Pecoraro the Scapegoat


The hunt for Pecoraro Scanio has begun. He’s the guilty one. Not Bassolino, not Jervolino, not the Presidents of the Council for the last 15 years, not the Camorra, not the companies of the North that got rid of toxic waste in Campania to save money, not the ones that took the billions of Euro from the European Community for public works that never got done, not the municipal companies that got politicized, not the parties, not the regional cabinets, not the mayors that are a continuation of organised crime, not those who didn’t allow recycling, not the magistrates who didn’t start enquiring, not the journalists who didn’t denounce a thing, not the parliamentarians from Campania who stay in Rome, not the health authorities who should check up on food products, not those who should check up on air pollution.
No one. No damned institution is responsible for a Region that is ruined, with radioactive detritus under the tomato fields and an alarming increase in cancers.
The ones at fault are the Greens, the people who want clean water, clean air, meat, eggs and mozzarella without dioxin. The ones at fault are those who want a park, a tree, a beach without sewage,, functioning purification systems.
The ones at fault are those who want recycling, zero refuse. The ones at fault are those who think that the people of Campania are civilised people like others who can get the same results for the environment as the Danes or the Californians.
The ones at fault are those who tell the truth about incinerators and Cip6, the tax on our Enel utility bill, that has taken away billions of Euro for renewable energy to gift it to the oil barons.
One of the greatest political failures of the Italian Republic has been transformed into a problem of public order. Bassolino reigns with De Gennaro at his right hand.
The ones at fault are Pecoraro the Scapegoat and all the inhabitants of Pianura who were promised that the tip would never be reopened.

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Ma poooverinooo Pecoraro Scanio!
It's not his fault if everything last long in garbage. After all, he was just taking his little "stipendio" of ambient's minister.
Anyway, different regions are taking napoli's garbage: who had space (maybe applying previous good ambiental politics for make "that" space), take the sh--. this is the italian meritocracy.
Beppe, sei acuto per alcune cose. Ma per altro preferisci il "furore popolare". Il meccanismo "napoli" e da biasimare. I "no ad ogni costo" vanno fatti solo se si è sicuri che il "costo" non sia pagato da altri: altrimenti sei un volgare criminale.

Posted by: Alessandro C. | January 13, 2008 04:51 PM

This is an environmental disaster, what you want?
Do we have to congratulate Pegoraro Scanio for his
long sight or for his efficiency?
Gay Pride a ppart what has he done?

Posted by: maurizio confalonieri | January 11, 2008 11:32 AM

this is the same old story : a lot of talk and no solution. Good luck Italians.

Posted by: giuseppe vidozzi | January 11, 2008 10:50 AM

Whenever I see the police hitting pacific people that don't react, I feel horror.

In the case of Italy I feel ashamed. Deeply ashamed. Italy has forgotten the meaning of democracy. Instead of questioning itself for the reason of a protest, the government points who is protesting as a "criminal". How is this possible?

The only words that come into my mind in this case is "fascism". Italy is living a renewed fascism. And, worst, Italy seems even proud of it.
What a shame. What a shame ...

(from the Netherlands)

Posted by: GabrieleLenzini | January 11, 2008 10:35 AM

It's my undertstanding that in April 2001 a new law in Italy entered into force, categorizing toxic waste trafficking as a crime, and establishing sentences of one to eight years in prison.

Does anyone know if ANY person in Italy has ever been charged, convicted and/or sentenced pursuant to this law?

Posted by: Cedric Stableford | January 11, 2008 10:16 AM


In questa situazione in cui si è presentata la giornalista del Corriere della Serra che mi ha detto: mi confermi che stai qui per il ministero della giustizia! Stavo ascoltando newshour della BBC che trasmetteva Radio città futura all’ore 22. Dopo aver tolto le cuffie delle mie orecchie ho affermato: si, si è vero, stavo qui da 13 anni nell’ambito di una storia dell’ingiustizia che coordinava un uomo potente nel ministero della giustizia!La Cronista era sicura di sé, per questo mi ha proposto di fissare un appuntamento domani alle 13 in un ristorante per intervistarmi!Ho declinato la proposta sostenendo che non m’interessava, perché non si può denunciare quello che si sapeva già!Poiché ho raccontato i particolari della mia storia nel mio Blog, che può essere consultato nella rete, per questo non ho niente da giungere. La giornalista mi ha chiesto come si chiama questa persona che ti perseguitava? Ho risposto: Lussese Vincenzo, il capo dei servizi segreti romani.La giornalista ha cominciato balbettare dopo la mia affermazione come successo a molti che mi hanno fatto questa domanda! Mi ha Guardato in faccia e mi ha detto: io non posso aiutarti!Non ho mai chiesto l’aiuto per essere salvato del mostruoso sistema con cui mi battevo da solo, ma segnalavo il mio caso per essere ripensato per favorire il bene comune! Volevo assicurarla che, lei non può aiutarmi, ma ho detto: sì, sì lo so, perché si tratta di una storia sporca che controllavano i servizi segreti ingiusti! Ho concluso spostando la nostra conversazione su....

Posted by: lemin ould | January 11, 2008 10:01 AM

Fabrizio, what the f$%& is your comment about? It sounds like it may be interesting but it's unintelligible . . .

Posted by: Cedric Stableford | January 11, 2008 09:51 AM

Pecoraro Scanio may be at the top of the power tree but you can't say he wasn't "facilitated" by the likes of Bassolino and Jervolino. The three of them should be drawn and quartered in the main piazza of Naples!

Pity we are living in the wrong century, otherwise this would have been possible ...

Posted by: Adri Mian | January 11, 2008 08:25 AM

Video of Bill Gates: the arrogance who thinks to control(using software & networks to fake elections) ALSO the next president of USA.

But he CAN'T yet control China and God.

Again: Ex-Communists countries with stock market and property are NOW much better than Capitalism without Antitrust.

Posted by: fabrizio | January 11, 2008 05:11 AM

Criminali!!! Ora ci portano la spazzature in Sardegna ..questo e il risultato delle promesse ...

Posted by: Pietro Montis | January 10, 2008 11:06 PM

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