Riotta does not exist!

Our employee Gianni Riotta, paid with our licence fee, last Sunday evening on the evening Tg1 {news programme of RAI 1} allocated one minute 23 seconds to the blog. In the item that I’m offering to you in case you missed it, he is associating the blog with Nazism and holocaust denial.
Riotta aims at imitating Anglo-Saxon journalism. He speaks English fluently and he has even been to New York. He’s a true journalist. One who presents a news item with typical British understatement. In fact on 8 September he allocated a net 29 seconds to V-Day. No party secretary had warned him. He is the journalist of the “sandwich”. The one who every evening gets politicians to comment on anything , in a strict sequence without anyone ever understand a fig. The good news items he keeps for himself. He avoids divulging annoying facts like the judicial decisions about Rete 4 that is abusively occupying the TV frequencies or the 98 billion euro of dodged taxes that is claimed are owed by the slot machine concessionaires.
One the Internet there are tens of thousands of messages from holocaust deniers, for people who are well organised, they have websites and blogs and they don’t hide themselves.
The cancellation of their messages from my blog is anyway happening continuously. Last February I asked my lawyers if it was possible to use legal means to intervene, but there don’t seem to be the conditions for putting forward the case that a crime has been committed. The lawyers then telephoned the Minister of Grace and Justice and then they wrote very obsequiously to the undersecretary and the Minister asking for them to intervene. No reply. I’m attaching the letter and the receipt to show that it was received.
I’m asking those who come on the blog for a bit of help. There is a function on the Italian version called “in the bin” to delete the comments that do not respect the rules of the blog. Use it against the holocaust deniers. The rubbish bin does not exist on TV, but for Tg1, it’s enough to change channels.
Copy of the email (and receipt) sent to the Minister of Grace and Justice

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

PPS This evening’s edition of Anno Zero is devoted to De Magistris, with Salvatore Borsellino in the studio. At Catanzaro in the auditorium Casalinuovo there’ll be a live connection with the citizens at 8:00pm. Entrance: free. Come and participate in large numbers!

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Sorry I didn 't mean to offend anyone who is religious, I was sarcastic the english humour is contagious! In England we allowed to make jokes about jesus and god, what about there?
About the anti Semitist I didn't mean to justify them, I am vomiting in their presence, but unfortunately they invented new gas chamber for everyone: factories that are producing carbon emission! they are killing with a weapon called cancer!

Posted by: PATRIZIA SOTTILE | October 6, 2007 11:34 PM

I am Italian and I am not ashamed, because I don't take responsibilities for all the Italians good or bad that they are, I can be proud of certain Italians and I can be ashamed of certain Italians! I am happy about who I am!
Thank you for the blog to Beppe Grillo because finally we occupy a public square to talk in a democratically way,
here every one speaks their mind!
And personally if there is around anti-Semitism, racism, Nazism and whatever I would like to know, thank you very much.
I think it is better to know that the problem exists because we need to embrace it and find a way to face it.
I think this is the usual problem in Italy and maybe all around the world that is consider bad to accept that there is a problem.
“They’re racist and Nazis and fascist that they are still leaving with a portrait or sculptor of Mussolini in their house like it was god!
And every day in their life perpetuate the ideology beyond their fanaticism.”
I believe that is important that they come up publicly so they can be targeted, the fanaticism is dangerous when is hidden because gains power from disbelieve.
And I want ask to the people that acting because afraid of the consequences that people become aware, if they are finally acknowledging this blog?
So are they ready as well to acknowledge the petitions that we are signing on this blog?
If they believe that this anti-Semitism exist are they believe that we really exist?
Or they believe just to whom say god doesn't exist because to said it is dangerous to threaten special institution under special protection.
Jesus said as well we are equal, in my opinion: who ever he was he said a great thing!
Ciao a tutti, insieme siamo una forza della natura!

Posted by: PATRIZIA SOTTILE | October 6, 2007 10:39 PM

Hi everyone,
I signed it! and I am happy to see the new generation of Calabria is taking the bull by it's horns. I am 23 years-old and have been subject to Italy's fine democracy. A town called Cavallerizzo di Cerzeto, located in the province of Cosenza, Calabria - endured some Landslide damage back in March of 2007, 20 houses and the main road collapsed. Guido Bertolaso of the Protezione "Incivile" has condemned the town, my house included. The majority of the town was not touched by the landslide, however the politicians of Calabria and Bertolaso himself made it more then clear that according to them it cannot be saved, even going so far as to banning a group of geologist I commissioned to conduct my own private case study of the town. Bertolaso and the protezione civile have intimidated and scared the people by saying that the town is dangerous, it is extremely important that everyone should know that the geological study done by the government is confidential and NO ONE has access to it. If the Italian Government has not done anything wrong, then why can't our lawyer or the courts have these documents? Rather the Italian government loved spending Tax payers money on rebuilding factories that NEVER existed in the first place - can anyone tell me where the Finanza is? Guido Bertolaso of Protezione Civile has strip us from our rights and said "it's the new town or nothing", I didn't know that communism rules Italy. I would like to know where my rights are in this case? The illegal factories have been built, these falsified owners are being paid 8K Euros a month when they never made 8K Euros in a year in this 400 population town in the middle of the mountains in Calabria. The government promised everyone Villetta's - 47 million Euros to build this new town, a town the majority does not want - but the government insists on wasting tax payers money - 250 houses remain standing out of 270. how long does justice take in this country? some individuals have been paid 100,000 euros because they stated their company was lost in the landslide - in reality, the landslide was very minor and did not even cover the bushes - Oh, and these individuals never had these company's to begin with. Guido Bertolaso is an evil man who profited from our disaster, along with Comitato per Cavallerizzo ( a group of crooked individuals who conducted affairs on behalf of the citizens of Cavallerizzo and never had the legal permission or right to do so on behalf of the majority of the people, they falsified statements that NO ONE wanted to return home, and everyone wanted NEW Villas. This is injustice, when will the rest of Italy be aware of this scandal?

A massive investigation needs to be made as soon as possible. If things do not change for the better, us citizens of Cavallerizzo are prepared to take justice in our own hands.

I thank you all for your attention.
God Bless,
Stefania Talarico
citizen of Cavallerizzo di Cerzeto.

Posted by: Stefania Talarico | October 5, 2007 11:55 PM

X ....Dear Luigi de Socio,
I'm Not Italian but I do Live in Italy.
I love Italy and am recently so proud to be part of such a courageous and honest society.
The movement in Calabria an example to us all.
The way the Italian people have had to absorb and flex in a constant hurricane of open corruptness of the few is an expression of compassionate tolerance.
The few being ever power hungry manipulating scavengers.
I am so proud that the time has come for justice, for the real Italia, the Good, Just, Honest and Pure.
Thank you V day, Thank you Beppe and Thank you future Minister Travaglio for your knowledge of the real truths.

You wrote"....
I' m Italian too.
I like Italy very much,
but so many times
I'm unhappy to be Italian".

Luigi, Be proud to Be Italian, the corrupt do not represent the people, only the few who only take and give nothing.

Posted by: Robert Goodey | October 5, 2007 12:09 PM

Holy smoke!.........the real holocaust deniars, the nazzis....and the "scumbags".....with the "islamo fascist",i'll tell you who they are:
first, and foremost the ones who after 60 years from the end of world war II, still are going around talking about the holocaust and the reparation of damages because of the concentrations camps at Auswitz and Treblinca....over and over again....after all war reparations have been settled long time ago.
This speculators are nothing but a bunch of racist, white supremacist, scoundrel good for nothing..........and this are the ones who day after day keep talking about the holocaust that never happened!.....what a bunch of layers! BEPPE GRILLO AND THE BLOGGERS ARE NOT RACIST! THEY ARE PATRIOTS!........GET OUT OF HERE, ALL OF YOU, "SCUM OF THE HEART"! AND OUT OF RAI TELEVISION,IN ITALY, WITH ALL THOSE PEOPLE SQUANDERING MILLIONS OF EUROS, WITH SHOWS OF DECADENT, INDECENT WOMEN STRIPPERS AND HOOKERS,
THE SHAME FOR THE ALL COUNTRY......WHICH IS CATHOLIC......BUT FORCED TO WATCH THAT KIND OF "SCUM" SHOWS (like bonolis e tutti questi che non sono italiani e che vivono a spalle della rai impiegando queste puttanelle subrette col culo e il petto scoperto)come le gay e lesbianic parade a gerusalemme! sistema, leggi e propaganda ebraica per il popolo cattolica in Italia!

Posted by: Il fariseo | October 5, 2007 05:58 AM

Good evening, to Beppe Grillo and all the bloggers......"Scorn and ridicule" to Gianni Riotta, and RAI (radio audizioni israeliane)ebraiche.
IS IT NOT, a coincident, that all the major news papers and tv stations, cnn, new york times, ect., ect.,are all jewish like Larry King, rush limbaugh, michael savage......and the majority of the networks?....ABC, NBC, CBS?.......IS IT NOT?....
Then, the thing is that many people don't know this....and they should know.......the the one in Italy, where the 99% of the population is roman catholic, but..........few people are jewish and are enforcing the laws and politics and propaganda like in america.
THIS IS THE REALITY ! people think of america or Italy as a country of italians and americans.....they don't know that all the pubblicity, talk shows, propaganda and the culture on tv and movies are coming out of jewish hollywood, california. True or false?

Posted by: g.Gesuarldone | October 5, 2007 05:32 AM

Who??? Riotta? Do not tell me that is the individual nominated director of TG1!!! The same Tg1 that whilst on talking and discussing about the new "finanziaria" of Padoa schioppa had the brilliant idea of calling just him to judge it. It was like to call a wolf and ask him whether or not sheeps are good.


Posted by: Nicola Amato | October 4, 2007 09:07 PM

Well, well, well, these valiant defenders of the
truth (our employees in the medias ) must be really losing it, if in order to try to denigrate you, they have to go as low as trying to imply that your Blog is Nazi or "Holocaust Denier", or
to imply that your campaigns for truth and honesty from our employees, could incite someone to "pull a trigger",one day, like the Director of Rete 2
( if I remember correctly ) was told to say, by those behind the scenes, who are very afraid of initiatives like V-day, whilst very carefully avoiding to say anything about all the issues raised by V-Day, and the reasons why it came about and was so popular with the people throughout the country. ( far too popular for their liking, I guess )

You should give yourself a good pat on the shoulder Beppe, whenever you see what kind of lies they have to resort to, and how low they have to go, in their desperation to try to convince the people that they should not listen to what you have to say or, even worse, follow your example and getting involved in politics, instead of worrying about vital matters like the football results or the latest gadgets or what we are told to wear this season by the fashion industry, etc. etc.

The Italian people should only listen to people like Emilio Fede, and all the other pillars of truth in the government/corporations controlled medias, those that always keep us well informed on WHAT REALLY HAPPENS in the world, and the REAL WHY, and would never keep the truth quiet or lie to us, just because the truth happens to be very inconvenient to some powerful political or financial individuals or their agendas; the Italian people shouldn't get their information on politics, economics, the environment, finance and the activities of their employees, from the blog of a comedian . . . having to get their information from a comedian, is a joke in itself . . . especially when what it says, happens to be true, happens to be supported by plenty of verifiable evidence, and he is not afraid to say it.

I feel that our employees are getting very nervous and desperate at the idea of people waking up, and starting to pay to politics and social problems some of the attention they have been told to paying to football, or holidays, or other such vital matters, and leave their lives in the hands of those who know best, what is right and good for us.

Could this be because they fear that if people start getting interested in the matters which affect their lives, they might, one day, become answerable for what they do, unlike the way it has been so far ?

No wonder they are so afraid of the internet for it allows people to find out and share the truth, by-passing all the government/corporations controlled propaganda channels.

No wonder they are so desperate to push through
legislations, ( for "our protection" of course ) under whatever excuse they can get away with, which will allow them to close down any web site that allows the truth to come out.

Vai Beppe !


Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | October 4, 2007 08:40 PM

Tg 1 Riotta, squallido e pieno di omissioni quanto quello di Mimun

anche ieri al tg1 delle 20 ha omesso di dare una notiza molto importante
dagli USA.
Invece di parlare del veto presidenziale all'estensione degli aiuti
sanitari ai bambini poveri, di cosa ci fa informare? che negli States c'e'
una nuova Britney Spears.

E meno male che questo "professionista" doveva ridare lustro al tg1 dopo che
Mimun l'aveva ridotto ad uno spot di Berlusconi.

Posted by: francopacelli | October 4, 2007 05:55 PM

Tg 1 Riotta, squallido e pieno di omissioni quanto quello di Mimun

anche ieri al tg1 delle 20 ha omesso di dare una notiza molto importante
dagli USA.
Invece di parlare del veto presidenziale all'estensione degli aiuti
sanitari ai bambini poveri, di cosa ci fa informare? che negli States c'e'
una nuova Britney Spears.

E meno male che questo "professionista" doveva ridare lustro al tg1 dopo che
Mimun l'aveva ridotto ad uno spot di Berlusconi.

Posted by: francopacelli | October 4, 2007 05:49 PM


I' m Italian too.
I like Italy very much,
but so many times
I'm unhappy to be Italian".






Posted by: Luigi De Socio | October 4, 2007 04:16 PM

Je découvre votre blogue. Il est très bien et le contenu aussi, surtout.
Très intéressant, merci pour l'information.

Posted by: alain | October 4, 2007 04:11 PM

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