A rickshaw for a new “takeoff

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What beautiful people I saw this morning as I was pedalling through the streets of Rome. They were too good to me. Certainly, when you have an avenue of people shouting “Sei er mejo” (You’re the best) at you, it does tend to go to your head just a little. I felt like a triumphant Caesar riding on that rickshaw.
When I arrived at Palazzo Madama with the boxes containing your signatures, it felt like I had woken from a beautiful dream. The dream of a population that is free, without anyone convicted of any crimes, even serious ones, sitting in Parliament. Marini received me and he was very kind.
A Senate office bearer made me become official, with the number 1936. He had some sand in his pockets. I became suspicious because he was using it to bless the forms (reference to sandbagging). He mentioned clauses, procedures, amendments and tampax. The “Clean Parliament” popular law could, in fact, be “absorbed” in the legislative proposals being made by Calderoli, he of the “porcata” who, in the interests of coherence, takes a pig out for a walk of a Sunday morning. And this could perhaps be the best of all the possible outcomes. In full compliance with constitutional parliamentary process the three proposed bills could, indeed, immediately be archived by the parliamentary committees, without ever having been discussed in the Chamber.


I explained to Marini that, for the first time ever in the history of our Republic, 350,000 signatures were gathered in a single day, in favour of a popular law, the first time that one and a half million REAL people came out to show their support. He became thoughtful and I believe he will mull it over for at least a quarter of an hour. Then he will smoke his pipe.
In the latest Censis Report, De Rita defines our Country as: “A mucilaginous society in place of population development”. The Demos Report-La Repubblica painted a picture of “An Italy that is insecure, disheartened and tired of the old things carrying on”. The New York Times carried an article on us, which seemed more like a death announcement.
These signs should be enough to wake the dead.
However, State President Napolitano stated that: “Grillo’s Italy is not the real one”. And he is right, it is indeed his Italy, created by his political class. The same class that has been ensconced in the halls of power for the past thirty/forty/fifty years. I want to reveal a secret: the grey panthers are controlling Italy. Those who, in the interests of solidarity, are thinking about pensions for their contemporaries, while forgetting about the young people who will never actually see their pension.
My dear politicians, whatever the meaning of the word, the re-creation is about to come to an end.

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You mean 240 millions Euro?
That's a lot of money for a man like Napolitano!
He should give it to his "compagni" instead.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 17, 2007 06:57 PM

It is public knowledge that Napolitano costs 240,000,000 Euro / year to the Italian taxpayers : there is no doubt that this Italy belongs to him and "to the caste" of which he is part.
The Italians , sometimes called by the politicians " il popolo sovrano ", are nothing else than serfs whose life is spent to support the caste's many privileges.
Wake up Italians !!
Giuseppe Vidozzi

Posted by: Giuseppe Vidozzi | December 16, 2007 11:22 AM

ALL JEWISH BUSINESSMAN ANF THE MIGRANTS THEY USE FOR CHIP LABOR OUT OF ITALY (including the gipsies roms)(and the migrants of all races who refuse to work for the jewish business)
All of them deported to Israel and america!
There is not other solution.........to our country gone in ruin!

Posted by: Fariseo g. | December 16, 2007 02:06 AM

it's nice to see the level of comments going up here at casa beppe.. i am amazed at the wave of will-to-change i feel in italy right now.

we thought kicking berlusconi out would lead to change just by itself, like the democrat supporters thought attaining a congressional majority would stop the killing in iraq and afghanistan, but it's the same old sh+t in a different wrapper.

beppe, keep on shaking the tree, there's a lot more rotten fruit clinging to the branches that needs to be composted.

and please respond to our comments sometimes, we want dialogue.

there is an excellent blog i'd like to turn your attention to, www.eurotrib.com where many important european and global issues are discussed with knowledge and humour.

viva grillo!

Posted by: michael dunkley | December 15, 2007 10:12 PM

Beppe Grillo is an important new voice in the world's media. In the U.S. we have Keith Olberman, Bill Maher and Bill Moyer (among a precious few others) to give us the unvarnished truth and not curry favor with the power elites in government and media. There must be others like these four in other countries and they should find a way to link together in a broad international populist syndicate. As a journalism professor, I find that my senses are numbed by the pseudo-objectivity of mainstream journalism. I believe advocacy journalism and perspective reporting are about to open up new avenues of truth, information and learning.

Posted by: Andrew Ciofalo | December 15, 2007 09:57 PM

The first son of italian minister of justice CLEMENTE MASTELLA, named Pellegrino Mastella, was betrayed by his wife Alessia Camilleri while she was spending her holidays in August 2007 on the boat of Mastella's friend Diego Della Valle, famous as patch-shoes seller. Alessia Camilleri, wife of Pellegrino Mastella, was fucked by the son of Diego Della Valle on his own boat when Pellegrino Mastella was still in the Ministry of Production in Rome where he works as useless and very salary-earner clerk.
Alessia Camilleri had moved off some days before with her parents-in-law, Clemente Mastella and his mature mistress Sandra Lonardo. All three sailed from Capri and went to Eolian Islands on the barge of the patch-shoes maker Diego Della Valle.
Some days later, Pellegrino Mastella also reached his tribe at Lipari. When he arrived there, he found his wife Alessia Camilleri totally naked on the boat with Della Valle's son and he understood that they had copulated without his knowledge while he was in Rome.
After this surprise, Pellegrino Mastella decided to divorce at once while his father, mafia's boss Don Clemente, tried to not let be known this horny story in the italian reportings.
So Don Clemente Mastella from Ceppaloni decided to block italian media about the knowledge of his cuckold son Pellegrino Mastella.
Clemente Mastella, as cuckold-himself, is now trying to block all web sites of the most clever italian people because they could let known through all the world this great cuckold misadventure of his son Pellegrino which - at now - is still nearly unknown in Italy.
At the moment Alessia Camilleri has leaved the house where she was living with the son of "fat" Clemente Mastella in Rome and she went to live with patch-shoes maker Della Valle's son in another northern italian city.
Now we all know why mafious hack Clemente Mastella is attempting to introduce a new bad law in Italy to limit peoples' freedom of expression.

Posted by: Joe Condor | December 15, 2007 09:08 PM

I think, at this point, that if there is any hope for Italy's future, then it lies with Beppe Grillo and people like him or supporting him. I appreciate very much his efforts and I'm watching closely these developments. A few weeks ago I left Rome after living and working there in the sciences for five years, and they were extraordinarily difficult years that I would not recommend to anyone. Not much time was left for the 'beautiful life', after the time I needed to to try to perform my work with a lack of resources, live on my unlivable salary, and navigate through the long queues resulting from Italy's broken infrastructure. Ultimately, I think Italy's hope is in the younger people, after the old goats, who are strangling the country, die or retire and the young people can learn a way of living that rewards merit and attitudes of responsibility.

Posted by: Amara | December 15, 2007 08:04 PM

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