High speed guillotines

Photo from "Midnight Meat Train"

The National Railways overlook nothing, not even the smallest detail when it comes down to increasing the speed of their trains. In the spirit of their motto, “The sooner we leave, the sooner we get there”, Trenitalia has devised another new way to speed up the departure of the trains.
The train driver is no longer obliged to check whether the warning lights indicating the closure of the doors are on or off before departure. It is meant to be a productivity incentive for the railwaymen. What happens in reality is that anyone jumping on board at the last moment remains trapped in the doorway until the train arrives at the next station. According to railway workers, these sliding doors have caused some 800 accidents and four deaths since June, and this at Roma Termini, Pietrasanta, Torricella and Verona Stations alone.
The first class, 'Gran confort' carriages, whose doors close in guillotine fashion, appear to be the worst offenders. One man that has most certainly sampled the ‘great comfort’ for himself, is train conductor Antonio Di Luccio, who was dragged 100m by the train and had one of his legs and a foot amputated. “And yet the installation of safety devices would not require any major investment, especially considering the amount of money that is being spent on repainting and advertising”. Dante De Angelis, train driver and safety representative at the time, was fired and later re-engaged.
Conductors spend their weekends at home in training, closing the doors to their houses hundreds of times, as quickly as possible. If their wives ask any questions, they are told that: “It is for my own safety”.
Trades Union Representatives from Sdl, Orsa, Cgil and Uil have lodged statements requesting urgent intervention by the judiciary. Trenitalia remains unconcerned, and the company’s response has been that: “the figures have so far not indicated any increase as regards lack of safety”, and that “the safety criteria will increase with the introduction of new technologies”.
Whatever could these new technologies be? Following on from the “guillotine doors”, could we perhaps next be treated to “first-class electric chairs”, “sealed carriages with nerve gas” and “conductor’s noose”?

“But the locomotive runs, runs, runs
and the sound of whistling steam, it almost seems to be alive”
Francesco Guccini

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For M Giovanni if its really that simple then lets do it!!!

Posted by: Dee cozier | December 11, 2007 02:49 PM

Trenitalia sounds quite like Alitalia!



Posted by: andrè de molay | December 11, 2007 01:57 AM

Quanti italiani sono stati ammazzati, rubati o stuprati..........da migranti stranieri?
E..quanti migranti stranieri sono stati ammazzati, rubati o stuprati da italiani?
il risultato e' questo;
Numero di italiani ammazzati da migranti stranieri...............centinaia e centinaia.
Numero di migranti stranieri ammazzati da italiani..................zero,..none !
Numero di Italiani...57 milioni
Numero di migranti...4 milioni (sempre in Italia)
Grillo................questi sono i risultati che contano e tutti debbono sapere in prima pagina!
(altro che i risultati del gioco di calcio!)
ed altro che free tibet!
altro che tutti i battibacchi in parlamento!
altro che bruno vespa, pippo baudo e benigni e tutti i ciarlatani e saltinbanchi che tutti i giorni in tv parlano e vivono chiacchierando della disgrazie degli altri......e anche, come in america......piu' parlano degli homeless, senza tetto, lavavetri e della gente nel welfare, per anni e anni e piu' questi disgraziati aumentano sempre di piu' e sono piu visibili che fanno la fila nei centri sociali e soup kichtens.
vero o falso? (grillo, acchiappate questa, e statte bene........pero'.....this is the question
my friend.......the real matters to talk about
and the real issues......don't you agree with that?..........or you are.....just another talk show host?...that makes a living talking about people's miseries.....exposing them......without ever accomplish anything!)

Posted by: g.d. | December 10, 2007 07:55 PM

Hello everyone,
I do realize that every Italian Citizen intrinsically has high expectations from his/her own Government and Institutions.
Having sat that, reality is the Institutions themselves are a disaster the Government in charge of the Institution are and have been for a while administered by Incompetent and Incapable Politicians.
Reality is that Government around the Globe has deregulated and the Basic Services are private.
Transports (Train, Freeway, Posts, Air Travel, Telecom, Energy and on and on!) therefore are supposed to be Private and when they do not work or function properly, in Civil Society they are suppose to be penalized.
Penalized financially (In a court of Law!) or legally with Penalties and Restrictions.
I am well aware of the existing contradictions (Especially in Italy!) although there must be a limit to stupidity, a Rail System financed with Taxes for the last 60 years, loosing money for the last 60 years, managed by Incompetent Managers (Made Millions by the way including Mr. Cimoli!) where employee are hired just to get a vote and basically never worked “What do you expect!”?
Am I missing something?
When Politicians ask You to sign up to a new Party, humor them and ask them what their Plan Of Action is!
This will not guarantee you anything, although you can very quickly realize that they are all fucking with you, and have been fucking with you for ever.
Now Mr. Grillo can bark at the moon as long as he wants, and I remember a while ago he was ranting and raving about Mr. Prodi coalition, now you get the results.
By the way the last Manager of the Rail System if I am not mistaking was dismissed with a golden parachute of 8 Million Euros.
Rest my case, in Italy you have to learn Accountability, Responsibility and the Penalties that usually (Undefined in Italy only!) go along with those commitments.
Wake up the party is over, go home look yourself in the mirror and than throw the first stone at the individual you see in front of you!
I am still baffled, new Party millions sign up blindly, no plans same people a whole lot of talk and finger pointing.
With all these new Parties I still haven’t read of a single change these Incompetent would implement!
Keep barking at the moon one of these days the eco will come back from The Milky Way!
The future looks bright wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 10, 2007 05:16 PM

2 semplici domande:

1)Considerato che ,in combutta tra loro, Confindustria e Sindacati ,PRODI mezzano (ruffiano) hanno pianificato la DEINDUSTRIALIZZAZIONE dell'Italia...

2)Considerato la DEINDUSTRIALIZZAZIONE...a favore dell'"esportazione" delle fabbriche...

.3)..cosa sarebbe successo (in Italia) se le fabbriche fossero state SOCIALIZZATE ?

Si esportavano anche gli operai socializzati ?
Tra l'annientamento dell'individualità tramite il sistema comunista
l'annientamento dell individualità tramite il sistema liberal-mondialista

non saprei cosa scegliere,
se non di sparare ai "promotori"!

Offriamo 25mila Euro a chi dimostrerà l'esistenza delle GASKAMMERN\omicide\delIII° R-eich !

S-kype - velvetblu

IMPORTANTISSIMI aggiornamenti sul nostro sito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: G e n t e A r i a n a | December 10, 2007 12:12 PM

OT ♫


Le famiglie Italiane che hanno acceso un mutuo con tasso variabile, sono circa 3 milioni, solo nell’ultimo anno, le famiglie a cui le banche “grazie anche allo spaventoso aumento dei questi tassi” hanno già tolto la casa, sono aumentate del 30%....

Per risolvere questa piaga indegna che sta mettendo in crisi migliaia di famiglie Italiane, basterebbe fare come dice Grillo: aprire un conto corrente “monitorabile tramite internet” versare 10€ a testa e, con quest’enorme flusso di denaro, intervenire presso le banche per evitare che s’impossessino delle “nostre” case “magari già quasi tutte pagate”


Solo che se certe soluzioni le do io, non mi caca nessuno, se le dovesse dare GRILLO, domani potremmo tranquillamente bypassere in un attimo le Banche!!!

Ps: Spero che Grillo legga questo post, “si consulti con i suoi avvocati” e domani possa lanciare una iniziativa del genere.


Posted by: M. Giovanni | December 10, 2007 11:47 AM

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