repute. They are the bus stops, at midday, the entrances to the churches, the rubbish bins when you go down and throw away the rubbish.
Is it perhaps a sign of the times? Another taboo shattered? Another phase in sexual liberation?
Where are the women? The surviving feminists? The associations? Why are they not taking action? Why are they not blocking the city with a demonstration like once upon a time?
Such contempt for the female body has never before been seen in this country. The woman has become an object to be penetrated on the back seat of a car in Bologna, to be dragged by a rope into a hut in Milan, or to be beaten and possessed on a staircase in Spresiano. Every day. In the light of day.
Will it be necessary to bring in the walkabout version of the chastity belt as protection? To make oneself look ugly with a beetroot mask? To simulate serious physical defects?
Rape is becoming an epidemic. The analysis of the sperm of the rapist is routine in the hospital. Tits, vaginas and bums are present in all the programmes and in all the advertisements.
If this is sexual equality, if this is respecting women, then I prefer the burka.

Posted by Beppe Grillo at 08:27 PM in | Comments (7)
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I would never suggest you should be censored, Mr Cricket, but every now and then I do wish you would get yourself an editor. Your heart may well be in the right place ... but you should stop and engage the brain more often. The only appropriate response to the violent crime of rape is a sense of shame for our gender and compassion for the victim. Mr Cricket, the male of the species has a lot to answer for -- and I would remind you that in Italy like most countries, the overwhelming majority of the violence takes place behind closed doors, not at bus stops - and every time someone distracts us from that core responsibility, it does a damage to us all. The answer, my friend, should not be left "blowing in the wind" --- but rather "keep it in your pants!" If you are going to be glib about everything, you really should pick your targets better.

Posted by: luca menato | October 18, 2007 07:25 PM

And where are men?
...women are this just a female problem?

Posted by: Martina Silvestri | October 15, 2007 05:00 PM

We protect the banks money with armed cars and armed guards while our dear old folk get mugged returning home from the post office.

These resources would be better dedicated to protecting our money and not the banks, the bank is insured. Probably insures itself.

We protect our homes, offices and banks from invasion with alarms and steel, while we leave our children, our young girls and women unprotected as they walk their own streets.

What if we simply switch off the TV and go out and protect our own streets. For no fault of their own but simply as a result of bad management.. the streets are full of people who have nothing positive to do and no place to go. We must walk these same streets ourselves and offer safety to those around us.

We must be present, when our old folk have to go to collect cash from the post office and walk home. Anyone desperate for money will steal from the more fragile and weakest. We must not leave them to be the weakest link. We have been nurtured and cared for by our seniors and now they must be protected by us..

An old lady, physically fragile, feels threatened in public when all the Good people are at work and the only people around are a threat. We must guard and oversee as we walk and spread safety.

If you see anyone in trouble...STOP & OFFER HELP .. ask questions later

Posted by: Robert Goodey | October 15, 2007 11:26 AM

Bravo Pepe!
(Dalla Grecia)

Posted by: Spiro Verveniotis | October 15, 2007 11:10 AM

i think the same.

Posted by: vincenzo sansone | October 14, 2007 10:55 PM

well done beppe, another great piece. feminism was about destroying the family unit, nothing else. what is so feminine about women trying to be men?

Posted by: Mark Dawson | October 14, 2007 09:34 PM

Dal Canada e Stati Uniti....di merda!
Yes, my friend On. Beppe Grillo,
And, today i would like to send a message to Romano Prodi and president Giorgio Napolitano, to immediately appoint you as a Director and president of RAI AND RAI INTERNATIONAL, TAKING CARE OF ALL THE PROGRAMS, including "NOTTURNO ITALIANO". This, will be a first step, to reeducate many young people, to free them from the today's culture of rock and roll, sex and drugs, porno, oral sex ,gay and lesbianism,graffiti and the four letter word in their mouth every secon word. (this culture "scum" who has destroyed so many families, right after the second world war, till now) This, so called democracy zionist anglosaxon propaganda "scum" (marciume)...originally coming out of anglonorth-america...hollywood, which has destroyed our italian tradition famile value!
One thing that the angloamerican zionist dictatorship must understand is this: ISLAM AND THE IRAK PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THIS KIND OF ROCK AND ROLL, SEX, AND DRUGS!.....THEY WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!......THEY DON'T WANT ALL THIS PROBLEMS OF RACIAL, TERROR, AND CRIME OF ALL SORTS LIKE IN ITALY AND NORD-AMERICA!........THE ANGLOSAXON, ZIONIST, SHOULD KNOW THAT THESE PEOPLE, WHICH ARE CALLED BY GEORGE W. BUSH, "THE ISLAMO FASCIST", they do not want to have anything to do with the western culture.....and are ready to defend theyr culture with suicide bombers!.......And these are the Weapons of mass destruction....that G.W. BUSH
has failed to find after four years of invading, occupaying and destroying Irak!....and causing thousends of innocent people to die, includind american servicemen. Apparently, the truth and human power in the world can suffocate! The sooner, the better, for G.W.Bush, to get the hell out of it's aggression in Iraq, and for him, impechment at the international war crime tribunal.

Posted by: V.Annibale | October 14, 2007 09:32 PM

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