“A girl came to see me, she works in IT for Alitalia and she told me something that I can quite believe. The truth lies at the bottom and not at the top. Alitalia is busy closing down, but they have already come to an agreement: it will become Air France’s low-cost carrier, and this because Berlusconi and Lunardi sold it off in exchange for financing for the Turin-Lyons high-speed train line. They sold it off. However, many things will change, irrespective of Berlusconi or whoever is in his place. They will change because change happens: no one will any longer be able to hop on an Alitalia plane to Rome for the princely sum of two hundred Euro. Why? In order to adopt an Alitalia pilot?"
Beppe Grillo during the show entitled in Roma held on 28/4/2005

In Italy, the journalists are always the last ones to know. They specialise in post-dated news. They spread the news only once they are allowed to do so. They can only spread the news once they receive an order to do so. If the truth were told, Alitalia has been going down the tubes for many years, at least ten. Our taxes have been used to pay the salaries of the hostesses and pilots, as well as the million-Euro golden handshake paid out to Cimoli (who must pay back!). And then, in addition to paying our taxes, we have also had to endure the joke of paying the same amount for a Rome/Milan flight as we would to go to New York. Alitalia is not a flagship airline; it is nothing more than a bipartisan political-trade union party. A winged cake to be cut up into many slices for distribution purposes.
Air France-KLM is not buying anything. How is it possible to buy debts? Alitalia is bankrupt. Prodi could have done more. He could have let Geronzi and Tanzi handle the negotiations. No one in the world is able to sell debts like those two can. They are two of Italy’s greatest paper merchants.
Bossi complains because the Managing Director of Air France-KLM wants to cut Alitalia’s unproductive ties with Malpensa. The Lega Nord Party, which was part of the country’s government for five years, sat back in stoic silence while Alitalia drained the taxes (inter alia) of the North. Penati requested a moratorium on Malpensa, which would make this the first global hub with a moratorium. Malpensa has never even taken off, and some people are asking why.
Malpensa should be sold off and removed from the political scenario and the party-game playing field. A buyer by the name of RyanAir had come forward at the time. Padoa Schioppa should contact them immediately. I have no desire whatsoever to continue paying taxes for another ten years in order to finance an airport as well.

Posted by Beppe Grillo at 02:25 AM in | Comments (8)
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I live in Scottsdale Arizona and spent two months in Europe in 2006, my fifth visit to Italy. I flew Alitalia from Florence to Budapest. I had to change in Milan. They lost my luggage in Milan for four days and being 6'3" I couldn't find clothes to fit in Budapest. Come to find out Milan had gone on a wildcat strike the day I arrived. They deserve to be gone for good.

I love Italy and the Italians but as my best friend in Germany, an historian said, "Italy is an idea that is yet to be manifest." In the Renaissance it was called," Rich, divided and weak." George Bernard Shaw called it. "Theater---with all the bad actors on stage." Fellini called it, "A cross between a football game and a brothel." Nothing has changed. It's a Crying shame !!!

Beppe go for it!!!

Posted by: David B. Monier-Williams | January 27, 2008 12:22 AM

I am an Englishman and now live in Italy. I can remember seeing posters at Linate Airport saying that Malpensa wouldn't be affected by fog. What a load of crap. I remember saying this to my now wife and I said why did they name it Malpensa? I thought someone didn't have much brains when they named it "Bad Thought", but I can see now why it so appropriate. As for Alitalia I just cannot believe that a country could be so stupid to keep on paying loads of tax payers money to a company that quite frankly has no intention to do itself any favours and actually work itself out of a crisis. I say good riddance to both.

Posted by: Andrew Miller-Reed | January 26, 2008 07:51 PM

caro Beppe il problema di alitalia e` che i manager (pagati dagli italiani) non sono all`altezza di capire le varie possibilita` di utilizzare rotte lasciate ai vari easy jet,raynair, british airways e altre. ti basti pensare che dal 1998 alitalia non ha mai (anche grazie al governo) sviluppato hub nel sud, dove (vedi sardegna e hai privatiche hanno sviluppato il settore) il turismo puo` e sarebbe la maggiore fonte di ricchezza. All`epoca ero un tour operator qua a londra e sin dall`allora (era l`inizio delle low fare) tutti i vari operatori come me consigliavano a alitalia di aprire nuovi hub al centro sud. Oggi continuano con i vari scali (esempio londra-ancona rotta coperta da raynair con voli quasi sempre tutti pieni)via milano o roma. Scusa se non srivo in inglese, ma sono ITALIANO, e i panni sporchi vanno lavati a casa, gli stranieri gia` ridono da anni di noi e penso che sia anche arrivato il momento di fermare anche questo. In piena democrazia spero che capisci quello che voglio dire e spero che il mio commento venga pubblicato
looking forward to seeing my comment on your blog
yours trully
pietro cicconetti
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey UK

Posted by: pietro cicconetti | January 25, 2008 02:37 AM

Go Beppe go, you are my hero, never give up, the majority is behind you, we will WIN.

Posted by: Marco Porri | January 11, 2008 02:44 AM

Go Beppe Go you are my hero! Never give up my man we need people like you, they are so rare in this country.

Posted by: Marco Porri | January 11, 2008 02:42 AM

I have been flying around for decades now, in and out of Italy. Since 1991 I choose NOT to fly Alitalia anymore. For all the reasons a customer can have. I will not MISS IT and OUR PUBLIC DEBS will be a bit smaller. And why not selling Malpensa with that too, 2 at the price of 1. It will a BEL-PENSA for all. Regards

Posted by: Maurizio Zanette | January 2, 2008 01:53 PM

This article is about as shortsighted and stupid as the whole Alitalia / Malpensa story has been for years.. and nearly as idiotic as Air-France/KLM's Managing Director.
Gee... Malpensa not a success ? Try building a frickin' rail infrastructure to support it, fix prices for taxis etcetera.
No words, deeds.

Posted by: Paul | December 31, 2007 11:42 PM

They could sell Alitalia to Satan and it would be better. High prices, lousy service, always on strike and difficult personnel. I avoid them like the plague. Too bad EasyJet is not interested.

Posted by: Italo Marchini | December 31, 2007 08:03 PM

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