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November 30, 2007

Italian digital divide


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The Manager of the Advertising and Media Company of the European Commission, Viviane Reding, agreed to give the this blog an interview. Italy is always the tail end Charlie, yet she wants to gag the Networkork and Gentiloni and give the gift of WiMax to the telephone service providers. The blog has, instead, gathered more than 100.000 signatures of people in favour of eliminating rather than maintaining the current situation of monopoly. I will soon be sending off these signatures for the attention of Viviane Reding. The national Authorities, starting with ours, must be abolished and replaced with a single European Authority.
Anyone wishing to write to Viviane Reding in order to complain about the situation, may do so by sending an e-mail to:

The Italian situation is very clear: the European average is 18% of penetration rate, Italy stands at 17% so it is under the European average and 20% less than the best player. I think that rally Italy could do better, but there is something more worrying in this, that is the access and the coverage.
You see people living in cities: they have access to broadband. But as soon as you go out the city people do not have access anymore. This is what I call “white spots” on the map. We got too many white spots on the map and we have to change that because I believe that all people hate to have access to broadband in a society which wants to develop in a equilibrate way.
The fourth best in the world in penetration rate are Europeans, I’m speaking about Denmark, Nederland, Finland and Sweden. Well done. But then we have a tail which is horrible, very low penetration rate and this brings, of course, our average down to 18% whereas our best players at 20% more and our worst players are 30% different from the best players.
We see very well that in those countries where the penetration is high, you do have on the market competition. Competition brings about investments, innovation that brings about offers to the public first access for the citizens and also access at a price that is acceptable. So, it is all about competition investments and innovation which really drives down prices and brings up access. That is the reason why I have to make reforms which brings competition about because that’s the heart of development.
The more there is an offer the better it is. I believe that all technology should be used, they are complementary.
For instance, it is not very commercial to bring fibre to a mountain village but we have WiMax in a mountain village, it’s logical.
It should be presented also in competition between different firms and the best one should do it but DO IT is important, not how it is done. It should be done. I’m against monopolies of all kinds because monopolies do not bring competition. If there is no competition there is no access, this is very clear.
If there is a several providers than the citizen have choice and the informed citizens can choose the best offer.
That is also the reason why in my reform the obligation of the provider to really inform the citizens. The transparency rule is very important, you see.
I do no not believe there is a conflict. I just believe that one has to intensify competition. People don’t care who brings them broadband. The only question people care is that they get broadband and that they get it at normal price.
The brand is not important, who is doing it is not important. That it is done is important. And that is best done if there is competition on the market.
Free access when this means free of charge I do not agree. But when it means that you could access the information freely that is the big battle that I have, in the name of Europe, been fighting at the level of the Internet governance of United Nations where really we explain in very hard words that copying down information is not the way free Internet should function.We believe that creativity and individual freedoms should express themselves on the Net and that is why we believe in free Internet not only in Europe but worldwide. That is the reason why we really do insist, and we have done that in the Rio conference of Internet governance that Internet should be free in order information to be free without obstacles. Web 2.0 is our answer to those who try to block people from being informed.
I have the view of that blogs should be free, that the creativity, the expressivity of the people on the blogs should not be hampered.
Of course blogs cannot be criminal: let’s say that very clearly too but except from this – I think nobody want to help criminal blogs – for the rest blogs should be open, should spread, should give people freedom to express themselves, to say what they want to say, to criticize politicians if they want. I think we should also be capable to coop with criticism on the blogs. I love blog so I think they’re a very nice way of freedom of expression." Viviane Reding

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November 29, 2007

The “Lescano” Trio


The Chief Prosecutor of the Court of Cassation, Delli Priscoli, has asked that disciplinary action be taken against Clementina Forleo. This is a triumph in terms of the standardisation of the judiciary and politics. Delli Priscoli is D’Alema without the moustache. Clementina says that: “On the 8th September, my colleague Imposimato asked me to meet him in a restaurant in Rome, where he warned me about certain pressures that were being exerted on Delli Priscoli. Either Imposimato was right, or otherwise he must be a magician”.
Delli Priscoli writes that Clementina “violated her duties of impartiality, propriety and equilibrium” by requesting authorisation to make use of the telephone conversations between Consorte, Ricucci and the “Lescano” Trio FassinoLatorreD’Alema, and Forza Italia gang members Cicu and Comincioli. It is alleged that Clementina “arbitrarily involved the financial escapade quintet in the unjust affair”.
Clementina is also said to be guilty of other misdeeds against the State Police and the Carabinieri. I will refrain from describing the misdeeds so as not to cause you concern, but I can mention that she had even uttered the now famous phrase “It’s time to end it” to two policemen who had, in her opinion, “brutally thrown an immigrant to the ground”.
Delli Priscoli did not appreciate the fact that Clementina had requested that her attorney be provided with the documentation relating to the motor vehicle accident in which her parents were killed. An “accident” announced a few days earlier. In fact, in trying to figure out whether or not her parents had been assassinated as a result of the investigations in which she was involved, Forleo is accused of having “failed in her duty of propriety”. Clementina Forleo is far too courageous, we don’t deserve her. She must resign from the judiciary. The Courts have now become a non-entity where only the unfortunate few get convicted and, perhaps, not even they. We don’t need heroic magistrates, but rather, courts that work, effective laws, honest politicians, real Justice Ministers, but not Mastella.
We don’t need to have judges stopped in their tracks by means of TNT or disciplinary procedures, judges that risk their lives, and those of their families, on our behalf.
What kind of a people have we become? What has become of us? I look at myself in the mirror and even I am disgusted.

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November 28, 2007

Open letter to Franco Bernabé

photo Adnkronos

"Dear Dr. Franco Bernabè,
I heard about your appointment as Managing Director of Telecom Italia and decided to write you an open letter.
You were kicked out of the chair in 1999, the same chair that you are once again about to take over. At the time, you were in favour of forming an alliance with Deutsche Telecom and preventing Telecom Italia from being indebted to the tune of tens of billions of Euro to the “courageous captains” Gnutti and Colaninno, who “bought” the company by getting into debt. Your attempt failed due to the opposition of Massimo D’Alema, Chairman of the Board at that time, who favoured entry into the largest company in the Country of the capitalists with patched trousers. Subsequently, Colaninno was convicted of preferential bankruptcy in the Italcase case, Gnutti for insider trading and D’Alema is now involved in the Unipol case in which Consorte and Sacchetti have been convicted.
You now find a company that is more indebted, with fewer resources, with a reduced international presence, minus thousands of employees and companies sold off, unbundled or closed down. A company that has missed every boat in the past eight years and that has only survived thanks to what is essentially a politically sponsored monopoly.
The management currently in charge of your former company is made up of people, and here I refer specifically to Carlo Buora and Riccardo Ruggiero, which have allowed or ignored the creation of the most widespread espionage centre in the entire history of the Republic. There are thousands of files on people who were spied upon, for which million of Euro of company money was paid out, of which the management was totally unaware. Tronchetti and Buora, an unbreakable couple, brought people such as Tavaroli with them from Pirelli and entrusted them with Telecom’s Security while they knew nothing.
I tell you this in the hope that you will have no hesitation in dismissing the management team that has taken Telecom to the brink of the abyss.
The go-ahead for your appointment came from the appointment committee of Mediobanca, consisting of Rampi, Bollorè, Tronchetti and Geronzi. This is not a good recommendation. We know Tronchetti and Geronzi well and so do you.
I would have preferred it if your appointment was made by the majority of shareholders, also involving the minority shareholders that are continually impoverished by every decision that is made. However, this was not to be. I ask that you take immediate action to give minority shareholders an appropriate voice in Board meetings and hope that you listen to me.
Following his appointment, Tronchetti expressed the hope that: “ the work carried out by the front-line employees be appreciated, namely those employees that have contributed to the company’s economic and technological success and the important financial restructuring, guaranteeing good results through their professionalism, even during the long period of instability”.
You, instead, should kick out all these managers that have taken the company to the wall, because the only great things they have are their stock option and their salaries.
I will be following your progress with interest and in 2008 I will be ready for the share action.”
Beppe Grillo

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November 27, 2007

Ida and Kristal


A mother wrote to me. Her name is Ida and she has a daughter called Kristal, who is ill. She is asking for help.
Up to now nobody has answered her plea. The State is nowhere to be seen, which is also another manifestation of violence against women.
The appeal made by 150.000 women to the lady ministers is perhaps the beginning of change.
Go girls, women, grandmothers, aunts!
You have the power to change Italy.

"Dear Beppe,
My name is Ida and I am 36 years old. I am writing this letter to ask for something very simple: a caring attitude from the Country in which I live and the Government for which I vote. Caring in terms of the laws that I respect and the taxes that I pay. My intention with this letter is not to instil compassion in anyone, because compassion is not what I need. What I want is some answers to the “whys”. As trivial as it may seem, I was born into a family of humble origin, but one based on sound principles. My mother was a factory worker and my father a decorator. This notwithstanding, they saw to it that neither my brothers nor I ever lacked anything and we were well educated as regards respect and propriety. I decided early on to cut short my studies in order to help with the family’s finances by finding a job. For many years I worked and I finally married the man who, in the year 2000, gave me the gift of the light of my life, my daughter Kristal.
By becoming a mother I realised my greatest dream, thinking that I could ask nothing more of God. When Kristal turned 18 months of age, my husband and I took her to the hospital because she had not yet started walking. I was not aware of it at the time, but on that day the world was about to come down on my head. The hospitals diagnosis was "a brain tumour in the rear fossa, with consequent Hydrocephalus ", in other words, an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.
This was the most terrible day of my life. For two years Kristal and I lived permanently in the hospital. During that time my little one went through six operations. These operations succeeded in halting the growth of the tumour temporarily and insert a so-called "shunt", in other words, a valve that would help to drain the stagnant liquid resulting from the tumour, via the intestine.
Initially it was not easy to accept this sentence, but over time I learned to accept it. I learned how to relieve my daughter’s and my suffering, I gave up everything around me. Unfortunately, this led to me losing my job and I even lost my husband.
Now Kristal is seven years old. She has subsequently had a number of other unsuccessful operations and, although we are I the hands of a doctor who enjoys a formidable reputation, she continues to walk by supporting herself on her hand. She doesn’t roller-skate, she doesn’t run, she is unable to maintain her balance, she doesn’t go to the bathroom on her own and she has two support teachers. This does not allow her to live a normal life like other children her age. We are growing up alone, with continuous problems. The State, our Country, penalises me because, at 36 years of age, the same society for which the State is responsible, will not allow me to re-enter – and I repeat re-enter – the world of employment. In addition to the problem of age, I am refused employment because I am protected by law 104 due to the fact that my daughter is 100% disabled.
I found a job some time ago, working as a service assistant in a supermarket. At the precise moment that I was filling in the engagement forms and I was obliged to declare that I was caring for a disabled child, they began inventing a whole range of excuses for not employing me and, in the end, they left me at home
The State, our Country, tells me that we have to live on the 450 Euro per month that she is given for assistance. I have made every possible effort to find work. I have registered with all the employment agencies, all the sites offering work, I have knocked at every door in my village and spoken to all the institutions, but all I have received are empty promises.
I look after my little angel, I smile and I tell her that sooner or later her mommy will realise her dreams. Even if this entails going to Rome in chains, because very soon that will be the only option left open to me.
I ask how is it possible that such a situation can be allowed to exist in a developed Country such as ours. Why does the State, which wastes resources at every turn, leave me alone in these conditions? Why do my screams of anguish turn to a mere whisper in the Authorities’ ears? Why are the weakest members of society, the children, being abandoned by the Country of their birth?
All I ask is to be able to work. I simply ask to be allowed to help my daughter, to be able to let her live the dreams that I have had to deny her for such a long time.
I hope that there is someone, somewhere that hears my anguished plea, the cry of a mother that wants to help her own daughter." Ida and Kristal

To anyone wishing to offer Ida a job, please leave your contact details in a remarks concerning this posting.

Anyone wishing to give a donation, may do so by depositing into the following bank account:

Reason: Ida and Kristal
Bank account in the name of Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276

Ps: I would like to know from Ida what is the name of the supermarket that refused to employ her. Many of us would dearly love to know.

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November 26, 2007

The warning from the Hill


From the Hill, every so often, a warning arrives. It’s the famous “warning from the Hill”. From up there, the President of the Republic is always observing and when necessary, he “warns”.
Warning is that special attention devoted to magistrates and telephone intercepts. A warning is , usually , an appeal to reduce the noise levels, to protect the privacy of the politicians, to condemn the desire to be at the centre of attention of chattering judges. The warning is a battle in civility, an appeal for civil cohabitation. It’s like a flash of lightening from Zeus that always strikes the same trees and saves the rubbish tips.
The President, apart from warning, usually sleeps, not on his laurels, but on the honourability of Parliament. And its convicts and “prescritti”, on the obvious mafia contacts of some parties, about information that disappears. He sleeps soundly. If you mention the words D’Alema/Unipol, Berlusconi/Mondadori o Mastella/Why Not he has a slight jump. Tint tiny. Not noticeable. He takes his salts and then he gets better. With the names De Magistris and Forleo, however, he warns straight away without hesitation.
The President is elected by the parties, and does his duty, he looks after them tenderly. Hi s age ennobles him. With that age he can say what he wants. Like the grandpa at the table when the sweet arrives. Once upon a time, there was the mouth of Virna Lisi. Today there are the presidential false teeth. The President should be elected by the Italians, not by our employees. He must be no older than 50 years of age. It’s no use having a president from a nursing home offering a guarantee of the status quo for the parties. I want a young person, from civil society, not connected to the parties. Am I asking too much? We have to ask too much! We are playing for our future which these 70 and 80 year olds will never see.

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November 23, 2007

European Parliament/3 Marco Travaglio


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I can’t keep up with Mastella. The RAI has cancelled the broadcasting of "La vita rubata". The Directors of the RAI have accepted the request of Messina’s Court of Appeal that, through the Minister of Caste and Injustice, has indicated that the showing of the story of the assassination of Graziella Campagna undermines the serenity of the judges of the Assize Court of Appeal that will soon be meeting for the hearing. We are all more serene. The mafia doesn’t exist and neither does the Minister of Justice.

Marco Travaglio’s speech at Strasbourg
Beppe Grillo: "And now I will hand over to the real Italian Minister of Justice: Marco Travaglio."
Marco Travaglio: “Like that I can no longer talk about Mastella because it seems that I am doing it pro domo mea! In reality I simply wanted to give you the chronological account of what happened with the investigations conducted by De Magistris, who is today no longer carrying them out because they have been snatched from him. Perhaps it could be interesting to see the pattern of what has happened, to be able to see the transformation that is happening in the relationship between the politicians, and in particular the government, and the magistracy following on from a series of reforms, of procedures, of behaviours, that only a few years ago would have been completely unthinkable."

Read the whole speech.

Tell people about this initiative: copy and paste this code
Anche io sono ammastellato
PS Today, 24 November, at 4:00pm in front of the Prefecture in Genoa, Florence and other cities, there’s the demonstration promoted by the Casa della Legalità, and by different Amici di Beppe Grillo MeetUp groups, to say that the law is equal for everyone and no longer is Impunity and Immunity tolerated.
For information, consult the website of Casa della Legalità e della Cultura - Onlus -

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Japanese is one of the languages that is most widely used on the Internet. And the Japanese are an interesting and respectable people. Their corrupt politicians do harakiri. I have created a section of my blog in Japanese. It’s a language that I am learning, it reminds me a bit of Genovese (the dialect of Genoa).Please excuse the pronunciation errors. I am just a beginner.

”My friend Stefano Benni has been to Japan to present a book of his. They asked him who is behind Beppe Grillo. Benni didn’t know how to answer.
I have decided, to explain this to Japanese friends, to start a blog in their language. Japan is always a bit more advanced than the rest of the world. Thus I hope to have a dialogue with its inhabitants to help my country, Italy, that is always a bit behind the rest of the world.
Before going to sleep I always read a Manga. Up until last week I never understood how the story ended. But my 7 year old son, Ciro, took pity on me and explained that you read it backwards, from right to left. Italy and Japan are similar in many ways. One of these is the long life of the population. Japanese and Italains are for ever getting older. Another thing they have in common is over-population.
Japan has resolved the problem by sending abroad, on a rota, 30% of the Japanese as tourists. And 10% are always stationed in Italy taking photos.
The Italain Government, inspired by Niccolò Machiavelli has put in place another tactic. It has decided to let anyone come into Italy to oblige all the Italians to emigrate.
Corrupt politicians are an Italian product, they represent Italy abroad like the Rialto Bridge in Venice and St Peter’s Square in Rome. The problem is that they are becoming too numerous.
In the Italian Parliament there are 24 deputies and senators who have been convicted of various crimes. In September 350,000 Italians asked for their resignation by signing for a popular initiative law. No one has resigned. We are trying to find alternative solutions and I want to ask the Japanese for advice.
In fact, even in Japan, there have been similar cases, like Toshikatsu Matsuoka, the former Minister of Agriculture, who committed suicide after being accused of corruption.
Minister Shigeru Ishiba wants to fit out every one of his directors with a GPS device to check on their movements during work hours. I’m told that no one objected. It’s a great idea for our Parliamentarians. At last we will be able to find out where they go during the day, given that they are hardly ever in Parliament. If they are sniffing cocaine at home or having intimate relations with both sexes in some Roman hotel.
Dear Japanese people, given that with us, no one is committing suicide, can we send them to Japan to have a holiday? In exchange you could give us a few of your Ministers. There’s a good climate. The food is excellent. And you will be able to do everything. Yes really everything that you want with no risks. With us, the law is an optional.
To start off, you could send us your Foreign Minister, Masahiro Komura, who has had an attack of anaemia. He’ll be right as rain straight away. In exchange we will give you Massimo D’Alema, Prodi and Mastella. You perhaps don’t know them. But we do. That’s why we want to give them to you.
Bye Bye. Come to my blog to find out everything about Italy. I’ll come and visit you soon.” Beppe Grillo

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Ten little mayors (fewer)

photo by toppos

A Varesotto {inhabitant of the Province of Varese} is complaining about the cutting of Comunità Montane {local government structures for mountain communities}. He’s right. The Comunità Montane like the Comunità Marine, should not be eliminated. They should be transformed into macro-communities. The Comunità usual are a grouping of eight to ten little villages for which they provide services. Ten little mayors can become one. Ten little village “planners” can become one and so on. It’s the halving of bread and fishes and of public officials. Let the Comunità Montane be transformed and let the tiny village administrations disappear.
In the tiny villages it’s the tiny families who are in command, the same ones for decades. They are semi-autonomous little hereditary princes. In Italy there are 8,100 “comuni” {cities, towns or villages}, of which 7,061 have less than 10,000 inhabitants. There are 356 Comunità Montane and they cost 800 million a year. If each Comunità were to include an average of 10 comuni, then we would eliminate about 3,000 comuni. Padoa Schioppa, if you are there, knock once.
Dear Beppe,
I would like to ask you if you agree with the cut to Comunità Montane using the government’s calculation.
Before I start I’ll say that the Italian territory presents a morphology that is too diverse to make it possible to manage it in the same way from North to South.
Having said this, according to the regulations put forward, the Comunità Montane of Bognanco and of Susa will be removed, while those of Sanremo and of Amalfi will be saved.
How is it possible for example, that in the “Varesotto” {Province of Varese} 3 out of 4 Comunità Montane will go because they are considered to be in the Alpine zone? Do the Roman leaders not know that they are in the pre-Alpine zone? Would it not be appropriate to apply the same criteria for cuts as though they were in the Apennine zone? The heights are the same!
We of the Varesotto would be quite happy to be “cut” if all the ills of Italy were caused by us. All the other bodies like the BIM, and the utilities are absolutely irrevocable… and we are just useless.
Another example… the Comunità Montane Valli del Luinese, gives work to those who are disadvantaged, manages the ecology services of 16 comuni, helps the tiny rural communities like Curiglia, Pino, Tronzano….. all under 400 inhabitants. The cut is OK by me, but who will take care of all these issues? We are a reality on the borders that is too often forgotten… and now? Thank you” Massimo M.

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November 22, 2007

Information is at the basis of democracy

Click for the video

Everyone knows that Forza Italia is (was?) a plastic party. The psycho-dwarf confirmed that on Sunday. A party isn’t dissolved just at the wish of one person. Normally you have a conference of all the elected people, there’s a discussion of the programme, of the new name. Then there’s a decision decided by the majority. That’s what happens in democracies. None of his aides, lackeys or bag carriers has uttered a word. And you can understand that. Without him where are they going? They are simply courtesans. His party, however they want to call it, is just his, private property, a “telecratic” organisation with objectives of control and lucre.
The parties have killed that little bit that was remaining of democracy by eliminating the preference vote. The Unione’s first action should have been the restoration to the citizens of a fundamental right: that of selecting their candidate. It hasn’t happened. Now there’s talk of German-style proportional representation, of Swiss-style majority and of double-event French-style. But what are they rabbiting on about? In 2005 you adopted the Italian-style fxxking up with the new electoral law. This is what you should be talking about.
There’s no one starting off with a forethought, that says that if you copy the electoral mechanisms of a democracy that you first need to adopt the basics, the fundamentals.
And that is a cardinal point in Germany, in Spain, in France, in every country worthy of this name, that you cannot have a dominant presence in the news media and at the same time do politics. For the other parties it’s like fighting against the heavy weight world champion with an arm tied behind your back.
The Berlusconi phenomenon is not compatible with democracy. His newspapers, his TV channels, are not compatible with his presence in politics. This is what Veltroni, Prodi, Fini, Bertinotti and all the others should be talking about straight away: of democratic information media, not about acronyms and percentages. But they won’t do so because they too get benefits from it.
Democracy has become marketing. The State is not controllable by the citizens. Let’s take back the information and news media.
V-day - 25 April - V-day – 25 April.

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November 21, 2007

European Parliament/2 Luigi De Magistris


Danuta Huebner, Polish, European Commissioner responsible for Regional Policy, held a Press Conference about my speech at the European Parliament when I asked for clarity concerning the European funding that arrives in Italy. Danuta declared: “We mustn’t give a negative image of the use of European funding in Italy, given that in most Regions of the South there is anyway noticeable progress in the reduction of inequalities. We have a monitoring system that is really very evolved at the level of Regional funding, Member States, European Commission and Court of Accounts. When these irregularities are actually identified there is a system that has been really well tested that involves even the interruption of the flow of funds. I would not say that Italy is one of those member States that is far from the average situation.”
Danuta is sure about what she says. She has received the guarantees about European funding directly, from Totò Cuffaro. True. I’m not joking. After meeting him she said enthusiastically: “I could tell you that the commitment of all those who work to guarantee that there are no crimes or fraud is evident without a doubt.”

I advise “Danuta the naïve” to listen to the speech of magistrate Luigi De Magistris at Strasbourg and get someone to translate for her the first investigation in today’s edition of la Repubblica.

I also want to remind her that in 2006, Italy obtained illicit funds from the EU amounting to 318 million 104 thousand Euro with 1,221 cases denounced, almost 5 times the European average.
Read the article about European funding.

”Thank you. This reminds me of the day there was the CSM hearing when I arrived late, without breakfast, and I underwent four hours of hearing. Now I’ve had a cup of tea and hope that this time the meeting will last for less time.
I have accepted with pleasure this invitation to present a reflection on my experience as a magistrate in which I deal with fraud and crimes of corruption and other things around the management of public spending, and thus of public financing.
Obviously, although I cannot talk about the investigations that I have carried out over the years, and especially those that have been illegally taken from me, I cannot keep quiet about a worrying fact: even though the tool that has the objective of economic development of the regions that need it – I work in Calabria, an “Objective One” region where a lot of European funding is arriving and for which in the period 2007-2013 funds for 9 billion Euro have been allocated – economic development has not happened.
In certain cases, as has been noted in very careful investigations by the Court of Accounts as well as by the regional prosecutor and jurisdiction sections that have monitoring functions, as well as by the ordinary magistracy, it has been possible to verify a lack of tax income for sums not spent for reasons of serious negligence and therefore implying guilt; in many other cases, even other prosecutors of the Republic in Calabria have been able to see that there are real and true swindles to the detriment of the European Union. Many other times there have been hypotheses of corruption.
This makes the management of public financing seem systemic: it’s not a matter of occasional or isolated incidents, of swindling by individuals, and this in my opinion is the most important fact, but there is always something that is governing the whole management of public spending from above.
This is evidenced above all by looking at the routes by which the projects for European funding are put together. We don’t have particular sectors but it’s a question of all the branches by which development should come about: like the environment, ICT, health, public works.
What’s the process used to get hold of these sums of money? By constructing a network of companies organised according to a system of Chinese boxes, more often than not mixed public-private ones.
This use of mixed public-private companies is an important part of the route. It’s something to be considered at an institutional level. I also did this at the Bi-Chamber Committee of the Italian Parliament on the cycle of refuse when they tackled the issue of companies that are managing refuse and the purification of water.
It’s here that you understand how, from above, the system of management of public spending is often governed by groups of people who have organised true criminal associations, composed of professionals, entrepreneurs, men of the world of the economy and of politics, to create lower down a true control system of the other important sectors of public life.
In a series of investigations, when we have examined how the close-knit social societies were put together, how directors were inserted into the companies, how the Boards of Directors were put together, how the College of Supervisors and the Auditors were appointed, we understood that the groups of professionals were always the same. Often we found people who were even closely connected with magistrates, with men in the police forces, with men in the institutions.
It is clear that the most worrying aspect is that there is the creation of a damaging mixing of those who monitor and those who are monitored.
The central problem is how all this can be remedied. In different cases we have noted that the people who should have been monitoring, because they were in vital positions in the region or in other institutions, were also participating directly or indirectly in the companies that should have been monitored.
It is clear that to be able to guarantee a correct flow of the money allocated and to be sure that this is used for projects that bring about economic development, the monitoring system should work. Not just the European one, using the structures that have been set up – (I have collaborated a lot and in a useful way, right up to the time when they took the investigations away from me, with OLAF – the anti-fraud office) but also using the monitoring done by the Regions. That is often impossible or very difficult because in all the criminal proceedings that we dealt with, the people responsible for some crimes in this area, were actually the people assigned to the monitoring organisations of the Regions.
The problem becomes important especially if you consider that the economic development doesn’t happen and in fact these costs then fall on the Italian people since Italy is then obliged by Europe to pay back the money.
What is even more worrying is the step that happens after that. I have explained what happens at the top and lower down, and how people are inserted into the companies. Even lower down, what happens when people are employed by the companies that win the projects that are being financed, the training courses and so on… And here there’s another really sensitive step. Often there is a real system of “indication” of the people to be employed. Those who at the top establish the conditions to get the financing are the same people who “indicate” to the companies to employ this or that person, (and here I’ll stop) with a further connection with voting. When voting happens, (and in some proceedings we have also had the crime of “exchange voting” ) a vote is asked for because one has been a determinant not only in getting the financing but also in imposing the person to be employed.
A further consideration on the mixed public-private companies.
In some cases we have found that in the public sector, there was a real division of the jobs among Parties, with people who are part of all political sides: in some companies we verified that there were people belonging to all forces except, perhaps, of the extreme right and extreme left.
What I worry about most is not this, because I could get the objection by the important people who I see here, that it's a way to represent all cultures. It is an old thing. Very questionable, but it can be said. What worries me is the private companies, because in some cases we have noticed that some entrepreneurs are directly linked to people who are in the public sector, in organizations close to the world of the Church, left and right politicians, and the circle closes with companies tied to organized crime.
If this is the picture, one can understand that within some companies who receive large European fundings, we find much of the political world, a large proportion of professionals that in an area such as Calabria are not many, organized crime, control of the labor market and control of Votes.
If this is the picture we must think beyond the investigations and think what help can come from the European Community structures.
Certainly, for my experience, I can say that the anti-fraud office, when there was a need, always worked in a significant way with the Italian judicial authorities both in terms of cooperation and through Eurojust for the good order of certain rogatory letters." Luigi De Magistris

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November 19, 2007

Forza Italia has dissolved itself


I’ve got two bits of news for you, one good one bad. The first is that Forza Italia has been dissolved. The second is that Berlusconi has founded the Partito del Popolo Italiano delle Libertà {Party of the Italian People of Freedoms}. The PPIL. Also called the Partito dei Prescritti Italiani in Libertà. {Party of the Italian “Prescritti” enjoying Freedom}. For the moment it has two members: the psycho-dwarf and Ms Brambilla. Andreotti has already put forward his application. A kiss in the square with Vittoria, in freezing Milan, was the moment of creation for this new formation. Thus ends the “forzaitaliota” era that started 23 November 1993, and lasted 14 years. Can you remember what we were like before they came into the field?
Once upon a time we had …. safety on the streets, jobs, Justice, industries that have now disappeared, a land that was not yet degraded. News was servile but not yet completely messed up.
Once upon a time there was the future, a word that today means nothing, it’s frightening. It’s best to invest everything in the present. The future will take care of the debts.
Our offspring have become precarious workers that depend on us, with no certainties. The only one is that they will live worse than us. Our current accounts have dried up. A house has become a good that is extra luxurious, an object for speculation.
The country is poorer, sadder. He has become richer, more joyful. Pure coincidence?
The opposition has made him work. D’Alema has put in committed himself more than all the others, and he has worked. He has dedicated himself to the destruction of Justice, to the disappearance of information and the growth of his patrimony. His objectives have been achieved.
The PPIL wants to go beyond that. It’s been fourteen years that we have been digging and he wants to go beyond that.
A seventy-year-old who “wants the great party of freedoms that we have always dreamed of”.
Berlusconi, when you leave, please remember to turn out the light.
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Anche io sono ammastellato

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November 18, 2007

The Game of Silence

Silence = Death, Keith Haring

The game of silence is the final supporting crutch of this pretend democracy. Anyway the citizens are suffering from hearing problems in relation to the truth. When they hear it they no longer notice it. In the “NeverEnding Story”, reality was devoured by nothing, bit by bit. In Italy nothing has been superimposed on reality. Facts disappear, lies remain. They are published without interruption to make them plausible. Information is no longer a tool of politicians. It is itself politics. The only one that exists, behind it there’s nothing. Casini or Brambilla, Veltroni or Mastella are offspring of nothing. They do not exist. They are headlines on News broadcasts, on printed paper.
The few, very few journalists who write the truth are marginalized, sued or moving around with police escorts, like Travaglio, Abbate and Saviano. In Italy the truth hurts, but it hurts only those who tell it. Silence is golden. It covers up kick backs, European funding used for exchange votes, convicted politicians. It’s a new Iron Curtain between the citizens and the politicians. The media are no longer controlled, directed by the parties and by the economic powers. They are part of them. They are their press office.
In Italy anything can be under discussion, from the TAV, the G8, to the Dal Molin base. Certainly sterile discussions, without consequences for power. Only one thing cannot even be discussed: information. No one talks about the purchase of Mondadori, that happened because of the corruption of judges, of Rete4 to get it put on satellite, of the psycho-dwarf’s conflict of interests, of the parties’ occupation of the RAI, of public financing of the newspapers.
It’s not possible to open up the sewer of information. The politicians and our pretend capitalists know that well. If someone opens up the manhole cover of the sewer, then they are finished.
V-day - 25 April – V-day – 25 April. Diffondi l'iniziativa: Copia e incolla il codice

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European Parliament/1: Beppe Grillo


With Luigi De Magistris and Marco Travaglio, I was invited to the European Parliament by Giulietto Chiesa. We talked about European funding that arrives in Italy, where it goes to and how it is spent. I asked for transparency about the destination of the funding or a block on funding to Italy. The funding is a transaction on behalf of others. We give it to Europe with our taxes and Europe gives back a part. Today I am publishing my initial speech. In the next few days there’ll be the speeches of De Magistris, Travaglio and of the European deputies who were present in the Chamber.

”I don’t know why I am here. It’s the last chance. I try to do a bit of communication trying to entertain my neighbour, but it’s not the situation today judging by your faces.
The problem is that in my country, communication is finished. I come here to beseech you; a big part of criminality and of illegality comes from here, from European funding. I come with a prayer from my heart: don’t give any more money to Italy! Do this for our good. It’s like giving finance to Bokassa.
1221 frauds have been discovered, 5 times the European average. We manage to use just 43-44% of this money. But to whom does this money belong? A tiny part of this money is even mine. What route does it take? We give about ten-twelve billion Euro to the European Union and it gives us back about five to ten. This is a sort of laundering of dirty money. Instead of giving and receiving this money, I beseech you, don’t give us any more and we won’t give any more to you. We will use the money ourselves trying to do that in a more dignified manner.
The citizens know nothing about these things. If you talk to a citizen of the European Union, they know nothing. They don’t know what it is, whether it works. There was an attempt to do a Constitution that I’ve read and I got half a nervous breakdown. No one knows anything. Only that the seats on the bus are 30cm, we know that there’s an ID card for dogs. You do some laws with 26 exceptions. In the Netherlands you can smoke a joint. In Italy you get 4 years in prison. What has Europe become?
We want a bit of clarity about the money. It would be good if instead of passing through the Regions, (that really are associations for crime in our country), that it is monitored through the Internet. The Internet exists, but in Italy, it’s almost as though no one knows what it is. There are seventy year old politicians but here there are young people who know how to use the Internet. The Internet is a form of control. You can't rob with the Internet. Put on the Internet all the figures, the steps to pass the money around so that any citizen can check it. Either do that or don’t send us any more money.
Prodi, in the Financial Times, replied to the question: How many Romanians have entered Italy? Reply: "Nobody knows". There was a fund of 200 million Euro for welcoming and we have not used it. There’s no talk of a moratorium. So with this money what do we want to do? Welcome foreigners that can no longer fit or finance the companies to make them stay in Italy?
In Romania there are 22,000 Italian companies that have taken money. This money should have been given to the companies to stay in Italy. I don’t want you ever to send us anything more! Now an expert will explain to you where your money lands up. I repeat: You are funding Bokassa.” Beppe Grillo

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November 17, 2007

Coup d'état Trials


Click the video

Last Sunday after the death of Gabriele Sandri, Coni, the RAI and the Police found themselves under attack. Similar episodes only happen when you have a coup d'état, not for football. There has been a discussion of a sick football, of too much liberty given to the fanatics, of great times when you went to the stadium with your young son to give him a feeling for his own team. There has been no talk of the real reasons for the revolt. If it’s enough for one young man to be assassinated to attack the symbols of the State, what will happen in the future when we are faced by more serious issues? Gabriele was a pretext to lift (a tiny bit) the lid of the pressure cooker that is Italy. If politics does not lower the heat in the future the pressure cooker could explode.
Many people think this, like Cristian

”I’m writing because of the killing of Gabriele. This country has no future. If you go and watch a match and you get killed, it could have been in the park with the family and the upset was about who stole your stereo from the car, but since they have allowed themselves to shoot from the other side of the motorway (risking to get the driver of a coach and cause a calamity) aiming at a car that was driving off after a punch up in a car park?
You will be asking why is there so much violence? The answer is in our TV News every day. This country has its back to the wall. People can no longer manage to get to the end of the month, to pay the mortgage, to pay for food, the abuse operated by the companies for electricity, telephone, petrol etc. … all things that we can’t do without… and when they come to impound your house, who comes along to take it from you? the police … If you don’t pay a fine, who comes to confiscate your car or your furniture bought with the savings of hard work? the police… Who comes to get under the hair of the shopkeepers who work: NAS, the Finance police, the labour inspectors, the local police who get stressed about strange laws, that if you don’t respect they talk of fines with penalties. Services are always fewer and more costly.
People are afraid, stressed and they get to the end of the month with difficulty, you tell me what they should think of the institutions. I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a football fan. I’ve never been to see a match. I don’t care a fig about football… but I could find a way to get this country to change I would get moving too .. Have you ever asked yourselves what would happen to you if you had no milk, no money to pay the electricity, the medication? What would you land up doing? Try it out one month and see. You would even end up killing if it were necessary. Just think what they care those people if you accuse them of terrorism, They’ve got to the end of the meal.
Here’s what happens to the fans. They get to the end of the week stressed out by the system and they pour out their stress onto the police who represent the sick institutions, their anger … - and you want to call these acts of terrorism - but if you please .. go to the home of the Italians and a good half of them will tell you the same thing that I am saying… in recent times we have had the chance to see on more than one occasion what is happening in Italy. Just think about Beppe Grillo and the response he is getting.
But if there had been an Osama Bin Laden in his place, have you ever wondered what would happen? I’ll tell you: a revolution in the true meaning of the word. On the one side, the police (obliged to enforce respect for this law), on the other, the “terrorists” as they call them… (they are simply Italians who are tired and impoverished by the system). But if these terrorists were to get power one day, as happened in the last world war who would write the history books? And what would they say of the other side? Have you ever asked yourself? Cristian T. Italian citizen

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November 15, 2007

Salvatore Borsellino has Mastella-ised himself

photo by Mauro1978

To be Mastella-ised is a status symbol. It’s like the Gold medal on a civilian level. At the time of “Clean Hands” a politician without a couple of “avvisi di garanzia” {notification of impending investigation}. was a nobody. In these Ceppalonic times, in which even the tragedies become farces, being sued by Mastella is a badge of honesty for the citizen.
Salvatore Borsellino has decided to Mastella-ise himself and he explains the reasons in this letter.
Dear Beppe,
I have received a letter from Benny Calasanzio full of dignity and disgust for the latest unacceptable outburst from signor Clemente Mastella (It disgusts me to use for this character, the title of Minister of the Republic.) who has announced his intention to sue Beppe Grillo for his declarations at the European Parliament and to want to hand over any money coming from the process to the families of mafia victims.
The threat of being sued is a scare that is currently used as a surrogate to the “mafia warnings” by politicians who are used to this type of procedure, to try and silence the accusations against themselves from journalists, writers, presenters and even ordinary people who write on the Internet and on blogs.
Even signor Mastella himself, not long ago, didn’t find any better way to respond to accusations against himself with open letters published on the Web and during the broadcast of Anno Zero than to remind me that “he had granted the Borsellino family a pension.”
On that occasion I responded firstly to signor Mastella that it is not a matter of a “grant” from a Minister, but a “recognition” from the State, but probably signor Mastella is too familiar with the habits of clientism to grasp the difference.
Secondly, as far as I am concerned, apart from obviously not being a beneficiary of any pension, I have even renounced asking for the “provisional” that I could have asked for as an injured party in the trial for the assassination of my brother because what I am due from the State is only Justice and not an economic measure.
But probably signor Mastella is not competent even in matters of Justice and thus has not thought it worth giving me a response.
To end then I am reminding signor Mastella that in his statements made to the European Parliament, Beppe Grillo did nothing more than report what I had already stated in an open letter dated 20 September:
”Yesterday it was necessary to kill one after the other two judges who alone were fighting the battle that the Italian State not only has always refused to take on but that it has often fought on the side of those that should have been the enemy to be eradicated and that often it has directly armed.
Today not even TNT is useful any more, today it’s enough, in broad day light, to “avocare” an investigation in which one of the few remaining courageous judges was about to arrive at the level of the “untouchables” for everything to continue to go on as established.
So that this caste that has cut itself off from the real country and from honest people who still exist, even though they are guilty of a silence that by now is confused with indifference if not with connivance, can shamefully continue to govern our country and to cultivate their own exclusive interests in a State that it now considers to be its own exclusive property.
Today it is enough that an unworthy Minister like signor Mastella blackmails a beautified Head of the Government, perhaps with him too being involved in the same affair, threatening a government crisis, for the whole political class to close ranks round their worthy representative and the message arrives loud and clear at the wobbly top of the magistracy.”
That’s what I wrote and I reaffirm it.
If signor Mastella thinks it necessary to sue Beppe Grillo for his statements, I beg him to do the same thing to me. In that way I can hand over, as a family member of a victim of the mafia, a part of the gains that will be derived from putting his “warning” into action.
I don’t think I can add anything to Benny Calasanzio’s letter except to say that I stand with him in his request made on behalf of his own family.
It is so full of offended dignity and of disgust for the squalid declarations of the politicians that it refers to, that any other word would be superfluous.” Salvatore Borsellino
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Anche io sono ammastellato

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November 14, 2007

I’ve been Mastella-ed too!

Anch'io sono ammastellato

I’m driving back from the European Parliament in Strasbourg. I’ve even been through a snow storm in Switzerland. Once I’d got through the Alps they told me on my mobile that Clemente Mastella, Minister of Castes and Injustice is suing me. According to Ansa: “what has really infuriated Mastella is another of Grillo’s remarks, published in different newspapers: “The magistracy has been halted by the politicians. Once, in 1992, with Falcone and Borsellino, they used TNT. Now it’s the Minister of Justice who intervenes directly.”
Where’s my mistake? The type of explosive? Didn’t they use TNT in 1992? Or perhaps the politicians didn’t intervene in any way in the Why Not investigation? Or Mastella has never been a Minister?
Those who share these three incriminating points:
1 - The magistracy has been halted by the politicians
2 - Once, with Falcone and Borsellino, TNT was used.
3 - Today it’s the Minister of Justice who intervenes directly.

can sign up to the initiative "Anch'io sono ammastellato" {I’ve been Mastella-ed too!} with their first and second name and put this box on their own blogs so as to give it a wide distribution.
I’m pleased that he’s suing me. It means that Clemente Mastella will finally be obliged to clear things up in a public debate whether or not there was political interference in the Why Not investigation and who set it off. We are all curious....
The news item as reported by Ansa. The news item as reported by Ansa.
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Anche io sono ammastellato

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November 13, 2007

Stop funds from Europe to Italy


Click the video (Italian only)

This afternoon I have taken part in a meeting at the European Union in Strasbourg. at the invitation of Giulietto Chiesa, together with Marco Travaglio and Luigi De Magistris. At this meeting there was discussion of European funding. I’m giving a summary below. In the next few days I’ll publish my video and the video of De Magistris and Travaglio.
“I’ve come here to Strasbourg to ask you for help. To beg the European Community not to provide any more funding to Italy. The money that is arriving from Europe is increasing the metastasis that is devouring our country.
In 2006, Italy got illicit funding from the European Union, then it swindled it for 318,104,000 euro with 1,221 cases denounced. In a single year it has improved its performance by 90 million euro.
We are the top in Europe. First in football. First in fraud. Italy is fraudulent with agricultural funding. It is fraudulent with structural funds for the development of areas that are getting left behind. And I’m just referring to fraud that has been proved.
Billions of Euro arrive every year from the European Community to Italy. Where do they end up? Italian citizens don’t know. To get information they can only turn to the judges. But the judges, when they take action, are always blocked by the Government, by the Parties. So we are always kept in the dark about everything.
The financing from the European Community is our money at the end of the day. Italy participates with other countries to create the common fund that is then redistributed. Money that goes out and that then comes back. A bit like uncontrolled laundering of dirty money. Our taxes are financing the European funding whose use the Italian citizens know nothing about. If it is useful, if it is not useful, what benefits it brings, when it ends.
The Vice President of the Community, Frattini and the Minister of Community Policies, Bonino are very private people. They did not tell Prodi that Barroso had put up 275 million Euro for the integration of the Roma community. Italy didn’t ask for anything, Spain got 52 million and Poland got 8.5 million. Poland? Have the Roma people gone to Poland as well? I thought they were all in Italy. For once when we could have used the funding for a good reason we haven’t asked for it.
And it’s strange. Because even our Regions have opened luxurious community offices in Brussels, that we pay for, to get to the funding. They have more office workers than all the other States.
The billions of Euro that come into Italy are intended for useless work: roundabouts, theme supermarkets, like the TAV tunnel in Val di Susa and Mediapolis in Piedmont. They have financed projects that never arrived at a conclusion, purifiers, alternative energy. They ended up in the pockets of that grey zone that connects the parties to the companies to criminal groupings.
It is better if Italy no longer gives contributions to the common European Fund and in exchange that it has no funding. This money can be used by our government in other ways. To reduce our Public Debt, the biggest in Europe, one of the most impressive in the world.
A Debt that risks taking us under. The money could be used to reduce taxes. To give incentives to companies to invest in Italy instead of encouraging Italian companies to transfer abroad. Or even to reduce the poverty that exists in Italy or increase the starvation pensions of our old folk.
The money laundering of our cash through Brussels is no good for us. It is only useful to fatten up the mafia, to grow criminality in our country.
Also present here is the judge Luigi De Magistris. What has been taken out of the hands of De Magistris is an investigation that involved the top people of the Region of Calabria and of the Italian Government: Mastella, Minister of Justice and Prodi, President of the Council.
The investigation was removed from him by his superiors without a reason. The documents of the investigation have been taken from the strong boxes of the Catanzaro Prosecutors Office without warning him and they have been sent to Rome. The investigation is called Why Not and it also deals with the use of Community funding. In Calabria, they are waiting for five billion euro in European funding. Where will it end up?
The magistracy has been halted by the politicians. Once, in 1992, with Falcone and Borsellino, they used TNT. Now it’s the Minister of Justice who intervenes directly.
European funding is of no use to Italy. It’s useful to the political parties and organised crime. We don’t want it. Please hang onto it. Do this for a better Italy.”

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November 12, 2007

Comienza la selva de la Universidad de Bologna

Click the video

A young disabled Spanish lass has written to me. She has arrived in Italy to study with the Erasmus project. She chose Bologna. It was described to her as the best University for adaptations for disabled people. To get to the lecture theatre she has to do the trail of Indiana Jones and in the trickiest bits get her companions on the course for foreigners to drag her along in their arms. Once upon a time we made ourselves known to foreigners when we were abroad, now we do it here in Italy.
When you’ve read this look at all the film clips at the end.

“Good day,
I am a young disabled Spanish lass (in a wheel chair) aged 22 on the Erasmus in Bologna. The problem is that I wrote to all the Italian Universities that were offered in my University to find out which were equipped and which weren’t. According to everyone, the best was Bologna.
I asked whether I should come and have a look at it beforehand and the University told me that it wasn’t necessary. When I arrived I discovered that nothing that they had told me was true. After solving the problem of lodgings and after starting the courses that I had to attend, often and with different responsible people, I discovered that they have allocated me to lecture theatres with stairs that I cannot access. Many times I asked for a change of lecture room and for a solution to be found. Last week was the last and they have done nothing. Their solution for keeping me calm is to try to find accessible lecture theatres for the second semester. I am not calm because they are showing me a lack of respect and they are preventing me from attending the lectures. Not knowing what to do I have done the videos of the structures and on how I am meant to get to the lectures. According to them they had never had this problem. They told me I could come without problems. I thought that it would be positive to show the true reality of the University. I would be pleased to know if you could help me in some way. This is not right! A thousand thanks for everything. Greetings.” Maria Plágaro.

La selva de la Universidad de Bologna:

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November 11, 2007

Assassins (of masses) in the workplace

In 2006 there were 1302 deaths in the workplace, 930 thousand injuries, about 27 thousand people made invalids. A social cost of 41 billion euro each year 5/6 little budgets.
The number will easily be well above that for 2007. Just on 5 November there were 5 people killed at work. Their names are: Immacolata, Alan, Francesco, Cristiano and Paul.
It’s a war that the newspapers don’t talk about, that the politicians either use or ignore.
We need to ask ourselves why a man or a woman decides to work while putting their lives at risk. They are never casual deaths. Those who die know they are facing danger. They decide to do it because they have children, to pay the mortgage on their home, or simply to survive. They do it because they have no rights, clandestine or precarious with a resignation letter already signed, so, if they raise their voice, they have sacked themselves.
There are more dead in Italy in a year than there are United States soldiers dying in the war in Iraq. Where do we want to end up? And why is no one doing a national battle, to be won, to be fought to the end without taking prisoners?
Who gains? Because it’s certain that someone gains.
Today, tomorrow, for the whole week the media will saturate our brains with football violence. If someone has made a mistake, they must pay. But for those who die in the workplace, no one investigates; no one gives the job to the police. No front page. Football is a tool for mass distraction. You don’t have to think. It’s like the Perugia crime, or the Garlasco or the Franzoni.
There’s no other solution for football: it should be closed down for at least a year. We need to stop and reflect. To deal with more serious things like the death for reasons of filthy lucre of 1500 workers a year. Filthy lucre because safety costs a company much more than a court case for an “accident” at work.
We need to deal with the protest of signora Maria, the mother of a Romanian worker, Bogdan Mihalcea, overcome by a high tide while he was doing maintenance on an underground pipe. After 16 months the judicial inquest has still not ascertained the responsibilities. Maria is protesting in front of the Turin Town Hall and then at the Smat (the company commissioning the work that was contracted out and then subcontracted to the company with which Bogdan was working without a regular contract.). If nothing happens, she said that she will set herself alight.

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November 10, 2007

Those with previous convictions in Parliament, mafia people in prison

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15 years separate us from 1992. The mafia has gone from the season of the bombs to the season of the pax sociale. In this period the bosses have ended up in prison with a certain frequency. Every two/three years the capture of a bosses’ boss. In the mean time the politicians under investigation stay free.
Paolo Borsellino said: Politics and mafia are two powers that live under the control of the same territory, they either are at war or they come to an agreement.”
And that’s how it was, but the agreement signed up to at the beginning of the 1990’s between the mafia and a part of the politicians must not have been very favourable to the mafia families. For them the prison is long lasting, for the others nice houses, beautiful women, Dom Perignon and TV appearances. And when will the families finish?
Perhaps it’s time for the mafia to review the contract and change some of the clauses. It’s not to be tolerated that the mafia people, after risking their life and being personally exposed, end up in prison for years, while the politician gets away scot-free. To the politicians with previous convictions and those who are prescritti, there’s Parliament, to the mafia people, if they are lucky, there’s l'Ucciardone {a prison in Palermo}
Lirio Abbate and Peter Gomez have written a book called: “I complici”. Abbate has an escort. He can’t be protected from the mafia, but to keep away from the untouchables. He has revealed too many names and surnames of politicians, parliamentarians, and State officials. The ones that in prison will never go.
I’m giving a few lines from the introduction to the book:
"When the newspapers (very few) and the citizens discover, with a delay of years with respect to the top politicians, the names of the Parliamentarians, regional deputies, Ministers, local cabinet members, and mayors who frequent (or have not just occasionally frequented) the bosses and those convicted for affairs relating to the mafia, the reaction of their colleagues is zero. Or rather there is a reaction: they shout that there’s a plot. The principle of elementary prudence that in mature democracies leads one to exclude and marginalize those who have questionable friendships is never triggered in Italy.”

The book "I Complici" by Lirio Abbate and Peter Gomez is published by Fazi editore.

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November 09, 2007

Christ Stopped at Capanne


Drugs are forbidden everywhere in Italy except in Parliament. The non-Parliamentary citizen who uses hashish is a criminal to be punished. Aldo Bianzino was arrested for cultivation of Indian hemp in his kitchen garden. He was a carpenter. He lived with his family at Pietralunga, on the hills near Città di Castello. In the prison at Capanne he was beaten to death. The forensic pathologist discovered 4 cerebral haematomas, damaged liver and spleen, 2 broken ribs. He leaves behind a wife and child. He was 44 years old and he had never hurt anyone Slim build, blond hair like the hair of another carpenter who landed up on a cross. On the other hand, Aldo first landed in an isolation cell and then in the cemetery. Judge Petrazzini has started an enquiry for voluntary homicide. The blog will follow the forthcoming events and will go to visit Pietralunga.
There are two causes of Aldo’s death. The first is the detention of those who use cannabis. The second is the impunity of those who dishonour their uniform and behave worse than the criminals.
The first reason is absurd. It fills up the prisons with drug addicts and with casual users. Giovanardi, the party companion of Mele (women-cocaine- champagne), does not agree on this. He wants 4 years in prison for a gram of hashish. (Read the interview).
The use of cannabis should be decriminalized. There would be fewer pushers, less financing going to organised crime, and no longer prisons that are bursting at the seams.
Even the Court of Cassation has confirmed that the domestic mini-cultivation of hashish is not a crime if “it is not substantially cultivation in the technical-agrarian sense and that is if it is not done as an enterprise”.
This is crazy.
Institutional violence is becoming a fatal vice, after Aldrovandi, Bolzaneto and Scuola Diaz.
This is from the website called Il Pane e le Rose:
”So Aldo was subjected to a fatal beating by the prison guards, while he was in the isolation cell, probably after flying into a rage. Beating up by personnel who are employees of the Ministry of Grace and Justice turns out, one more time, to be a current practice in a Prison for the prisoners who cause problems. This is practiced by specialist personnel who use professional techniques aimed at avoiding denunciation on the basis of superficial forensic evidence. We have to imagine in their formal completeness the arrangements behind these practices.
There will be a secret manual that describes the procedures to be followed for beating up; there will be training routes with experts who teach the technique and the most appropriate moves and they will supervise the rolling out of the programme, a training schedule, a careful evaluation of the attitudes and the ability of those who are called on to actually put into effect the techniques in their day to day work…”
If what has been reported is true I suggest that the prison massage is also practiced on the Parliamentary population who use drugs on the floor of the House, in their offices or in the hotels of the capital.

I invite everyone to participate in the National Demonstration for Aldo Bianzino in Perugia on Saturday 10 November 2007.

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November 08, 2007

Nobody knows ... ( Romano Prodi)

Valium Prodi has landed up on the front page of The Financial Times in an article called "Prodi says Romanian influx took EU by surprise".. In response to the question about the number of Romanians who have entered Italy since 1 January 2007, Valium said: "Nobody knows"
Prodi responds well however on the number of Italian companies that have invested in Romania. He’s got that on the tip of his tongue: 22,000 Italian companies giving work to 600,000 Romanians.
What responses. What style What Valium.
At the beginning of the year, Italy opened the frontier to Bulgaria and Romania, the other great European countries closed them. The result is that the flows all arrived in Italy.
Prodi was not asked how many children live in the Roma camps and where they come from. Anyway his response would always have been "Nobody knows"
The organisation "Troviamo i bambini"{Find the Children} asked me to publish this appeal.
”Just now there’s been the approval of the Decree on the expulsion of European Community residents… In many cities they are ready to dismantle the nomad camps.

MILANO(…) Tens of unofficial sheds, leaning one against the other, inhabited by two hundred people. The children dressed in rags play in the mud, while their parents are seated on the ground and drink wine from a carton and count the money from begging.
One woman says ”I’ve been here for three months. Here it’s disgusting. There’s no water, I can’t wash my children, there’s no electricity (…)” In via Silla, the same situation. Some shacks are inhabited by people from Yugoslavia. At the other side of the street, however, hidden in a wood, the “house” of a Roma family: two rotten mattresses covered in mold are their only comfort, the air inside the shack is not breathable.
Degradation is also dominant in via de Pisis. Near to a little park where the parents take their children to play, a little shack city has grown up. A Roma mother aged 38 said: “There’ll be about 40 of us here, mostly children.”
It’s a surreal landscape, a piece of the third world that has found a foot-hold – unofficial of course – in the first world. The shacks are cramped, damp and smelly. A little girl throws herself onto a mattress that has been thrown into the mud, with a health emergency all round.
The kitchen is an improvised grill in the middle of an open-air rubbish dump: mud, human excrement everywhere and a cemetery of rusting rubbish (…)"
If just a tenth of what you have read, were denounced in relation to Italian children, the children would be taken away by the social workers. But NO ONE CARES ANYTHING about these children. In one of our articles entitled “ZINGARI” {Gypsies} (and we heartily advise you to read it) this campaign group denounced that from an indication given to the Questura di Bologna by our Ambassador Dott.ssa Maria Rosa Dominici, it has been discovered that in various families of nomads in that city:
Out of 11 children
3 were really the offspring of the parents
5 were "on hire"
and of the other 3, nothing was known
Thus starting from this point, this campaign group is launching an appeal to the APPRORIATE AUTHORITIES
While you are “dismantling” are you checking on their children?
Do we want to politely check whether the children they have are their own?
And if it turns out that “some” are not their own, ask a simple question like:
Where did you find this child?"
And if they are theirs, what will happen to them?
Children do not commit crime. Children are victims.
This appeal is “sent” to:
The President of the Republic Hon. Giorgio Napolitano
The President of the Lower House Hon. Fausto Bertinotti
The President of the Senate Hon. Franco Marini
Amnesty International

Click here to write your email too!

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November 07, 2007

La Voix de la Vallée

It’s not allowed in Italy to have a proposal referendum. The citizen can only annul the rubbish voted through by Parliament. And if they succeed, as in the case of public financing to the parties, the politicians ignore them. They get round the law or they do a new one.
In other States, the citizens can make proposals. With us we can only suffer. The people deciding is populism. The people proposing a law is demagogy. If however the law is done by the party employees in Parliament chosen by FassinoRutelliBertinottiFiniBerlusconi in our faces, then yes that is democracy.
To get the proposal referendum we would need to change the Constitution. Parliament will never do it. The Constitution is a garment tailor-made for the parties. Sewn on them, comfortable, wide enough for them never to have to say “I’m sorry” to the Italians. One day it’ll be necessary to take a hand to the Constitution, and make it become a true living tool, in the hands of the citizens. Not a memorial for memories.
To discuss the Constitution in Italy you need to be a Constitutionalist (what does that mean?) just as to talk about the Maroni law (he hides better than a mole) you have to be an expert in Labour Law. The magic word to block every change is “Anti- Constitutional” It works better than “Vade retro Satana”. The Constitution is afraid of the strong man and the people. It has handed over Italy to its representatives, to the parties who have not given it back since then.
There is however a sign of change. In the autonomous region of the Valle D’Aosta the proposal referendum has been introduced. For the first time in italy it’s possible to approve proposals of popular laws. The people become law makers.
On 18 November there’s voting on five law proposals for the rules for the election of the Council and the Regional Junta and the future of the regional hospital. The minimum quorum for participation is 45%. The parties invite the people not to go to vote and they are not talking about it. Sunday 18 November everyone off to vote early in the morning. Even in Rome they have to hear la Voix de la Vallée.

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November 06, 2007

Italian Slavery condemned by the UN

The Maroni law or law number 30, should have been abolished straight away by this government. In the Unione’s manifesto, the Maroni law was cited 28 times to amend or abolish it. The Unione had a commitment with its voters to changing it radically. It has not kept these promises. Now even the international bodies are starting to ask us why we are transforming the Italians into Modern Slaves. The ILO, the United Nations Agency for Labour Rights has summoned Damiano. The Minister preferred not to be shot down and sent his Director General who blamed the previous government.
Professor Mauro Gallegati has sent me a letter on this topic.

Download the book "Schiavi Moderni", 412,000 copies have been downloaded!

”With the pretext of flexibility to modernize the labour market, the law 30 has created a worrying situation of precariousness. For the official statistics, short term contracts have become almost the only way that young people can find a job but then it is rare that these become stable jobs, with a ratio of 1 to 25. The distortions in the labour market are increasing, especially in the South of the country where the reduction in the rate of employment has reached alarming levels.”
These are not the well known thoughts of the radical left or of the Fiom metal-mechanics, critical of the government protocol to keep most of the law 30, but they are the observations of the Committee of Experts of the International Labour Organisation, ILO, the United Nations Agency for Labour Rights.
It went unnoticed that our government, through minister Damiano, was summoned to a special hearing during the 96th International Conference on Work in June at Geneva, to discuss the situation in Italy and the effects of the law 30 that has caused not a few perplexities in the international community.
The ILO has a role of making regulations and checking that international regulations are applied, as well as supporting governments in seeking “decent work” against the deregulation of employment and the denial of public intervention in social welfare.
From the transcription of the Italian hearing what comes out clearly is the “incompatibility “ of the reforms of the Berlusconi government in relation to Convention 122 of the Labour Policies. The Convention, ratified by Italy in 1971, obliged member states to adopt the “programmes aimed at creating full employment that is productive and freely chosen” and in general “the raising of the quality of life, through the fight against unemployment and the guarantee of an appropriate wage.”
According to the Committee made up of 20 labour law specialists from all over the world, “the only aim pursued by the previous government was the liberalisation of the market according to a contract model that was always more based on the individual and without respect for territorial policies to develop industry and research, fundamental to ensure competitiveness in the innovative sectors, rather than trying to compete with the emerging economies on the cost of labour.”
The Committee called for the respect of Convention 122 with “a return to the centrality of the work relationship being regular employment as a typical work relationship” through discussions to the benefit of the workers, in terms of wage and living conditions, and not just for the companies.
At the ILO hearing, minister Damiano did not participate even though he had been formally summoned, but Lea Battistoni who is Director General of the labour Market at the Ministry. After having started off by saying that the new executive has been in post for too short a time to show the results of its policies, Battistoni reassured the Committee by explaining that the requests of the unions had been taken into consideration and that there was no reason to worry for the failure to respect international agreements by Italy: He said: “This discussion seems to belong to the past, to another government.”

What is the ILO?
ILO website

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November 05, 2007

Bonino, Frattini and the open hatches

The Local House of Liberty is indignant every hour with the Government and with Topo Gigio Veltroni. It says that the uncontrolled flow from Romania and for Bulgaria is what Valium Prodi wanted. That’s not true!
The responsibility for an out-of-control immigration is the fault of both the government and the opposition. As usual. As for De Magistris, for the Great Pardon, for Forleo, for Rete 4, for the 94 billion tax dodge by the slot machine concessionaries. Just as ever basically.
On 01 January 2007, almost all the European countries imposed a moratorium period for the entrance of people from Bulgaria and from Romania into the EU.
Italy, the least organised country, where the certainty of the penalty does not exist, with the most impressive public debt in Europe, with a density of habitation like an ant-hill and with 5 and a half million precarious workers has in the words of the part time mayor of Rome "aperto i boccaporti" {Opened the hatches}
Forza Italia and Rosa nel pugno have serious responsibilities in relation to the arrival of flows of wretches. I’m reporting the speech by Frattini (FI) vice president of the European Commission and that of Emma Bonino (RNP), Minister of European Policies delivered on 14 December 2006, at the meeting of the ambassadors of Romania and Bulgaria.
Franco Frattini thanked the two countries for their great commitment to the fight against corruption that in the last few years has seen a big drop. Frattini declared that he was contrary to the limitation of entry to Bulgarian and Romanian workers to Italy, as has however happened in other countries of the EU. Minister Emma Bonino spoke and gave a welcome to the 30 million citizens Romanian and Bulgarian. She tranquilized everyone about the fictitious myth of the terror of the invasion of the foreign workers after the entry of a new country to the European Union and she reminded us that instead these people are a great resource for our country. Ms Bonino declared that she personally is against any possible moratorium period for the entrance of people from Bulgaria and from Romania into Italy. She reminded us that even when Spain joined the EU we were all afraid of the invasion and then nothing happened. But who sent us this ? Let her take of her fashion designer jacket and resign immediately. The countries of the European Union have done a moratorium. We haven’t. Why? Confindustria needs to export capital to Romania and Bulgaria where the cost of labour is much lower than here and the controls are fewer. Confindustria also needs to import labour at starvation wages. Romania and Bulgaria are perfect for these objectives. Doors wide open. Prodi did no moratorium and Berlusconi did not ask for it.
Pappa e ciccia.
Bonino deserves in-depth soon. Stay tuned.

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TNT? Why Not?

image from Wikipedia

Gioacchino Genchi, the expert appointed by Luigi De Magistris has been removed from his post by the Catanzaro Prosecutors’ Office together with the captain of the Carabinieri Pasquale Zacheo who had been following the Why Not enquiry from its inception. In Genchi’s report, published in Secolo XIX, the names of the protagonists of the enquiry are given. As well as the names that are already known (Romano Prodi, Clemente Mastella, Lorenzo Cesa) there are also the names of Francesco Rutelli, Giuseppe Pisanu, Gianni Alemanno, the inevitable journalist Renato Farina and the president of the Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà, Giorgio Vittadini.
Genchi reports the telephone conversations of the various people. Mastella is always in pole position. He talks confidentially with the person under investigation Antonio Saladino, former president of the Compagnia delle Opere della Calabria, and with Luigi Bisignani, former member of the P2, convicted and sentenced to three years and 4 months for the massive Enimont kick-back. In equal second place are the names of Prodi and Rutelli, "Er Cicoria" as Genchi relates: “There are even numerous telephone contacts between Antonio Saladino and Francesco Rutelli, about which Saladino had also noted the details of the use of various mobile phones, from home and from the office of the party”
Genchi has written on his site: “They have added up all the costs of the General Prosecutors Office of Catanzaro, and they said that that was the money used by De Magistris to pay my fees. Wow! Just so it is clear, and I challenge anyone to demonstrate the contrary, judge De Magistris has not yet paid me a single euro for my work. Not even the cost of travelling on the ferry from Messina to Villa San Giovanni. I knew, furthermore, that to accept work from him would not have brought any benefit to myself. I would have been able to keep working on robberies, mafia affairs and murders. I wonder whether it’s also for this reason that someone wants to stop me. I am not afraid of the threats and my conscience is clear. I have always been aware of the risks of my work. In truth, I had never considered the possibility of being kidnapped for a ransom. With the million Euro that Mastella says I have received from De Magistris, going to Calabria becomes dangerous just for that! Apart from the irony, this is my work and I am proud of it.”

Summary of the previous episodes of Why Not:
- Mastella asks for the transfer of De Magistris
- the CSM postpones the decision until December and they don’t transfer him
- the news of the investigation is leaked and published by Libero
- the investigation is removed from De Magistris by “avocazione” {work is claimed by his superior}
- the trial documents are transferred to Rome with a blitz on the Procura di Catanzaro {Catanzaro Prosecutors’ Office}
- start of the checks to transfer the Why Not case to the Tribunale dei Ministri {Tribunal of the Ministers}
- removal of Gioacchino Genchi, the expert working in the investigation
- removal of Pasquale Zacheo, the captain of the Carabinieri who had been following the investigation
De Magistris has talked about dark powers and of TNT. Will this be the next move?

Read the complete report by Gioacchino Genchi.

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November 04, 2007

Rula Jebreal and immigration

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I have interviewed Rula Jebreal on the topic of immigration. Her analysis is simple and it’s common sense. In Italy the parties always put forward their interests and some even put their ideologies in first place. Then come the citizens. If there’s a problem, let them sort it out. If the situation gets out of hand, they do a decree that leaves things as they were. This political class has run its course. Let’s hope it goes away soon, before Italy disintegrates.
”The problem of immigration in Italy falls on society in terms of the impact and the issues. From the point of view of politics, it is ignored or purposely not spoken about or tackled only when there are episodes of crime.
Then the approach is like fan-clubs. Those who talk about zero-tolerance don’t explain what that means in legal terms. When I have asked politicians this, they replied, for example, that all graffiti on the walls has to be eliminated as soon as it appears… .I had thought I would get a fuller response.
On the other hand, there are the others who talk about full solidarity, an approach that is for one thing offensive and humiliating for immigrants who are not considered as human beings, men and women with rights and duties.
The issue blows up always at the moment of the episodes. There’s not a complete European approach that sees immigration not just as part of the problem but also as part of the solution.
In France, Sarkozy is taking big steps forward by putting immigrants into his government like Rachida Dati, Minister of Justice. He is the man who created the Islamic conference to understand how to engage in dialogue and tackle the issue of radical Islamism in the community.
The issue of the Roma people is very obvious and could have been predicted: it was clear that by including certain countries in the European Community, inhabitants would arrive in vast numbers, even for the different life prospects.
What’s missing here is a complete political project and an objective: many people arrive without job prospects so the only possibility is for them to turn to petty crime. The political response is absent for now, and the whole burden falls on society whose response is obviously one of refusal and of shock. There’s no one who is softening the impact, even by controlling the flow of migrants. The French proposal to the European Community is to regulate the flow even of Community members. There are discussions in the European Commission, there will also be discussions in the Italian Parliament with the usual ideological approach. A solution will be found. I hope it won’t be too late. Today society responds even violently: there are those who attack the camps of the nomads, those who burn them.
There are then those who think it’s possible to welcome everyone. There’s no planning as is done in other countries.
Unfortunately, for the umpteenth time, the politicians are silent and go on busying themselves with other things. There’s a serious risk: that the situation explodes and that what happened in France with the burning down of a hotel whose guests were immigrants could happen here. It’s true that in Italy there’s less racism than in other European countries but there’s a lot less integration. It’s a fact that is shocking. There’s a lot less integration.
It’s no good working round the issue that is very clear: we need to regulate the flow, to give rights but also duties. We need to start to think like Great Britain that welcomes people but gives clear rules, where anyone who commits crime leaves the country and never returns. It’s a valid system that for now has worked very well.” Rula Jebreal

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Let those responsible pay the bill

Photo: Ansa

An officer of the Carabinieri explains how the politicians manage our security. Certain questions are put forward. I would like your help for the answers. Find the names of those responsible for:
- the negotiations for enlarging the European Community to Romania without imposing any conditions
- the degraded state of the Tor di Quinto station in Rome
- the explosive Roma camp in that zone that is without any services as well as the hundreds of others in the same conditions in the whole of Italy, from the banks of the Tiber to the outskirts of Milan.

Dear Beppe,
The episode of the rape and massacre of Signora Giovanna Reggiani in Rome has brought out horror and indignation. The blood, the pain, the fear of the Italians falls on the conscience of those who govern, the politicians and the top civil servants who have managed “the security system” in the last ten years. They have dispersed with arrogant approximation, the professional, democratic and civic values of the law 121/81 born from the involvement of the tremendous years of terrorist aggression by all the social, political and trades union forces without ideological distinction. The new Minister of the Interior and the Head of the Police are pointing out the lack of personnel and of funds that the Police are having to cope with. But the problem hasn’t arisen today. No one can have missed the issues of “globalisation” with the inevitable social and crime results for our country.
Well then, why and by whom has the “security sector” been weakened with a management that is more attentive to groupings, ambitions, misunderstood competition between the different police forces with contradictory measures that are not known to the general public?
An example: a recent decree has set out “obligatory early retirement” (note that this is not on request) for hundreds of police officers with a precious array of experience in fighting terrorism, widespread criminality organised at a national and international level, clandestine immigration, drugs and money laundering. Not just that, but they have restructured things so as to have lower numbers in post in future. This is an absurd measure going against the current thinking in the world of work and while there are discussions about “scales” to increase the pension age. Paradoxically, today we ask for more police personnel; obviously to be trained up! Furthermore the “security system” has had to do without thousands of “auxiliary” police officers.
The “mobile units” have been reduced everywhere (in Rome they have even been halved), the maintenance of the vehicles is difficult. Petrol supplies are low. Certain Police headquarters (thinking of the one at S. Antimo where a tobacconist was killed recently) and police stations of the carabinieri have been closed or are at risk of closure. Anyway everything is functioning with a reduced number of personnel and with reduced hours, and it’s a miracle if you see the clearly defined “neighbourhood police officers”.
The so-called “security package” is a slow but important rethink but it risks being just a surface alibi, in these conditions even an aggravation to the operating machinery if there is not a global intervention, at 360 degrees, on the sensitive and complex cycle “control of the territory – application of the law - certainty of the penalty – justice – possibility for social living”
In this situation, it’s necessary to seriously and courageously identify the causes and responsibilities at all levels of so much approximation in taking care of the “security-good” as an effective service in a democracy.
- who was responsible for the negotiations for enlarging the European Community to Romania without imposing any conditions?
- who was responsible for taking care of the usability of the disgusting dark railway station of Tor di Quinto in Rome?
- who was meant to check on the squalid and explosive Roma encampment in that zone with no services?
The tardy proclamations, the rhetorical responses, the shrugging of shoulders, the loading onto others, are no longer enough.
As regards the Police, let the general public know about the subtle process of counter-reform that has devalued the democratic reform intended by the law 121/81 In these conditions the thanks going to the “protectors of order” are even greater (whichever branch they belong to) for the daily difficult commitment that they have in the interests of the democratic institutions and in the interests of the general public.” Ennio Di Francesco, former officer of and director of the Polizia di Stato; promoter of the “movimento democratico di Polizia”; in “obligatory early retirement”

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November 03, 2007

The words of Giuseppe Fava


Giuseppe Fava was an Italian journalist. He founded the newspaper called "I Siciliani". He was killed in January 1984 by the mafia. I’m publishing an interview with him that is present on the Web, at the request of many bloggers. His words seem prophetic.

Biagi: Giuseppe Fava, journalist, writer from Catania, author of novels and theatre productions. Fava, what’s been the inspiration for your stories?
Fava: In relation to my journalistic experiences. Please excuse me but I am astounded in relation to the declarations of the Swiss director. I realize that there is an enormous confusion about the problem of the mafia. This gentleman has had dealings with those who in these parts are called "annoying devils". Small change delinquents like those that are found in any land. The mafia people are definitely in other places, and in another sort of assembly. The mafia people are in Parliament, at times they are Ministers, bankers, they are the ones who right now are leading our nation. We need to clarify this fundamental difficulty: you can’t define as a mafia person a small-time delinquent that exacts a cut on your commercial activity… that is small-time criminality that I believe exists in all Italian and European cities. The problem of the mafia is much more tragic and important. It’s a problem of the top positions of the nation that risks leading to our ruin, to the definitive cultural collapse of Italy.
Biagi: As a journalist, you have had direct knowledge of the mafia world?
Fava: Yes. I have met different personalities, on one side or the other. Through the crime reports, the investigations that we carried out and that we straight away reported in our newspapers.
Biagi: Who do you remember the most of these people? Of the old mafia types, for example?
Fava: One man yes. There’s an abyss between the mafia of twenty years ago and now. Then the top mafia person was Genco Russo. I’ve been to Genco Russo’s house and pardon the expression, I am the only one to have had the honour to interview him. To have had a signed memo that started with the words: “I am Genco Russo, the king of the mafia”. Genco Russo governed the land of Mussomeli where, for twenty years there had not been, I’m not saying a murder, but not even a slap. There was no stealing, everything was orderly, absolutely according to the rule of law. It was the old agricultural mafia, the type that governed a territory with an extraordinary force that the world of that time could not ignore. He controlled between 15 and 40 thousand preference votes. No political man could ignore this determined power. It would have been enough for Russo to move those votes not from one party to another, but even within a party to determine the future or otherwise of a politician. That is why he could go to the Region of Sicily and kick down the door of the councillors: he was the boss. Then society changed and the mafia people were no longer those like Genco Russo. The mafia people are not those that kill. Those are the executors. Even at the top level. They name the Greco brothers. It is said that they are the winning mafia people in Palermo, the governors of the mafia. That’s not true: they too are executors. They are in the organisation, they are in their positions. An organisation that manages to manoevre a hundred thousand billion a year. If I’m not mistaken, that’s more than a year’s balance sheet for the Italian State. It’s in a position to provide equipment for armies, to possess fleets, to have its own airforce. In fact it’s happening that the mafia is taking ownership, at least in the medium term, of the sale of weapons.
The Americans play their part in this, but not even they would have citizenship in Italy, like the mafia people, if it weren’t for the political and financial power that allows them to exist. Let’s say that of these hundred thousand billion, a third stays in Italy and has to be recycled, laundered, reinvested. And so here you are with the banks, this proliferation of new banks. General Dalla Chiesa understood. This was his great intuition, that led to his death. You need to look hard inside the banks: there there are tens of billions covered with blood that come out cleansed by the banks to arrive at public works. It is said that many churches have been constructed with the bloody money of the mafia.
Biagi: At one time it was said that the strength of the mafia is the capacity to stay silent. And now?
Fava: I agree with Nando Dalla Chiesa: the mafia has gained such a level of impunity that it has become impertinent. The relationships are done officially. Certainly, they raise their hands when someone is about to be killed, they try to fish out the personal or moral alibi. I have seen many State funerals. Now I’ll say something that only I myself am convinced of, so it could be not true: but very often the assassins were on the stage of the authorities.
Biagi: According to the language of the mafia, what does it mean to be “protected”?
Fava: To be able to live in this society. I have read an exemplary interview, with that gentleman from Turin who corrupted the whole political environment in Turin. He said something fundamental, a mafia law that has become part of the national culture: nothing is done without political assent. We are living in this type of society, in which the protection is indispensable unless you want to live the life of the lone wolf. This life can also be fascinating, proudly alone, right to the end, but 60 million Italians cannot do that.
Biagi: I want to ask a question of everyone: according to you what must be done to eliminate this phenomenon?
Fava: My opinion is that everything starts with the absence of the State and the failure of the Italian political society. Perhaps we need to create a second Republic in Italy, that has laws, democratic structures that eliminate the danger that the politician can become under the domination of himself, of his greed, of the ferociousness of the others, of the fear or that he can just become a professional of politics. Everything starts from there. From the collapse of the politicians and of politics. From our democracy, just as with our good faith we have built it up with passion and that it is now crumbling in our hands.
Dalla Chiesa: I have thought a lot about this. I believe that the main rule is to make it understood that crime does not give power, but that in fact it takes it away.

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November 01, 2007

Anti Gentiloni Divide


Paolo Gentiloni has put out a tender for WiMax. Paolo is one who has no time to lose. He’s always playing tennis with his mate Ermete and in his leisure time he’s reading Liala. He’s got on with his career, from being Rutelli’s spokesperson at Rome Town Hall he has become the Minister of Communications. A Ministry that needs great commitment and competence. Paolo knows his own limits. The laws and the tenders he has written for him by the specialists in the field.
- to sort out the terms of the digital terrestrial, he telephoned Confalonieri who straight away gave him a couple of tips. Now Fede has nothing to fear: he won’t become digital until 2012. Rete4 is safe.
- so as to give new contributions to the press and to put a stop to blogs he has used a pseudonym. Given that Paolo is Rutelli’s pseudonym, it is thus a pseudo-pseudonym, the mythical Ricardo (with a single “c”) Levi. He hasn’t read the Levi-Prodi, dictated by Berlusconi and De Benedetti. He even confessed this to the 70,000 Italian bloggers and said that in future he will be more careful.
- for WiMax, the technology that transmits at 50 kilometres with hardware costs that are really low that should resolve the problem of the “last mile”, Paolo has had an extraordinary intuition: who better than those responsible for our digital divide can resolve the problem of the digital divide? After a quick consultation with Telecom, Vodafone, H3G and Wind he decided to get them to participate in the tendering process. “To increase competition in telecommunications” he explained. The frequencies for WiMax owned by the State will be handed over to those who are responsible for Italy’s lateness, according to European Union data and below the (enlarged to 27) European average. So as to facilitate the entrance of the big operators, Paolo has fixed the overall price at auction for all the licenses at 45 million Euro. A pittance for the State. Such a low price was justifiable to get new operators to come in, as has happened in France, not for the usual ones who are earning billions of Euro. After the publication of the tender, caught up with enthusiasm for having overtaken Gasparri, Paolo said: “In this way the Government confirms its commitments to reduce the digital divide still present in many Regions of Italy.”

Thanks to an action taken by the MGM company that doesn’t wanted UMTS operators (the current ones) to be admitted WiMax has come to a sudden halt. Let us try and give it the mortal blow with a petition to the European Community.

Sign the petition and distribute the “Anti Gentiloni Divide on the Internet” box like a virus.

Distribute the petition: Copy and paste the code.
Anti Gentiloni Divide

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