To infinity and beyond.

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The President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano has stated that the Why Not investigation must continue. Romano Prodi, President of the Council, one being investigated, has given his full trust to the Magistracy and has praised Mastella.
The reassurances and the expressions of trust are giving a new impulse to De Magistris’ former investigation.
In a few days, enormous steps have been taken:
- on 23/10 there was a stop put to the search by the Carabinieri of the Rome office of the UDEUR’s Il Campanile. Mastella’s newspaper according to the accusation “is thought to be one of the criss-cross of frauds and illicit financing in favour of the UDEUR” (Corriere della Sera 24/10/2007) and just today the judicial police went in to ask for a list of suppliers.
- 22/10 the interrogation of the super-witness Giuseppe Tursi Prato was cancelled. He is a former socialist councillor in prison for collusion (who had provided information on Mastella, Prodi and others) and who no longer wants to talk (I understand him)
- Caterina Merante, the main witness in the investigation, and her family are suffering continual threats.
The documents of the “Why Not” investigation have been removed from the strong box of the Catanzaro Prosecutors’ office and transferred to Rome in a truck. The Tribunal of the Ministers has to read them and evaluate them. After the ad hoc laws, now we even have ad hoc Tribunals. You have to admit that they are big. The transfer and the taking away of the investigation were not enough. To be safe, it’s best to add the Tribunal.
Before getting an expression of trust from Prodi in the Council of Ministers, Mastella declared: “I would really like to see how Prodi could accept my resignation. The next minute he too would have to resign, given that he too like me is under investigation by the Catanzaro Prosecution…” (Corriere della Sera 24/10/2007).
The man is a myth. He has pulverized all his online clones with an official press release from the Minister of Justice:
Di Pietro “attapirato”: the doorman in via Arenula confirms that he is ignorant” The doorman in via Arenula, after the declarations of Minister Di Pietro on Striscia la Notizia confirms that the former prosecutor of “Clean Hands” “is ignorant and “attapirato”, and that he doesn’t know the law…” The press release was removed in the dead of night.
No Minister of Justice ever managed to do so much. Satire does not become him. The clones of his blog are out of action for ever. Great Mastella, there’s no one like you. To infinity and beyond.

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Beppe Grillo................l'hai sentita l'ultima? ADESSO VE LA DO IO L'AMERICA!
Credo che l'o' vista questa battuta sul messaggero di roma?

Posted by: M. G. | October 27, 2007 03:48 AM

in this blog there are a few people who don't know how to spend the day, and they keep writing nothing but crap, idiotic nonsense! Beppe Grillo should get reed of these parasites, which some other people call them the real racists, supremacists, spreading hatred,, calling them "f**king c** least 10 times! well as "scumbags, douche bags and paparazzi scum!
(maledetta la lingua inglese!...e chi l'ha inventata!)
mister grillo, good night.

Posted by: G.Gesuardone | October 27, 2007 02:29 AM

Good evening Beppe Grillo,
If an austrian migrant like ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, (scarpe grosse e cervello fino) has become the Governor of California, can a man like Beppe Grillo became president of RAI, RADIO, TV INTERNATIONAL? this is the question.

Posted by: V.Annibale | October 27, 2007 12:13 AM

Hello to all... do you know that Italy is the only State in europe where if you go to an Internet Cafe you have to show your passport and before your connection they´ll scan it??? Do you know that Italy is the only country in Europe where if you have a small hostel you have to pay 500 euros to the police and a lot of a money for a software system to control all your customers when they log in and log offß Do you know that Italy is the only country in Europe that is very very clost to Russia and China??? you know it!!!

Posted by: Giorgio l | October 26, 2007 09:12 PM

Dear Beppe, why don't you run in the next electinos? You as prime minister, Di Pietro as minister of the interior and Travaglio as attorney general (minister of justice). An unbeatable ticket. Think about it.

Posted by: nino arena | October 26, 2007 02:23 PM

This could be the end of an era.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | October 26, 2007 01:42 PM

The delay of the police search at Mastella's newspaper brings me visions of people shredding documents and evidence like in the old Enron days. What comes out of this could be the biggest scandal in modern Italy history, where it's clear that all politicians and other strong players (the Mafia, the Vatican, the Masonry) have a direct or indirect role by playing the game, knowing and not reporting or silencing those who do.
We're at a point in our history where a change is strongly due, but common people has no power of choice, unless one got so heavily brainwashed by TV sold-out anchormen like Vespa, Ferrara, Mentana, Fede, Floris and others to think voting a left wing corrupt politician instead of a right wing one, or the other way around, still counts as choice.

The problem, at this point, is what we can do when all legal ways to change things would be ineffective and all effective ways would be illegal.

Posted by: guy fawkes | October 26, 2007 12:35 PM

The first son of italian minister of justice CLEMENTE MASTELLA, named Pellegrino Mastella, was betrayed by his wife Alessia Camilleri while she was spending her holidays in August 2007 on the boat of Mastella's friend Diego Della Valle, famous as patch-shoes seller. Alessia Camilleri, wife of Pellegrino Mastella, was fucked by the son of Diego Della Valle on his own boat when Pellegrino Mastella was still in the Ministry of Production in Rome where he works as useless and very salary-earner clerk.
Alessia Camilleri had moved off some days before with her parents-in-law, Clemente Mastella and his mature mistress Sandra Lonardo. All three sailed from Capri and went to Eolian Islands on the barge of the patch-shoes maker Diego Della Valle.
Some days later, Pellegrino Mastella also reached his tribe at Lipari. When he arrived there, he found his wife Alessia Camilleri totally naked on the boat with Della Valle's son and he understood that they had copulated without his knowledge while he was in Rome.
After this surprise, Pellegrino Mastella decided to divorce at once while his father, mafia's boss Don Clemente, tried to not let be known this horny story in the italian reportings.
So Don Clemente Mastella from Ceppaloni decided to block italian media about the knowledge of his cuckold son Pellegrino Mastella.
Clemente Mastella, as cuckold-himself, is now trying to block all web sites of the most clever italian people because they could let known through all the world this great cuckold misadventure of his son Pellegrino which - at now - is still nearly unknown in Italy.
At the moment Alessia Camilleri has leaved the house where she was living with the son of "fat" Clemente Mastella in Rome and she went to live with patch-shoes maker Della Valle's son in another northern italian city.
Now we all know why mafious hack Clemente Mastella is attempting to introduce a new bad law in Italy to limit peoples' freedom of expression.

Posted by: Tonino Onegro | October 26, 2007 02:23 AM

The question is no longer 'Why change' but is
'Why not change'.

The question is no longer 'Why they should leave' but is ' WHY ARE THEY STILL HERE ???'

Posted by: Robert Goodey | October 26, 2007 12:09 AM

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