The Trip to Rome


The psycho-dwarf is threatening a March on Rome if there’s not straight away a vote according to the rubbish law that he got them to approve so hurriedly in 2006. The law that was kept alive so happily for 2 years by the Centre Left REMOVES from the citizen the right to have a preference vote. It means, for example, that Cuffaro and Cirino Pomicino can be elected as Senators by Casini and by Berlusconi and the citizens can just stay and watch.
Asphalt head definitely said about putting off the elections: “Millions of Italians would pour out onto the streets to ask for that.” Bossi has piled it on: “If we don’t go and vote we will have a revolution. There are just a few weapons missing but sooner or later we will find them.” Some sympathiser has sent him calibre 38 bullets to get him started with munitions. In a normal country they would at least be under house arrest.
The probable future head of the government, whose number of “non-convictions for time out” we’ve lost count of, has a couple of trials ongoing. One for corruption in judicial documents together with the lawyer David Mills that should be finishing in April. It’s an extraordinary coincidence with early elections. And for which he risks getting a sentence of 6 years in prison. Another for presumed slush funds relating to the Mediaset TV rights. In no democracy in the world could a person be a candidate for the premiership with two trials ongoing. Think of Obama or of Hilary accused of corruption. I’ve got the suspicion that Italy for some time now, is not a democracy, but a docile dictatorship.
To the march on Rome, a strong and implacable response must be given. Italians!!!!!!!!
Everyone for the “Trip to Rome”. If the psycho-dwarf sounds off his trumpets, we will make a noise with our bells. If there is a march, I will organise a mass tourist outing in the Eternal City. The route will file past the Headquarters of the parties. An occasion that cannot be repeated to see the ruins of politics. And to take photos of our employees. An event to be recounted to our grandchildren. Better than the fall of the Berlin Wall. Italians!!!!

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BBC 'Newsnight' last night!. My father called me this morning from England to tell me that he never realised what a desperate state Italy is in, and that he felt embarrased for his Italian son-in-law. Of course Beppe you get a good mention!

Posted by: Caroline Palomba | January 31, 2008 01:20 PM

I agree with all that's being said!!
But who are we going to bloody well vote for?????????

Posted by: grace | January 30, 2008 07:50 PM

se succede vengo anch'io a roma a fare il turista. if it does happen, i'm coming to the trip to rome. edoardo

Posted by: edoardo spacca | January 30, 2008 06:53 PM

se succede vengo anch'io a roma a fare il turista. edoardo

Posted by: edoardo spacca | January 30, 2008 06:51 PM

I guess that David Bernaby has raised enough points to start a discussion not only on Italian politics, but also on Italian Society.First of all I agree on most of his points except for his conclusions, Italy does not need another Mussolini
and lets say that" Ogni mondo e' paese".
Beppe Grillo is right in saying that we should elect honest people, to do otherwise will undermine the basis of society existence. We have to remember that most of the current Italian Politicians have learned their politics by the disgraced ones from the "First Republic". Therefore we cannot expect any worthwhile electoral reform either from the right or left.
Until government is taken away from the parties and given to the people (through their representatives) and a clear delineation of the excecutive, legislative ang judicial branch is formed there cannot be real reform.
One aneduct on party power is the following:" I live outside of Italy and a few years back, I was in Italy and was discussing the new law giving "Gli Italiani All'estero"not only the right to vote but also representation in parliament(the most asine thing I ever heard). I was surprised that the Italians were not upset that the new law was going to allow representatives to vote on taxes, abortion, etc. without being affected themselves(since they live outside of Italy)by their vote. The answer from my cousin was: obvisiously you dont' understand Italian Politics. Those representatives cannot vote the way they want, the parties will tell them how to"

Posted by: john Mallozzi | January 30, 2008 05:03 PM

"David Barneby" I totally agree with you, except on two issues, the first one being that of that Italians are opportunists and corrupt, opportunisim is a human trait and not exclusive to Italians.
The Italians are caught up in a viscious cycle put into place by autentic dishonest people that are in power, and the Italians given another way of public order would chose a more honest way of living, the government and magistrates prevent that, as you well know.
Another thing that I disagree on is that Italy needs another "Mussolini". Italians do not need another power monger in control, in that case corruption would only be more centralized. What Italy needs instead is some self awareness, that they really do not seem to have, such as you have stated somthing similar about the Tuscans look no further than their nose other than regional affairs, and anything esle is not really their concern, very sad and true however.
Beppe Grillo is right about electing honest people instead of the same rotten bunch, that is the only way for a more pacific change, my remedy would be to vote only for people who have shown even a bit of sincerety, that in itself would be a good start in the right direction.

Posted by: Rinaldi Moscatiello | January 30, 2008 11:32 AM

For the experience I've had with Italy, I can only quote all that Mr. David Barneby said in his comment.

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | January 30, 2008 11:02 AM

Many Italians vote communist , because their fathers did ; For true Italian Patriotism , because the Partisans and Communists helped to overthrow Mussolini and The Fascists .
They have no real understanding of what communism is about .
Italians could do with a taste of a communist rule under Fausto Bertinoti . I have never heard anybody talk so much and say so little .
He looks such a prosperous educated middle class gentleman ; one can only believe that he is in politics for a fun career and the money .

Posted by: David Barneby | January 30, 2008 09:00 AM

Giuseppe Garibalidi is remembered for his military leadership that brought about the unification of Italy .
Is Italy really united ?
From my close association with Italy over 49 years and residency in Italy for 8 years ; I would say ," NO, Only United For World Cup Football ". Italians are loyal first and foremost to themselves and then to their state , Toscana,Lombardia,Lazzio,Campania or wherever .
Over many years I have moved in the upper echelons of Florentine society . I have been shocked by their general ignorance and lack of interest in Italian politics . To many , Centre Left means kind,humanitarian,christian ethics . Centre Right means Fascist . There seemed to be no understanding of what either group of political parties might do in practial terms . With Proportional Representation , involving some 16 political parties , many of them achieving seats in Parliament ; a coalition "Government?" formed of say half the parties ; has no focal point and such a divergence of policy, it is unable to Govern .
Italians seem to think this is democracy !
I believe the truth is that ; that after the fascist Reign under Mussolini , the Italian people are afraid of any government that might have over all power . Really they don't want a government , every man wants to govern himself .
Proportional Representation so dilutes the power of a so called Government , as to make it impotent , powerless to govern . Parliament in Italy is just a talking house , where democracy is exercised , but no governing takes place .
Democracy should be exercised outside parliament , in the regions ; to form 2 or 3 Political Parties , who if elected to govern , who can concentrate their efforts on important Issues , Reforms , that will benefit Italy , the Economy , All the people of Italy .

You have much to say about Dishonesty and Corruption !!!
A dear Italian friend said to me a few years ago ," Be Careful David , I am Italian , I tell you all Italians are dishonest ".
Strictly , that is not true ; but many Italians , across all stratas of society are OPPORTUNISTS (Dishonest , Corrupt).
Opportunism ,( Corruption ) is historically part of Italian life , that is The Modus Operandus .
From my own personal experience , I have been financially taken advantage of in a big way by dear friends of high society ; who when I have told them to their face the harm they have done to me , cannot see it as anything bad or dishonest , to get upset about .
You go to your local government office about some important matter at 11:30am ; everyone has their coat on ready to go home for lunch ; they tell you to come back next week . You go to the office of a local government officer ; his secretary says he is out of the office ; a tour of local bars will soon find him . You soon understand that that is the way Italy works .

In the early 1990s the long governing Christian Democrats were brought down by a series of corruption trials . " Clean Hands "!!! ( But dirty feet ) as is commonly said in Italy .

Who is not corrupt ? The Polititions , Big Business men , The Judges and Magistrates .
Expediency is the order of the day ; no matter the rights or wrongs in achieving the desired ends .

While living in Italy , I became very exercised about the outcome of some serious criminal trials . I did not feel that the case against the accused had been anywhere near proven . I was of the strong impression that they were sentenced on the basis of probability . At a dinner party given by a prominent Avvocato ; perhaps indiscretely , I raised this point with him naming a particular case ; he was agreeing with me ; when we were then joined by a professor who I think may have been a magistrate or judge . There followed the most heated and accrimonious argument , the avvocato supporting my view and the professor strongly upholding the integrity of the magistrates and judges . It was exciting , frightening , like a cock fight with feathers flying ; I didn't get another word in ; in fact was a little embarrassed to have started such an affray .

I have always understood that under Roman Law , you are guilty until proven innocent . Another Avvocato friend assured me that is not so ; but I still believe it is so ; you have to prove yourself innocent .

You , Beppe Grollo , make a long list of MPs who are criminal and should not be eligible to stand for parliament .
As far as I am aware ; they are accused only , by the prosecutors . I do not see the prosecutors , magistrates or judges as being any more honest than the polititions or big business men .

If you look hard enough you can see the entire Italian system as being corrupt . Whatever you do you can't change it ; so why bother or pretend that honesty is just around the corner .

Italy Must Be One Of The MOST BEAUTIFUL countries in the world , with historic art and culture second to none ; charming ,friendly , vivacious people . Tragically it is so divided and corrupt it cannot govern itself .

An interim government will have to create an electoral system that will create a first past the post election ; that will provide Italy with a government that can govern . I could not at the time or now imagine what Berlusconi was doing to empower full proportional representaion . It seemed madness !!! He could be a strong prime minister given the freedom to exercise the power of government .
Italy needs another Mussolini to take control of the country .

" Power Corrups and absolute power corrupts absolutely "!!!

Posted by: David Barneby | January 30, 2008 08:34 AM

"Think of Obama or of Hilary accused of corruption."
Hillary Clinton has been accused of corruption and the deaths of so many people, along with her husband, it's hard to keep count.
The USA isn't as complicated as Italy, but trust me-it is as corrupt.

Posted by: gwen carminati | January 30, 2008 03:22 AM

perhaps somebody enjoyed better the "compagno" Bertinotti at Ballaro' last tuesday the 15th of january saying that in case of elections he would like to vote with the proportional system with an edge over 5%??? I did not!!!! so, what you will expect to be said from a fellow like Maroni!!!!!

Posted by: giovanni soldi | January 30, 2008 01:45 AM

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