The Vatican uber alles

Mussolini signs the Lateran Pacts

In Italy, there is always a common denominator in politics, whether they be centre-left or centre-right: it takes its orders from foreign powers. The first of these is the Vatican and the second is the United States. The former dictates our laws, while the latter sets up military bases in Italy and enrols this country in wars, just like the mercenaries of old.
Of the two, the Vatican is by far the most dangerous, without any doubt. It has much more experience behind it and (always) wins its battles by having them fought by the devoted Italian Parties that are sitting in Parliament.
Telmo Pievani, who has documented the full story in his book entitled “Sante Ragioni” (“Sacred Reasons”) has written me a letter.

Dear Beppe,
I wish to talk to you about the numerous “castes” that we have in our Country. What I am talking about is the ecclesiastical caste and its ever-increasing number of disciples that are active in the constitutional field and in the media.
I am a teacher of scientific philosophy by profession. In collaboration with a journalist friend, I have written a book intended to be an analytical discussion of the “Sacred Reasons” that are adopted by the leading figures of the Vatican hierarchy in order to justify the religious conditioning of the fundamental choices affecting the life of each and every citizen, from birth to death, from school to family and from bioethics to civil society. We are told repeatedly that it is not a matter of faith, nor of personal conviction, but rather a matter hat is the result of “proper reasoning” and “natural law” and, as such, is applicable to everyone. We took this matter seriously and verified that what we are dealing with is, in fact, a kind of non-existent rationality that is ideological and entirely unfounded. We have examined the consequences of these contradictory “reasons” – converted into State laws by increasingly industrious politicians, evenly distributed throughout both formations – regarding all our lifestyles. We have come to realise that the cultural climate in this Country is changing rapidly, and that as regards certain important issues, such as the freedom of scientific research, freedom of teaching and freedom in the biomedical field, there is a very real and documentable regression at play. A kind of creationist literature, which we thought was limited to American evangelical fundamentalists, is instead being spreading throughout our schools and our media. The Corriere della Sera newspaper and the RAI television channels are reviewing certain books that violently discredit the theory of evolution, and are filled to the brim with untruths, insults and scientific howlers. The latest “work” by Rosa Alberoni, “Il Dio di Michelangelo e la barba di Darwin” or “Michelangelo’s God and Darwin’s beard”, is presented in Rome, at a very prestigious venue, by former Ministers like Rocco Buttiglione, by RAI news service directors and other eminent figures such as Monsignor Rino Fisichella.
Let’s try to analyse a number of recent facts, namely certain documents, Parliamentary decisions, fund allocations and public statements. Here are some examples:
- the publication of the new Ministerial guidelines regarding Law No. 40 have been delayed, notwithstanding the overwhelming amount of data indicating its counterproductive effects of that unfortunate piece of legislation in terms of new births and discrimination against women
- as regards the bill relating to “de-facto” couples (Civil Solidarity Pacts, Stable service relationships, Civil relationships, ...), the restricted committee of the Senate, which was supposed to draft the bill in its final form, received approximately two thousand amendments, which will certainly bring all the Committee’s activities to a grinding halt for the next few months
- the law relating to living wills: as at June this year, the attempt being made to consolidate the eleven law proposals submitted into a single proposed bill had not as yet produced any results
- nothing further has been heard about the law relating to religious freedom
- funding for the research into exclusively adult stem cells, a unique case in terms of research ethics guidelines by the State: Minister Turco has firmly rejected an appeal from scientists working on previously gathered embryonic stem cell lines, and is even talking of a “gang war” between rival researchers
- the National Bioethics Committee has gone into what is essentially a permanent stall as a result of disputes between the secular minority and the (overwhelming) denominational majority. Influential secular scholars and scientists, Elena Cattaneo and Cinzia Caporale, have been “removed” from their positions as deputy chairmen
If these snippets create the impression that Parliamentary and Ministerial activities are grinding to a halt…… is not so, in fact:
- within the scope of is deliberations regarding the Budget, the Senate, with only one of the twelve senators voting against the measure, voted in favour of extend the exemption granted on the payment of Rates and Taxes on properties belonging to Religious Bodies and used for business purposes
- Minister Fioroni gave the go-ahead for the payment of the initial instalment of the State funding for equivalent schools (private), t the tune of around 127 million Euro. The Minister pointed out that “these amounts, to be credited immediately to the individual educational institutions, only constitute an initial instalment in terms of the envisaged funding”.
These facts are seldom if ever mentioned in the Italian media. It begs the question as to whether we have become a Country that practices conditional secularism. Kindest regards.” Telmo Pievani, Bicocca Academic University of Milan,

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In reading your article speaking of the "danger" of the Vatican, I truly hope your organization does not go the way of dictators and tyrants of the past who always seem to oppose the Catholic Church and do whatever it can to bring Her down. I sense the same bigotry and anti-Catholicism in your statements that were the basis for so many petty tyrants in the past. In trying to help Italy reform her government and bring that great nation to the 21st century, do not turn away from your religious and cultural roots. The anti religious and anti Catholic bigotry you seem to express reminds one of Stalins attitude when he said "How many legions does the Pope have"? In answer to his question one only has to look at the short lived history of the Soviet Union and the life of the Pope who helped bring that empire down. Again, please fight for the reformation of the government but dont fall into the trap of religious hatred and bigotry.

Posted by: Frank Piccioli | December 14, 2007 10:40 AM

A religion that has become a State with ambassadorial representation and privileges in every corner of the world can only be a fraudulent religion.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | December 5, 2007 03:05 PM

Today in Brussels we have assisted to another Italian 'casta' meeting. Under the auspices of EU Commissioner Franco Frattini and Ambassador Cangelosi who offered drinks and food to about 150 guests, in the EU Commission premises Pia Luisa Bianco, former very commented Italian Cultural Institute director, inaugurated the Foundation HERA. All the commanded journalists and institution representatives were present. Among the sponsors of the event Vito Bonsignore, a well known indicted Italial figure who is also MEP. The HERA Foundation is another brand new venture of the most doubtful origin and endeavors. From the Frattini's Cabinet daily "thinking" note:

Hera - High European Research Act

Domani nasce Hera, una Fondazione no-profit e non partisan, luogo di incontro e di confronto per chi lavori a internazionalizzare la leadership nella cultura, nella politica e nella comunità dell'economia e degli affari.

Hera si avvarrà degli strumenti che tradizionalmente accompagnano la
promozione culturale e di quelli più recenti e interattivi: dagli incontri ai convegni, dalla rivista al sito web.

Pialuisa Bianco, dopo aver contribuito al rilancio ed all'affermazione
dell'Istituto italiano di cultura, sempre qui a Bruxelles promuove appunto un'iniziativa importante, nelle aspettative, nelle ambizioni e, tutti noi ne siamo certi, nei risultati.

L'Italia ha bisogno di un risveglio, di una nuova alba che sia per tutti l'occasione di vedere e far vedere che il talento di cui siamo capaci è finalmente votato alla cultura positiva dei risultati.

Con un sistema politico che tuttora alimenta troppi aspiranti leader impegnati a sbarrarsi il passo, un numero di formazioni politiche superiore a quelle della Prima Repubblica, un accanimento a promuovere i valori "del no" e a discutere spesso ossessivamente di cose inutili, l'Italia ha bisogno di voltare pagina. E di diventare veramente europea.

Hera nasce anche per alimentare questa nuova speranza, quella di una cultura italiana gelosa della propria identità , ma consapevole di una dimensione e di un respiro più¹ larghi: europei appunti. Hera nasce anche per contribuire a dare all' élite della nostra comunità quella sponda che i giovani e meno giovani funzionari cercano e ancora non trovano in un sistema-Italia che sistema ancora non è.

Nasce nei giorni del nuovo dialogo politico, per aiutare a sgombrare il campo dalle ultime incrostazioni di quel totalitarismo italiano che vede tutto il bene nel "noi" e tutto il male negli "altri". E alimenta, dalle radici dell'odio, quella che qui da Bruxelles troppo spesso appare come una piccola storia ripiegata su se stessa.

Gabinetto del Vice-Presidente Franco FRATTINI

Posted by: peter duchatel | December 4, 2007 08:50 PM

"Attaccare la Chiesa é peggio che stuprare la propria madre." (Attacking the church is worse than raping one's own mother)

Dude... you have HUGE problems. Go seek professional help...

Posted by: Alessandro Arcuri | December 4, 2007 01:50 PM

I couldn't agree more, it is disgraceful that our parlament totally depends on the Catholic Church.
I remember vividly in 1982 when Paul II, after 350 years, reconsider the Galileo Galilei excommunication, well it was about time!
As a child studing at school I was excited about Galileo and his inventions and discoveries and I never understood why is case was never considered before then.
That day I expected a national plea of excuses and celebretion to enact someone that was unjustly persecuted, but it didn't happen!
I still feel resentful towards the church because they made I huge mistake for which they should have ask forgiveness to the entire world for censorising the true!
And I am sure this is only an example in a million!
Clearly the catholic church and all sort of religion have to play a private and spiritual role and just for the people that choose religion, it's outrageous that they are governing countries.
They talk about democracy, but they forget about their children in south america, were often they get abused by adults and they cannot choose abortion. Every day Cristians are imposing death to under age people.
If they want to bring democracy to other countries together with USA they better look first inside the countries dominated by them!
Obviously for them is more important to expand their power instead to take care about 'i fedeli'!

Posted by: PATRIZIA SOTTILE | December 4, 2007 12:07 PM

Nobody's attacking the church. Here I can only read about people trying to see and speak of the truth. If that is considered a bad thing by some, that is the reason why Italy is the way it is...

Posted by: riccardo paglianiti | December 4, 2007 05:28 AM

"freedom of scientific research", more like freeLOADING of scientific research, amirite? Seriously, this is a lot of smoke and mirrors by a bunch of atheists whining that they have to compete in the political arena with people who don't agree with their views. The simple fact is if the government had less say in the lives of people and less control over enormous amounts of money, the issue of whether or not the Vatican has influence in Italian politics would me irrelevant.

Posted by: David Kuma | December 3, 2007 10:59 PM

Italy needs an alternate solution to PD and PdL and this solution needs organization and a supporting structure. This is a message in a bottle, anyway it's something to think about.

Posted by: Marco Lelio Menesini | December 3, 2007 09:51 PM

Italiani: Spaghetti, Mafia, Mandolino and Vaticano.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 3, 2007 08:49 PM

Congratulations Beppe, for having the courage of opening a gigantic can of worms, containing lots of the true reasons, for the many illnesses affecting Italy as a whole, ( and not just Italy ) and for an extremely long time.

Trying to stand up to the corruption,machinations and treasonous covert agendas, of the puppets, is already difficult enough, as you well know, but having the courage to expose the puppeteers, always hidign behind the scenes, will surely earn you even more attacks and character assassination by all those for which the truth is a most unwelcome news.

Let's hope that this new book will contribute to opening a few eyes, at least now they cannot burn it, like in the good old days, even if I am sure it will be given a very "warm" welcome.

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | December 3, 2007 07:34 PM


Nelle amministrazioni publiche, per decenni, le posizioni di livello elevato sono spesso state assegnate per cooptazione, per non dire comparaggio.

Una delle abitudini prese (collegate all’andazzo su menzionato) é stata: i funzionari pubblici non hanno più l’obbligo di svolgere il proprio ruolo con impegno, non sono punibili in caso di mancanze. Il che potrebbe esser ritenuto comprensibile, se si pensa che in un’azienda statale entrano VIP in posizioni di potere, sponsorizzati ad es., da quattro partiti e sette correnti. Visto che le referenze ai varii clans non sono di dominio pubblico, non si sa mai, meglio ...... non sfruculiare il can che dorme. L’omertà e l’impunità regnano ormai sovrane. I VIPs del pubblico, sponsorizzati da clans politici o non, perdono interesse al loro proprio ruolo. Spendono anzi parte del loro impegno e interesse a: a) faccende private; b) manovre di corridoio per acquisire maggior potere.

Conseguenze: per i dipendenti pubblici é stata praticamente dimenticata la selezione per merito. In qualche settore, negli anni é successa una cosa naturale, ove non c’é più merito. I peggiori (i più smaliziati, furbi e scorretti) hanno preso le posizioni più alte. Cio’ ha loro permesso di diffondere dall’alto disonestà e menefreghismo totale. L’esempio, in un Paese ove i cittadini sono flessibili e adattabili, puo’ determinare rovinosi cambiamenti. Si tratta del motivo primario per cui l’Italia, eccezione della U.E., ha visto il crimine diffondersi velocemente in tutte le strutture dello stato.

Tale fenomeno, esteso a macchia d’olio, ha prodotto in due decenni: la inaffidabilità, talvolta il quasi bloccaggio delle strutture e funzioni dello stato.

La estensione a macchia d’olio delle inefficienze, della omertà e della corruzione in parecchi organi dello stato ha avuto negli ultimi due lustri delle conseguenze pesanti anche sul settore privato, il quale é soggetto alla competizione con Paesi ove, invece, lo stato funziona colla stessa efficienza e correttezza di un sistema privato. C’é visibilmente di peggio, osservando dall’estero. Poiché questo fenomeno di degradazione é continuato in molte regioni ed a lungo, esso ha influito, almeno in alcune regioni, sul peggioramento della società in cui gli imprenditori operano. In altri termini, l’affidabilità di persone e enti é andata peggiorando, con una conseguenza pratica: ormai, in molti settori, si vive alla giornata. Fare programmi é difficile, se si fanno non potranno sempre essere rispettati.

Risultato finale. Attualmente non esistono le condizioni che permetterebbero al settore pubblico di funzionare come negli altri Paesi della U.E., né esiste la volontà di cercare tali condizioni in modo serio ed efficiente. Di conseguenza, gli imprenditori non potranno, nelle condizioni attuali, sperare in sostanziali miglioramenti di competitività.

Le prospettive dell’economia ? coerenti con tale situazione !

Antonio Greco

Posted by: Antonio Greco | December 3, 2007 05:33 PM

My Name IS Truth

My Name IS Truth

My Name IS Truth


Posted by: Luther Blissett | December 3, 2007 02:45 PM

Attaccare la Chiesa é peggio che stuprare la propria madre. Gli italiani, evidentemente, colonizzati culturalmente e soggiogati dalla sinistra radicale hanno perso ogni memoria storica, l'unica cosa che li salvava dalla schiavitú.
PEccato, presto anche gli italiani desidereranno scappare all'estero come i cubani, gli abitanti dell'est europa, i cinesi. Questo sito si stá rivelando come lo strumento in mano ai mediocri burocrati della sinistra che, per impossessarsi del potere, devono abbassare il popolo a livello di animali per poi rinchiuderli in recinti culturali. I parassiti si sono giá mobilitati sulle varie reti televisive (la 7 in primis) e sulla rete (qui in questo sito).
Che tristezza...

Posted by: John smith | December 3, 2007 01:36 PM

Ogni Popolo ha il governo che si merita. Pare che noi digraziatament, ci meritiamo Bush, e voi vi meritate Prodi o Berlusconi ... quando c'era LUI.

Posted by: Paolo Sassano | December 3, 2007 01:04 PM

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