The travelling salesmen of the incinerators


In the past natural catastrophes, from the floods of Polesine, to the earthquakes in Friuli, bring about the phenomenon of dispersal. Today we are witnessing the dispersal of the rubbish, however from a federal viewpoint. If the Region is controlled by the Centre Left it opens up tips and incinerators for the rubbish of the Region of Campania (Centre Left). If it’s controlled by the Centre Right is vetoes this. The travelling salesmen of the incinerators have let all hell break loose, in Milan those who already have one want another one straight away, but at a low grade. They are asking for more rubbish to be burned. No one is tackling the issue of recycling and of eliminating useless containers. No one is explaining that you can drink the water from the tap in the house and not from the plastic bottles. We are the top country in the world for the consumption of water in plastic bottles. No one is talking about the ecomafia that is a continuation of politics in Campania (and even elsewhere) that is transforming agricultural land into cancer factories.
Where there is recycling, there’s no need for incinerators.
Zero refuse: this must be the objective. Matteoli and Bersanetor are breathing in the dioxin and the nano-particles.
Read the witness statement by Francesco from Naples.

Dear Signor Grillo,
I thank you for having given space and for having squashed the heavy black cloth that is wrapped around the business of rubbish in Naples and its province. We who are living here – or at least are trying to live – are astounded to be seeing the frenetic dance of voices, shouts, positions established, denunciations and so on. Those bottom-faces don’t even have the good sense to stay silent and to be ashamed. Everyone knew and everyone lied, those in opposition and those in the government. The problem is an old one, it’s 20 years old and they have splashed around and have got our exchange, collusion or kick-back vote. For months we have had rubbish on all streets and thanks to God it is winter otherwise we would all have died of the plague. But I’m not writing to you because of the problem of rubbish, today everyone’s doing that and it is fashionable. A few years ago only a few of us were doing this and the newspapers threw our letters in the bin even La Repubblica di Napoli, because we were not making news.
I am writing to you for another issue that is much more serious and scandalous that few have had the courage to tackle and almost no one has talked about. In the province of Naples, as they have revealed, for decades, the rubbish was collected into great big holes in the ground and then these were closed up. That’s what happened for the Pirucchi tip in Palma Campania, for the La Fungaia tip in Ottaviano, for the one in Pianura, Acerra, Casalnuovo, Tufino, etc. I’m just citing the so-called legal ones – without talking about the hundreds of abusive tips and mini-tips managed directly by the Camorra. But do you think that the real problem was taking the rubbish from the Region of Campania and burying it in these sites with or without permission? No. The real business was, and still is partly, the burying of tons of toxic waste coming from beyond Campania, from the North of Italy and from Germany and from Switzerland.
Even today some old people of Palma Campania – a miracle that they are still alive – remember large trucks ‘shaped like a bottle’ that queued yup at night to unload. To unload what? Toxic and dangerous refuse that continue to send out cancer-causing substances. Up until a few months ago, as the association of consumers, we asked (but uselessly) the ASL Napoli 4 {local health authority} (one of the worst heaps of rubbish in Italy) – for data on the incidence of cancers in the province of Naples, especially in the territory of Acerra, Nola, Casalnuovo, Pomigliano and Vesuviano. This data was denied us for years until, officially, it was admitted that the only ASL in Italy with the rate of cancers is different is that of ASL Napoli 4 – that is the territory affected by the uncontrolled dispersal of refuse. From the data published by the ASL, it turned out that the incidence of cancer in almost the whole of Italy, with a few points where it has increased in certain well-defined places, well the only zone in Italy where the rate of increase is double that of the previous period was that in the territory of the ASL Napoli 4
This news item was published at the end of 2005 but strangely there was no follow up and everyone seemed to have forgotten. In reality, things have got much worse. There is no family that has not recorded a case of cancer in this area: lung cancers, cancers of the uterus, of the breasts. There is a specially high incidence among women rather than among men. It is a real slaughter with millions of deaths and a lot, really a lot of suffering. Just in the street where I live two women have died this month. One was 40 years old and the other 52. Another three of my female colleagues at work in Nola (aged around 40 years) are having chemotherapy treatment with a poor prognosis.
We don’t need to bother the statistics or investigations. We are living in this refuse and we are paying the consequences every day. We are sewer rats – in Naples they call them ''č zoccole'' – we slither through the rubbish, the incivility, the camorra, the bad business, the bad politics, hoping that the next one to be struck down will be our neighbour and not us.” Francesco

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Waste tip? Not sure what you mean,
landfill perhaps. Not sure who does the translating for this site but I continuousely find huge mistakes. Please clean up your english.

Posted by: Dea Elms | January 20, 2008 07:29 AM

My Dear Beppe Grillo,

I'm sorry, but I think you are missing the entire point of what is happening in Naples at the moment. This is a great shame because you could be helping the people of Naples - and the rest of Italy - resolve the problem of waste disposal, rather than beating your rather ridiculous drum regarding NIL waste production.

Waste is an issue of modern life that is omnipresent throughout the world. Suggesting that people solve the whole problem by simply not producing any is worse than utopianism - it verges on the same kind or irresponsible activity that the camorra themselves have exhibited for many years here. Please stop the nonsense and try to campaign for the benefit of Italians - and the rest of Europe too - by seeking waste disposal methods that do not either cause dangerous waste by-products nor allow the illegal dumping to be used for the concealment of the toxic wastes that the camorra have been dumping for many years - with the consequent problems affecting people like Francesco.

Waste is an issue that will NEVER be solved by closing your eyes and hoping it will go away. Neither will toothbrush heads solve anything. We need to increase our recycling of waste, for sure. But it will not happen without some kind of centralised sorting and disposal facility - which is already evident in northern Italy in a few places - as you know.

Please Beppe. Campaign for something that is real and achievable - not for the Utopian nonsense that makes you look more like Beppe Bufoon every day that you continue with it. Please. For my, my children, Italy, Europe and the world. Open those lovely smiling eyes of yours to the real problem before it is too late.

Best regards,

Posted by: Luke Dixon | January 12, 2008 04:04 PM

Hello everyone,
I did read on several Italian Newspapers, the Demise of the Second (2nd!) Republic!
It’s a demonstrated fact, that in Italy nobody ever quits Political affiliation and Political Appointment, and by the way Politicians are still all there at their venerable age.
How many Republics are you willing to Finance?
Sorry let me restate the question:
How many Failed Republics will you go through your life time?
The future looks bright wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 12, 2008 02:27 PM

Two days ago I went to Napoli to see a ballet in the theater. I was surprised to find the most elegant restaurants - which used to be packed with people every single day at lunch time - almost empty. Pianura and all the other peripheric areas in distress - which have been broadcasted - is one side of this catastrophe and I am pleased to finally see people protesting. Meandering through the heaps of garbage also in the heart of the center, however, drives one to tears. I was wondering what else is needed to give the locals an incentive to act also for their inner city status quo. What are they waiting for? Taxidrivers I talked to seemed to have already accepted the inacceptable. Other neapolitans I talked to continued to complain about it, yet there was not even a thought of actually speaking up, doing something about it. I failed to see an inner city population which takes its anger onto the streets. It might not be part of their culture, yet if citizens will continue to ignore the unbearable way their beautiful city is going down the drain I wonder where a change for the better is supposed to come from in the near future. Itis in the hand of the people bringing about change when politics have proved for decades to repeatedly fail to do their basic homeworks.

Posted by: Kristiane Kaechele | January 12, 2008 12:44 PM

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