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A technique used by TV journalists is “Cut and sew”. Your words are used against you. The technique is useful for making you say the opposite of what you think or to make you seem to be mad. The guest to be knocked out is interviewed before the broadcast, never live. Those who are watching at home know nothing about the cuts. They hear just the snippets chosen by the presenter. Everything you don’t know is true!

Dear Beppe,
Mario Tozzi invited me to take part in “Terzo Pianeta”, his programme about rubbish that was broadcast on 16 February. The chunk into which I was inserted, was recorded on Friday 15 in the rubbish tip of Serre. I was talking with Paolo Degli Espinosa, a supporter of Brescia’s incinerator. I knew that I would not be treated on an equal footing and I suspected that some of my statements would be cut, but I thought that it was still worth the effort to make it possible to hear a voice that is not in the same chorus as Tozzi. Actually Degli Espinosa had a lot more space, in an interview on his own at the beginning, and then in the debate with me. But that was not a negative thing, because he was able to say more a lot more things without foundation that are easily shown to be false in a few words. What I didn’t expect is however, the amount of cutting made to my contribution. I had calculated that there would be a few snips, but hardly anything remained. I’m listing the things that got cut out.
1. Incinerators are an economic disaster. Without CIP6 they wouldn’t get by. After that was removed from the new incinerators, the tender competition to complete the Acerra one was deserted, and Prodi brought it back in with a special decree for the three new plant planned in Campania.
Incineration is a choice as an alternative to differentiated collection. If the quantities of refuse delivered to an incinerator were to go down and the burning process were not to operate at full capacity the economic shortfall would grow.
Every half word the politicians say that we have to stay in Europe. And yet incineration is the opposite of the measures indicated by Europe on the treatment of refuse, which are in order of precedence: differentiated collection and recycling, recovery of energy without combustion (anaerobic digestion of the organic part), the recovery of energy with combustion. He made me repeat this sequence twice. So that he could cut it out better?
4 For the undifferentiated residue I described the Mechanical-Biological Treatment and its advantages in relation to incineration in terms of investment costs, recovery of material, economic gain, impact on the environment and on health, final disposal of the inert minimal residue.
5 In response to the (pseudo) argument that emissions from traffic are greater than those from incinerators I pointed out the absurdity of his logic. You can’t compare apples with turkeys. Emissions from incinerators should be compared to emissions from other systems for treating refuse; with those from our stock of buildings, from houses that are constructed better; and compare emissions of car traffic with emissions of other transport systems.
7. The part in which I said that the nano particles can cause cancers, was cut.
When Tozzi made out that incineration gets rid of refuse I reminded him of the Lavoiser law. Even this citation was cut.
I think it is useful to make known this vision of “behind the scenes”, that in the last analysis is a sign of cultural and political weakness. If you have to take refuge in these methods to convince the public of the benefits of a despicable choice in terms of the economy and ecology, that is represented by incineration, even in spite of the current frenzied media campaign, they have not succeeded. In fact, as far as I can see, they have contributed to increase the number of those who are right to fear it and therefore reject it.”

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Incinerators present no problems in Germany no problems in France, no problems in Spain, no problems in Monaco. Only in Italy there is a problem..... THIS IS the problem! Do you think that Germany would accept the garbage from Naples if it were such a big problem? True, Germany uses some gasification process, quite different from incineration.
Did the writer go around Europe and STUDY garbage disposal????? If anything, incinerators are a complement of last resource to the differentiated collection process, for residues that cannot be recycled.
The challenge is to START differentiated collection (in Naples, Rome, Genoa and any other city that is running out of landfills) sometime SOON. Statistically on 10% to 15% of all refuse is recycled. It is possible to reach 61% or better and fast! We saw cartons and wooden boxes on the streets in Naples: these could be collected immediately and processed in other regions that have recycling plants. Volume reduction would be appreciable.
Why in any case is the writer (nor anyone we have read) not speaking out on the evil of open landfills which have been tolerated for years???
Are they not worse for the environment?

In any case I do appreciate the efforts made in tabling this discussion......

Posted by: Pier D. Lessieur | March 16, 2008 10:42 PM

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