The hunt for the tax evaders


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This government never ceases to amaze one. First they want to hunt down the tax evaders and the, when they find them, they fail to go all the way. 98 Billion Euro of tax evasion is equivalent to 4/5 annual budgets. In order to be prosecuted, an Italian tax evader must pay his taxes, not owe the receiver of revenue very much at all, and not collude with the political parties.
The GREAT TAX EVADER, instead, has nothing to fear. In the worst case scenario, he can always float his company on the Stock Exchange and share out his debts amongst the small investors.

Beppe Grillo:We at the blog would like to know what has happened to the 98 billion Euro from the tax evasion by the State Monopoly concessionaries. This man, Ferruccio Sansa, is the person who carried out the investigations.

Ferruccio Sansa: It is a good thing that, finally, someone is applauding the journalists, and it would be even better if someone were to respond to the findings of the investigation, seeing that we have been asking Visco and Prodi to give us some answers for a number of months now, without either of the two deigning to say a single word.
Their tactic has been to act like a brick wall, and we must prevent them from using this tactic successfully. We must continue to repeat these questions, ad nauseam, at the risk of seeming repetitive. They are hoping to wear us down, yet we must carry on, continue to resist and repeat these questions until such time as they are worn down.
This is not something we have sucked out of our thumbs, nor do we have any intention of venting our frustrations on some or other political party. We have based our actions on documentation provided by an investigation commission and on statements made by the Court of Counts. Public documents, in other words. They told us that, based on an inquiry by the Financial Police, not by some dangerous subversives, the Slot Machine concessionaries owe the State, us in other words, 98 billion – those figures with the nine zeroes – Euros. Next time they ask us to pay additional taxes for some or other expense of 12-13 billion, remember what they have given as a gift to these companies, certain of which include Cosa Nostra families on the Boards of Directors, while yet others are managed by members of political parties, particularly Alleanza Nazionale, just like the Bingo business was in the hands of members of the DS and the Lega. Let us always remember: you ask us to pay additional taxes to cover 11-12 billion of expenditure? You ask us to make sacrifices in order to be able to make cuts amounting to 11-12 billion Euro? But where have these 98 billion Euro gone? Parliament is already discussing a law. There are only two possible solutions: either we write off the fine, in which case, the next time I am given a parking fine I too will ask for it to be written off, or else we are talking about a final pardon, in other words, we are giving a 98 billion Euro gift to private companies. We will continue to follow this story through to the end, you must just stay with us and don’t forget. If any mention is made of a final pardon, it will be like giving companies quoted on the stock exchange a gift that is much greater than that which they ask of us. Just the other day, tens, nay thousands of our readers wrote to Prodi, demanding answers. This was the response displayed on the Government’s website: “We must be careful because we are dealing with companies that are quoted on the stock exchange”.
We may not be quoted on the stock exchange, but we are nevertheless entitled to the same level of respect. Thanks to you all.

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