No to bullying parliamentarians in our schools


At one time we used to attack the ovens, now we are attacking parliament. Just this morning, the night watchmen broke through the barriers surrounding Montecitorio, before being stopped by the Police. The night watchmen do not want to be forced to accept fixed-term contracts and, in order to indicate their intentions, they goaded the deputies to come outside with shouts of: “Fools, Fools”. Night watchmen, taxi drivers, National Police, all within a few days. Which will be the next group to protest?
After V-day, the parties commenced with a gentle restoration. De Magistris, who was investigating European funding, namely, billions of Euro used for vote exchanges, was relieved of responsibility for the inquiry. Clementina Forleo is to be transferred out by the Upper Council of the Magistrature.
D’Alema is safe, Mastella is safe and Prodi perhaps did not need to be saved, but he made the psychodwarf look mean. He was talking while Valium, instead, quietly carried on. The judiciary being held on a leash and special laws being made to measure for politicians, and members of their families, have become an everyday practice. Dini’s wife was convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy and had not said a word to her husband. Nevertheless, she will not be sent to jail thanks to the family pardon and, meanwhile, her husband continues to exert his influence in the Government...
Convicted politicians are shamelessly interviewed, paid homage and smothered in media saliva. Dell’Utri, Gianni De Michelis, Bossi and Vito issue statements as if they were Leading Patriots. I believe that even they take pity on the journalists and their Principals.
The politicians are getting dangerously close to our guys.
An attack was launched against the psyche of a group of youngsters just yesterday by a de-Unipolised D’Alema at the “Istituto Tecnico Cristoforo Colombo”. The de-Forleized spoke on the topic: “The youth and the parties”, after having explained that he also feels the attraction of Faith and that he is not in favour of homosexual marriages.
Herewith some of the questions asked and answers given:
Youth: "Parliamentarians’ benefits "?
D’Alema: "I have always paid for my own cinema tickets "
Youth: "You are involved in judicial matters"
D’Alema: ”Look, I assure you, I am not involved in any matters”
Youth: "Islam?"
D’Alema: “...Traditionally, Islam is tolerant, if only we had not gone out to upset them with the crusades (1)”
Youth: "anti-politics?"
D’Alema: “It is difficult for anyone with power to give it up (2), that will depend on you”
Politicians that are barred, investigated or condemned do not make good role models for our youth. They should not be allowed to speak in Italian schools. I appeal to the headmasters, fight against investigated or condemned politicians and place the picture bearing the script: “No to bullying parliamentarians in our schools” at the entrance. And always notify parents beforehand so that they can take appropriate precautions.

(1) the last of the crusades took place in 1271
(2) Freudian slip

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you are our star!! Please carry on with your very civilized protest. Show up these criminals that are in politics just to strenghten their own power and promote their business. I strongly believe that legality in Italy has got to prevail.
I spent the first 20 years of my life in Italy and I remember very well all the political scandals that have made news. Nothing has changed after many years and I despair nothing will change, as you know the leopard will not change their spots!!. Please carry on representing the will of the majority of honest italians that want to live in a society that is free and tolerant.
Well Done,

Posted by: Nicholas Varley | December 6, 2007 05:32 PM

sorry, but what's happening into your country is allover the world. I sincerely appreciate you italians that start and struggle agains the power

Posted by: cindy | December 6, 2007 02:54 PM

It's a hard fight to publish a post in Italian.
Most of times the post result unpublished or is soon deleted, even if the post is certificated.

I will use the RSS aggregator of Firefox to get news from Beppegrillo,
thanks you,

Posted by: Michelangelo Marchesi | December 6, 2007 01:03 PM

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