Forza Italia has dissolved itself


I’ve got two bits of news for you, one good one bad. The first is that Forza Italia has been dissolved. The second is that Berlusconi has founded the Partito del Popolo Italiano delle Libertà {Party of the Italian People of Freedoms}. The PPIL. Also called the Partito dei Prescritti Italiani in Libertà. {Party of the Italian “Prescritti” enjoying Freedom}. For the moment it has two members: the psycho-dwarf and Ms Brambilla. Andreotti has already put forward his application. A kiss in the square with Vittoria, in freezing Milan, was the moment of creation for this new formation. Thus ends the “forzaitaliota” era that started 23 November 1993, and lasted 14 years. Can you remember what we were like before they came into the field?
Once upon a time we had …. safety on the streets, jobs, Justice, industries that have now disappeared, a land that was not yet degraded. News was servile but not yet completely messed up.
Once upon a time there was the future, a word that today means nothing, it’s frightening. It’s best to invest everything in the present. The future will take care of the debts.
Our offspring have become precarious workers that depend on us, with no certainties. The only one is that they will live worse than us. Our current accounts have dried up. A house has become a good that is extra luxurious, an object for speculation.
The country is poorer, sadder. He has become richer, more joyful. Pure coincidence?
The opposition has made him work. D’Alema has put in committed himself more than all the others, and he has worked. He has dedicated himself to the destruction of Justice, to the disappearance of information and the growth of his patrimony. His objectives have been achieved.
The PPIL wants to go beyond that. It’s been fourteen years that we have been digging and he wants to go beyond that.
A seventy-year-old who “wants the great party of freedoms that we have always dreamed of”.
Berlusconi, when you leave, please remember to turn out the light.
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Anche io sono ammastellato

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I agree with one comment: I do not remember that 14 years ago there was a "paradise" of once upon a time. We always had the same problems so how can we give the all fault to forza italia?

Posted by: rossi | November 23, 2007 01:04 PM

Berlusca's new Party name is taken from
The People's Party (Spanish: Partido Popular, PP) that is the largest right political party in Spain.
The People's Party was a refoundation of the Popular Alliance (Alianza Popular, AP), a party led and founded by Manuel Fraga Iribarne, a former government minister under Francisco Franco.
This new party must therefore be considered a fascist Party.

Posted by: How do you spell FASCIST? | November 20, 2007 03:05 PM

2) Phronèsis et citoyenneté chez Arendt : indications pour l’Europe en construction ?

2.1 Essence du politique et phronèsis. L'essence du politique, selon H. Arendt, implique l'exercice soutenu du jugement de phronèsis tant par les hommes politiques que par les citoyens.
En ce sens, la construction de l'Europe exige éminemment, par l'ampleur de ses enjeux, l'exercice d'un tel jugement, à tous les niveaux, du simple citoyen aux gouvernants. A l'heure où les instances européennes adoptent une constitution pour l'Europe, il convient de formuler le plus précisément possible la signification et la portée de cette exigence pour circonscrire les conditions pratiques de sa réalisation, particulièrement dans le cadre de la construction de l'Europe. L'étude de la pensée arendtienne du politique, et plus précisément du jugement politique (exercice de la phronèsis), peut se mettre à l'épreuve des questions politiques prioritaires sur l'ordre du jour de nos démocraties. En pesant les conceptions arendiennes, le projet approfondira dans ses implications concrètes l'idée que le politique -s'entendant ici nécessairement dans son essence démocratique de rapports entre concitoyens libres et égaux - à mettre en oeuvre en Europe et en vue de l'Europe doit se comprendre comme espace public européen d'exercice de la phronèsis.
2.2 L'art et le politique. Les analyses d'Arendt suggèrent avec force la nécessité de l'art et de la culture pour la constitution et le maintien d'un monde commun, lieu et condition de possibilité du jugement politique (phronèsis), d'un espace public partagé par des citoyens agissant et échangeant des paroles, égaux en droits et affirmant leur singularité dans l'exercice d'une vie proprement démocratique. L'art et la culture, dans leur durée tout d'abord, incarnent la mémoire d'un monde commun, rôle essentiel dans une civilisation. La question politique de l'exercice de la phronèsis (ou du jugement politique) rejoint ici une autre problématique très actuelle, celle de l'art contemporain. Pour poser la question brutalement, quel art contemporain peut remplir cette fonction d'assurer la réalité d'un monde partagé et de 2
transmettre sa mémoire s'il n'y a plus d'oeuvres comme on le proclame assez souvent aujourd'hui ? Il s'agit ici d'une interrogation de philosophie de l'art et de la culture et c'est à une véritable phénoménologie et herméneutique de l'art qu'il conviendra de se livrer s'il l'on veut avoir la chance de répondre à la question. En d'autres termes, pour comprendre quelles sont les conditions de possibilité d'un monde commun européen, il faudra réexaminer l'héritage culturel à la fois commun et diversifié qui façonne une manière d'identité plurielle européenne, afin de comprendre sur quoi elle repose et d'évaluer plus précisément sur quoi elle pourrait encore reposer à l'avenir, à quelles conditions elle pourrait se renforcer et éviter de s'éparpiller, par exemple, à la suite d'un élargissement mal préparé auprès des populations citoyennes.

Posted by: Stefano Frasca | November 20, 2007 01:11 PM

Hello everyone,
The new Gold Rush, how to Create your own Party!
The ones that can’t do teach the “How to!”
I would venture out and say Italy is way past the fruit, and since there is no dessert (No more money!) the only thing left is a good espresso coffee!
Looking at the bigger picture why not Mr. Berlusconi starts a Party (Private!) Mr. Mastella same thing, Mr. Di Pietro follow suit, Mr. Dini and on and on.
Why not, a Plan is not required, a Political Agenda never gets explained to the electorate, although people sign up blindly to anything.
Snake Oil, for goodness sake these Idiots are selling you the moon and Mars all wrapped up in one and you even pay 1 Euro for it.
Please give me a break, they reel you in like fish in a pond, and you smile for the cameras while signing!
What is wrong with you, they use and abuse you, they fuck up everything, and the same Individuals just change the name of the Party, call it New and the game starts all over again.
Rest my case look into the mirror and smile you just got fucked again!
The future looks bright make sure you wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 20, 2007 12:49 PM

Be siamo arrivati alla frutta!!

Questo "nuovo" partito ,dice lui:
"Per noi deve essere una forza politica che deve nascere dal basso, dalla gente" e continua "Si chiamerà Partito del popolo della libertà"

ora non so` di quale elite stia parlando lui, ma sicuramente di liberta` non abbiamo mai avuta, specialmente sotto il suo mandato.

Se poi intende la liberta` di fare quello che gli pare allora e` un`altra storia... ma penso che lo faceva gia`, quindi perche` questo "nuovo" prodotto-partito?!

Come i bimbi piangono per avere il gelato allo stesso gusto dell`amichetto accanto, il cavaliere ha pensato bene di fare come Prodi..

"bhe se ha funzionato con lui figurati con me"

Questi politici non hanno capito che il loro DOVERE e lavoro e fare il bene dei cittadini e dell`Italia non e` una gara "metterlo nel culo" all`opposizione.

Specializzata per lungo tempo in questo e` anche la sinistra, sempre pronta a contrastare la destra, e poi, quando si e` trova al governo il lavoro vero, cioe` GOVERNARE, non lo sanno fare.

Ma il Cavaliere e` troppo avanti dicendo:
Questo nuovo partito - dice - non nasce contro qualcuno, ma è aperto a tutti''. "Abbiamo tutti la responsabilità di non disperdere i milioni di firme raccolte per le elezioni anticipate nei litigi e nelle ripicche della politica politicante.

Io sospetto che voglia realizzare una forza politica senza contenzioso e opposizione, in altri termini ... beh lo sapete

Posted by: Giuseppe Grassi | November 20, 2007 12:16 PM

From "house of freedom" to "people of freedom"...

and what happened to house?

got by bank!

Posted by: diego armando | November 20, 2007 03:29 AM

In case any of you native English-speakers (who don't speak Italian) are wondering ... the "prescritti" are those who have managed to stay out of jail whilst the "system" manages to delay proceedings long enough for the statute of limitations to expire on their crime/s.

Who said that the more things change, the longer they stay the same? :-(


Posted by: Adri Mian | November 20, 2007 01:21 AM

I'm totally against Berlusconi, but I have to say the true: I don't remember all this "paradise" of once upon a time... all this golden era before him. We were already in the shit!

Posted by: Giovanni Dekaro | November 19, 2007 11:32 PM

I can not read this anymore!
BERLUSCONI BERLUSCONI!!! Everyone is talking about him! In Italy, and even in Europe and in the World!!!

Someone hates him but almost everyone loves him!
This strange GRILLO too! He earns money with Berlusconi! Talking about Berlusconi means not talking about other shit!
That is because also the people who "hate" him at the end love him!
yep yep!
Stupid joke!!!

Posted by: michael palle | November 19, 2007 10:54 PM

I say we should all vote for Berlusconi, who, paradoxically, could well be our saviour. He would take us to destruction faster than anyone else, and that would be the sharp shock that would traumatise Italians, and enable them to rise from the ashes (the ones who had surivived) and form a new race of honest Italians. Otherwise there is no hope - Italians are a bunch of egotistical, riotous, un-disciplined bunch of de-generates without any civic sense.

Posted by: Jo Ruggiero | November 19, 2007 10:21 PM

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