Article subdivision 1 B of the Folena/Luxuria law and the degrading of the Internet

I would like to live in a country in which I can leave the house in the morning, buy a newspaper and read what the government and Parliament have done for MY FAMILY. I am paying these gentlemen with my work, with my taxes, by consuming. I am waiting for some every day good news, of any sort, even though it’s tiny. To feel at peace, to live a day of normal serenity. I’m not really asking for a lot. To be able to breathe clean air, lift my eyes to the sky and smile. Instead of that, every morning I am informed, rarely by the newspapers and the TV, almost always by friends and through the Internet, of new obstacles, problems, suffering created by our employees. They have a magic wheel. Without a break, they take out of it laws, amendments, subdivisions of articles to remove our tranquility from us.
Where do they want to get to? To collective Hydrophobia? If this is what they aim to do, they are succeeding. For example with a little law that they voted for in the night between 21 and 22 December 2007 to wish Happy Christmas to the Italains.
6 February 2007 saw the presentation of a draft law called: “arrangements concerning Societŕ Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE) {Italian company of authors and publishers}” by 32 deputies (THIRTY TWO).
On 19 September 2007, Folena, Guadagno called Vladimir Luxuria, Sasso, Bono, Garagnani, Goisis, Ghizzoni, Barbieri inserted article subdivision 1 B
”It’s allowable to have the free publication on the Internet, of images and music of low resolution, or degraded, for didactic use or encyclopedia use and only if such use is not for making money. With a decree of the Minister of Culture, having listened to the Minister of Public Instruction and Universities and Research, with previous opinions from the competent Parliamentary Committees there are defined limits on the didactic use or the encyclopedia use mentioned in the previous subdivision”.
After the Levi-Prodi law, that is proceeeeeeeding like Itaaaaaly, up pops (unrequested) article subdivision 1B.
On the Internet it’ll only be possible to publish images and music after having been “degraded”, only for didactic use and not for making money. A scientist can only publish “degraded” images. A blog that however covers its own costs (so as to make money) with Google advertising will have to pay the SIAE contribution.
The degrading on the Internet has already happened, with the faces of parliamentarians and with the rubbish in Campania. Subdivision 1B has certified it.
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V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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signor beppe io penso ke lei č 1 grande xkč x colpa dei politi stronzi e bastardi io me ne sono andata dalla mia amata terra la sicilia xkč nn c'era lavoro faccia vedere ki č
e grazie se gli rompe le scatole a questi striěonzi di merda

Posted by: selene | January 12, 2008 12:25 AM

Gwen, people can go to the local mafia bosses and power brokers for help -- they are 100% Italian citizens and they REALLY can make a difference! Going to Parliament, where 10% of the members are CONVICTED criminals, isn't much different as far as the character of the people you'll be dealing with, but it's much less efficient and more time-consuming. Change isn't impossible in Italy, but it's a hell of a lot easier if you know the "right" people and have a LOT of unmarked and untraceable 500 euro notes. The lubricating quality of these notes is demonstrably much higher than virgin olive oil.

Jim Morrison (I thought you choked on your own vomit and died back in 1970?), I agree with you about the English translations -- they read as if they were run through some cheap, freely downloadable, translation software -- dull, inaccurate, uninteresting and unintelligible in many cases. This is one area where change could be brought quickly and easily!

Viva la dolce vita!!!

Posted by: Cedric Stableford | January 10, 2008 10:19 AM

What I want to know is; doesn't Italy have a forum or representatives in the regions that people can go to and complain, or not? Forgive me, because I am not italian (my husband is from roma so hence my interest). Isn't there a loophole where citizens can really make a difference? Who besides YOU Beppe, can people turn to that represents the government, no one? I am very curious! Shouting and making noise is good.. but someone needs to stand up to be elected that is on your side.. someone you can put into office that can help change. it almost seems impossible.

Posted by: gwen carminati | January 10, 2008 04:21 AM

Stavo guardando ieri a Prodi mentre illustrava le misure di emergenza per la spazzatura in Campania. Osservavo che mentre parlava il nostro PM si stava per addormentare. Allora sono andato a pensare all'eta media del nostro Parlamento e Senato, e mi sono chiesto: quanti dei nostri politici portano il pannolone e quindi che odore c'e nel mondo politico italiano? Probabilmente odore di pipi (per dirla pulita!) Come suggeri Beppe, non possiamo cercare di unire al limite delle due legislature per i nostri parlamentari anche il limite di eta di 65 anni? Quando uno e` anziano e meglio che vada in pensione; ad una certa eta si puo diventare anche stoliti penso......

Posted by: Dario Marchesi | January 9, 2008 06:43 PM

Come on baby light my fire

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 9, 2008 04:24 PM

Is it just me or does this article simply seem like gibberish. Obviously the translater speaks pidgeon English because nothing makes sense. Please stop translating things literaly and try and get the sense and gist of what is said into English

Posted by: Jim Morrison | January 9, 2008 03:56 PM

Oh God I'm sorry!!!!


Forget the other one and soory again!!!

Posted by: Andy Berta | January 8, 2008 11:29 PM

Free Information!!


Posted by: Andy Berta | January 8, 2008 11:18 PM

What is degraded is Luxuria's ass.

He doesn't even know about the "exit only" feature.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 8, 2008 09:48 PM

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