Veltroni’s used cars

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Veltroni lied to millions of Italians on live TV. In 2006 on Fabio Fazio’s programme : "Che tempo fa". Would you buy a used car or a democratic party from a liar? The TV makes it possible to say an untruth. No one remembers. No servant journalist will remember. However, the Internet has an incredible memory.
Before being elected as part-time Mayor of Rome for the second time that after his term of office he said he would withdraw from political life. And he stated that with a challenge: “Let’s see if it’s true or not.” Well. We know. It’s false. In another country his career would be finished. With us it’s only just started.
"Fabio Fazio: They say that the battle should be between yourself and Casini. Has this whisper ever reached your ears?
Walter Veltroni : Look, I’ve heard so many rumours. In the Economist they wrote about Fini and myself.
Fabio Fazio: But you’re always there however. This is the constant. factor.
Walter Veltroni : That gives the security that it won’t be me. The fact that it’s always me is the guarantee that it won’t be me. Really I think that if I am the Mayor of Rome again in the next five years, then at the end of this second 5-year term I will have concluded my experience of politics.
Fabio Fazio: Truly?
Walter Veltroni : Yes, because you mustn’t do politics for life. You need to go on doing the things you believe in by doing other stuff. There are so many things you can do. I know that when I say this, everyone is looking at me saying: “Well look what a crafty one, he says that but it isn’t true!” We’ll talk about that in 5 years time. Let’s see in 5 years time if it’s true or not.”
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HI guys!
I'm an italian fucker who doesn't think you americans are all a bunch of morons cause you don't give a shit about US!Don't worry,we'll be ok!In case you're wondering,Yeah,I'm sarcastic.
There are a lot of chanches that "ok" in this case means:in a koffin twelve feet under the ground,
thanks to yours goddamn iraki stolen petroleum..

but,again,don't worry about US!
You gave us the best political piggies around here,didn't you?NOw you're thinkin to vote for the next crazy jew who will make war against Iran?!
But that's not your fault,it's all because of Bushies,isn't it?
You are americans and all you care about is your precious,democratic and republican united states of NATIVE AMERICANS and all the other tribes to which your land actually belong!
Remember the ones your parents & grandparents stole it from?
United states of WARMONGERS!
That' what you are!
We are very thankful for giving us capitalism.
For givin power to those fuckers who are now slowly driving us to extintion!really!
We are very grateful for blowing apart half of our nation back in the days,just for the fun of it.
We are very grateful for energy policy you all decided to apply.It's really smart to still rely on nuclear power plants and Foreign oil while you make abundantly clear cold fusion WORKS,but it's just not so profitable.We thank you from the the very bottom of our hearts for killing the california zero emission mandate and the EV1 so you can fuck around on your one hundred tons SUVs.
Really,don't mind about us.
Don't they use to burn trash in your country too?
Or you just ship all of it in third world coutries?Like ours?
You are screwed enough by yourselves!

Sorry if I'm slightly compulsory and just as much angry but,please,don't you laugh at us.
You are responsible for all this crap as much as we are!

Posted by: Chris Griffin italian PAL | January 16, 2008 05:10 AM

The israele fascist mafia at the Sapienza university in rome.....did not want the pope to visit.
Now the jewish mafia is taking control completaly in Italy............with the zionist system of government like in America and that propaganda of rock and roll sex and drugs, porno oral sex bestiality..................with gay and lesbianic parade in Rome and GERUSALEM!
And look at the deterioration of Italy.....with garbage all over......and homeless people sleeping on te streets like in american cities, and all that propaganda with nude women and whores every were....................These jewish bastards neo fascist the university, in Rome , can stop any body even the Pope........from visiting and speak against rock and roll sex and drugs and oral sex and lesbianism! and gay and lesbianic parade in Rome and Gerusalem!
Now, every body knows, why Hitle wanted to put the jews in Concentration camps!
Look at the word today.........because of them jews who hit the iraqi nuclear reactor in 1982
the islimic jihad hit the towers in New York and are hitting with suicide bombers all over the world.........and soon in Italy too, because Italy is become like the lobby of Israel and the jew.....the cause of every terroristic attack by the moslem!

Posted by: Iscariote G. | January 16, 2008 03:37 AM

Hello Italians all of You,
To establish how low is the faith of Italian Institutions are I read this unbelievable news:
ENI the Government Oil Company, not present in the US market has become founding member of the Project MITEI (MIT Energy Initiative!).
The Italian Government funding at the tune of 50 Millions an American Private Research Center.
This are your Investment Tax money that instead due to Incompetence of Italian Research Center goes overseas to MIT.
Thank your Government for this, and by the way if you can afford it send your kids to MIT, your Political Leaders are already doing just that.
The future looks bright wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 15, 2008 06:29 PM

Hello everyone,
I feel sympathetic for Italian Citizens (Excluding everyone dealing with the Government in any fashions, which by my calculations are approx. 30 Millions).
These Idiots are feeding you’ll all kinds of garbage news and scandals (Beside garbage in Naples, that one is for real!) just to keep you amused.
Is what they do not tell you that should scare you?
Nobody has the guts to touch The Paper Castle Italy is today.
Just one card would crumble the entire Self-referential System.
I am afraid empty bullets to newspapers won’t scare anyone; maybe The Mafia Ndrangeta Camorra would entertain some more serious business and one hand can wash the other, if you know what I mean.
The future looks bright wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 15, 2008 05:12 PM

As you say, one (Veltroni) behaves like a used car salesman and the other (De Michelis) looks to me as if his brains have been swallowed up by his hair-piece!

Povera Italia ...

Posted by: Adri Mian | January 15, 2008 02:16 PM

i say sack the lot of them and get the swedes, the danes or the norwegians in to run the country until its actually working properly.

Posted by: pat kerr | January 15, 2008 12:53 PM

I thought Veltroni one of the few serious politicians in Italy, but now I recognize him as the snaky figure he truly is. Shame on you Veltroni!
What's the matter in Italy? Is it a contagious illness that's affecting deputees?

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | January 15, 2008 10:44 AM

Il papa la maggior parte non è stato interessato circa povertà? Mayne che il vostro sindaco pendente di sinistra di Roma non può levarsi in piedi lasciante una metà di lavoro fatta. Speranza scaturisce.

Posted by: Max Stelmacker | January 14, 2008 10:45 PM

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