Comienza la selva de la Universidad de Bologna

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A young disabled Spanish lass has written to me. She has arrived in Italy to study with the Erasmus project. She chose Bologna. It was described to her as the best University for adaptations for disabled people. To get to the lecture theatre she has to do the trail of Indiana Jones and in the trickiest bits get her companions on the course for foreigners to drag her along in their arms. Once upon a time we made ourselves known to foreigners when we were abroad, now we do it here in Italy.
When you’ve read this look at all the film clips at the end.

“Good day,
I am a young disabled Spanish lass (in a wheel chair) aged 22 on the Erasmus in Bologna. The problem is that I wrote to all the Italian Universities that were offered in my University to find out which were equipped and which weren’t. According to everyone, the best was Bologna.
I asked whether I should come and have a look at it beforehand and the University told me that it wasn’t necessary. When I arrived I discovered that nothing that they had told me was true. After solving the problem of lodgings and after starting the courses that I had to attend, often and with different responsible people, I discovered that they have allocated me to lecture theatres with stairs that I cannot access. Many times I asked for a change of lecture room and for a solution to be found. Last week was the last and they have done nothing. Their solution for keeping me calm is to try to find accessible lecture theatres for the second semester. I am not calm because they are showing me a lack of respect and they are preventing me from attending the lectures. Not knowing what to do I have done the videos of the structures and on how I am meant to get to the lectures. According to them they had never had this problem. They told me I could come without problems. I thought that it would be positive to show the true reality of the University. I would be pleased to know if you could help me in some way. This is not right! A thousand thanks for everything. Greetings.” Maria Plágaro.

La selva de la Universidad de Bologna:

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Well indeed I agree, and here that you asked that!

Posted by: Arty | November 25, 2007 08:14 PM

Leaves the Italy. Go in France, It's Better.
Good Luck!

Posted by: Mauro Della Ricca | November 13, 2007 05:27 PM

Hello over there,
The demise of Italy, is by now written in stone on the Coliseum probably, although ignored for the last 2000 years now that this demise is hurting someone pocketbook, all the antennas are catching the waves.
Italians have accepted mediocrity and approximation for too long, reality is that no one not even Italians themselves are willing to pay for their own underachievement.
The demise couldn’t be anymore clearly displayed that in the Italian school system.
Every Country in the world requires minimal education up to 18 years of age, in Italy the majority ends education at 15 (If that!) while for the fortunate that have parents willing and financially stable to send them to High School, have the fortune to waist 5 more years goofing off, making a mockery of the Scuola Superiore with videos on Youtube and the like.
For the upper echelon instead (Politicians, Businessmen, Doctors and all the Brown Noses which Italy is very rich of!) send their kids outside of Italy as far away as possible from this fucked up system kept together only by the unbelievable amount of money wasted to sustain a failed school system.
For the Top (Mr. Mastella’s kids all educated at NYU of New York!) US universities are the Promised Land.
I do not blame anyone for trying to get a better education, but I really blame Italians for paying taxes for an underperforming school and have to send their kids away from Italy in order to get a decent education.
Who are all the Big Shots in Government, people educated overseas, from Mr. Draghi to Padoa Schioppa and any other Political Figure that counts, while for the Incompetent Politicians a Master in History or Law gets you in some Party or the other and the game is done.
The demise pretty soon will even get worst in India for $11000 any Indian get an education at the Premier School IIT (They get jobs all over the world even before finishing school!) or wait 5-6 years and Chinese School will start churning out Engineer and Physicist at a fraction of the Italian Costs.
The future looks bright make sure you wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 13, 2007 01:13 PM

Grazie per il vostro aiuto! speriamo che si sisteme qualcosa e fare cosi un po di giustizia sia per i disabili sia per tutti gli italiani che prendono gli appunti a terra perche non hanno una sedia. Davvero questo non mi sembra normale in questa "magnifica" università. Grazie mille per tutta la vostra collaborazione!

Posted by: Maria | November 13, 2007 01:02 PM

As always, we look like the village's idiot in front of the other European nations.
In Italy, everything is done half ass and if somebody complains about it, somebody else will shut him up by treating him like a nuisance.
And on top of it, what you think the government will do?
For sure will start to raise the prices with the excuse of the new structures which were supposed to be already there.
With all the taxes that the Italians pay, they should have gold paved roads and everything for free.
One good example is the cell phone service: it's perhaps the most expensive and it works like shit!
Every time I need to call somebody in Italy on his cell phone I have to redial at least 3 times before getting it to ring.
Very nice, isn't it?
The bottom line is that until the regular people will start to give a shit about doing their job right and being considerate about other people, everything will always work like that.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 13, 2007 05:03 AM

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