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The incinerator at Terni has been closed. There’s the possibility of the crime of environmental disaster. Incinerators are anti-historical and produce dioxin and nano-particles. If what I am writing is true and documented then those who should finish up being accused in the future are all those who are responsible for the deaths by cancer: the politicians, the administrators, the entrepreneurs with money from the CIP6 of our electricity bills.
If what I am saying is false, I invite the salesmen of incinerators to demonstrate the contrary on this blog.

Dear Beppe,
I’m afraid that the political decisions of the last few days in the “Pianura case” in Campania intend to use the emergency to legitimate and to adopt long term choices.
In recent days, even by means of media bombardment, infused with superficiality and common expressions, it would in fact seem that the refuse emergency in Campania can only be resolved by using tips and incinerators, without being aware that this represents a long-term political strategy and it is not the only way of resolving the immediate issue.
There’s a wish to put into action a political choice, something that the whole of Europe is having second thoughts about. or really to unbalance the management of refuse with the creation of plant rather than with the politics of “r”:
- reduction of consumption
- recycling
- recovery
- repair
- re-use
- reprocessing
They want to put into practice a precise political choice: to create in Campania three incineration plants in the territory of the province of Salerno, in Acerra (Naples) and in Santa Maria La Fossa (Caserta). The one in Acerra, as is well known, is without any environmental impact assessment and is using ancient technology, as has been amply demonstrated by the Bi-Chamber Committee on refuse, it is far too big and to be economically beneficial it would have to burn quantities of CDR (combustibles derived from refuse) in proportions that are such that it would discourage recycling and the virtuous cycle that results and would determine as has been shown by the Court of Accounts, even capital damage to the local finances.
The direction dictated by the emergency is intended to unbalance the management of the integrated cycle of refuse in favour of the classical system of combustion, giving the main function to the idea of incinerating refuse, which has however been indicated as residual and marginal by the regulations and by the existing jurisprudence.
To radically change the direction of the politics of refuse in Italy it’s necessary to exit from the cul de sac of CIP 6 and to definitively cancel even for those plant that have already been created, the discussion number 6 of the Interministerial decision on prices that in 1992 declared (the only country in Europe) refuse as a source of renewables, thus making it possible to have public funding for incineration plant. By taking resources directly from the citizens in their electricity bills, in the last 15 years, the CIP6 has influenced the politics of refuse in Italy focusing the attention mainly on the final phase, exactly on the disposal and the realisation of incineration plant. By means of CIP6 parasitic sacks and financial incomes have been fed and these have had as their main objective that of burning most of the refuse “exactly as it is” impeding and putting obstacles in the way of the start of recycling. The public financing coming from CIP6 has influenced the regional planning tools and has slowed down, not just the development of recycling but of sources of clean and renewable energy like wind energy and photo-voltaics.
A practice like that of incineration that increases the waste, with an energy return of 10-15% as opposed to an expenditure on resources that the energy produced does not even remotely compensate for. A practice that provides incentives for the creation of plant that at their maximum output produce on top of the toxic and harmful ultra-fine dust, such a quantity of ash that they need the creation of large quantities of tips to hold the new refuse produced by combustion. To see this it’s enough to go for a tour round Montichiari where the ash and the dust from Brescia’s mega-incinerator are piled up, and this has anyway been condemned by a decision of the Court of Justice.
Thus let there be serious consideration given to the idea of going from primitive methods of disposal like “fire and a hole” to models that have already been trialled with success in certain parts of Italy like the “cold” mechanical biological treatment. Let the emergency be used as a great occasion for relaunch and renewal and not as the excuse to affirm choices that are looking back in time, that is to the time of fire.” Alberto Lucarelli - Ordinario di diritto pubblico - Università di Napoli Federico II

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Biutiful cauntri, un colpo allo stomaco necessario
Finalmente nelle sale, dopo la menzione speciale al Film festival di Torino, Biutiful cauntri inchioda per 73 minuti alla sedia lo spettatore bombardandolo con un fiume di immagini incredibili, che purtroppo sono vere e di una tristezza infinita. Dopo la proiezione molti escono con le lacrime agli occhi e con una gran rabbia in corpo contro i politici corrotti, la camorra onnipotente ed i poteri forti, una miscela puteolente che ha ridotto la Campania ad una discarica infinita afflitta da 6 milioni di tonnellate tra ecoballe e spazzatura nelle strade, oltre alla bomba ecologica di 1200 discariche abusive dove è stato scaricato di tutto inclusi i rifiuti nucleari.
Le immagini che scorrono impietose non fanno dormire la notte e ci restituiscono un’umanità di contadini e di pastori ridotti a livello di bestie bastonate ed umiliate, mentre miriadi di pecore ammalate vanno incontro allo sterminio ed i prodotti agricoli sono avvelenati dalla diossina.
Purtroppo del film sono state approntate solo 20 pellicole ed a Napoli, capitale della monnezza, lo si può vedere solo in una sala minore di un cinema secondario.
Uno scandalo che grida vendetta e che mortifica il lavoro dei giovani registi Esmeralda Calabria, Andrea D’Ambrosio e Peppe Ruggero.
Il film dovrebbe essere proiettato in tutte le scuole per scuotere un’opinione pubblica che ancora non si è resa conto delle dimensioni del dramma vissuto dalle popolazioni campane, paragonabile per impatto ambientale al disastro di Chernobyl.
Nell’attesa, certamente vana, che le istituzioni recepiscano questa istanza, sarebbe auspicabile contare sulla sensibilità dei presidi che possono rivolgersi alla produzione disposta, senza compenso, a che il film venga posto all’attenzione delle nuove generazioni.
Achille della Ragione

Posted by: Achille | March 11, 2008 12:10 AM

In the Oxford dictionary rubbish is defined as "waste or worthless matter".

But it also means "absurd ideas or suggestions, nonsense".

Looking at the desperate situation in Campania I have a suggestion (just in line with the above) for Mr. De Gennaro (the former head of Italian police now in charge of managing the emergency).

Isn't possible do carry off all rubbish of Campania inside the Vesuvio crater?

I think that nobody will ever complain and with the next eruption all rubbish will 'ecologically' disappear.

Posted by: Luca Cellai | February 4, 2008 04:06 PM

Hello Beppe and readers ,
Forgive me if I'm mistaken . I understood that the crisis of refuse in Naples and Campania , is that refuse collection is directly or indirectly in the control of the Camorra ; who are importing refuse from other countries .
The present tips are exceeding capacity , necessitating the creation new ones ; the incineration of a vast amount of unsorted waste matter is creating an excess of air polution , to the detriment of Campania residents .
One writer on the subject , asks , if there is to be recyclage of re-usable waste , who is going to do it . I lived in Valdarno , Tuscany for a number of years . In our village square we had a space set aside for refuse collection , with bins to receive only paper , glass , plastics and general food waste matter . Metals such as tin cans or aluminium were separated too . Refuse bags should be bio-degradable . As with many aspects of Italian life the abuse of the system is at the root of the problem .
Kind Regards - David Barneby

Posted by: David Barneby | January 26, 2008 10:43 AM

The problems must be dealt with "sense of priorities." Perhaps the incinerators are not the best solution, but if we dealt a rightful doubt and certainty harm... well, I think we should shelve the "best solution" in favour of a emergency's solution.

Posted by: mac | January 24, 2008 07:55 AM

Here’s the PM2.5 science and health conditions. “There are no safe lower threshold concentrations of PM2.5″ Dr CA Pope 2007 (World’s Leading air pollution expert) vsteenis public enquiry report nov 2007

Plasma Arc Gasification - FoE and Eunomia Consulting approved

Anarobic Digestion -

MBT/AD - dry MBT/AD or wet MBT/AD FoE approved

Posted by: Rob Whittle | January 19, 2008 05:15 PM

Dear Mr. Lucarelli, thanks for explaining once more how bad things are. Can we now have a solution or at least a proposal? What are we going to do with the hundreds of tons of rubbish that lay in the streets on Naples?
Implementing recycling, reusing and all other “R” will take years!
And can you please explain what you mean with recovery and repair? What can you recover from those mountains of rubbish in Naples? Who will do the recovering? How? And what if things are beyond repair?
We may well re-use certain products but sometimes we have no choice other than buy another one and dispose of the old one.
Now there is a specific problem in Naples and we have to deal with it. Fast! The only viable, albeit painful, solution is to start the incinerating process.
Say no to the incinerator and you will condemn people to live in this state for years to come.
However, once the streets are clean we can start with separate collection, reducing the amount of rubbish going to the incinerator itself.
This will be a gradual process and in a few years, with the help and support of the local community, we could have a much reduced amount of rubbish being burned.
There are technologically advanced systems that enable to separate and recover unsorted rubbish avoiding the incinerating process. is a possible solution but, again, it will take years to start the plant.

Posted by: Andrea Ceccanti | January 17, 2008 09:04 PM

Did you listen to what this people said? Either they are insane, uninformed, or simply trying to lie to the flock. Grillo you must stop them!

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | January 17, 2008 10:53 AM

I think that the problem is that no one will make a decision and that the problem in Naples will just get worse.It's really sad because Naples is a beautiful city and I'm sorry to say but the prople that live there haven't understood this!As usual the Italians just don't get it!! The image we send to people around the world is not a great one! Let's say if I were planning my summer vacation I surely wouldn't be coming to Naples!!

Posted by: grace | January 17, 2008 10:42 AM

The problems must be dealt with "sense of priorities." Perhaps the incinerators are not the best solution, but if we dealt a rightful doubt and certainty harm... well, I think we should shelve the "best solution" in favour of a emergency's solution.

Posted by: Alessandro C. | January 17, 2008 08:38 AM

Hello to everyone from s...unny SiCiLy!
i believe you have some updates abt the numbers of incenarators they want to build.
3 in Campania and 5 in s...unny Sicily.
Yes, of course our m(i)anager TOTO VASA VASA, apologies i meant the president of the sicilian assembly (ARS),wants to help the people from Campania .His earnings
46 milions of euro, plus 5 brand new incenirators to be build in yet to know locations around our caunti/canteen/garbage choose what to call our land!
Besides Mr. Vincenzo Forgione is investigating on ATO's CEOs and their management of the matters.
Nobody is getting bribed , of course!
So please ask all Nuclear plants CEO's to come dispose of their plants wastes in s....unny SiCiLy

Posted by: Maria Consuelo Spera | January 16, 2008 05:06 PM

Hello everyone,
News broadcasters all over Belpaese are working overtime 24/7 to makeover the divergent pictures of Italy.
The Prime Minister says, everything is Hanky dory, while the images the world sees are quite different.
Stock market are plummeting, Italian Borsa -13%, Italian GDP -2.4% 2007 last quarter, politicians keeps on bickering with each other, while the Country is a state of complete disarray.
Mr. Berlusconi is making sure all of his villas are ready, just in case he needs a quick getaway, while Mr. Prodi is in contact with Goldman Sacs for his old job.
In the meantime, the rest of the scoundrels get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, quits knowingly it will be rejected.
While the one that should resign pronto, are thumbing their noses at the institutions and say No thank you I am staying.
What more can I say, another day another foot deeper.
The future looks bright wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 16, 2008 04:39 PM

Guardate questi link:

Altro che termo valorizzatori!!!

Posted by: Maurizio | January 16, 2008 12:02 PM

Aprite questi link,

Altro che termo-valorizzatori!!!

Posted by: Maurizio | January 16, 2008 12:01 PM

My Dear Beppe,

I suggest that you read the following article from the BBC:

It says far more than you would probably like to hear about the true nature of waste disposal methods - WHICH ARE ESSENTIAL TO EVERY EUROPEAN CITIZEN.

Posted by: Luke Dixon | January 16, 2008 11:28 AM

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