The money under the Christmas tree

Photo by Debbie C.B.'s

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, its coming announced by a terrible crime that hit like a falling comet star. A woman from Bassano del Grappa was murdered and cut to bits. The value of this life was put at 800,000 euro by her kidnappers. Her name was Iole Tassitani, daughter of a notary, she lived alone with her two cats and was 41 years old.
The commercialistic Christmas has had its sacrificial victim. Christmas has become an end in itself, a celebration of commercialism and money. The only remaining thing that is still sacred is the current account. Everything is judged in monetary terms. Human life, a child’s organs, water and air. A kind of papier-mâché capitalism rendered toxic by the loans that ruin entire lives, invented by television, which makes money from boxes during prime time viewing, with questions worthy of Grade 1 students. Sex s big business, on the pavements, on calendars and in the buying and selling of senators. Politics is all about bribery, corruption, tax fraud, fake invoicing, legislative corruption and illegal financing. Of the 24 parliamentarians sentenced, almost every one is guilty of greed.
I remember, as a child, hunting for the cotechino hidden in the middle of huge communal plate of risotto. The one who ate the fastest would get to the cotechino. Now we no longer have that sense of competition, nor is there any cotechino at the centre of the plate. They always get to it first in the kitchen.
What will happen to us in this Country of contradictions, where the mirage of easy riches belies a real lack of money?
Our people refuse to resign themselves to the fact that they are poor and, if they cannot be rich, they believe that they must at least pretend. An appearance of nothing being wrong, all built on debt.
What is the value of money not needed for survival? It is worth nothing, in fact, it constitutes a debt, which we repay with our time and our love. It is like a drug that is making society go crazy. More so than cocaine or heroin. And it creates monsters that kill.
Avoid getting into debt, if you can, and this Christmas, give your children and your grandparents a big kiss from Beppe. Merry Christmas!

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La Verita' su Gesu', Il Cristianesimo, 9/11, e il futuro dell'umanita'....

Check this Out ! x

Posted by: Emanuele Crivellari | December 25, 2007 09:00 PM

Hello everyone,
Floating above the Garbage in Campania, yours truly Captains of the ship called Italy.
Rather than acting like high paid seasoned Politicians (Which they claim to be!) they prefer to revert to childhood behavior and this suit them much more appropriately.
One cries wolf at any shadows (The opposition obviously!) the other side, turns the light off so the shadows disappear.
Meanwhile the ship broadcasting the May Day on the front page of International Channels waits for help!
It’s a well establish fact that in Italy only, no matter how incompetent and Inept they are, leave his/her sit at the helm.
A Secret Service (Age 76, should have retired 20 years ago?) under Secretary now in trouble with the Law for Mafia collusion, now has health problems and therefore jail sentence is not compatible with his illness.
Facts like this are just the the drops that in any so called civilized Country would overflow the proverbial bucket, not in Italy, in the mention Country is just the proof how little the Law counts for someone only.
While if any non elected Citizen steals a candy bar, gets 6 months in jail, on the other hand a Secret Service high ranking Politicians gets a pardon because ill (He has diabetes just like 2 million Italians!).
Rest my case, the ship is wondering in the middle of the Globalization Ocean, nobody is at the helm, the lights are on although nobody is responding!
Is most definitely up to you, either take a dump or get off the pod!
The future looks bright wear very dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 25, 2007 05:44 PM

Grazie Beppe
Tanti auguri a te e alla tua famiglia

Posted by: sandro giusiano | December 25, 2007 04:53 AM

If you do not want to give a wrong present...

...Just do not buy a present!

Let's free ourselves from the stress to go around to look for gifts, from useless expenses, from queues, from garbage and embarrassments!

And let's stop to believe when they say that it is good for our economy. It is good for THEIR economy (and maybe for the Chinese one, where they make the useless things we have to buy, rushing to join our crazy ways of life).

Let's only try to meet each other as soon as possible!


Posted by: Andrea Bertaglio | December 25, 2007 02:59 AM

HAPPY 2008 to everyone!!!

Luca Schiattarella

Posted by: Luca Schiattarella | December 25, 2007 02:34 AM

I am italian, I live in southern Spain and I am very grateful to read Beppe everyday ... it's a real source of inspiration for me. Sorry for any mistakes you may find here,I am learning English.
Neither I like Christmas very much. Everyone eating in excess, wasting of lights and electricity consumption, trees cut down in order to decorate our living-room etc etc. It's the triumph of human stupidity.
It's much better to renounce at many appearances in our lives. At the end of 2005 I decided to change my life: two years later I managed to pay off all my debts, and I live much better without many things people consider them necessary such as a car or brand-clothes etc etc.
Many of the best value things in our life are free or very cheap and I am now very fond of them: walking, or using the bike, eating local fresh products, reading, interchange skills with other people, volunteering .... friendship is free!
I thing it is possible to live with a little, with integrity, without following the mass. I have a clear feeling of self-esteem now!

HAPPY 2008 to everyone!

Posted by: Luca Schiattarella | December 25, 2007 02:32 AM

CUCKOLD MASTELLA (Mastella Cornuto)
The first son of italian minister of justice CLEMENTE MASTELLA, named Pellegrino Mastella, was betrayed by his wife Alessia Camilleri while she was spending her holidays in August 2007 on the boat of Mastella's friend Diego Della Valle, famous as patch-shoes seller. Alessia Camilleri, wife of Pellegrino Mastella, was fucked by the son of Diego Della Valle on his own boat when Pellegrino Mastella was still in the Ministry of Production in Rome where he works as useless and very salary-earner clerk.
Alessia Camilleri had moved off some days before with her parents-in-law, Clemente Mastella and his mature mistress Sandra Lonardo. All three sailed from Capri and went to Eolian Islands on the barge of the patch-shoes maker Diego Della Valle.
Some days later, Pellegrino Mastella also reached his tribe at Lipari. When he arrived there, he found his wife Alessia Camilleri totally naked on the boat with Della Valle's son and he understood that they had copulated without his knowledge while he was in Rome.
After this surprise, Pellegrino Mastella decided to divorce at once while his father, mafia's boss Don Clemente, tried to not let be known this horny story in the italian reportings.
So Don Clemente Mastella from Ceppaloni decided to block italian media about the knowledge of his cuckold son Pellegrino Mastella.
Clemente Mastella, as cuckold-himself, is now trying to block all web sites of the most clever italian people because they could let known through all the world this great cuckold misadventure of his son Pellegrino which - at now - is still nearly unknown in Italy.
At the moment Alessia Camilleri has leaved the house where she was living with the son of "fat" Clemente Mastella in Rome and she went to live with patch-shoes maker Della Valle's son in another northern italian city.
Now we all know why mafious hack Clemente Mastella is attempting to introduce a new bad law in Italy to limit peoples' freedom of expression.

Posted by: Joe Condor | December 25, 2007 12:34 AM

Beppe, your insights cut both ways: in Italy and in the US. It's the best holiday gift for me that you are bilingual.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a glorious 2008!


Posted by: Mia Chung | December 24, 2007 11:27 PM

(che era prevedibile)

La “pazzia sociale italiana”, la quale viene anche da una confusione ideologico/mentale, si puo’ capire meglio partendo da alcuni quesiti attualissimi.

1. Perché nel Paese più corrotto della West U.E. non esiste una strategia di lotta alla corruzione ?
2. Perché, vista la chiarissima incapacità delle gestioni pubbliche, non si indaga seriamente sulle cause scatenanti ? (la mia indagine è decennale, la ho fatta dall’Europa).
3. Perché, vista la frequenza dei fallimenti nelle discussioni parlamentari, nelle larghe riunioni italiane (in Europa è diverso), non ci si chiede “perché l’incapacità italiana di raggiungere il consenso?”;
4. Perché nessuno scopre l’evidenza ?:
- che un Paese con mentalità da sottosviluppo non puo’ far funzionare la società e quindi non puo’ sostenere lo sviluppo economico;
- che un Paese senza bastoni e senza carote, senza valori positivi di riferimento, ma permeato di lassismo, non puo’ stare in piedi.

Solo se partiamo da tali quesiti, si potrà capire la crisi sociale italiana. Che é tanto più grave in quanto nessuno esamina il problema sociale. Ma attenzione….potreste farvi aiutare dalle testimonianze degli espatriati. In tal caso si spererebbe che il Titanic che viaggia nella notte evitasse l’iceberg...

Antonio Greco
(analista delle cause)


Il fenomeno complicato delle recenti evoluzioni sociali italiane.

I giovani non trovano lavoro. Il potere d’ acquisto sembra a rischio. Gli imprenditori non sono ottimisti. Chi vuole un lavoro é spinto ad emigrare.

Mi sembra che principi di base semplici, nel mercato globale, dovrebbero valere anche per il Bel Paese:

- chi non é efficiente rischia di non vendere a lungo;
- una società malata non puo’ sostenere un’ economia vigorosa, specie se le sue malattie più evidenti sono le inefficienze;
- un Paese serio che ha un problema, si guarda allo specchio, realismo aiutando. Per individuare i propri GAPs, nei riguardi della parte seria della U.E.. Per poi fare le correzioni necessarie.

Cosa significa un Paese serio ? Io credo che si possa chiamare serio un Paese che ha realismo, senso degli interessi primari nazionali, maturità e riflessione lucida. E che sappia gestirsi , sulla base di un chiaro, indiscusso, Patto Sociale.

Vivo a Parigi, non so se il Bel Paese oggi é un Paese serio. Vorrei qualche opinione in merito. E’possibile ?

Grazie e saluti dalla Francia (che ha i suoi problemi, ma dove le regole, essendo chiare, sono rispettate).

Antonio Greco

Posted by: Antonio Greco | December 24, 2007 08:36 PM

Thank you Beppe! Keep fighting the good fight.

Posted by: Timotheo Sarris | December 24, 2007 08:35 PM

Good site

Posted by: Max123123 | December 24, 2007 08:21 PM

Good site

Posted by: Max2356 | December 24, 2007 08:20 PM

Good site

Posted by: Max | December 24, 2007 08:19 PM

Good site

Posted by: Max | December 24, 2007 08:18 PM

Merry Christmas to you too.

I'm very grateful Italy has someone like you on her side.

Never give up. Ever.


Posted by: Ilaria Meloni | December 24, 2007 07:11 PM


merry christmas to you. and may God bless you.

Thank you for your definition of Christmas. It is the truth. I give my grandchildren a present just because their parents have already brainwashed them and I don't want to appear to be the Grinch. We quit celebrating it for the most part because it is indeed, only for the rich.

Posted by: gwendolyn carminati | December 24, 2007 07:04 PM

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