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Topo Gigio is diabolical. He has copied the slogans and the programme of the psycho-dwarf’s government. At the beginning he was offended in public and then he understood. Topo Gigio has simply thinned them down – but only slightly. A “but also” here and a “let’s start again” there. A conflict of interest splashed about everywhere. The enthusiasm of Testa d’Asfalto {Asphalt Head} for his follower (because if someone copies your programme it means they approve it and therefore that they are on your side) has reached the point of a declaration of eternal mess ups. Topo Gigio is keeping him on tenter hooks and is working in the meantime.
Day after day he’s forming a government team with the psycho-dwarf’s men. It’s like a a campaign acquired from Moggi, it’s always him that arrives first: the Roditor Cortese.
Veronesi, called Cancronesi, will become the Minister of Health. Ichino, expert on the workers’ rights in the front line in favour of the precarious workers (he would like to have ever more of them) will be Minister of Labour. Ms Bonino, who has watched over the uncontrolled flow of Roma people into Italy and over the flow of European Funds to the mafias, will continue her activity as Minister for the European Community. For the Minister of Industry, they’ve signed up Matteo Colaninno, president of the young industrialists. His father, Roberto, friend of D’Alema is one of the captains courageous with ragged trousers who started the destruction of Telecom purchased with debts. And he has also (“but also”) convicted for the Italcase catastrophe and sentenced to 4 years and one month with the prohibition of holding public office for 5 years.
The word is about that Topo Gigio wants to complete his team with Mastella’s son at the Ministry of Justice, Geronzi at the ministry of the Economy (having been pointed out by D’Alema and Bersani), Romiti’s son at the new Ministry of Val-di-Susa-Messina Bridge-new-incinerators with ample provision for the use of truncheons.
They also say (“but also”) that Topo Gigio has chosen his spokesperson, one who is in competition with Fede, Mentana and Feltri all together. He is the formidable Riotta
There’s no interruption of a dream, no emotion extinguished.

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Lavoro a Los Angeles da tre anni e sto sto seguendo con interesse il tuo blog per avere qualche news sull`Italia oltre ai normali giornali italiani visto che sono tutti uguali e soprattutto incompleti. Ammiro il lavoro di sensibilizzazione che stai portando avanti e vorrei fare un commento alla luce degli scambi di opinione che ho avuto con altri italiani all`estero. Alcune delle persone con cui ho discusso del tuo blog non considerano completamente attendibili le tue dichiarazioni o comunque esagerate. Io personalmente condivido la tua campagna ma il fatto che varie persone mi abbiano fatto notare questa cosa mi ha fatto pensare che forse sarebbe una cosa positiva se potessi aggiungere quando possibile accanto alle tue dichiarazioni dei link o dei riferimenti dove la gente puo` andare a verificare indipendentemente in altri siti o giornali le cose che dici. Questo e` gia` in parte realizzato nel tuo blog ma forse farlo in maniera piu` rigorosa potrebbe dare piu` forza alle tue dichiarazioni e lasciare meno spazio a critiche e strumentalizzazioni.
Grazie pertutto quello che stai facendo per l`Italia!

Posted by: Gianni Carraro | February 28, 2008 08:07 AM

To vote or not to vote? That is the question in Italy nowadays.
Both Berlusconi and Veltroni, for what I've been reading so far, would not represent any important improvement for the country.
These people keep on playing their petty schemes, but how long will Italy resist this lack of intelligence and common sense?

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | February 27, 2008 11:55 AM

Beppe Grillo Blogs Exaggerate the awful truth of Italian politics; to the point where I have seen Italians upset by his Satire.
The Italian people are themselves to blame for the "government" they get. While living in Italy,I have taken an interest in italian politics, or tried to . I have been shocked to find the educated general public's lack of knowledge or interest, or sense of fatality, in what is going on; the lack of government. Others feel a sense of powerlessness to change anything. Italian people have such divergent views of how Italy should be governed, from an idealised Communism/Socialism/Centre Left to Centre Right/Fascism; with many framentations in between . Opportunism (Corruption)is ingrained at every level of administration ; it is hardly surprising that it is compounded in central government.
I find it disressing that idealised communism/socialism is believed in and preached by accademics and the judicery ; whom in my opinion should know better. In his lifetime Carl Marx, acknowledge that communism would never succeed. Accepting that accademic study, is a way by which, people from a poor background can exalt themselves into professional life; one would expect accademics to be more realistically intelligent.
Italians deserve the kind of (Non-existent) government they get.

Posted by: David Barneby | February 27, 2008 05:51 AM

I want to warn people of what happened to me about the telefone card I bought at the italian post order to avoid having to dial the PIN before every call, I followed the instructions at the back of the card to register my home that afterwards I only had to dial 1077 before making a call...months later I discovered they had sent all the details of my calls to my ex husband, probably because I had a holiday house under my name but he was using a similar telefone card from that house which he is has been using since the separation. I discovered the Company is canadian!! and they do not care about the horrible mis-handling of my calls..
i will inform the Consumers' Association ( legal office) but I thought it could be useful to inform you all..( DIFFICULT TO KEEP THE STORY BRIEF AND CLEAR)

Posted by: flavia donati | February 26, 2008 11:42 PM

Caro Beppe,

Cerca subito la INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE del 25 febbraio.

You'll find an incredible Classified Advertisement posted for a politician in should have it on your blog.


Posted by: Francesca Maggi | February 26, 2008 11:30 PM

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