Pardon for Vallanzasca

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Mastella never stops, not even at Christmas time. Now he has asked for pardon for Bruno Contrada, the former Manager of SISDE sentenced to ten years for collusion with the Mafia. State President Napolitano has forwarded the request he received from Contrada’s attorney.
Mastella has said that: “Pardoning Contrada is something that is due”. He failed to specify to whom. Perhaps to certain politicians involved in the mafia killings? To organised crime? The Italians have asked nothing of the Minister for Pardon and Remission (no mention of Justice, ever). Not even Paolo Borsellino’s sister, who wants to meet with Napolitano as soon as possible and who recently spent half an hour with the psychodwarf.
Rita Borsellino stated that: “I believe that the possibility of pardon is extremely serious. Contrada was sentenced for crimes that he committed, betraying his position as servant of the State, the very same State that Giovanni, Paolo and many other institutional representatives knowingly laid down their lives. I understand the feeling of pity that some may have for a person in Contrada’s state, but his court case has left permanent remains of certain doubts regarding the fact that the manager of Sisde continued to state what he knew regarding the collusion between the institutions and the mafia organisation. Those that will be making this decision should be aware that these doubts will also forever hang over their actions. Any State must know how to distinguish and remember, otherwise their is a risk that perhaps tomorrow the same thing may be legitimate and pardon may then also be due to the mafia bosses, something that would be unthinkable in a democratic Country that is based on justice. My request to the Head of State was made not only as Paolo’s sister, but also as parliamentarian and an Italian citizen.”
The “vittime di via dei Georgofili” Association and the Caponnetto Foundation have come out against any pardon being granted.
Contrada worked within the institutions, but on whose account? If he refuses to answer this question, then he must remain in prison. Or is the fact that he does not answer perhaps very reason why a pardon is being requested?
From Francesco La Licata’s book entitled: “Storia di Giovanni Falcone” after the failed attempt to kill Falcone in his house at Addaura:
“Do you understand what has happened? There was a meeting of minds. There was a merging of interests …” But between whom? “I will tell you some other time”. He never mentioned it again, however, he was clearly alluding to the fact that, between the mafia and other powers, there were certain State bodies or private powers that had, at some time, made use of these bodies and of the mafia itself.”
I propose an exchange: pardon Vallanzasca instead of Contrada. At least Vallanzasca was not paid by us to commit his crimes within secret services, and always exposed himself personally.

Ps: Our so-called institutions are always looking back at the past. What we need is Springtime, we need to discuss our future instead of constantly being obliged to discuss Contrada, Mastella and Napolitano: 220 years of age between the three.

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Firstly I would like to say that I am an interested outsider, although I do have Italian heritage - my mothers grandparents emigrated from Italy to Australia in the 1930's. Some of my observations/perceptions about Italy:
1. Italy could potentially be a very great country.
2. The level of respect or enforcement of the law is not to a level sufficient for Italy to be able to function properly.
3. A lot of the problems that Italy has are not unique to Italy, it just about how they are dealt with or not.
4. A lot of Italians are still in denial about the poor state of Italy as a country. When I speak with people, they go 'oh, you know, Italy is Italy, it will always be like that', the implication being that things will never change and we will continue to proper despite these problems.
I suppose the main question that needs to be considered is how do we do anything about Italy's problems, where do we start?
My own personal opinion is Law and Order is where is should start. Respect for the law and enforcement of the law will eventually bring order. Respect for your neighbour. This should begin out on the road. To me, the way Italians behave in a car on the road is symbollic of the way they behave in society. Firstly many people drive too fast and dangerously without any respect for other road users or the laws pertaining to the use of the road. There appears to be little if any enforcement of the law by police. If you ever discuss this with Italians, it seems they have some god given right to behave in this way. The mystique/bravado Italians believe about their driving and has been perpetuated by visitors to Italy 'Crazy Italian drivers'.
Italians need to believe things can actually change before they are able to make change. Yes it is going to be difficult when you have Mafia, corrupt and incompetent politicians, Judges, public servants. I also think things will have to get worse before they get better, so I don't envy Italians task ahead. Whatever is the way ahead, I wish you luck and all the best.

Posted by: Grant Hutton | December 30, 2007 09:07 AM

Hello everyone,
A Country without guts, a Country without Glory!
Puzzling question, everything is known about the Mafia (Supposedly very secret!) budgets, yearly budget, who pays and who doesn’t, the bosses and on and on.
Prime Minister in the end of the Year speech pulls out of his hat brilliant numbers to dispense the Citizens.
75% of Citizens check their own pockets, and ask themselves, where did He get this numbers?
IMF lessening Mr. Prodi stats, immediately schedule a visit with Mr. Visco for the 17th of January.
Relax, was just a video to be broadcast on You tube, just like the Queen did, Mr. Prodi had to prove Italy is not in demise, Italy can and will keep up with the best of the best!
The future looks bright wear very dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 27, 2007 06:00 PM

Hello everyone,
As soon as You “Assume” anything, the extrapolation is wrong from the get go.
Italian Citizen’s assumption is they need your approval!
They don’t, and they are proving it while laughing their asses off.
Just wondering, was your’s truly Prime Minister talking about The Belpaese Peninsula or Not?
The future just became ever brighter, wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 27, 2007 04:11 PM

If Contrada would be freed, that would prove the Italian Government involvement with the Mafia and every doubt over this will be dissolved.
Contrada's relatives said that he's sick and would die: big deal.
Think about all the others that are already dead.
One more wouldn't hurt (and this time it would be one of the bad guys)
What's next? The Falcone-Borsellino Grave-spitting-context?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 27, 2007 11:45 AM

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