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December 31, 2007

Free information in Free State


YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPAudio Mp3

"Italians! This has been an incredible year! In September we sent them all into a flat spin and now they are going insane! But things are really not too bad. This little Italy of ours is simply in a coma, and has been so for the past 15 years. Since 1992 the country has been kept in a pharmacological coma by the media. Since 1992, after Falcone and Borsellino were blown up, there has been neither Country nor anything else. The TNT has disappeared, yet somehow the magistrates continue to disappear in other ways. The mafia has been corrupted! Who would have thought it? The mafia, corrupted from within by politics, an extraordinary merger, almost nuclear. They have actually pulled together. This Country of ours that no longer knows where it wants to get to, or for that matter what and where it is currently. We are being strangled by twin flags. I would like to know whether I am simply going insane or whether there is, in fact, something that doesn't quite add up. The thing that doesn't add up is the fact that we no longer know what we need in order to lead a normal life. We know all about the myriad bits of bullshit that are thrust into the limelight daily by the newspapers, the media and the television, but as regards the things that we really need, such as public or private water supplies, energy, connectivity, what is refuse, where does it come from, and how do we get away with not constructing incinerators, of this we know nothing, nothing of those things that really change our lives. So, what can we do about it? The first step is to identify the enemy. Last V-Day, on 8 September, it was not so much the politicians that got pissed off, but rather the journalists, that special caste, the real caste that we have in Italy. Did you notice anything? Thousands of disgraceful slaves, all in a row, at 90°. A very unseemly situation. They all look alike and it is impossible to distinguish the one from the other, except the fat one from the thin one. Riotta is exactly the same as Mimun, who is, in turn, exactly like Bel Pietro, who is the same as Giordano, who is just like Fede. They are all alike. We can distinguish the eliteness of these great major-domos. Those that speak of the free market, those who occasionally say something and then quickly withdraw back into their shells. They are absolutely incredible. We are talking about people like Scalfari, Pansa and Romani, those sarcophagi of information that regularly write reams of editorials that no one ever reads. All that is ever read of the newspapers are the headlines and sub-headlines, while information is actually counted by the amount of space allocated and is measured in centimetres. We should use rulers to measure the amount of information actually being provided. And so the entire situation resembles a quagmire, a mixture of entrepreneurship, politics, the mafia and the media. Go into any of the newspapers' Board Meetings and you will find entrepreneurs, or go into any of the banks' Board Meetings and you will find entrepreneurs, politicians and journalists. Today, any journalist may become a member of parliament. Never mind any conflict of interests, we have now gone way beyond that. The companies too, are all alike. Take Fiat for example. If it wasn't for the unemployment benefit funds, in other words for State intervention, the company would have gone to the wall ten years ago while, instead, it is still carrying on thanks to Equity Swaps. Eni and Enel are genuine monopolies. Rai and Mediaset are one and the same. The only way to really bring about change in this Country, in my humble opinion before I go totally insane, is to concentrate on those areas where democracy reigns, and where the right to information would be protected. Gone are the days of the great journalists, such as Biagi, Montanelli and others, nothing any longer remains of them. That is why I have decided to hold my own V-Day celebrations on 25 April next year, on Liberation Day. Let's liberate ourselves from this unreliable information, free ourselves of this rabble. Withhold their money and let's try to set this up properly, since my life is now totally focussed on these things. Also because the task that I have set myself is not to practice politics. An article in today's Corriere della Sera newspaper identifies me as the second favourite politician, after Veltroni with 50%. This is our Country and I am one of the greatest politicians around in Italy! If they were to make a list of comedians, I would only come in around tenth or fifteenth, while our politicians would be way above me at the top of the list. Our V-Day should be based on the following: withhold the financing. On 25 April 2008 there will be a real liberation, with something going on in every town. We will have to make it happen, what with the media being silent while they should be talking about it. This will be the end of them. Let's make a date for 25 April, when we will push for freedom of information in a Country that is finally free, and let's start again from scratch. Civil lists and informed citizens, that is what we need, not politicians. Informed citizens that know what is going on around them, who are involved in their districts and towns and who prevent them from being sold out by some or other little party or little political servant. We need to have free citizens and freedom of information in order to be classified as a free Country. Italians!!! Chins up, let's face the coming catastrophe together, but always with optimism. "

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“A girl came to see me, she works in IT for Alitalia and she told me something that I can quite believe. The truth lies at the bottom and not at the top. Alitalia is busy closing down, but they have already come to an agreement: it will become Air France’s low-cost carrier, and this because Berlusconi and Lunardi sold it off in exchange for financing for the Turin-Lyons high-speed train line. They sold it off. However, many things will change, irrespective of Berlusconi or whoever is in his place. They will change because change happens: no one will any longer be able to hop on an Alitalia plane to Rome for the princely sum of two hundred Euro. Why? In order to adopt an Alitalia pilot?"
Beppe Grillo during the show entitled in Roma held on 28/4/2005

In Italy, the journalists are always the last ones to know. They specialise in post-dated news. They spread the news only once they are allowed to do so. They can only spread the news once they receive an order to do so. If the truth were told, Alitalia has been going down the tubes for many years, at least ten. Our taxes have been used to pay the salaries of the hostesses and pilots, as well as the million-Euro golden handshake paid out to Cimoli (who must pay back!). And then, in addition to paying our taxes, we have also had to endure the joke of paying the same amount for a Rome/Milan flight as we would to go to New York. Alitalia is not a flagship airline; it is nothing more than a bipartisan political-trade union party. A winged cake to be cut up into many slices for distribution purposes.
Air France-KLM is not buying anything. How is it possible to buy debts? Alitalia is bankrupt. Prodi could have done more. He could have let Geronzi and Tanzi handle the negotiations. No one in the world is able to sell debts like those two can. They are two of Italy’s greatest paper merchants.
Bossi complains because the Managing Director of Air France-KLM wants to cut Alitalia’s unproductive ties with Malpensa. The Lega Nord Party, which was part of the country’s government for five years, sat back in stoic silence while Alitalia drained the taxes (inter alia) of the North. Penati requested a moratorium on Malpensa, which would make this the first global hub with a moratorium. Malpensa has never even taken off, and some people are asking why.
Malpensa should be sold off and removed from the political scenario and the party-game playing field. A buyer by the name of RyanAir had come forward at the time. Padoa Schioppa should contact them immediately. I have no desire whatsoever to continue paying taxes for another ten years in order to finance an airport as well.

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December 30, 2007

The 2008 Lay Saints Calendar


Download and distribute the calendar

It is truly disturbing to read through the list of Italian Lay Saints at the end of the 2008 Calendar. Hundreds of people who died for their Country, some unknowingly and others knowing exactly what fate awaited them. We see various forms of black, red, State, mafia and Masonic Terrorists, often associated with each other, who have assassinated judges, policemen, carabinieri, politicians, everyday people, activists and journalists. The main characteristic of these Lay Saints is almost always the same: good people who refused to give up and simply continued to follow their own path.
In Italy, there are only three possible outcomes facing an honest person who comes into conflict with the System, he/she may be:
- bought
- marginalized or
- killed
In order to be able to marginalize someone, you must be in control of the Country and, when you are in trouble, you resort to murder. It depends on the times.
Almost every day, the 2008 calendar shows one person, and often two. A slaughter. Amongst the people who are most at risk we see the magistrates. I think Italy holds the record, amongst the democratic Countries, for the highest number of judges murdered since the end of the War. Murdering a magistrate in France or in Spain could spell the end for a criminal organisation. In Italy, instead, the supporters may even be promoted.
Working as a policeman or a carabiniere is far riskier than being in Iraq or in Kosovo. Soldiers outside the base camp are safe in their steel boxes.
Reading through the list, I get the impression that, for a number of decades, there has been war in progress between the Italy’s honest sector and its dishonest one. An undeclared but nevertheless real war.
In order to be able to raise your head, you need to be wearing a helmet. I believe that the best helmet is freedom of information. V-day, 25 April. V-day, 25 April.

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December 28, 2007

State homicide


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Read the text of the interview

Someone knocks at your door. It is the State. They drag you away from your family. Away from your 14-year old son. They accuse you of having planted some cannabis bushes in your vegetable patch at home. They throw you in a cell. It kills you. This is not the Argentina at the time of the colonels, nor is it Russia at the time of Stalin. It is Italy, at the time of Mastella and Amato. Aldo Bianzino was murdered in prison. He was killed twice. First by those that slaughtered him, and then by the media who ignored him.
Aldo’s widow is called Roberta Radici. In the interview she granted us she says: "I don’t know what to think of the State. What to think of the justice."

Previous posting: Christ stopped at Capanne.

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December 27, 2007

The CO2 oilers

figure from the Financial Times

The European Commission has proposed a reduction in vehicle CO2 emissions by 2012. The emission limit would be an average of 130 grams per kilometre instead of the current average of 160. The manufacturers that exceed this limit will be obliged to pay 20 Euro per gram in excess of the set limit, a fine that will go up to 95 Euro per gram by 2016.
The 19% cut in the level of poisons is deemed to be “a very disappointing proposal” by Sergio Marchionne, and inadequate by the environmentalists. The heavier a vehicle is, the more it pollutes. An SUV poisons better than a Fiat five hundred. The 120 grams/km limit is far more difficult for larger-engined vehicle to achieve. The list of current lung killers is led by Porsche, with around 255 grams/km, followed by Subaru, Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Mazda and Mitsubishi.
Green Germany’s Angela Merkel, having viewed the results, instead of taking issue with her Country’s vehicle manufacturers, stated that this was an attempt to: “implement an industrial policy at the expense of the German motor manufacturers. Then, without even blushing, she proceeded to add that: “It is unacceptable that nothing will need to be done in terms of half of all the French cars, while 90% of German cars will be affected, this is an imbalance that needs to be addressed”. Perhaps Merkel would prefer it if all cars polluted the atmosphere as much as Porsche does.
The Italian National Automobile Trade Fair Association, ANFIA, states that the EU is: “heavily penalising small engined cars that are already virtuous as regards emissions”.
The reactions from the CO2 oilers, both large and small, are all the same. Lungs do not enter into the equation as regards their production parameters.
Who ultimately pays for the pollution? The national healthcare system does. The cost of hospital admissions for the treatment of lung ailments, including tumours, is borne by the State. What does vehicle pollution cost us? Even the cyclist pays part of the cost of the SUV when he/she purchases antibiotics.
I propose that a health tax be levied on motorists at the source. The more the vehicle pollutes, the more the motorist pays. Furthermore, SUV drivers should be obliged to pay a monthly visit to the terminal illness wards where people with lung tumours are treated.
Town mayors can go one better than the EU. Hybrid fuel taxis, electric buses and cycle paths. Let them deny access to their city for the worst polluting cars. The owners and their families can equally breathe in as much CO2 as they wish, right in the comfort of their own garages at home.

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Pardon for Vallanzasca

Click here to watch the video

Mastella never stops, not even at Christmas time. Now he has asked for pardon for Bruno Contrada, the former Manager of SISDE sentenced to ten years for collusion with the Mafia. State President Napolitano has forwarded the request he received from Contrada’s attorney.
Mastella has said that: “Pardoning Contrada is something that is due”. He failed to specify to whom. Perhaps to certain politicians involved in the mafia killings? To organised crime? The Italians have asked nothing of the Minister for Pardon and Remission (no mention of Justice, ever). Not even Paolo Borsellino’s sister, who wants to meet with Napolitano as soon as possible and who recently spent half an hour with the psychodwarf.
Rita Borsellino stated that: “I believe that the possibility of pardon is extremely serious. Contrada was sentenced for crimes that he committed, betraying his position as servant of the State, the very same State that Giovanni, Paolo and many other institutional representatives knowingly laid down their lives. I understand the feeling of pity that some may have for a person in Contrada’s state, but his court case has left permanent remains of certain doubts regarding the fact that the manager of Sisde continued to state what he knew regarding the collusion between the institutions and the mafia organisation. Those that will be making this decision should be aware that these doubts will also forever hang over their actions. Any State must know how to distinguish and remember, otherwise their is a risk that perhaps tomorrow the same thing may be legitimate and pardon may then also be due to the mafia bosses, something that would be unthinkable in a democratic Country that is based on justice. My request to the Head of State was made not only as Paolo’s sister, but also as parliamentarian and an Italian citizen.”
The “vittime di via dei Georgofili” Association and the Caponnetto Foundation have come out against any pardon being granted.
Contrada worked within the institutions, but on whose account? If he refuses to answer this question, then he must remain in prison. Or is the fact that he does not answer perhaps very reason why a pardon is being requested?
From Francesco La Licata’s book entitled: “Storia di Giovanni Falcone” after the failed attempt to kill Falcone in his house at Addaura:
“Do you understand what has happened? There was a meeting of minds. There was a merging of interests …” But between whom? “I will tell you some other time”. He never mentioned it again, however, he was clearly alluding to the fact that, between the mafia and other powers, there were certain State bodies or private powers that had, at some time, made use of these bodies and of the mafia itself.”
I propose an exchange: pardon Vallanzasca instead of Contrada. At least Vallanzasca was not paid by us to commit his crimes within secret services, and always exposed himself personally.

Ps: Our so-called institutions are always looking back at the past. What we need is Springtime, we need to discuss our future instead of constantly being obliged to discuss Contrada, Mastella and Napolitano: 220 years of age between the three.

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December 26, 2007

The children and the graders

Click here to watch the video

Once upon a time Baby Jesus was found in the feeding trough of a barn. But times have changed and these days, on Christmas Day, they put the children in the graders in order to protect the families’ land and accompaniment for their bread.
500 residents of Sant’Andrea del Pizzone are today awaiting a joint charge by the police and the army. They want to “move” these people in order to make room for the umpteenth waste disposal dump needed to cope with the umpteenth emergency. The residents have not been consulted, the rubbish is not theirs and the local mayors have been the beneficiaries of particularly close scrutiny.
Those responsible for the waste disposal emergency in the Campania region, instead, are still there. They are untouchable, just like the rotten institutions that they represent. These people are the real rubbish of what was once “Campania Felix”.
This blog is spending Christmas with the residents of Sant’Andrea.

Hi Beppe,
I wanted to tell you about the absurd situation that has arisen in our area in the past few days. I live in S.Andrea del Pizzone, a hamlet of the Municipality of Francolise (Caserta). The current extraordinary commissioner for the waste disposal emergency, Pansa, has designated the “Carabottoli” site, which falls within the municipal boundary of the Carinola district but is, in fact, not very far from our area, as the preferred storage site for the so-called ecocrap. At present, we are in the dark as to what selection criteria were adopted by the prefect, but this decision has unleashed a demonstration involving not only the residents of our municipality, but also residents of adjacent districts. Our protest is not simply born of a refusal to accept other people’s rubbish, but also from the fact that over 90% of the local economy is based on agriculture. Ours is the place of origin of Buffalo Mozzarella, which is famous worldwide and enjoys the D.O.P. and D.O.C. quality certifications, as do numerous other local products. I sincerely doubt whether Commissioner Pansa has ever tasted a good mozzarella, which makes his assessment criteria even more questionable. In actual fact, the area chosen lies at the very epicentre of the production zone. The residents’ occupation of the site in order to deny access to the graders has already resulted in an initial confrontation with the forces of law and order. It is important to note with what haste (unlike in other cases..) the police and the army intervened in an attempt to disperse these people, resorting to the use graders.
Their attempts were blocked when a number of mothers placed their children in the path of the graders. Also involved in this confrontation were the municipal mayors, who were not exactly treated with due respect, given the positions they hold. The site is currently being watched over, night and day, by a group of more than 500 people who, whilst awaiting the outcome of a meeting between the committees and the commissioner, are expecting another charge to take place, who knows when, perhaps on Christmas day?.” Salvatore P.

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December 24, 2007

The money under the Christmas tree

Photo by Debbie C.B.'s

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, its coming announced by a terrible crime that hit like a falling comet star. A woman from Bassano del Grappa was murdered and cut to bits. The value of this life was put at 800,000 euro by her kidnappers. Her name was Iole Tassitani, daughter of a notary, she lived alone with her two cats and was 41 years old.
The commercialistic Christmas has had its sacrificial victim. Christmas has become an end in itself, a celebration of commercialism and money. The only remaining thing that is still sacred is the current account. Everything is judged in monetary terms. Human life, a child’s organs, water and air. A kind of papier-mâché capitalism rendered toxic by the loans that ruin entire lives, invented by television, which makes money from boxes during prime time viewing, with questions worthy of Grade 1 students. Sex s big business, on the pavements, on calendars and in the buying and selling of senators. Politics is all about bribery, corruption, tax fraud, fake invoicing, legislative corruption and illegal financing. Of the 24 parliamentarians sentenced, almost every one is guilty of greed.
I remember, as a child, hunting for the cotechino hidden in the middle of huge communal plate of risotto. The one who ate the fastest would get to the cotechino. Now we no longer have that sense of competition, nor is there any cotechino at the centre of the plate. They always get to it first in the kitchen.
What will happen to us in this Country of contradictions, where the mirage of easy riches belies a real lack of money?
Our people refuse to resign themselves to the fact that they are poor and, if they cannot be rich, they believe that they must at least pretend. An appearance of nothing being wrong, all built on debt.
What is the value of money not needed for survival? It is worth nothing, in fact, it constitutes a debt, which we repay with our time and our love. It is like a drug that is making society go crazy. More so than cocaine or heroin. And it creates monsters that kill.
Avoid getting into debt, if you can, and this Christmas, give your children and your grandparents a big kiss from Beppe. Merry Christmas!

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Amato, the little Turin scribe


Giuliano Amato has put pen to paper in response to the article in the New York Times, explaining that the description of Italy was merely a parody. The well informed amongst us say that his defence of italianness was without equal, above all as a result of the efforts of the politicians, and that the letter written to the most important newspaper in the United States was drafted directly in English.
The Minister of Home Affairs’ new career risks becoming a full-time job. In fact, in future he will be obliged to correspond with all the world’s press in order to protect his own reputation and that of his colleagues.
The most important of the British dailies, The Times, yesterday published an article of the Beautiful Country: ”La dolce vita turns sour as Italy faces up to being old and poor”, a description that is even worse than that of the New York Times. I have translated it and now provide you with a summary.

Read the complete article.

“There is a sense of national angst in Italy as 2007 comes to a close. The self-lacerating mood goes far beyond prices and incomes, reaching into the heart of Italy’s debate with itself over soul and identity.
There is a sense that while the past is Italy’s glory, it is also its prison, with politics and business dominated by a gerontocracy and the younger entrepreneurs and politicians held back.
When Romano Prodi, the centre-left Prime Minister, held a summit in Rome this week with Nicolas Sarkozy and Zapatero, commentators noted that while Mr. Zapatero was 47 and Mr. Sarkozy a bouncy 52, Mr. Prodi was 68 and Mr. Berlusconi 71.
The best-seller entitled “La Casta” points out that Italy has the highest number of official chauffeur-driven cars in Europe, and that the presidential palace, the Quirinale, cost four times as much to run as Buckingham Palace.
Confesercenti, the trader’s association, says that sales this year of clothing and electrical goods are down 15%, and perfume sales down 10%. Yesterday Coldiretti, the farmers’ union, announced that even sales of pasta were down 5% and bread by 7%.
One key reason for Italy’s woes is the rising energy costs. Another is the strength of the Euro against the Dollar. Even the luxury sector, for which Italy is renowned with names such as Gucci, Armani and Versace, is feeling the squeeze as orders drop. Globalisation and cheap competition from Asia are undermining traditional exports such as textiles.
The last straw for many was the news that Spain had overtaken them in terms of GDP per capita. According to the European Union statistics office, Spain’s GDP per capita climbed to 5% above the 27-member EU average last year, from 3% above the previous year.
Italy moved in the opposite direction, with figures falling to 3% above from 5%. Spain already has its sights on the next goal. Mr. Zapatero wants Spain to match the economy of France.
The Italians are the least happy people in Europe, according to a poll conducted by the University of Cambridge... The Danes turned out to be the happiest.
Italy’s figures
- 0% population growth rate
- 42.5 median age, compared with 38.5 in Britain
- one in five Italians is over 65
- 1.29 children born per woman. 2.1 needed to maintain current population levels
- 120 days lost each year to strike action per 1,000 employees from 2001 to 2005, compared with 26 in Britain
- 20th place on the Human Development Index, the UN measure of factors such as education, wealth and life expectancy, four places below Britain and seven below Spain. Italy dropped three places in the past year.
- 7% unemployment rate, higher than 76 countries, including Romania, Nigeria, Cambodia and the Ukraine.
- 106% public debt as a proportion of GDP, the sixth-highest in the world, higher than Zimbabwe
Sources: UN, CIA, National StatisticsRichard Owen

I wish to point out to Amato that the German, Australian, French, Spanish and even the Turkish headlines have described Italy’s decline. I will send you the translations so that you can respond without delay.

Free press in a free Country. V-day 25 April. V-day 25 April.

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December 23, 2007

Italian racoons


A Mayor of Rome, secretary of a party that has never stood for election. A man with multiple convictions, whose friends and cronies have landed up in jail. These two men are busy negotiating our future. They are busy deciding how the Italians should vote. They are designing the geography of those elected. Percentages, boundaries, merges, rewards for majorities, deputies and senators.
Topo Gigio Veltroni himself is not even a deputy, at best he could stand in the municipal elections. The psychodwarf is a professional shopper, who believes that everything has its price. He is still trying to work out what the PD’s price is, but he knows that it will be a bargain since they have always sold themselves short.
Two people deciding for 58 million Italians, without the necessary institutional authority to do so. The electoral law must be discussed in Parliament, out in the open. Using clear, simple terms that are easily understood by the citizens. The current situation, however, is worse than the fog in the Padana Valley. Each party is required to state their position, if they have any such thing, live on television from the Chamber, the Italians will listen and judge for themselves. They are the voters. The law is in their favour. They need to know everything, absolutely everything. They must not be made to eat any pre-packaged meal.
We are paying (far too much) for a Parliament (that we did not elect) to draft the laws. Topo Gigio and the psychodwarf have no legal right to draft a new electoral law on their own. If they are to decide on the new law, ensconced in their offices, then this could be called a Coup d’Etat.
Bertinotti is concerned about the privacy of a man who attempted to bribe a senator. Instead of kicking this (low down) insult to democracy out of the Chamber, he is trying to protect the man's privacy. Boia Faust(o) (Bloody Hell). RAI, a public service organisation, is pulling out all the stops in order to bring down the Government. And so it is. Excuse me Bertinotti, but I don’t give a f … about these people’s privacy. I want them out of Parliament, out of public service. These are immoral people who have always behaved like pigs with regard to the law. And you, gentle soul, choose to protect their privacy, while some or other Letizia Vacca is demanding the transfer of the judges involved in the Mastella and D’Alema investigations.

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

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Anna Politkovskaja “Woman of the Year”


Time Magazine has elected Putin “Person of the Year”. Many people are perplexed, but what they don’t know is that the Yeti and the incredible Hulk came in in second and third places respectively. It was no contest and the former Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB won hands down. There is, after all, an earlier precedent. In 1939, Time Magazine chose Stalin, the Nazis ally. The very same former seminarist that had invaded Poland in order to liberate the country from the grip of the reactionary Polish officials by means of a bullet to the back of the head in the Trenches of Katyn. A year earlier, Time Magazine had chosen Adolf Hitler as man of the year...
If Time Magazine can nominate Putin, then this blog’s choice for “Woman of the Year” is Anna Politkovskaja, the journalist who was killed Moscow in October 2006.
Here is her opinion of Putin, taken from her book entitled “Putin’s Russia”, published by Adelphi.

“Putin – son of the most evil of the country’s secret services – has been unable to excise the KGB Lieutenant Colonel that lives within him, and is therefore determined to straighten up his countrymen that love freedom. And so he suffocates any and every form of liberty, just as he always did in his earlier profession …
Breznyev was terrible, Andropov was bloodthirsty under his veneer of democracy, while Cernienko was an idiot. Gorbachov was unpopular. Occasionally Yeltsin caused us to make the sign of the cross while fearing the consequences of his decisions. The man that had been one of their bodyguards, assigned to echelon 25 with a duty to stand stock-still inside the security cordon while the VIP procession raced by, yes him, the very same Putin, was later to step onto the red carpet of the Kremlin. As the boss. Amongst the glistening golden relics of the Tsars, while the servants smiled submissively and his soldiers – all former KGB small-fry now assigned to very important roles – show their chests swollen with pride …
Putin has demonstrated on various occasions that he does not understand the very concept of debate. And even less so that of “political debate”: the man at the top does not discuss anything with those below him and, should anyone amongst those below him have the temerity to do so, he becomes an enemy. If Putin behaves in this manner, it is not simply because he is a congenital tyrant or a despot, but because that is the way he was taught. These are the classes that the KGB taught him about, and which he believes to be ideal, as he has stated on numerous occasions… That is the reason why he refuses to take part in pre-electoral debates: they are not his natural environment, he is unable to participate, and he is unable hold a conversation. His art is that of the monologue, his plan is that of the military: as a low-ranking soldier, was he obliged not to breathe? Now that I have reached the top of the ladder, I will speak, in fact I will hold a monologue, and the others must make as if they agree with me.” Anna Politkovskaja

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December 21, 2007

Native American and Italian reserves


I will soon be publishing the 2008 Calendar of Italy’s Lay Saints on this blog. Should there be any suggestions, write the name in the comments section, even though there is very little time remaining.

Introduction to the Calendar:
“Is it preferable to have a dead judge rather than a judge that has been transferred, derided, investigated or handed over? What is better, Livatino or De Magistris? This is the problem. Is it better to live under political-Mafia control or to fight back, as did Borsellino, Falcone and hundreds of our citizens, only to land up lying forgotten under a gravestone?
Those who mind their own business live to be a hundred years old, which is why we are amongst the longest-lived populations in the world today. No one knows how to stick his nose in his own affairs quite as well as the majority of Italians. There are, however, some small pockets of resistance. Only a few million people, less than 10%. For the time being they are only making noises, murmuring, moaning and blogging. They are like the native American reserves, the new Italian reserves. Our very own Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Geronimo, and their names are Travaglio, Abbate, and Saviano.
The Lakota tribes tore up the Treaties they signed 150 years ago with the United States. They no longer consider themselves to be US citizens. The Sioux nation has unilaterally withdrawn from the rest of the Country. So far, the Italian Sioux have not quite got to this point. They wish to remain within the law. Their own law, obviously, because there is no remaining trace of any legality whatsoever in the politicians and lobby groups. A few million honest citizens are living in their own personal reserve, in an apartment with a variable interest rate mortgage, with family and friends. They form tiny enclaves, dotted all around the Country, awaiting the arrival of their Little Big Horn and the scalp of General Custer.
The gap between the honest and the dishonest sections of the Country is very evident. The delinquents are no longer in hiding. They no longer have anything to fear from the law. The Judiciary has been defeated, homogenised. Parliament is beyond the reach of the law, populated by servants, convicts and, with the odd good person here and there who landed up in Parliament purely by accident. None of these people were ever actually elected by the Italians.
The honest enclaves, however, are speaking to each other on the Web, they are gathering converts and are attempting to find some solutions at the local level. They curse the corrupt municipal councillors, block the construction of incinerators and fight for public water rights. They replace the politicians and become citizens that have been seconded to the political arena. Just as it should be in any civilized Country.
Virtually every block on the 2008 calendar has been filled, but there are no new fallen. At this point, all that needs to happen is some new law, some new interpretation, some new clause, some complacent newspaper editor who publishes confidential information, and the game is over: the judge becomes the guilty party. Politics has evolved and no longer needs to resort to TNT. In today’s world, Borsellino would still be alive. The CSM would have convicted him. Mastella would have demanded that he be transferred. The media would have crucified him. He would have ended up in an Italian reserve, the same reserve where Caselli ended up and where Forleo is headed.
At one time we wondered whether we die as Christian democrats, now we wonder whether we will die in a Country without any form of legality.
The Sioux used to scalp their enemies, we cannot even resort to that. Our enemies only wear little wigs and have plastic hair.” Beppe Grillo

Ps: The “Espresso” has published the conversation that took place between the psychodwarf and Olivo-Saccà. Make a point of listening to it on an empty stomach though, just so that you don’t vomit.

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December 20, 2007

Appeal to the UN against the death penalty in Italy

photo by Roberta Grilli Romani

The UN moratorium on the application of the death penalty represents a small step forward for mankind, but a gigantic leap for humanity. The spectre of the hangman has been defeated. Prodi claims to be proud for Italy.
China, however, experienced a brief moment of terror. The hundreds of executions carried out in that country, using bullets paid for by the targets’ families, could well be called into question. As could the expected presence of 104 nations, including Italy, at the next Olympic Games to be held in China. And what about the Dalai Lama, who hears no lessons from Bush with regard to Tibet, but only repetitions of Afghanistan and the military base at Vicenza, and Valium Prodi, who failed to meet with the Dalai Lama for “reasons of State”. Any normal Italian would have been only too happy to host the Dalai Lama in his/her own home, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. And he/she would have considered it an honour. A State honour. These politicians that fly low while grabbing everyone by the b…s, just who the hell do they think they are?
Sergio D’Elia of the Rosa nel Pugno Party was the symbol of Italy’s participation in the call for a moratorium.
This is the man that was “Convicted and finally sentenced to 25 years in jail for armed assault and complicity in murder, for having been a member of the Top Leadership and having taken part in the planning of the attack carried out on the Florentine Murate Prison, in which warder Fausto Dionisi was killed on 20 January 1978. Subsequently, he was elected as Member of Parliament, and was immediately appointed as Chamber Secretary by the Unione coalition.”
Not a single Italian Parliamentarian has ever asked for a moratorium on the death penalty in Italy. There are 1500 executions occurring each year in the workplace, in other words 4/5 per day. This is an epidemic that must be stopped using strong measures. The Government must get a move on. If 4/5 politicians were to die every day in Parliament whilst carrying out their institutional duties, perhaps then Saint Emma Bonino of Confindustria would take an interest.
In Italy, company profits are apparently worth more than human lives. On today’s front pages, there are full-page reports proclaiming: “The UN, a historic “No” to the death penalty”. Much smaller and at the very bottom of the page: “The workplace, endless slaughter, five victims in just one day”.
The lives of the family fathers working in the factories are far more important than anything else. Even the UN should be more involved.
Send an e- mail for a moratorium on the assassination of Italians in the workplace, for the attention of United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon:

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December 18, 2007

De-Riottise the Rai 1 News


The 13th September 2006 represents a milestone in the history of the Italian information services. On that day, Raiotta was the first ever OGM newspaper vendor to be made news director for Rai 1. His ability to get his wires crossed with regard to information, and to convert news into propaganda have certainly taken him a long way up the ladder, or down the ladder, depending on your point of view. His aplomb, his English pronunciation and his black suits make him the perfect Italian news undertaker. The political parties love him and he, in turn, loves them dearly, particularly the members of the Ds.

“On 13 September 2006, with eight Rai Board members for and one against, Gianni Riotta was appointed as News Director for the TG1 news service, replacing Clemente Mimun. He introduced Anglo-Saxon information techniques in to the Tg1 news service, as well as live interviews slap bang in the middle of the news, live editorials and, finally, he launched the tangle between the Internet and television, with surveys and on line discussions.” Wikipedia

Tell me who voted against, I want to send him a package of marron glacès.
The New York Times dedicated a complete news report to Italy’s decline. The newspaper’s reporters spent an entire day with me. The NYT article describes a Country that is seeking a point of reference in a comedian. The NYT video was dedicated to V-day(*).
And what does Raiotta do? A report on the NYT, in which he states that: “The politicians are being accused, Beppe Grillo included, …”.
The Tg1 is a public news service and is not the personal property of some or other newspaper vendor, nor of the party secretaries that put him there.
Companies should stop all their advertising before the Tg1. We should disassociate ourselves. It is in their interest as well, after all, who would actually want to be associated with Raiotta?
I promise to publish the name of the first company to disassociate itself, right here on my blog.
Bad information cannot be anything other than bad advertising.

(*) Raiotta dedicated a total of just 23 seconds to V-day.

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Temporary Merry Christmas

photo by hape_gera

Hey Guys, please send me the odd positive letter as well! Every morning, after having read your accounts, I feel somewhat led to commit suicide. For this very reason, today I have decided to make a change and to publish an e-mail I sent in by Francesco. He is a fortunate, 30-year old guy who works as a teacher, earns a salary of 1,172 Euro for no less than nine months of each year, and is paid by the State with only a the odd month of delay. He is just a big baby, spoilt rotten by his mother. Good luck to he that can afford to live like that.
Temporary work is fast becoming the norm, an epidemic, and soon the majority of Italians will be employed on a temporary basis. The few that are still employed on a permanent basis will be seen as profiteers, shoo-ins, or exploiters of the population.

Download the book entitled "Schiavi Moderni" (Modern slaves), as it makes ideal reading for a Temporary Merry Christmas.

Dear Beppe,
My name is Francesco, I am 30 years of age and work as High School literature professor. I have Degree in Classical Arts and I trained to become a literature and Latin teacher immediately after completing my degree. For the past three years I have been a fully qualified lecturer, to all intents and purposes.
At the time of our Practical Training (the notorious SSIS), we were told that we would have to endure a certain period of temporary appointment, or "gavetta" (working your way up) as my colleagues call it. Difficult years in other words, years of replacement teaching, of odd hours of work here and there, of ridiculous salaries and uncertain posts.
I have not received a single cent since June. After the end of the school year, I was obliged to make do during the summer, hoping to receive new calls for work in September.
At the beginning of the new school year, Minister Fioroni appeared to come to our aid, establishing that, in the case of long-term temporary posts, namely those lasting for an entire year, the Treasury Ministry would be responsible for paying the salaries, rather than the High Schools’ funds. This was meant to ensure that all the lecturers were paid regularly and would no longer have to wait five or six months for their money. At least in theory, I should be one of the beneficiaries of this new directive, and I use the term “should”: I am currently working at a High School, with an annual contract, I have more than one hundred students, I travel 80Km to work and back each day, not to mention the meetings, interviews and class counselling, overtime, school trips and educational help-desk duties.
To say nothing of the salary. At the end of November I received my pay for October: 1,172 Euro. Nothing more since then. Some of my younger colleagues have not been paid since September. I am fortunate to be a true “big baby”. I still live at home with my mother, who at least loans me money for petrol while I wait to get paid.
It is a popular belief that teachers do not work hard enough and that we are lazy, good-for-nothings: eighteen-hour working weeks are seen as a real luxury. I am personally responsible for more than one hundred students. Do you honestly believe that eighteen hours per week leave me enough time to manage, organise and prepare the necessary class work? These hours are doubled at home. Piles of homework to mark, lessons to prepare and tests to draw up. They appoint us in September and terminate our services in mid-June, a total of nine months of salary. We are not entitled to get sick, nor to take any days off.
I worked hard at university in order to get my degree as quickly as possible and was then immediately accepted to do my two-year teaching qualification, which I completed successfully, and yet, I am still obliged to borrow petrol money from my mother.
Dear Beppe, we have no certainty of receiving a salary at the end of the month, we are constantly juggling loans and bank overdrafts and we are forced to accept help from our parents. This notwithstanding, we are not classified as temporary workers to all intents and purposes, we are not “Modern-day Slaves”, we do not work in the call centres or pieceworkers: we are lecturers and, as such, we should not complain. And yet, we too cannot get a home mortgage, nor can we even remotely think about starting a family.
Unfortunately, books are not edible. Regards.” Francesco

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December 17, 2007

Buffon with no net


Rocco Marzio, the fifth of the men killed at work in Turin, has died after undergoing two operations.
In addition to ThyssenKrupp, Turin also hosts Fiat, whose current Chairman also happens to be the current Chairman of Confindustria. Following its foray into progressive advertising and then into deceptive advertising, Fiat has now invented deplorable advertising. One of the ads shows Buffon, the super-goalkeeper who is the symbol of the family-owned Team, launches himself like Tarzan amongst the nonexistent parapets, and this without any protection. The reality existing on many construction sites is clearly demonstrated by the goalkeeper, however, to encourage such a thing is truly excessive, certainly paternalistic and perhaps even criminal.
The AITeP, namely the Italian Safety Officers’ Association, has done some appropriate touch-ups on the photograph. I invite you to spot the differences between the two photographs.


Buffon, send Montezemolo up onto that scaffolding!

To complete the story in style, I invite you to reflect on the data sent to me by Marco Bazzoni, Safety Worker Representative from the ANNO ZERO website:
NUMBERS (prepared by Giusy Arena and Filippo Barone)
774: workplace fatalities between January and September 2007
34,051: workplace accidents in 2006 (Inail)
8.450: safety inspectors for 5 million companies
30: safety inspectors in Turin for 68 thousand companies (1 for every 2,266 companies)
93%: sentenced in court but never go to prison (Mario Almerighi, magistrate)
150 thousand: cases statute-barred each year (Ministry of Justice)
+ 8,1%: profit generated for the company, per year, per employee
+ 0,4%: per year on each employee’s salary
+ 90%:increase in large industrial companies’ profits over ten years
+ 5%: increase in employees’ income over ten years (Ires-Cgil)
We would like to express a special word of thanks to Ires-Cgil for their assistance."

Additional note by Marco Bazzoni, who disagrees with certain of the data:
930,000 workplace accidents in 2006, not 34,051
1.950: safety inspectors (or workplace safety officers).

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December 16, 2007

Empty trucks and CO2 lungs


Bali dancers, photo courtesy of FriskoDude

The trucks have brought Italy to a standstill. This is nothing new; after all, they bring Italy to a halt every day. We are constantly brought to a standstill on the overpasses, the ring roads and inside the tunnels. Trucks don’t travel, what they do is moving parking. Half of them are empty. Once they reach their destination, they return home without any new load. This is the triumph of Governmental sloth. There are tens of thousands of small proprietary businesses, is this a logical thing? If this were a proper Country, with effect from tomorrow there would only be half of the current number of trucks travelling on our roads, in keeping with the amount of goods being transported.
The Italian peninsula is a natural seaside platform. The concept of maritime republics was born here, yet our harbours are in a state of decline. Integrated ship/train/truck transportation does not exist here. More trucks, more motorway toll fees, more diesel, who is profiting from all of this? The State, Fiat, motorway management companies and fuel companies.
The truckers find themselves competing with each other on the roads, with no rest breaks and no official working hours, and all for a fistful of Euros. What about a national transportation plan, to be implemented over a period of three years and controlled by the citizens?
The truckers’ strike did, however, have a positive spin off and, thanks to the reduction in carbon monoxide emissions; today every Italian has gained an extra few days of life. The cities became more peaceful and the bicycles came out in force. Those living out in the country once again purchased their milk and eggs directly from the farmer. The motorcar remained parked and we saved on fuel. After many years, we once again spoke to our neighbour, to ask for some salt.
At this time, we are in Bali, together with the other nations of the world. Partly to catch some sun, I think. I saw a beautifully suntanned Pecoraro appearing live on TV. Partly also to talk shit. In our cities, there are no such things as electric taxis and busses, nor are there any cycle paths. We have exceeded the Kyoto parameters for CO2. We continue to build incinerators and waffle on about safe nuclear energy. Yet we are not even able to ensure that the trucks travel fully loaded. Only one word comes to mind to describe the current situation: “Fools!”.

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December 15, 2007

A rickshaw for a new “takeoff

photo by

What beautiful people I saw this morning as I was pedalling through the streets of Rome. They were too good to me. Certainly, when you have an avenue of people shouting “Sei er mejo” (You’re the best) at you, it does tend to go to your head just a little. I felt like a triumphant Caesar riding on that rickshaw.
When I arrived at Palazzo Madama with the boxes containing your signatures, it felt like I had woken from a beautiful dream. The dream of a population that is free, without anyone convicted of any crimes, even serious ones, sitting in Parliament. Marini received me and he was very kind.
A Senate office bearer made me become official, with the number 1936. He had some sand in his pockets. I became suspicious because he was using it to bless the forms (reference to sandbagging). He mentioned clauses, procedures, amendments and tampax. The “Clean Parliament” popular law could, in fact, be “absorbed” in the legislative proposals being made by Calderoli, he of the “porcata” who, in the interests of coherence, takes a pig out for a walk of a Sunday morning. And this could perhaps be the best of all the possible outcomes. In full compliance with constitutional parliamentary process the three proposed bills could, indeed, immediately be archived by the parliamentary committees, without ever having been discussed in the Chamber.


I explained to Marini that, for the first time ever in the history of our Republic, 350,000 signatures were gathered in a single day, in favour of a popular law, the first time that one and a half million REAL people came out to show their support. He became thoughtful and I believe he will mull it over for at least a quarter of an hour. Then he will smoke his pipe.
In the latest Censis Report, De Rita defines our Country as: “A mucilaginous society in place of population development”. The Demos Report-La Repubblica painted a picture of “An Italy that is insecure, disheartened and tired of the old things carrying on”. The New York Times carried an article on us, which seemed more like a death announcement.
These signs should be enough to wake the dead.
However, State President Napolitano stated that: “Grillo’s Italy is not the real one”. And he is right, it is indeed his Italy, created by his political class. The same class that has been ensconced in the halls of power for the past thirty/forty/fifty years. I want to reveal a secret: the grey panthers are controlling Italy. Those who, in the interests of solidarity, are thinking about pensions for their contemporaries, while forgetting about the young people who will never actually see their pension.
My dear politicians, whatever the meaning of the word, the re-creation is about to come to an end.

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December 14, 2007

Italy, as seen by the New York Times


Today, the New York Times published an article on Italy floundering and on V-day. The newspaper’s website contains a long article, a video and a series of photographs entitled “A life less dolce”.
From the article entitled “In a Funk, Italy sings an Aria of disappointment”:
“A low-tech lifestyle may enchant the tourists, however, the use of Internet and e-commerce is amongst the lowest in all of Europe, as are salary levels, foreign investment and growth. Pensions, public debt and administration costs, instead, are amongst the highest.
The latest data depicts a nation that is increasingly ageing and poor, to the point where the country’s most eminent bishop has proposed an increase in the number of food parcels for the poor.
70% of Italians between 20 and 30 years of age is still living at home with Mom and Dad, condemned to an increasingly lengthy and unproductive adolescence. Many of the most intelligent ones are leaving Italy, just as many of their predecessors did just a century ago.
American Ambassador Ronald Spogli, who has an intimate knowledge of Italy dating back some forty years, warns that Italy is at risk of seeing its international role diminish, as well as its relations with Washington. America’s best friends are its business partners, and Italy is not one of the most important of these. The country’s level of bureaucracy and its unclear rules have led to USA investments in Italy dropping to only 16.9 billion Dollars in 2004, while investments in Spain stood at 49.3 billion.
In Denmark, 64% of people have faith in their Parliament, while in Italy, this figure drops to 36%. Statistics show that 11% of all Italian families are living below the poverty line, and that 15% of them find it difficult to survive through to the end of the month on their salaries”.

This is how the world sees us. All things that frequent visitors to the blog already know, but it is comforting to see the facts being confirmed by an international newspaper.

At 10h30 today, I will be taking a three-person rickshaw to Palazzo Madama in Rome, in order to deliver the signatures, in support of the popular demand for a “Clean Parliament” Law to be passed, to Senate Chairman Franco Marini. I will be pedalling, bearing the boxed forms, down Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, along Via Sant’Agostino, Corso del Rinascimento, Via Santa Giovanna D'Arco and Via della Dogana Vecchia. I will ask Franco Marini to table the popular law before the Senate as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

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December 12, 2007

You all are the good news


YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

In the absence of any good news, the blog makes its own. You all are the good news. You are magnificent. I would like to kiss you all, but I can’t. So pick up a photo of me and give yourselves a kiss. The appeal for Ida and Kristal of Caselle Torinese, the unemployed mother with the little girl requiring constant care, has raised in excess of 90,000 Euro so far, after only a single posting. Ida still needs to find a job in Caselle, one that is nearby her daughter’s school and close to the doctors that are taking care of Kristal. I am certain that the blog will provide. To the businessmen of Caselle and surrounding areas, I say: “Stand up and be counted!” In the interview, Ida explains that, when it comes to employment, the municipality gives preference to former drug addicts and those people that have fallen foul of the law. Just like our Parliament. They should think about becoming “twinned”.
Thus, had Ida been a cocaine addict, she would already have been engaged some time ago on a full time, or perhaps even a parliamentarian basis. Law 104 provides her with no protection whatsoever, and no company is prepared to employ her because they don’t want to be saddled with an employee with a daughter who has serious motor-skills problems. Ida has written to everyone that she can think of. No one, other than this blog, has bothered to reply. Not a single one of the politicians, the State President, the Mayor of Turin or the Mayor of Caselle Torinese. These are all people that supposedly earn their salaries by resolving the citizens’ problems, beginning with the weakest members of society. Silence and public service salaries. Silence and public service salaries.
Thank you, thanks to all of you, in particular to Kristal, a woman in a little girl’s body, which is how her doctors have defined her.

Read the content of the interview.
Anyone wishing to offer Ida a job, kindly leave your details in a comment attached to this posting.

Anyone wishing to make a donation, may do so into the following account:

Reason: Ida and Kristal
Account in the name of Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
Current acct No. 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A

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December 11, 2007

The kites

photo by Mike Agner

Today there is something new in the sun (*), in fact something ancient: I am living elsewhere and feel that the parties are being re-born around me. I loathe Springtime names in the dead of winter. It is much like the greenhouse effect that is warming up the backsides of the party secretaries.
”Topo Gigio” Veltroni announces the “Democratic Party” and the psychodwarf responds with his own “Italian People’s Freedom Party”, while the three red dwarfs dilibertobertinottimussi, together with Snow White Pecoraro, set up the “Rainbow Left-Wing”, a cheerful Storace announces “The Right-Wing” (of the Arcore’s ring road) and Fini reveals the ace up his sleeve and is to change the name of his party from AN to “Alliance for Italy”.
He who fails to change with the times is lost, and he who fails to change his name will be recognised. Instead of fleeing abroad or retiring to the countryside, the politicians are instead having a complete makeover. They have realised that something is not working as it should and that the citizens, who are openly insulting them in the streets, are not too happy with what they are doing.
Miracles do sometimes happen. Occhetto and Ingrao have reappeared, as have Cossutta and Intini. Had Craxi remained in Italy, he would now certainly be the preferred bipartisan candidate for the post of State President.
As well as names, percentages are also beginning to appear. There are those with 35%, those with 15% and yet others with 29%, no one ever goes below 10%. It is a form of creative electoral accounting, where the total not only exceeds 100% of the potential votes, but it can indeed reach 200% or more. It is the optimism born of the desire to take the piss out of us all.
In order for things to really change, our employees should find themselves a new name and surname. Pier Ferdinando Casini – Caltagirone Blue, Walter Veltroni - Romino Pink. The psychodwarf could perhaps hold a referendum amongst his forty million supporters in his three million gazebos, to choose freely from a list of two possible names, namely Licio Mangano or Vittorio Gelli.
After choosing a new name, they could then perhaps change their hair colour. No one would recognise a blonde Fini, or an embarrassingly blushing-redheaded Mastella. And finally, with secret service protection, they could change both their address and their facial features.
This would be a real change. The citizens would once again start voting, as happy as children “from another place, another season and another life”.

(*) From the poem entitled “L’aquilone” (The Kite) by Giovanni Pascoli

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December 10, 2007

High speed guillotines

Photo from "Midnight Meat Train"

The National Railways overlook nothing, not even the smallest detail when it comes down to increasing the speed of their trains. In the spirit of their motto, “The sooner we leave, the sooner we get there”, Trenitalia has devised another new way to speed up the departure of the trains.
The train driver is no longer obliged to check whether the warning lights indicating the closure of the doors are on or off before departure. It is meant to be a productivity incentive for the railwaymen. What happens in reality is that anyone jumping on board at the last moment remains trapped in the doorway until the train arrives at the next station. According to railway workers, these sliding doors have caused some 800 accidents and four deaths since June, and this at Roma Termini, Pietrasanta, Torricella and Verona Stations alone.
The first class, 'Gran confort' carriages, whose doors close in guillotine fashion, appear to be the worst offenders. One man that has most certainly sampled the ‘great comfort’ for himself, is train conductor Antonio Di Luccio, who was dragged 100m by the train and had one of his legs and a foot amputated. “And yet the installation of safety devices would not require any major investment, especially considering the amount of money that is being spent on repainting and advertising”. Dante De Angelis, train driver and safety representative at the time, was fired and later re-engaged.
Conductors spend their weekends at home in training, closing the doors to their houses hundreds of times, as quickly as possible. If their wives ask any questions, they are told that: “It is for my own safety”.
Trades Union Representatives from Sdl, Orsa, Cgil and Uil have lodged statements requesting urgent intervention by the judiciary. Trenitalia remains unconcerned, and the company’s response has been that: “the figures have so far not indicated any increase as regards lack of safety”, and that “the safety criteria will increase with the introduction of new technologies”.
Whatever could these new technologies be? Following on from the “guillotine doors”, could we perhaps next be treated to “first-class electric chairs”, “sealed carriages with nerve gas” and “conductor’s noose”?

“But the locomotive runs, runs, runs
and the sound of whistling steam, it almost seems to be alive”
Francesco Guccini

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December 09, 2007

Work is a killer

photo from

Yesterday at the “alla Scala” opera house, one minute’s silence was observed in honour of those that were burned alive at the Turin steel manufacturing. Then, off we went with Wagner. State President Napolitano had just got back from the centenary celebrations for Mondadori, the writer D’Alema’s publishing house handed to the psychodwarf on a platter thanks to Previti’s corruption of certain judges.
The top leaders were there, together with models with long legs and balcony-style boobs. It would appear that Pertini rushed to the serious burn unit of the Turin hospital. It is said that he spent the night with the families. However, 1500 dead per year is more than worth a night out at the Scala.
The Government should call a special meeting of the Cabinet in order to implement urgent measures to improve workplace safety, however, this is a government that does not even have the courage to receive the Dalai Lama. When people die as a result of empty fire extinguishers and 16-hour shifts, the factory owner should be summarily thrown into jail, without passing go, and the factory should be shut down temporarily. The current centre-left Government, with its two trade unionists in the Chamber and the Senate, and its trade unionist Minister of Labour, is making us hanker back to the days of Berlusconi.
They are at each other’s throats for days on end because one soldier is killed in Afghanistan, a soldier who should not have been therein the first place, while ignoring a slaughter that has been going on for two years now. Why is this? I don’t know what the answer is. The Maroni Law has only increased the danger, because the temporary worker who is employed for only a few months does not have adequate time to learn the job, while the employer has no interest whatsoever in investing in any form of training. This flood of illegal immigrants, who are often the first to become victims and who are never legalised simply because it is not worthwhile. In the morning, the person who is unemployed doesn’t get to eat, but the one who is employed, leaves his family in order to go and risk his life. The odds of getting a visit from the inspectors are the same as those of winning the Superenalotto, one chance in every thirty years. We are absolutely top of the list in Europe as regards fatal accidents. In its latest report, the Transparency International organisation places Italy in second place in Europe in terms of the corruption of political parties, our only saving grace being Bulgaria. Top of the list for work related deaths and second for corrupt parties, could there just perhaps be some link?

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Free Tibet


The Dalai Lama gave me the honour of a private audience in Milan. The Pope refused to meet with him, as did Italy’s President Napolitano, while Premier Prodi was nowhere to be seen and didn’t want the Dalai Lama anywhere near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Chamber and the Senate decided not to meet him officially. Milan’s Mayor Moratti chose to exercise caution, so she will see him, but together with a group of other Nobel Prize winners so as not to attract too much attention. It is said that she intends to dress up as a nun so as not to be recognised. Only Regional Governor Formigoni, let’s give merit where it is due, will be meeting him officially. We have reached the very peak of cowardice. In addition to being the spiritual leader and temporal leader of all Tibetans, the Dalai Lama has also been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
In the days when China was simply communist, the Dalai Lama was welcome everywhere, while now that China has become hyper-capitalist, suddenly the Dalai Lama is being avoided. The God of Money is by far the most powerful of the Italian deities. There are temples in his honour in every town centre and, in fact, these have become the new churches, namely, the banks and the insurance companies.
Here we have one of the most important men on earth, being treated like a dog in Church. Confindustria, Italy’s Chamber of Industry, is safe for the time being, Italy a little less so. What difference is there between Chinese democracy and ours? Only one! Over there, they still have the death penalty and they simply shoot you. Here, instead, we isolate you, we slander your name and we transfer you away. We only kill you if it becomes absolutely necessary. Ours is a kind dictatorship. Murder is only used as a last resort.

Click to see the video

In China, the Dalai Lama has been barred from the Internet and you will come up with nothing if you enter his name in any of the search engines there, something that is not yet possible in Italy. The Internet continues to carry references about him, while the other media minimise, cut and misinform.
The Dalai Lama gave me a white scarf as a gift and I, in turn, promised him that I would become his Italian Richard Gere and fight for the liberation of Tibet. He looked somewhat baffled, but I put this down to the fact that perhaps I am better-looking than Richard. This blog will continue to do everything in its power to provide information regarding Tibet. In the interests of a free Tibet. I am counting on your help.

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December 07, 2007

EU/4 The parliamentarians


Each year, Italy pays approximately 12/13 billion Euro over to the EU. These billions land up in a communal fund, which is then shared out in favour of the developing areas. What we get back amounts to about 8/9 billion. Where do these funds go? Almost entirely to three Regions, namely, Campania, Calabria and Sicily. European funds, which consist of monies originally paid from our taxes, therefore, take a trip via Rome-Brussels-Naples (or Palermo, or Catanzaro). A one-way trip with no political accountability required from even one of the Republic’s Ministers. In fact, the decisions are made in Brussels and bear the signature of some unknown official.
The regions of the South have managed to achieve some development, thanks to the European Community policies and the tens of billions of Euro received over time. The organised crime syndicates and political lobbying groups have evolved into veritable integrated multinational companies.
But what happens to the 4/5 billion Euro difference, which is not returned to Italy? These go to “poor” nations, normally the new entrants into the EU. Such as Romania for example, which will receive 28/30 billion Euro in development funding between 2007 and 2013. And who contributes to that country’s development? The fearless Italian businessmen! Italy currently has 22,000 companies operating in Romania, and is that country’s top business partner. Any Italian company establishing itself in Rumania undoubtedly has certain advantages, such as low labour costs, favourable tax rates and access to European financing. Then, perhaps, the product is resold as “Made in Italy”, earning more than it would have previously. Romanian Premier Calin Tariceanu explained that Europe should not fear any uncontrolled influx of people from his Country, because “Romania has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the whole of Europe” (see interview). Our whole world has been turned upside down. Those remaining in Italy are lambasted, are obliged to pay their taxes in advance and do not have access to any State funding. So he/she moves to Romania. Taking Italian money with him/her. That money left over from the charity handed out to our Southern Regions by the new Southern Bank that we now call the EU.

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Hands off Clementina


In Italy, the judiciary is separate from the political powers. So separate, in fact, that we have the Upper Council of the Magistrature (CSM), with Ds member Giorgio Napolitano as Chairman and Margherita member Nicola Mancino as Deputy Chairman. All of this in order to guarantee institutional equilibrium (in the interests of politics).
“The CSM is the Judiciary’s self-control mechanism; by making provision for the CSM, the creators aimed to guarantee the Judiciary’s autonomy and independence from other State powers, in particular from the executive.” (Wikipedia). Autonomy, independence?
The CSM consists of ten commissions. The first of these, which deals with the investigation of magistrates, is made up by: Patrono Antonio (Chairman), Vacca Letizia (Deputy Chairman), Anedda Gianfranco, Pepino Livio, Roia Mario, Arcuri Maurizio, Lignola Ferdinando, Brancaccio Matilde and Digilio Maria. A commission that is so autonomous and independent that a number of its members are also openly acknowledged as being high fliers in various parties: Vacca (Pdci), Anedda (An). What does it mean to be a high flier? Making kites for Diliberto and Fini?
The CSM should be accountable to the Italian public, not to any political party because, if it is accountable to the political parties, if it is headed up by senior party members, then certain things happen, such as Forleo being transferred, humiliated, snatched away from the Unipol investigation (involving two political parties, namely the Ds and the former Forza Italia) and accused of heaven alone knows what:
“The first commission of the Upper Council of the Magistrature unanimously resolved to institute proceedings, for reasons of incompatibility and in terms of art. 2 of the Guarantee Law, against Dr. Mariaclementina Forleo, Milan Court judge in charge of preliminary inquiries, with regard to the serious inconveniences that have occurred in the area where she performs her judicial duties, and as a result of certain public statements made by said magistrate regarding alleged subtle institutional interference and intimidation, allegations that proved to be unfounded following investigations in this regard”.
Diliberti-aligned Deputy Chairman of the commission, Mrs. Vacca, explained that: “Her excessive, unfounded and extremely serious allegations (namely Forleo’s, Ed) have caused concern in judicial circles and have been detrimental to the image of the Milan magistrates, who have felt offended. Our problem is to restore tranquillity to the judicial offices in Milan. Vacca assures everyone that: ”Our actions are certainly not motivated by any wish to persecute Forleo” while, at the same time, issuing a very harsh judgement against the Milan magistrate and Catazaro Public Prosecutor Luigi De Magistris, in whose case another judgement is due to be announced in the near future, and by the very same First Commission: “They are bad magistrates”. “To say that ‘I mentioned D’Alema’s name and that is why they are hounding me’ is not a syllogism that could, perhaps, be valid. This constitutes judicial impropriety and such behaviour is destructive. The magistrates are there to conduct inquiries and not to play the role of heroes, otherwise they become negative figures”.
My dear Oliviero, do you have anything further to add, or are you too busy with Ballarò (TV show)?
The SCM must either change its name to Upper Council of the Magistrature under Political Tutorship, or the CSMTP, or it must be accountable to its real employer, namely the citizens. Council sittings, such as the one in which courageous magistrates like Dr. Forleo are being disciplined, and inquiries like the one regarding Unipol are being swept under the carpet, must be made open to the public. Go Clementina, you are not alone.
I invite all of you to express your opinion regarding the First Commission’s decision by writing directly to the Chairman of the CSM, Giorgio Napolitano: click here.

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December 05, 2007

No to bullying parliamentarians in our schools


At one time we used to attack the ovens, now we are attacking parliament. Just this morning, the night watchmen broke through the barriers surrounding Montecitorio, before being stopped by the Police. The night watchmen do not want to be forced to accept fixed-term contracts and, in order to indicate their intentions, they goaded the deputies to come outside with shouts of: “Fools, Fools”. Night watchmen, taxi drivers, National Police, all within a few days. Which will be the next group to protest?
After V-day, the parties commenced with a gentle restoration. De Magistris, who was investigating European funding, namely, billions of Euro used for vote exchanges, was relieved of responsibility for the inquiry. Clementina Forleo is to be transferred out by the Upper Council of the Magistrature.
D’Alema is safe, Mastella is safe and Prodi perhaps did not need to be saved, but he made the psychodwarf look mean. He was talking while Valium, instead, quietly carried on. The judiciary being held on a leash and special laws being made to measure for politicians, and members of their families, have become an everyday practice. Dini’s wife was convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy and had not said a word to her husband. Nevertheless, she will not be sent to jail thanks to the family pardon and, meanwhile, her husband continues to exert his influence in the Government...
Convicted politicians are shamelessly interviewed, paid homage and smothered in media saliva. Dell’Utri, Gianni De Michelis, Bossi and Vito issue statements as if they were Leading Patriots. I believe that even they take pity on the journalists and their Principals.
The politicians are getting dangerously close to our guys.
An attack was launched against the psyche of a group of youngsters just yesterday by a de-Unipolised D’Alema at the “Istituto Tecnico Cristoforo Colombo”. The de-Forleized spoke on the topic: “The youth and the parties”, after having explained that he also feels the attraction of Faith and that he is not in favour of homosexual marriages.
Herewith some of the questions asked and answers given:
Youth: "Parliamentarians’ benefits "?
D’Alema: "I have always paid for my own cinema tickets "
Youth: "You are involved in judicial matters"
D’Alema: ”Look, I assure you, I am not involved in any matters”
Youth: "Islam?"
D’Alema: “...Traditionally, Islam is tolerant, if only we had not gone out to upset them with the crusades (1)”
Youth: "anti-politics?"
D’Alema: “It is difficult for anyone with power to give it up (2), that will depend on you”
Politicians that are barred, investigated or condemned do not make good role models for our youth. They should not be allowed to speak in Italian schools. I appeal to the headmasters, fight against investigated or condemned politicians and place the picture bearing the script: “No to bullying parliamentarians in our schools” at the entrance. And always notify parents beforehand so that they can take appropriate precautions.

(1) the last of the crusades took place in 1271
(2) Freudian slip

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December 04, 2007

Petroleum and terrorism

Image from the Financial Times

11 September 2001. Since then we have been one of the nations at risk of Islamic attacks. More than six years have passed and, as far as we can remember, not a single person has been killed or injured in Italy as a direct result of the Jihad. This must be some sort of record. We have not seen a single possessed man wearing a turban, or a bearded fanatic involved in any robbery, bloody event or domestic burglary.
Some may believe that this may be simply because Italy closes an eye (looks the other way), perhaps even both eyes and allows everyone to do their own thing. And the Country allows the setting up of logistics bases that could be used as a springboard for attacks elsewhere in Europe. There may well be some truth in this belief because, here in Italy, we are free to do whatever we wish and this Country is probably the best crossroads for all the secret services of the world. Abu Omar was kidnapped in Milan by twenty-six CIA agents. However, any terrorist wishing to blow himself up in London or Madrid is able to access local support with impunity. He need not go as far as Rome or Milan. Since 2001, there have been around 8000 people assassinated in the workplace, hundreds more have died at the hands of organised crime and there have been thousands of rapes. Entire swathes of the Campania, Calabria and Sicily Regions are beyond the rule of law, with shotguns drawn. The result is that we have sent our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan and cut our funding to the Country’s Police Services. All due to the Jihad.
Of what use is a fear of the Muslims and the mosques? The person who prays does not normally get involved in criminal activity. In an attempt to find some sort of answer to this question, I read the recent International Energy Agency Report on the future of world energy. The report’s content is summarised in a map published by the Financial Times and entitled: “The increasing importance of Middle East petroleum”.
In 1980, the quantity of petroleum extracted in non-Opec countries, such as the United States and Russia, amounted to 35.5 million barrels per day, while 28.1 million barrels were being extracted by Opec zone Countries. The forecast for the year 2030 is exactly the opposite, with petroleum production is expected to in the order of 60.3 million barrels per day in the Opec zone and 53.2 million barrels in the rest of the world. He who controls the Persian Gulf, which is where 30% of the entire global requirement will be extracted, controls the energy resources and, he who controls the energy resources also controls the entire planet. The rising demand for energy (China alone will go from their current 7 million barrels per day, to 16.5 million by 2030) will coincide with the concentration of petroleum in the Persian Gulf, overlooked by Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. All of which are Muslim States. Therefore, the more petroleum you produce, the more you are a terrorist.

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December 03, 2007

The Vatican uber alles

Mussolini signs the Lateran Pacts

In Italy, there is always a common denominator in politics, whether they be centre-left or centre-right: it takes its orders from foreign powers. The first of these is the Vatican and the second is the United States. The former dictates our laws, while the latter sets up military bases in Italy and enrols this country in wars, just like the mercenaries of old.
Of the two, the Vatican is by far the most dangerous, without any doubt. It has much more experience behind it and (always) wins its battles by having them fought by the devoted Italian Parties that are sitting in Parliament.
Telmo Pievani, who has documented the full story in his book entitled “Sante Ragioni” (“Sacred Reasons”) has written me a letter.

Dear Beppe,
I wish to talk to you about the numerous “castes” that we have in our Country. What I am talking about is the ecclesiastical caste and its ever-increasing number of disciples that are active in the constitutional field and in the media.
I am a teacher of scientific philosophy by profession. In collaboration with a journalist friend, I have written a book intended to be an analytical discussion of the “Sacred Reasons” that are adopted by the leading figures of the Vatican hierarchy in order to justify the religious conditioning of the fundamental choices affecting the life of each and every citizen, from birth to death, from school to family and from bioethics to civil society. We are told repeatedly that it is not a matter of faith, nor of personal conviction, but rather a matter hat is the result of “proper reasoning” and “natural law” and, as such, is applicable to everyone. We took this matter seriously and verified that what we are dealing with is, in fact, a kind of non-existent rationality that is ideological and entirely unfounded. We have examined the consequences of these contradictory “reasons” – converted into State laws by increasingly industrious politicians, evenly distributed throughout both formations – regarding all our lifestyles. We have come to realise that the cultural climate in this Country is changing rapidly, and that as regards certain important issues, such as the freedom of scientific research, freedom of teaching and freedom in the biomedical field, there is a very real and documentable regression at play. A kind of creationist literature, which we thought was limited to American evangelical fundamentalists, is instead being spreading throughout our schools and our media. The Corriere della Sera newspaper and the RAI television channels are reviewing certain books that violently discredit the theory of evolution, and are filled to the brim with untruths, insults and scientific howlers. The latest “work” by Rosa Alberoni, “Il Dio di Michelangelo e la barba di Darwin” or “Michelangelo’s God and Darwin’s beard”, is presented in Rome, at a very prestigious venue, by former Ministers like Rocco Buttiglione, by RAI news service directors and other eminent figures such as Monsignor Rino Fisichella.
Let’s try to analyse a number of recent facts, namely certain documents, Parliamentary decisions, fund allocations and public statements. Here are some examples:
- the publication of the new Ministerial guidelines regarding Law No. 40 have been delayed, notwithstanding the overwhelming amount of data indicating its counterproductive effects of that unfortunate piece of legislation in terms of new births and discrimination against women
- as regards the bill relating to “de-facto” couples (Civil Solidarity Pacts, Stable service relationships, Civil relationships, ...), the restricted committee of the Senate, which was supposed to draft the bill in its final form, received approximately two thousand amendments, which will certainly bring all the Committee’s activities to a grinding halt for the next few months
- the law relating to living wills: as at June this year, the attempt being made to consolidate the eleven law proposals submitted into a single proposed bill had not as yet produced any results
- nothing further has been heard about the law relating to religious freedom
- funding for the research into exclusively adult stem cells, a unique case in terms of research ethics guidelines by the State: Minister Turco has firmly rejected an appeal from scientists working on previously gathered embryonic stem cell lines, and is even talking of a “gang war” between rival researchers
- the National Bioethics Committee has gone into what is essentially a permanent stall as a result of disputes between the secular minority and the (overwhelming) denominational majority. Influential secular scholars and scientists, Elena Cattaneo and Cinzia Caporale, have been “removed” from their positions as deputy chairmen
If these snippets create the impression that Parliamentary and Ministerial activities are grinding to a halt…… is not so, in fact:
- within the scope of is deliberations regarding the Budget, the Senate, with only one of the twelve senators voting against the measure, voted in favour of extend the exemption granted on the payment of Rates and Taxes on properties belonging to Religious Bodies and used for business purposes
- Minister Fioroni gave the go-ahead for the payment of the initial instalment of the State funding for equivalent schools (private), t the tune of around 127 million Euro. The Minister pointed out that “these amounts, to be credited immediately to the individual educational institutions, only constitute an initial instalment in terms of the envisaged funding”.
These facts are seldom if ever mentioned in the Italian media. It begs the question as to whether we have become a Country that practices conditional secularism. Kindest regards.” Telmo Pievani, Bicocca Academic University of Milan,

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December 02, 2007

The thing

Image from the film "The Thing"

All we ever seem to discuss are symbols, names and things. Not the future. Not the problems. The white Thing, the Red Thing, the yet to be named thing of the psychodwarf, the co-operative white and faded red thing of “Topo Gigio” (Italian cartoon mouse) Veltroni. The Cosa Nostra, which holds the copyright, is not for the time being submitting its lists but is satisfied with a number of proxies.
Our employees move around, they do things. They change the party’s name so that all track of it is lost. Just to look busy. They raise clouds of dust. They hide facts. The newspapers write entire pages on the leaders’ meetings, on the great communicators and on broad understandings reached However, our dear “Topo Gigio”, who voted for the centre-left, wants no broad understanding with Previti, Dell’Utri and Berlusconi’s Party. I already know what your answer will be:”But what are you telling me?????”.
Which leader are they gossiping about? The leaders of the National Health? The lack of safety and the new poverty, a judiciary that has been enslaved or marginalized and the level of information between Botswana and Nigeria, whose daughters they are? I’ll tell you what. They are sons of bitches. The new party headquarters, the new symbols, the positions of Brambilla and De Mita, who is acting as tutor for the new managers of the Democratic Party. And it does not end there.
Mrs. Moratti, mayor of Milan, is under investigation. All good and well, however, on request by two courageous journalists (they may be few but they are nevertheless there) this Blog had already hinted at the reasons for the investigation, on 4 July 2007.

Click here to see the video

Why have the national newspapers failed to mention anything in this regard? Why have the news services of Raiset failed to examine this situation in depth? We always seem to have to wait for the magistrates before announcing the news. And then only once it can no longer be avoided and, in any event, the word is then only spread by the accused, who are, as usual, serene, always serene, but they are serenely grabbing us by the b…. What’s the bet that the Milan magistrates are going to come to the same sort of sticky end as did De Magistris and Forleo, in other words, get transferred, slandered or suddenly removed from office, never to be heard of again.
In the next few days I will be depositing the V-day signatures. Getting these certificated was hard work. I will take them personally to the Senate and I have requested a meeting with Senate chairman, Franco Marini, in order to explain the initiative to him. The presentation of the public initiative law known as “Clean Parliament” should take place in the house sometime during the early months of 2008. Stay tuned!

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December 01, 2007

The war against the Cape Verde dolphins

Dolphins on the beach at Cape Verde

Today I am going to tell you a modern fairy tale, in the words of a girl from Cape Verde.
The wolf is long gone, only to be replaced by the American naval bases with their nuclear-powered submarines. And now, the part of Little Red Riding Hood is not being played by Putin but, in this case, by the dolphins and those unfortunate ones that are obliged to host the armaments of the American Dream.
They take the medicines out of their mouths and have no public health system, all in order to be able to give us arms.

"Hello Beppe,
My girlfriend was born in Cape Verde, a beautiful archipelago of islands, which was still completely uncontaminated, that is until just a few years ago. Now read what has happened there:

- Terrible news. I was phoned on Sunday morning at about 4 am and informed about what was happening. During the night, perhaps around 1am, first 10, then 100 and then 300 dolphins landed up beached about 9 km away from my home, at Morro de Areia near Chave.
At 6 am, together with a large group made up of Cape Verde locals and foreigners, we went along in order to try to save them. However, after having pushed about forty of them back into the water and kept them at bay for some time, they came back to shore. We continued in our attempts for no less than 9 hours, but to no avail, because they continued coming back to shore, apparently wanting to die. I don’t know if this is in fact so, but this is most certainly the impression we got.
What a tragedy it was, seeing these dolphins, with tears in their eyes, simply asking to be left alone to die. They all died, notwithstanding all of our efforts, and there was little else left to do but to bury them.
Again on Monday, another 70 beached dolphins, this time near Ribeira, between our house and Chave, right in front of where they are busy building the Riu. The dolphins were returned to the water with the help of some of the workers and, after numerous attempts, they proceeded to return to deeper waters, and only five of them died.
The theories put forward on Sunday tended to lay the blame for this tragedy on the presence of ships or submarines in the area, whose sonar signals either caused the dolphins to become disoriented, frightened or drove them insane.
We now know that, once again, man is the responsible party. This is, in fact, confirmed by the presence of an American nuclear-powered submarine, which docked at Sao Vincente after having navigated between the islands.
It was shown on the television, in the roadstead where the future American naval base is due to be built. The submarine was navigating in the area, sometime between the Saturday and Sunday on which the phenomenon occurred. During the night, between the Saturday and the Sunday, a group of no less than 265 dolphins beached themselves.
The worst part is that there are another 400 dolphins on their way here, whose fate seems to be sealed, something that we sincerely hope can be avoided. We are told by the Cape Verde radio service and thereafter by the Harbour Authority that these dolphins are currently zigzagging toward us.
Herewith a hug and a hope that the desert and the sea will be with us! "A girl from Cape Verde”.

Ps: MicroMega, sponsored by the Catanzaro Province and scheduled to take place in Catanzaro tomorrow, 1st December 2007, at the Provincial Council Building (Luigi Rossi square). There will be a debate on the subject of: "The law and the power of the powerless ". Speakers will include: Luigi De Magistris, Marco Travaglio, Carlo Vulpio, Antonio Massari, Raffaello Magi, Marco Del Gaudio, Melania Salazar and Domenico Ciruzzi. Moderator: Emilio Carnevali.

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