Italian digital divide


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The Manager of the Advertising and Media Company of the European Commission, Viviane Reding, agreed to give the this blog an interview. Italy is always the tail end Charlie, yet she wants to gag the Networkork and Gentiloni and give the gift of WiMax to the telephone service providers. The blog has, instead, gathered more than 100.000 signatures of people in favour of eliminating rather than maintaining the current situation of monopoly. I will soon be sending off these signatures for the attention of Viviane Reding. The national Authorities, starting with ours, must be abolished and replaced with a single European Authority.
Anyone wishing to write to Viviane Reding in order to complain about the situation, may do so by sending an e-mail to:

The Italian situation is very clear: the European average is 18% of penetration rate, Italy stands at 17% so it is under the European average and 20% less than the best player. I think that rally Italy could do better, but there is something more worrying in this, that is the access and the coverage.
You see people living in cities: they have access to broadband. But as soon as you go out the city people do not have access anymore. This is what I call “white spots” on the map. We got too many white spots on the map and we have to change that because I believe that all people hate to have access to broadband in a society which wants to develop in a equilibrate way.
The fourth best in the world in penetration rate are Europeans, I’m speaking about Denmark, Nederland, Finland and Sweden. Well done. But then we have a tail which is horrible, very low penetration rate and this brings, of course, our average down to 18% whereas our best players at 20% more and our worst players are 30% different from the best players.
We see very well that in those countries where the penetration is high, you do have on the market competition. Competition brings about investments, innovation that brings about offers to the public first access for the citizens and also access at a price that is acceptable. So, it is all about competition investments and innovation which really drives down prices and brings up access. That is the reason why I have to make reforms which brings competition about because that’s the heart of development.
The more there is an offer the better it is. I believe that all technology should be used, they are complementary.
For instance, it is not very commercial to bring fibre to a mountain village but we have WiMax in a mountain village, it’s logical.
It should be presented also in competition between different firms and the best one should do it but DO IT is important, not how it is done. It should be done. I’m against monopolies of all kinds because monopolies do not bring competition. If there is no competition there is no access, this is very clear.
If there is a several providers than the citizen have choice and the informed citizens can choose the best offer.
That is also the reason why in my reform the obligation of the provider to really inform the citizens. The transparency rule is very important, you see.
I do no not believe there is a conflict. I just believe that one has to intensify competition. People don’t care who brings them broadband. The only question people care is that they get broadband and that they get it at normal price.
The brand is not important, who is doing it is not important. That it is done is important. And that is best done if there is competition on the market.
Free access when this means free of charge I do not agree. But when it means that you could access the information freely that is the big battle that I have, in the name of Europe, been fighting at the level of the Internet governance of United Nations where really we explain in very hard words that copying down information is not the way free Internet should function.We believe that creativity and individual freedoms should express themselves on the Net and that is why we believe in free Internet not only in Europe but worldwide. That is the reason why we really do insist, and we have done that in the Rio conference of Internet governance that Internet should be free in order information to be free without obstacles. Web 2.0 is our answer to those who try to block people from being informed.
I have the view of that blogs should be free, that the creativity, the expressivity of the people on the blogs should not be hampered.
Of course blogs cannot be criminal: let’s say that very clearly too but except from this – I think nobody want to help criminal blogs – for the rest blogs should be open, should spread, should give people freedom to express themselves, to say what they want to say, to criticize politicians if they want. I think we should also be capable to coop with criticism on the blogs. I love blog so I think they’re a very nice way of freedom of expression." Viviane Reding

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SAN FRANCISCO organized a tender for WiFi in town including the mandatory condition that the winner should provide slow access to internet to everybody for free, and speed access for a fix (low) monthly flat rate. Why not to do the same in Italy: may be the THIEVES protected by Prodi & c. want to impose another monopoly stealing money from Italian citizens!

A little example: now I'm in Moscow and I use GPRS at 1% of the price I should pay in Italy!
I can find WiFi in Russia almost everywhere for good price, while in Italy not! I believe the responsibility to keep Italy at stone age is of the politicians: I hope they'll go home, because Italy deserve better people in the parliament and goverment.

Posted by: Filippo Baldisserotto | December 15, 2007 09:50 PM

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Posted by: azdirici | December 4, 2007 09:27 AM

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Posted by: azdırıcıkrem | December 4, 2007 09:26 AM

Hello everyone,
I was bourn in northern Italy, therefore very close to the border of Switzerland, as a young man I was going into Switzerland weekly for several reasons, gasoline back than was cheaper back than, cigarette and to fraternize with girls.
I was so accustom to the differences between the two Countries, to the point that I didn’t pay attention to them, completely oblivious to them, so entrench was the fact that my Country was what it was and would never change.
Nowadays going back to my childhood memory I recall the instantaneous differences so blatant to everyone eye, that I blanked out subconsciously every time I went there.
These differences are very clear to me right now, and honestly have hard time justify how I could have ignored back then.
As soon ass anyone cross the Switzerland border the landscape changes instantaneously, street sign are clearly visible, bright, illuminated, the streets are very clean, no garbage on the side of the road, police is on the streets and very visible, houses have their neatly kept yard, and people walk in the streets and shops without clinching onto their own properties.
On the side where I came from is exactly the opposite, streets are very dirty, sign and marking are obsolete and not services since the beginning of time (Italy is rated last in Europe for street sign and road maintenance!) houses are badly kept dirty and old, the green on the side of the road cut once a year and on and on.
The fact of the matter is, that although this two Country are inhabited by the same people, one has the mentality of respecting the law and self respect while the other is culturally backward and as for self respect, Italian only respect whomever succeeds away from his/her own Country.
The future looks bright wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 3, 2007 01:41 PM

Italy = the mexico of europe.

ive just come back from a weekend in switzerland. even the motorways there are cleaner than the italian high streets. W.T.F.??

why is switzerland not dity, full of pissed up south americans and gypsies?

this is the country of dirt, bribes, lawlessness, the higehst road death toll in europe (lets not forget that "achievement") people who get paid NOT to do their jobs and where the sigh of resignment is always the same, "ahh beh, siamo in italia".

what a pity

Posted by: pat kerr | December 3, 2007 09:08 AM

Hello everyone,
Work contracts in Private Industry are the norm, and from a long while I may add, late due to globalization Time Contract, Part time, Project, By the Hours and on and on.
In Italy is very acute the problem of Temp Worker, mostly because they do not pay for retirement or unemployment taxes.
This is very good for Employer, cheaper work force although instant layoff are common, circumventing the Italian Unions.
Now the Question:
Which activity in Italy still has Life Time Employment Guarantied?
Politics, they are always the same, don’t get laid off ever, and by the way they get paid 15-20 time the average Joe Blow for this?
Rest my case.
Make sure you sign up for Either Mr. Berlusconi or Mr. Veltroni herd Gazebo or Russia style elections, at least You will be able tosay I was there!
The future is getting brighter by the minutes, wear dark shades!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 2, 2007 02:48 PM

Hello everyone,
From my point of view (For what is worth!) in Italy People is way ahead of their Political Representatives, and better World Citizen of the People in charge of their destiny.
Where else a Prime Minister has a new chance at leading a Government after He failed several times at Governing.
Italy only, why would an Elected Individual pay the Party that put him/her up there a monthly fee?
This is the vicious circle, they pay to get selected by the Party, pay the monthly fee to have a lifetime job with a very high income for life.
The other option instead is a Private Party, no fee no money exchanged, although any Elected Individual has to sell his/her soul to the Despot of that Party (Berlusconi, Fini, Mastella DiPietro etc!) .
In Italy Parties should be self financed, there was even a Popular Referendum approved by 75% of Italian, guess what these Idiotic Bunch went around the Law and every time You vote for one Party or the Other they get a token fee (Approx. 1.5 Euros so you do the numbers!).
This abuse is in your face and disregarding completely your choice!
The moral is, that this Low Life Individual, have grown accustom to dictate your life and Legislate Laws that do not apply to them.
In Private society, there are check and balances, stick and carrots, in Politics they promise you the moon and in the end they give you the finger while leaving you with 50000 Euros in debt for each and every one of you, not them they are Millionaires until they die (Few make you pay their funerals as well!)
These are the Individual you are called to choose from, always the same that have fucked with you and the Institution since the 80’s.
Mr. Prodi, Berlusconi, Mastella, Casini, DiPietro, Bertinotti, Fini, Cesa and the unforgettable Andreotti?
He future look bright, so bright that shades are mandatory!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 2, 2007 01:58 PM

I have been trying without success to post a comment in Japanese in the Japanese section. All I get is 差し込み中.

Anyway, Beppe did a great job in Japanese, I was impressed. I would like to find out how to post my comment. Any advice? Is the Japanese section working? Should I post my Japanese message here?

Posted by: Steve Kaufmann | December 1, 2007 06:54 PM

My Name IS Truth

My Name IS Truth

My Name IS Truth

My Name IS Truth

Posted by: Luther Blissett | December 1, 2007 06:06 PM

Change of leadership is constitutional as it's known that power corrupts. On the other hand it's a solid implementation following Machiavellian principles as it enforces deal making and sustaining of relationships. Then again the representatives don't really disappear, they usually get some well paid position at the board of directors of some multinational, become mayor of some city or whatever. Just a style difference. Maybe the problem with Italy is that corruption isn't institutionalized enough ? Take wonderful Holland for example, the origins of the first multinational in the world, the Dutch East-India Company, is very much entwined with opium trade (with the British that is..). Modern-day drugs dealers pay taxes, and bribes are tax-deductible as the financial and criminal law systems are completely detached. Holland is in the worldwide top 5 for weapon trade, drugs trade, money trade and people trade. Inner-city crime rates are roughly 8 times higher than Italian ones, and for what is Mafia in Italy there are Turkish gangs, Moroccan gangs, Yugoslavia gangs, you name it, but at least it's organized.

Having worked in most countries in the EU, the same complaints apply everywhere. Italy isn't that bad.
But please, no more roundabouts to get EU infrastructure subsidies..

Anyway, back to subject at hand, the fact that the Italian government isn't actively paving an easy low-cost way for internet is borderline idiocy, albeit it from the simple perspective of business opportunities, monetary gain and the economy of increasing returns.
The government is completely outdated, using subtitles on TV does improve language skills and consequently international competitiveness and more important international collaboration, personal investment in building houses with a decreasing population and increasing cost of living isn't profitable, even flights from and to Malpensa airport are still more focussed on vacations, whereas Linate addresses the business world by focusing on financial centers, whereas industrial hotspots are mostly neglected... Hello, snap out of it, we're not living in the 70's anymore when the current power status quo grew up. It's about time for the baby boom generation to move over and a warm thanks for everyone that is working on that.

Posted by: paul p | December 1, 2007 05:53 PM

In these days I had to leave Holland, where I am living, to Germany since I have a collaboration here. Speaking with my colleagues-friends here I had a sort of illumination. Concerning the foreign politics in country as England, USA, I realized that the political parties have been used the same name for more than 200 years but the representatives of such parties change after ~10-15 years. In Germany, after the second world war the parties have been also the same but people changed in a cyclic way. Why in Italy then is vice versa? Why the name of the parties change after 10-15 years but their representative are always the same?
Ciao e W l'Italia

Posted by: Eugenio Daviso | December 1, 2007 04:23 PM

Hello everyone,
Italy is the Country of the Inquiries Commission:
1) High cost of Gasoline
2) Cost of Politics
3) Parties Finances
4) Justice System
5) Campania Garbage problem
6) Corruption in the Institutions
7) Absenteeism in Government Agency
8) Monopoly in Telephone, Oil, Transport, Energy, Postal Service, Banks and many other.
9) Interest Banks charge on House Financing (Highest in the Euro zone?)
I am confident I am only scratching the surface with the above listed Commissions, and I am equally sure that Italian will never see the results of any of it or the end for that matter.
That is why Italy is what it is today, although everybody is up in arm about the Institutions (Including yours truly President?).
Rest assure nothing will change, next will blame everyone before him and you will cheer the victory, no question asked regardless who will be.
Cheers, the futures is brilliantly bright, wear polarized very dark shades, of same famous Italian luxury brand possibly, so if nobody helps you the list you can do is help yourself.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 1, 2007 02:31 PM

Hello everyone,
Italy is the Country of the Inquiries Commission:
1) High cost of Gasoline
2) Cost of Politics
3) Parties Finances
4) Justice System
5) Campania Garbage problem
6) Corruption in the Institutions
7) Absenteeism in Government Agency
8) Monopoly in Telephone, Oil, Transport, Energy, Postal Service, Banks and many other.
9) Interest Banks charge on House Financing (Highest in the Euro zone?)
I am confident I am only scratching the surface with the above listed Commissions, and I am equally sure that Italian will never see the results of any of it or the end for that matter.
That is why Italy is what it is today, although everybody is up in arm about the Institutions (Including yours truly President?).
Rest assure nothing will change, next will blame everyone before him and you will cheer the victory, no question asked regardless who will be.
Cheers, the futures is brilliantly bright, wear polarized very dark shades, of same famous Italian luxury brand possibly, so if nobody helps you the list you can do is help yourself.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 1, 2007 02:31 PM

Hello there,
In any democratic and civilized Country, Politicians are judged by Results, not in Italy.
Where else 57 Government in 59 years could be justified?
What’s even worst made out of the same Politicians?
Where else could 27 Parties exist and flourish?
Where else would 8 million People sign up blindly to a new Private Party? (Created by Mr. Berlusconi, 5 year at the Government and look at Italy now?).
It’s mind boggling?
Mr. Prodi even worst, 30 years in Politics, fuck up everything he put his mind on, including IRI, The EU Commission and Telecom Banks and his current Government (If anyone can call it Governing?).
Please only desperate People can accept this kind of Mismanagement of a Country?
Only the one getting the monthly paycheck from the Government can accept this, mostly because they are not able to generate income otherwise!
The future looks bright wear very dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 1, 2007 12:17 PM

Hello everyone,
I also appreciate very much the opportunity Mr. Grillo offers to anyone with this blog, and utmost important is the fact that these opinions have to come from different experiences and way of life.
The above statement is in reference to the site opportunity, while for the argument and the subject of this blog I am sadly very pessimistic.
Italy is a very and I emphasize the Very beautiful Country inhabited by wonderful/loving/warm and all hearten working people.
Due mostly to Cultural and Financial evolution, Italy and Italians have been and still are (For different reasons currently!) net exporter of manual and brain power.
Historically undereducated (Purposely through History by Government and the Church!) and therefore not prepared to deal with multiple choices, multiple life stiles, multiple civilizations, way of thinking and on and on.
The result of the last two thousand years of evolution, clearly demonstrated in the actual condition Civility and Civil behavior of any common folks throughout the entire Country (Although very pronounced regional differences for various reasons!).
The result (Very amplified lately due to Globalization and Global mobility of people!) is an under qualify Population, under performing, under achievers, limited and the worst for me a bunch of people that accept approximation as the norm.
With this wide spread mentality, the few achievers (Politically but mostly financially!) that in Italy have reached the pinnacle, are the worst example of Italy.
In a Country where to be recognized, either you disregard the law and get away with it or you have to be filthy rich (Your guess how He/She made the money is correct!).
What do you expect from a Country that idolizes Mafia/Ndrangeta/Criminal bosses still today, where the richest man (Politically clueless?) runs the Country, where clever and smart people has to expatriate to get the opportunity they deserve while Incompetent people are by Generation in the Country Key position, from Politics to University to Industry Research Centre and onto any Controlling Agency.
To sum it up, Italy today is a Country without a vision, people can’t even imagine or even better dream of a brighter future.
People go along accepting the status quo’ as the only way to be, to survive another day, approximation is the norm, people don’t fight the system because they have been beaten to submission, legality is whatever you can get away with, and since in Italy anyone gets away with a whole lot of crap, the crap people comes up with is getting bigger and better.
I don’t see the light at the end of Italy’s tunnel, I am very pessimistic, and the People in Charge right now and in the foreseeable future are definitely not the solution, maybe the problem themselves.
The future looks bright, wear very dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 1, 2007 11:49 AM

it's the dark side of bella figura.
some are born to sweet delight,
some are born to endless night.

Beppe, thanks for do your best

Posted by: paul p | December 1, 2007 10:37 AM

it sucks so bad to be still on dialup after 5 years of telecom lying to me, by saying it was going to roll out 'any minute now'

my brother rented a fishing shack on the beach in goa and had a broadband hook up in ONE DAY!!

no wonder their economy is growing, while here in europe we wonder why...

and it's not just telecom, though they are the most appalling, it's any corporation, the service ethic is completely nonexistent, and the local comune is moribund, to put it kindly...

while i don't think telling politicians to 'fuck off' is necessarily the most productive tactic to raise the level of political dialogue in italy, who cannot feel sympathy for such a movement as beppe's, in its honest disgust for the lower life forms vying for the right to continue screwing over the little guy here in the 'bel paese'.

your outrage, beppe, is like a fresh wind blowing over a garbage dump.

viva beppe grillo!

Posted by: michael dunkley | December 1, 2007 09:36 AM

You are cool because you have a different background.
What I don't like it's when other people write sistematically in Italian because they don't care about it.
To me is respect towards others which are trying to understand Italian problems and people's opinions.
Mr. Greco explains things by taking a large approach and I would like to let people outside Italy to know it also.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 1, 2007 04:27 AM


I had not realized that this area was for English only. I also did not realize that there was a Japanese section. I have posted there in Japanese. I will post in Italian in the Italian section the next time the spirit moves me.

Posted by: Steve Kaufmann | December 1, 2007 12:52 AM

i actually choose to move to Italy, from Holland, and was able to do so about 5 years ago.
For some reason i had the impression Italy houses the most creative and warm hearted people in Europe, well, at least it was the only country i felt at home. And although governmental issues are intermingled with a decent level of corruption it was effective.
In these years i've managed to start up my own company, which was the closest to an out of body experience i've ever been, but i've only managed to survive because i'm working in any other European countries apart from Italy. If it were to the Italian business community, banking system and medieval law spaghetti, i would be bankrupt and i nearly was.
Of course internet should be free in this country, and WiMax is indeed ideal for that,
There is so much i can say that is wrong and that disappoints me with how things go in Italy, and still i love it here, so let's just say :
Shame on you. you know better, you can do better, you *should* do better.
If this country remains to be woven together by the logos of "it's not what you know, but who you know" then i must be wrong that Italians live from their heart, although of course when the heart is shielded, not opening like a flower, and pulling backwards things like jealousy, envy and all such sneakiness prevail. Energetics 101. So.. why are Italians in general shielding their heart ? Why isn't internet free ? If there's any country i would be proud of boasting about this it's Italy..

Posted by: paul p | November 30, 2007 11:36 PM

Dee Cozier
I'm fuming while reading your kafkian story.
As I'm telling my friends here in USA, I'm so happy to not live in Italy anymore otherwise I would go ballistic over this and other unjustices.
I hope you will win your cause.

Steve Kauffmann
Keep reading and writing in Italian.
Probably you are one of the first bloggers who are coping with people like Antonio Greco, who thinks everybody knows Italian.
I encourage Antonio to write also in the Japanese side of this blog inn a way that he can better stick out like a sore thumb, while trying to start to understand why in the English side of this blog everybody should respect each other by writing in English.
Probably Antonio's brain is not developed enough on that side because he still believes to fairy tales...........

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 30, 2007 11:35 PM

I am a great fan of this blog. It is my Italian class.

Io parlo male la lingua di Dante, ma mi piace moltissimo leggere in Itlaiano per capire un poco la situazione nell'Italia.

L'internet potrebbe essere una universita, un "convivio" per l'aprendimiento per tutti. Il desavantaggio de non potere utilizare l'internet a prezzo ragionevole in certe regione sarebbe come non costruire delle scuole in queste regione.

Voi dovete prendere i fondi sprecati per l'EU per tutti tipi de progetto per "educazione, formazione, diritti dei minorita," esempio EURAC ( e sprecati in tutte le reunione, discusione, consultazione, dei experti e grupi di presioni etc....e distribuire delle lettore MP3 ai poveri.

Per un mercato libero, e a una vera concorrenza nello intercambio de l'informazione,e l'intercambio delle conoscienze, nella educazione, nella auto-istruzione, nell'istruzione mutuale.

Mi paese, Canada, non e molto migliore. Abbiamo el quasi monopolio dello stato nell'istruzione e nelle telecommunicazione.

Forza Beppe.Avanti Viva l'Italia!!!


Posted by: Steve Kaufmann | November 30, 2007 10:37 PM

Una favola ( verosimile )

Successe in tempi molto lontani, nei Paesi della U.E. a Nord delle Alpi.
In Europa alcuni uomini illuminati andarono a caccia di valori.
Si dice che fossero di stirpe germanica (alemanni o franchi ).
Qualcuno invece sostiene che fossero degli anglosassoni.
Questi illuminati, dopo lungo cercare, catturarono il valore organizzazione.
Incontrandola per la prima volta, le fecero dei tests
(sui processi mentali e nella vita di tutti i giorni).
Ne apprezzarono i risultati e pensarono di utilizzarla.
La educarono, le misero allora addosso dei bei vestiti,
poi un cappello a cilindro, con su la scritta : Valore Primario.
Poi la mandarono in giro,
con la raccomandazione di infilarsi e lasciar traccia in ogni angolo dei Paesi europei.
Si tratta di un valore furbo ed inoltre capace di strategia.
Nei suoi lunghi giri, si presentò dapprima ai capi e direttori, governanti e principi.
Fece dei bei discorsi, fu eloquente.
Spiegò come il suo uso poteva estendere benefici effetti
non solo ad ogni attività ben condotta, ma anche ai processi mentali.
Mostrò l’interesse e la convenienza di chiamarla in causa il più possibile.
Predisse che, se un giorno fosse stato creato il villaggio globale,
la vita sociale sarebbe divenuta notevolmente complicata,
creando cosí la assoluta necessità di organizzarsi.
Una caratteristica dell’organizzazione è il suo spettro molto ampio.
Le sue grandi capacità strategiche le permisero di entrare in gioco
prima in quei settori e livelli ove poteva avere più influenza.
Poi, man mano, scese anche ai bassi livelli.
Nei Paesi ove fu meglio accolta, l’organizzazione fece un buon lavoro :
Aiutò le culture e i cittadini a lavorare, in modo tale che
i risultati di un’attività fossero il più vicini possibile alle previsioni e agli obiettivi iniziali.

Cosa successe in Italia ? Non so, ma sto cercando di informarmi.
Qualcuno mi ha detto che, poiché la cultura italiana ha una larga base artistica,
è impossibile rendere compatibili organizzazione e arte.
Altri pensano che, vista la diffusione dei comportamenti istintivi in Italia,
l’introduzione della organizzazione avrebbe messo a rischio tali modi di fare,
cosi tradizionali. Forse, in questo caso, ci sono due verità.
Un’altra versione è che l’organizzazione esiste in Italia.
Si tratta di un valore furbo e, come tale,
si nasconderebbe ogni volta che teme di soccombere.
Si ritroverebbe quindi in anfratti, località segrete,
punti ove non rischia di soccombere all’istinto o all’arte.
Pare anche che abbia eliminato la scritta dal suo cappello, per non urtare i cittadini.
Ho consultato un paio di professoroni, lunga barba ed esperienza, per sapere come funziona.
Il primo mi dice che bisognerebbe applicare l’organizzazione ai processi mentali,
agli sviluppi del cervello, per avere dei ritorni in efficienza.
L’altro invece mi ha detto che ciò non è possibile, perché in caso
di tipologia artistica o istintiva, il cervello andrebbe in corto circuito ( nevrosi sembra ).
Allora egli consiglia di applicare l’organizzazione alle azioni della vita di tutti i giorni.
Anche qui, due verità !
Allora ho capito che dovrò, per concludere, fare uno studio approfondito,
sto già cercando la bibliografia.
Qualcuno mi aiuta ?
Comunque sia, secondo uno studioso, questa situazione incerta
determinerebbe nel nostro Paese grossi scostamenti
tra gli obiettivi dichiarati all’inizio di alcune attività sociali e i risultati ottenuti alla fine.
Non garantisco che sia vero, ma spero di saperlo presto.

Un Vecchio che aspetta

Un vecchio dalla barba bianca si trova ai confini dello Stivale.
Vestito di bianco trasparente,
sul cappello in vista due grandi parole : Razionalità, Sviluppo.
Nella sua bisaccia sono accatastati tanti Valori, forse da vendere, forse da mostrare.
Lancia il suo sguardo al di quà delle nostre finestre.
Incuriosito, sembra in attesa.
Ricerca segni e prove della presenza di Valori su un territorio che conosceva bene.
Continua a guardare, con insistenza. Sembra insoddisfatto.
Vede al di là del portale Italia tante facce grige, interdette, dubbiose.
Alcune, instabili, cambiano spesso colore.
Avrà pazienza di aspettare i segnali che cerca, per poi decidere se entrare ?
Per quanto tempo aspetterà ancora ? Speriamo non per molto.
Antonio Greco


Un esempio nella U.E. :
I Francesi fanno colazione con pane, burro e organizzazione.
Chi preferisce il croccante, si serve dei wafers alla vaniglia e alla logica.
Il sistema sanitario francese è forse il migliore d’Europa.
Rapido, razionale, affidabile, alla portata di tutti.
Centinaia di Italiani (pellegrini sanitari) vengono a servirsene
per avere cure di buona qualità.
I malati italiani sono tanti che, in alcuni ospedali parigini,
le infermiere capiscono la nostra lingua.

Posted by: Antonio Greco | November 30, 2007 04:16 PM

The point of today is the "competition" in IT (information Technology) in our country [Italy]. I must say that Italians grew up as "sport competion" but turned suddently into a nation of Fanatic Fans. Something worst went wrong with the worl "competition" into Economics and tecnologic innovation. A never developed concept o Statalism always opposes to a monopolistic Capitalism. The former, represented by Agnelli-Berlusconi-DeBenedetti-T.Provera-Benetton, lead the country straigth to deletion of the middle class througth the encapsulation of information and block of salaries.
Information control has been an portant asset in the process of customization of politics and the politicization of corporative interests. Access restrictions to the Media market lead to Media Monopolis, wich allowed a substantial control of Advertisement cashfow and to effectively control jounalists career advancement, and later soft / explicit censorship.
As a matter of facts the diffusion of uncontrolled information by internet is "dangerous" for the transverse alliance of rigth-center-left (green-white-red) billionaires coalition that profits&depredate the BelPaese.
They will never let italians use and develop usefully WiMAX (Why Maximize Awarewness untaXable?).
Even the simple adoption of FON (Fonera) is forbidden by Italian xDSL contractors and telecomunication laws. The italian xDSL private services are devivered only under acceptance of "unsharablility" commas. Telecommunication laws impede the use of directional antennas making difficult to extend wifi and deliver the signals out of home walls.
If in Italy wifi is not obscured is just due to the total absence of controls, wich are often conduced by untrained personnel.
The only New technology recently sponsored is DigitalTV, but just to enrich Berlusconi's Advertisment Company and Berluscony familiars wich sold the inexpansive-card receiving a state 150€ contribution each.

Posted by: Michelangelo Marchesi | November 30, 2007 04:13 PM

Well, i am one of those who paid through the nose to have broadband in a little Italian village, I was offered a contract for Internet only 150 euros a month flat rate, from a rep working for an Italian company ( Italy's largest ) . when the first bill arrived i tried to find the guy who sold me the deal , as it didnt correspond to the deal i was offered,i couldn't get hold of him, obviously didnt pay the first bill!! thinking they would cut it off ( which at this point is what i was hoping for) instead i got another bill ,much higher than the first (lowest bill was 900 euros highest was 3000 euros ) and this went on for 4 bills ( strange though it may seem, as normally here in Italy they cut you off after you have had the second unpaid bill through) until finaly i found the company for who the guy worked for ( never found the guy) and a helpful lady came to us and explained the situation that this contract didn't exist with the telephone company they have never had an offer of this kind , and the guy didnt work for this company anymore ( i wonder why) anyway to cut a very very long story short i ended up having to pay the company 6000 euros yes six thousand! just incase someone thinks i put an extra 0 on the end by mistake!!! going through a lawyer that works for consumers rights!!!!
i am still with the major telephone company as i can't find anything better but the relationship is a hard one, as only the other day a young idiot called me up saying that i had to buy 2 cordless telephones , and she went on and on and she was quite rude when i asked her to speak slower as i really couldnt understand what she was wanting from me, she was so rude that i told her to call me back when could she could put a polite voice on....... what happens then , last telephone bill i get debited 2 cordless telephones .......
and to get them off my bill it has taken me three months + they even had the nerve to cut my telephone off twice inbetween, so i dont really know what to do with Mrs Viviane Redings 20% 30% -10% its a nightmare here in Italy for almost anything at the moment.... it seems to me that everyone is out to make as much as they can , as quick as they can!!
such a shame as Italy HAD great potential

Posted by: dee cozier | November 30, 2007 03:09 PM


Posted by: piero lestingi | November 30, 2007 01:45 PM

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