Iíve been Mastella-ed too!

Anch'io sono ammastellato

Iím driving back from the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Iíve even been through a snow storm in Switzerland. Once Iíd got through the Alps they told me on my mobile that Clemente Mastella, Minister of Castes and Injustice is suing me. According to Ansa: ďwhat has really infuriated Mastella is another of Grilloís remarks, published in different newspapers: ďThe magistracy has been halted by the politicians. Once, in 1992, with Falcone and Borsellino, they used TNT. Now itís the Minister of Justice who intervenes directly.Ē
Whereís my mistake? The type of explosive? Didnít they use TNT in 1992? Or perhaps the politicians didnít intervene in any way in the Why Not investigation? Or Mastella has never been a Minister?
Those who share these three incriminating points:
1 - The magistracy has been halted by the politicians
2 - Once, with Falcone and Borsellino, TNT was used.
3 - Today itís the Minister of Justice who intervenes directly.

can sign up to the initiative "Anch'io sono ammastellato" {Iíve been Mastella-ed too!} with their first and second name and put this box on their own blogs so as to give it a wide distribution.
Iím pleased that heís suing me. It means that Clemente Mastella will finally be obliged to clear things up in a public debate whether or not there was political interference in the Why Not investigation and who set it off. We are all curious....
The news item as reported by Ansa. The news item as reported by Ansa.
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Anche io sono ammastellato

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Hello everyone,
Due to a very critical shortage of Body Guards for the Onorable, a Special Italian Visa has been promised to any Russian, Bulgarian or Yugoslavian ex Military Personnel willing and able to be available immediately (Possible work placement in Soccer Stadium as well!).
The future looks bright, make sure you wear Armani or Dolce&Gabbana very dark shades!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 15, 2007 12:06 PM

Hello there,
When even few hooligans in Italy only can phantom to put Italian Institution in a state of complete disarray, it simply displays that anyone can cause the crumble of Italy.
A more miserable display of Incompetence and Lack of Capabilities couldnít even be imagined in Hollywood or on JibJab.
To bad there is no-one in Italy with some uevos or guts or brain in half to propose Italian a simple Political plan?
The Beretta factory is planning for a Christmas Country wide sale, no documentation necessary, no waiting period as long as you are 18 you can purchase one of their product with a 2 months supply for the reasonable amount of 49.99 Euros to any store near you Including Superkets Country wide (On the net with 3 days delivery a discount of 5 Euros is available!).
Mr. Malvo from Virginia has requested Italian Extradition for training reason, he stated verbatim ďHere in Virginia I am running short of Targets, while in Italy I read are plentifulĒ.
Wake up either you realize something more radical is needed or Italy and The Institution have sunk below ridicules, they are now in the worthless category!
The future looks bright (For Romanians only!) make sure you wear dark shades!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 15, 2007 11:50 AM

Hello, I will tell you the story of the so called massoneria, that still exists of course and now is much more stronger than the past.I use a fake name. I have been personally in one massoneria meeting, it was called like some kind of music festival, i was there serving the food for those excellet personalities; they were all "general, Notai, and doctors",i did some research on the field and all the sons of this people had a degree in 4 years with the maximum of the grade (they were all 100% genius). In few words it works like this, all the member they help each other in such a way that the Italian system is controlled 100% from this Massoneria. One example?why they did the expulsion law so quickly after the murder of the ammiraglio wife?Why we dont look in the past of all the italian politicians?we sudenly realize that the massoneria is soo big that this system will never end. They have some meetings during the year, and not only in Italy, they go also abroad, of course in the best places. Mastella, Prodi,Berlusconi, are all involved. Of course the same president of the state. Mafia is just a way they use to control things, and so on with the police and army. They dont care about what they think abroad, because they dont need other countries.
You cant image how much cocaine they have.
You cant image how much money they have.
Massoneria is a system that wants to control you
for this reason the only way to count for the Italians is: Revolution?
It would be nice if somebody can investigate in this field.

Posted by: Gennaro De Pippo | November 15, 2007 10:12 AM

To have persons like Mastella in politics is bad enough: the tragedy for Italy is that he is not the worst.
Good luck Italians !!!!

Posted by: Giuseppe Vidozzi | November 15, 2007 10:08 AM

To have persons like Mastella in politics is bad enough: the tragedy for Italy is that he is not the worst.
Good luck Italians !!!!

Posted by: Giuseppe Vidozzi | November 15, 2007 10:05 AM

bellissima la nuova copertina del Blog.

Grazie a Grillo la politica ci e' stata finalmete portata in casa a portata di mano e possiamo finalmente dire la nostra (se cio' conta) Una sola cosa mi preme dire a Grillo. Ti sostengo ma per favore non fare troppa comicita' che le parole possono essere interpretare contro di te. e poi, pensa alla salute , hai perso peso (e no stai male un pochettino piu in linea)ma curati della salute che ti vogliamo presidente prima o poi.

Posted by: zagorfly | November 15, 2007 03:32 AM

Grillo e tutti gli italiani, una cosa voglio dire, Sei un grande italiano!
E, in Italia se tutti fossero come te, italiano vero e sincero e onesto......non ci sarebbero tutti questi problemi orrendi.....e la povera Giovanna Grumiero sarebbe ancora viva!
Ora .......ti mando questo mio speciale messaggio dal nord-america, da vero italiano come te e tantissimi altri:
Credo che tutti devono capire che, anche in America, con G.W.Bush.......contro tutti, e in Italia, con il presente governo........non si puo' cambiare nulla finche' non si cambia il governo!
Allora...........l'unica cosa da fare e' cambiare il governo!..................e una volta cambiato.......Il ministro della giustizia C.Mastella, ed altri, Prodi, Veltroni, Ferrero, Amato, D'Alema e compagni......responsabili di tanti massacri e furti e stupri da parte di migranti criminali, perpetrati ai danni di cittadini italiani, e responsabili di leggi bastarde, come leggi di indulto e di immigrazione, verranno rimossi dal governo e dovranno essere chiamati a rispondere e pagare i danni da loro fatti al popolo italiano!
E, una volta che un nuovo governo e'instaurato, allora si puo'fare giustizia...........quella e' la sola volta possibile per fare giustizia e raddrizzare le cose!...........finche' questi politici sono al governo........e' molto difficile fare giustizia!.........giustizia verra' fatta.......da un nuovo governo.....e nuovi ministri che non si dimenticheranno le presenti ingiustizie, tragedie, cancri e problemi che ora stiamo subendo in italia oggi.
V.Annibale dall'america del nord, canada
(cosi, caro grillo, bisogna lottare per cambiare governo.....e poi si fara giustizia!.....giusto?)

Posted by: Vittorio v. | November 15, 2007 02:44 AM


Posted by: Rosanna Maderni | November 15, 2007 01:42 AM

Please tell me I'm dreaming!
One can't be so stupid!

Unbelievable this guy!

I wonder what keeps my fellow Italians from throwing eggs to him.

What else they need to throw certain people away from the Palace?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 15, 2007 12:19 AM

Beppe, you are great!!! keep going like this, we are all with you!! and we are many!! and we are totally fed up with this guy..........



Posted by: Max Di Domenico | November 14, 2007 10:06 PM

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