Don’t pay the CIP6 tax on the ENEL electricity bill

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The way of giving an incentive to renewable energy was brought in with the law number 9 in 1991 and by the document number 6 published by CIP in 1992 that added the words “and similar”.
These regulations set out that financing would in part be paid for (indirectly) by the final user, as a part of a surcharge on the cost of energy.
Anyway there is not a specific regulation that establishes an obligation for the individual to take on the payment of a particular sum in order to finance the sources of energy: the regulations on this topic, in fact, as mentioned above, establish that the cost of energy for the public applied by ENEL is made up of a surcharge that is in part destined for this purpose.
The CIP6 “quota” is paid by the individual user to ENEL that in turn, pays it to the State.
Given that this quote is “excluded” from the price per kilowatt and that there is no regulation that specifically obliges the user to pay that sum for that purpose, if the individual fails to pay this part out of the whole amount paid for the supply, this constitutes a non-fulfilment of the contract.
CIP6 is a tax on tumours. It is used to construct incinerators that thermo-valorise your cells.
They don’t want to understand this with good manners and they won’t stop and go on to differentiated collection and using forms of disposal that are not bad for our health.
The criminal use of our money to poison OUR FAMILIES must stop.
We want renewable energy. We don’t want to be breathing dioxin and nano particles.
No longer pay the CIP6 tax with ENEL. I have already started.
ENEL has removed from the utility bill the item A3 with the contribution for the incinerators.
Calculating the exact sum is almost impossible, it’s about 7%.
ENEL must bring back the item A3 to allow us to deduct it correctly.
use the Enel/Informazioni to inform ENEL that you have calculated by how much you will reduce what you pay on your utility bill with the explanation: ‘Detrazione CIP6 per gli Inceneritori’ {deduction of CIP6 for incinerators} in the field headed “messaggio”
- take off 7% from the ‘importo senza IVA’ {value before sales tax} on the utility bill
spread the word.

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I like your blog and especially your words, then has when the presidency we vote for you. KISS

Posted by: CONY | March 3, 2008 08:54 PM

Dear Beppe Grillo,

take some of your spare time and look at the enclosed website; can you see the similarity? Is it not a well known song in Italy as well as? Or is it even worse?

We wish you all the best, you deserve it

Posted by: JEREMIAH BURRIEL | March 3, 2008 03:41 PM

Hi there, Beppe! I love your blog, thanks for sharing your ideas. I saw some pictures of the V-Day rally on CNN and I was impressed. April 25th is also an important date in my country, Portugal: it's our own Freedom Day, a celebration of the fall of the Portuguese fascist regime. I wonder if it was an inspiration for the Italian V-Day...

(Don't forget to visit my Portuguese Website, with exclusive pictures of Cicciolina:

Posted by: Flavio Sousa | February 24, 2008 11:20 AM

Hi guys, hopefully i'll be in italy apr. 25th. personnaly i won't vote on apr. 13th...i don't believe nobody among that mother fuckers. please beppe do something, i don't mean get and become a politic, but try to improve the power of your informations and this point, a blog maybe is not enough...your audience need a paper or, better, a pay per view tv...i'm sure you already thought about that, but, come on, don't lose this opportunity, it's a perfect historic time to begin a new form of comunication, the newest: the truth.
pls. visit

Posted by: nucci nyc | February 23, 2008 08:15 PM

WATER stà rimontando.
Mi raccomando tirate giù la sedietta.

Ma che sondaggi guarda ???
Qui lo danno tutti per spacciato!!!

E' a meno della metà.

Kennedy si rivolta nella tomba e Obama c'ha la nausea. anche... 'na me_da

Posted by: Eulero Balletti | February 22, 2008 06:03 PM

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