Let those responsible pay the bill

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An officer of the Carabinieri explains how the politicians manage our security. Certain questions are put forward. I would like your help for the answers. Find the names of those responsible for:
- the negotiations for enlarging the European Community to Romania without imposing any conditions
- the degraded state of the Tor di Quinto station in Rome
- the explosive Roma camp in that zone that is without any services as well as the hundreds of others in the same conditions in the whole of Italy, from the banks of the Tiber to the outskirts of Milan.

Dear Beppe,
The episode of the rape and massacre of Signora Giovanna Reggiani in Rome has brought out horror and indignation. The blood, the pain, the fear of the Italians falls on the conscience of those who govern, the politicians and the top civil servants who have managed “the security system” in the last ten years. They have dispersed with arrogant approximation, the professional, democratic and civic values of the law 121/81 born from the involvement of the tremendous years of terrorist aggression by all the social, political and trades union forces without ideological distinction. The new Minister of the Interior and the Head of the Police are pointing out the lack of personnel and of funds that the Police are having to cope with. But the problem hasn’t arisen today. No one can have missed the issues of “globalisation” with the inevitable social and crime results for our country.
Well then, why and by whom has the “security sector” been weakened with a management that is more attentive to groupings, ambitions, misunderstood competition between the different police forces with contradictory measures that are not known to the general public?
An example: a recent decree has set out “obligatory early retirement” (note that this is not on request) for hundreds of police officers with a precious array of experience in fighting terrorism, widespread criminality organised at a national and international level, clandestine immigration, drugs and money laundering. Not just that, but they have restructured things so as to have lower numbers in post in future. This is an absurd measure going against the current thinking in the world of work and while there are discussions about “scales” to increase the pension age. Paradoxically, today we ask for more police personnel; obviously to be trained up! Furthermore the “security system” has had to do without thousands of “auxiliary” police officers.
The “mobile units” have been reduced everywhere (in Rome they have even been halved), the maintenance of the vehicles is difficult. Petrol supplies are low. Certain Police headquarters (thinking of the one at S. Antimo where a tobacconist was killed recently) and police stations of the carabinieri have been closed or are at risk of closure. Anyway everything is functioning with a reduced number of personnel and with reduced hours, and it’s a miracle if you see the clearly defined “neighbourhood police officers”.
The so-called “security package” is a slow but important rethink but it risks being just a surface alibi, in these conditions even an aggravation to the operating machinery if there is not a global intervention, at 360 degrees, on the sensitive and complex cycle “control of the territory – application of the law - certainty of the penalty – justice – possibility for social living”
In this situation, it’s necessary to seriously and courageously identify the causes and responsibilities at all levels of so much approximation in taking care of the “security-good” as an effective service in a democracy.
- who was responsible for the negotiations for enlarging the European Community to Romania without imposing any conditions?
- who was responsible for taking care of the usability of the disgusting dark railway station of Tor di Quinto in Rome?
- who was meant to check on the squalid and explosive Roma encampment in that zone with no services?
The tardy proclamations, the rhetorical responses, the shrugging of shoulders, the loading onto others, are no longer enough.
As regards the Police, let the general public know about the subtle process of counter-reform that has devalued the democratic reform intended by the law 121/81 In these conditions the thanks going to the “protectors of order” are even greater (whichever branch they belong to) for the daily difficult commitment that they have in the interests of the democratic institutions and in the interests of the general public.” Ennio Di Francesco, former officer of and director of the Polizia di Stato; promoter of the “movimento democratico di Polizia”; in “obligatory early retirement”

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In response to the Glenn Gallup’s post November 5.
It is true that in many countries of Europe we are now facing difficult issues with immigration. However our criticism toward the racism and intolerance in US society has very specific reasons.
US is made of immigrants. It was built by foreigners. Practically every ethnic group has contributed to the development of your society. Remove the black Americans and you would be without boxing, NFL, Olympic medallist. Remove the Italians and you would be without important sectors of the entertainment business, and what about the Jewish the Chinese the Germans and many many more.
Immigration in US had, and is still having, an overwhelming positive contribution. Of course many bad apples arrived with the good ones but that’s life.
Unfortunately, this is not the case in Italy. The very vast majority of immigrants are somehow useless. No offence, but the Roms, the Albanians, some Africans have very little to offer to Italy. US is the largest world economy, in all your movies Americans are always the best and your politicians seems to know what’s best for the rest of the world. You are ready to go a fix problem all over the world, how comes you cannot fix problems at home?

Posted by: Andrea Ceccanti | November 14, 2007 03:21 PM

I wish to post an observation regarding the murder of the English student in Perugia. How come the newspapers in Italy have verbatim copies of the confession of the Amercian student allegedly involved.Arent these things and other evidence supposed to be confidential during an investigation or do the Italian police publish this information to help their investigation?

Posted by: Simon Carey | November 8, 2007 08:42 AM

Bad translation!

Posted by: Nina Rothenberg | November 5, 2007 08:00 AM

Horrible events in Rome with the crime which just occured, but I have to tell you that many Americans are going to feel as I do. For years Europeans have beaten us silly about racism and intolerance because there is an element of our population which can not or will not assimilate into our population. They commit crimes with impunity and refuse to recognize any standard of civilized behavior. Now you have (as a direct result of your own actions) a similar element in Italy. I've been traveling in Europe for many years, we have good friends there, but now you are going to understand some things perhaps you didn't understand before. Good Luck.

Posted by: Glenn Gallup | November 5, 2007 12:00 AM

Those who are responsible should pay (Part I

2 November 2007
Those who are responsible should pay
A senior Carabinieri Officer explains how our politicians are looking after our security. Some questions have arisen and I would like your help to get some answers. Find the names of those who are responsible for:

- having negotiated Rumania’s unconditional entry into the EU;
- the dilapidated state of Rome’s Tor di Quinto railway station;
- the establishment of a Romany gypsy camp in that area, which lacks every facility thereby creating a situation that may blow up at any time and hundreds of other such situations in all of Italy, from the banks of the Tiber River to the outskirts of Milan.

"Dear Beppe,

The rape and murder of Mrs. Giovanna Reggiani in Rome arouses feelings of horror and indignation. Such bloodshed and the Italian people’s distress and fear should prey on the conscience of all those Governments, politicians and senior officials who have administered our “security system” in the last ten years. With arrogant sloppiness, they have mismanaged the professional, democratic and civil efficiency of Law No. 121/81, which was implemented unanimously by all the social, political and trade-union authorities, without ideological distinction, in those dreadful years of terrorist aggression. The new Minister for the Interior and the Chief of Police are pointing out that there is a lack of personnel and funding for the Police forces. But the problem isn’t just a current one. No one should have ignored the likely social and even criminal problems that “globalisation” could bring to our nation.

Posted by: Adri Mian | November 4, 2007 01:33 AM

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