White Eyes on Planet Italy


The honest ones are Italy’s real problem. Without this vile category of individuals, we would be able to live in peace, without denunciations, without scandals and Mastella’s wife banished to Ceppaloni. Italy would be pacified and serene.
The honest ones are the true “dropouts”. It is they who are the disadapted ones. All the other citizens have white eyes, without pupils. They see reality through Fede, Riotta, Vespa, Mentana, and Ferrara. The honest ones have normal eyes. They see the world as it is, not as it should be. They are dangerous. Aliens to be exterminated.
Italian society is standing up to them with effective actions, even though they have not yet cleared it all up. Different categories are producing antibodies of their own. The honest journalists have bodyguards, like Saviano, or they can only write in assisted newspapers that no one reads, like Travaglio. The judges that are equipped with pupils, the ones that see Berlusconi and D’Alema for what they are, end up on trial. The CSM always does, without discounts, what is in the interests of the country. The category of politicians is almost perfect. The honest ones are no longer a problem, they have disappeared. Geronzi’s eyes are the whitest in Planet Italy. A guarantee for the bankrupts and the AIDS bond. With him, the banking system is safe from the contagion of the dregs of the honest ones, who anyway have been marginalized and have taken cover abroad.
If information, politics, and finance are all under control, unfortunately, there are in existence in the population, fringes of delinquents who are anti-system, anti-incinerators, anti-convicts in Parliament, anti Dal Molin NATO base, anti mafia, anti camorra, anti TAV in Val di Susa, anti privatization of water, anti conflict of interests.
Insidious people who, through a clear demonstration of honesty, really want to go against the interests of the country. Antidemocratic people. Honesty in Italy is subversive. But in the face of this annoying anomaly, a remedy will be produced. The five year Berlusconian term of office that is awaiting us, will finally take the infected part of the nation and restore it to health. After that there will only be white eyes and pretend hair like all the rest. The honest ones will become a legend.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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What to do? Get involved. Get into politics. Drop the politicals labels dividing people. Organize "Liste Civiche". Confront corruption, denounce, every injustice that goes on where you live and be passionate about it. Not easy. But there is no other way.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | February 6, 2008 05:46 PM

I just don't think voting for no-one is going to cut any ice. That way you are bound to get the worst of all options - Burlesque-oni and his cronies once again. To vote for no-one is to vote to lose your freedom of speech, as you surely will lose it.

It's a hard one I know and it's not going to be solved overnight. Of course you aren't helped by your spineless, sycophantic journalists who sniff around the nation's powerful and corrupt like flies on a dog's bottom. Example:
Bruno Vespa to Burlesque-oni: "please sir, can I lick your arse?". "Oh, please sir....".

Posted by: Peter Vin | February 6, 2008 03:26 PM

Ok, so we all know what the problems are in Italy.(Legion) So what the hell are we going to do about it??....this is what I propose.....
Everyone who is eligible to vote should go to the polls in April and sign off their name and then go inside the little booth and write in big capital letters....."NESSUNO" If everyone did this we would be definitely sending a clear message that we are fed-up and we want change.
Then The EU should send in a group of professional managers NOT Italian and they could set to work for say a period of 5 years to reorganise the whole country. In the meantime we would save enormous sums on the money we wouldn't have to pay our politicians. New elections would be held with no more than 8 parties and containing NO ONE with a criminal record and NO ONE over the age of 60 and certainly NONE of the bastards we have at the moment. Oh, and by the way, they would definitely let the vatican know they're not welcome to put their long noses into the affairs of state. What say you all??

Posted by: Isabella Fin | February 6, 2008 09:51 AM

What I see in Italy, after 8 years here, is a country full of people who lay the blame for their troubles at the door of everyone except themselves. A nation of self-disrespecters. A nation of expert drivers who blame everyone else for their appalling annual road traffic fatalities. A nation of petty tax dodgers who justify their stupidity (because stealing from yourself is stupid) by claiming someone else is worse. A nation of people who have convinced themselves, without bothering to check the evidence, that everywhere else is as bad if not worse.
Italians, your corrupt Politicians are very representative of so many of you. Are you going to continue complaining about corruption while not paying IVA (like your pathetic money grubbing dentists), or paying 20% in nero when you buy somewhere to live, or 50% in nero for the rent?
Or are you going to do something about it and use your votes sensibly.
Here's what I predict you'll do about it. You'll queue up to vote for a man who would happily deny your freedom of speech in a public forum, and call it freedom. You'll vote for a man who has as much interest in governing Italia for ordinary Italians as he has in converting to Islam. You'll be voting for Silvio Burlesque-ony because he smiles so sweetly at you while he's shafting you.
Look, I'm sorry your law enforcement agencies are as corrupt as your law makers. It explains why Italy has more laws than other countries while at the same time being more lawless. Wake up! If you really want save yourselves you should remember that, however difficult the alternatives, turkeys don't vote for Christmas.

Posted by: Peter Vin | February 6, 2008 02:08 AM

Hi grace,
You're right. In Italy merit has little meaning. What counts is who you know. Should you have the misfortune to know no one,you better be a "furbo" son-of-a-bitch or you don't survive. That is the source of incredible frustrations for someone who is not used to to that bull-shit. Italians console themselves by repeating to themselves, "tutto il mondo e' paese". But I stopped trying to explain that there is a better way to live than how they do. Once, while talking to an Italian politician, I told him that where I lived I didn't need to know anybody to get a job and that Italy seemed to me to be a country -among other things- lacking justice. With a little smile he told me that Italians didn't need moral scolding from anybody. So I shut up. I was once being "interviewed" for a job there, when, to my surprise, I was asked to hand over my wallet. I thought I had heard wrong and was hesitating. He repeated the question and, very puzzled, I gave him the wallet. He rifled through it and gave it back to me. And then he asked me about my father's political affiliation when he was in Italy. Then it dawned on me. He had checked my wallet to find out whether I was a card-carrying member of some party. I only disagree with you Grace, when you say that half of the Italian population couldn't cope with living in countries where merit is the yardstick of success? They can. Their ablility to adapt and accept the stuff that goes on in Italy enables them to accept and adapt to anything, anywhere. The unfortunate thing is that Italians are also good at projecting the illusion of change when in reality nothing changes. That's a plus if you live outside of Italy, but a huge draw back -for the majority- when practiced in Italy.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | February 5, 2008 11:42 PM

Hi Louis, I understand perfectly what you're saying but as I was born to Italian parents and grew up in an English speaking country, why do the Italians keep electing the same political class? I'll tell you why it's because the majority just don't get it! They just don't understand what its' like to live in a society where things generally work! Now don't think that Australia is a perfect society as it isn't but boy we must remember that it is a merit based society and I could give you a long list of family friends' kids including myself that have gone to university and are now successful accountants, lawyers, teachers engineers and so on! Who by the way like my parents were children of only factory workers or labourers!
So you see maybe we do reflect the country we live in and maybe if we had the chance to change things can I really be honest? Well I think that half of the Italians wouldn't want to live in a society like lets say Australia or Switzerland, Germany etc!
Sorry but it's the way that I feel and to be honest I don't even think I'll be voting!

Posted by: grace | February 5, 2008 05:28 PM

In barba al parlamento voglio il referendum sulla legge elettorale!

Posted by: Errico Malatesta | February 5, 2008 11:14 AM

Italy´s way


Posted by: romarm61 | February 5, 2008 04:59 AM

Italy´s way

Posted by: romarm61 | February 5, 2008 04:59 AM

Beppe Grillo. Incenerators, news papers, ... but where is the original battle against corrupted and criminal politicians? You have become a Samsung blog that try to sell everything forgetting the essence of the problem, the Italian elections and
how to stop those unwanted politicians to be rielected? I have red how the mafia works before and during the elections. About exchange votes, pizzo to be payed by good politicians, etc.
I found a site that documents some of the problem of the so called democratic elections in Italy.


This is a serious problem. Maybe EU observers should check the coming Italian elections.

There is a lot to do!

Posted by: Stellan Kinberg | February 5, 2008 12:37 AM

Please follow link to see video that rapresents real state of politic ethic in Italy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sqiU0ahFSY

I'm terrible sorry that this video don't have subtitle. In future is possible that somebody can will add subtitle at this video to know real politic, istitutional situation that we live in Italy.

The italian class Politic don't rappresent real italian citizens. In Italy the press is payed by politic class using some Laws created by politic class to control information on press media.

News are talked, wrote to uninformed italian citizen that finally citizens don't know real situation.

Europe call and re-call italy about press and media freedom about legislation of european union by european Supreme Court but italian politic class (caste called by italian citizens) is used by strong powers like economic powers (private banks, insurances companies, multinational companies, professional groups like builder companies, telecommunication companies), that have one objective: profit, without a social return value that a State should be obliged guarantee to his citizens.

In Italy this situation can degenerate, but beppe grillo attemps to express real italian style. Italian citizens are awakening, and I hope that this wicked awakening will be peacefull by Beppe Grillo and Meetups (groups of italian citizens that work with this objective in every city of Italy and in the world) free movement.

Thanks to read all post

Posted by: Vincenzo Mazzotta | February 4, 2008 10:05 PM

Hi Grace,
When I used to go to school I heard "riddles" such as the one you mentioned. They didn't call them riddles. They called them jokes. They tagged Italian immigrants with all kind of negative epithets. They were no jokes to me. They were and are racial slurs. They insulted an entire population. Don't forget that there are millions of honest Italians. They live their lives in silence (the silent, honest majority, I called them) and don't make news -honesty never does. The "white eyed" people Beppe refers to pretend they don't exist and, when they do exist, they refer to them as "losers"-that's what they call honest people: losers. The overwhelming majority of Italians are good, honest people led, unfortunately, by a greedy, close-minded entrepreneural class; a short-sighted political class riddled by factions; administered by pompous administrators and self-stisfied, self-righteous bureaucrats. Sure, some say that people elect the people they deserve, and that may be the case in Italy. However, the thousands and thousands of Italians on this blog are that part of the ignored, honest class of Italians I talked about before. We sure don't see ourselves in the mirror the white-eyed people look into.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | February 4, 2008 06:42 PM

I agree with what roberto wrote and that each country has the government they deserve! When I used to go to school in Australia in th 70's I always remember a riddle that said "What do you call an Italian with a new bike? A thief!!" I guess things haven't changed that much in nearly 30 years, have they! Sad but unfortunately true!!

Posted by: Grace | February 4, 2008 03:58 PM

"The fifty year old Berlusconian that is waiting for us" You should have written "The five year Berlusconian term that is awaiting us".
Is this still a Country? Falso in Bilancio is legal, the Pope is on TV every night as if he was the President of Italy and before the rotten politicians have a chance to play their ususal game of smoke and mirrors, elections SUBITO with an electoral law worthy of a Banana Republic etc......

Posted by: Mark | February 4, 2008 03:09 PM

Italy is great on Family values but the most predominant family value I can see is one of lying, cheating and thieving at all aspects and levels of life.

It is no use blaming the Politicians they are just opportunists as the people have the country they deserve and apparently want – no orange revolution going on in Italy. Burlusconi gathers so much support because he plays to the cheaters, the thieves, the bigots and it is clearly a pretty sizable congregation.

It is indeed sad for the minority of honest Italians with integrity that stay, however most of the good ones have fled, to countries that offer a better value system than what they can achieve at home.

The tourists come for the food, the climate, and the old treasures – but as to the culture – well that is always good for a laugh, particularly for those that get on planes and go home to true democracies - based on the pillars of a functioning judicial system, free press and good governance.

If Italian really want to be respected around the world it is time to grow up and act like adults, not the spoilt rich brats of Europe. Other Latin countries the likes of Spain and now many in South America have moved on, are growing up and developing great respect and pride in their citizens …. as to Italy well it and its people are the gathering embarrassment of the EU. The failed foundation member state !

This all certainly gives me no pride !

Posted by: Roberto Rossi | February 4, 2008 10:54 AM

we can carry on like that!!!!!!!!!!
the young people claimed to be the future for the country but without fight all this scam,that will be no future for us and our generation, who's will have a bright future will be the usual politicians in our parlament with an average age of 70 years.
we need to change things I beg on my knees to everyone to be out on the 25 april and partecipate to the V-DAY 2 and show to your family and friends that we can't cope anymore with the MAFIA that managed our country in the past 20 years!!!!
Big hug to everyone in this blog from a Sardinian guy that lives in Ireland since 8 years because that useless employment policy!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: frau gionata | February 4, 2008 09:54 AM

I Agree !!! Don't let us Pretend ; that is the way Italy functions . Go with the flow , to try to change it causes confusion and mis-belief .
" You cannot change a Leopard's Spots ".
" Better The Devil Italians Know , Than The One They Don't "!

Posted by: David Barneby | February 4, 2008 05:22 AM

"assisted" newspapers?

Don't you mean "subsidised" newspapers?

Enough of this "spaghetti English" ... it's annoying :-/

Posted by: Adri Mian | February 4, 2008 04:08 AM


Posted by: francesco nuccitelli | February 4, 2008 03:30 AM


Posted by: nucci nyc | February 4, 2008 03:29 AM

....it's so true and sad!
hugs. Tony the magic postm@n

Posted by: Antonio Furlan | February 4, 2008 12:55 AM

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