2001: Cement Odyssey


Year 2000: Towns can spend money from building licenses ONLY for investments
Year 2001, October: Towns are authorised to spend money from building licenses to do what they like, thanks to the Unified Text on Building.
The building boom arrives.
Year 2000: 159,000 homes constructed.
Year 2007: 298,000 homes constructed and 38,000 homes extended.

Licenses double in 7 years. Italian territory is cementified with small blocks of flats, nano sky scrapers, hangars, second, third and fourth villas, car parks, garages. The towns double the cash coming into their coffers without any obligation according to how the money is to be used. They have a licence to kill the territory.

The “territorio comunale” {territory of the town), as the word itself says, is the “communal” inheritance of the citizens who live there. It belongs to them. The wood, the meadow, the panoramic view, a place to go for a walk or to let one’s children play, the park, the gardens, or even, a simple empty space for looking at the horizon. Let it be clear that the territory belongs to the citizens and not to the mayor decorated for the feast and his cabinet members who are ONLY town employees. Let’s ask ourselves a few questions.

What’s happened to the money from the building licenses that have been handed out with no longer any obligation to make investments? New services, nurseries, cycle tracks, public transport have not been seen. I’d do a survey. Town by town.

How much more can the Italian countryside be cementified? It’s only possible to go back, to de-cementify. Tourism is dying from cement.

Which are the main building companies that have obtained licenses? The constructors now are more in charge than mayor Moratti and mayor Topo Gigio. They have to get out of the town councils. They are there, even though they have not been elected.

The infernal process put in motion by the 2001 Unified Text has to be stopped. We need to turn the clock back to the year 2000. Less cement, less money for the parties, the true bosses in the towns. The citizens must present themselves in the Town Councils to ask for the reasons for the building disaster and they should document the meeting with a video.

The Bel Paese {Beautiful Country} is ours. Let’s claim it back.

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A chiunque possa fornirmi un indirizzo email personale o un telefono del Sig. Beppe Grillo, xke' avrei delle notizie clamorose da comunicargli riguardanti il voto degli italiani all'estero.

Ringrazio in anticipo.

Salvatore Rochira

Posted by: Salvatore Rochira | April 2, 2008 07:22 AM

"Sustainable development" does not mean denying housing or decent wages to people. It means adopting wind and solar power to create energy. It means designing cars that pollute less and creating more efficient public transit systems. It means taking less waste to the dump by adopting the system of reuse, recycle, reduce and recover. It means eating what's in season locally to avoid the pollution and cost of transportation. It means building in harmony with nature. It means cities with more open green spaces. It means less packaging. It means using current technology and know-how to save the environment but we don't use it simply because the profits of the few might be affected.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | March 21, 2008 11:08 PM

Damn, the price of housing has skyrocketed in Italy,... its still crazy exspensive here in CA, USA!

Posted by: Stanley | March 21, 2008 08:53 PM

It's a seductive argument, but how can you complain about subsistence wages and simultaneously deny housing construction, reducing the chances of the poor to have a home of their own. We have the same debate in the UK. I used to be a conservationist, but the human misery involved in that outlook is as massive as it is hidden. Set up more national parks, yes. But then make hard decisions and keep pouring the concrete.

Posted by: Hugh Fotheringay | March 21, 2008 10:51 AM

Just let you know what's going on...about McDonald!
Enjoy this video

Posted by: Valentina Andy | March 20, 2008 10:22 PM

Mark, placing the blame entirely on humanity for how things are developing is accepting the destruction of our planet. I believe humanity has two sides. There is a part of humanity whose reference point is profits at all costs. And there is a part of humanity that is painfully aware that we must adopt another model of development before we are going to inhabit a very, very sick planet: a planet of weeds, toxic air and water. That model is called "sustainable development". It's an economic model whereby we develop and grow in harmony with nature and the environment without cementifying, destroying animals' habitat, deforestation, chocking ourselves with exhaust fumes, waste, industrial pollution and construct anywhere and on anything. The economic model based on consumerism is not sustainable simply because natural resources are finite and the way we extract them is wasteful and destructive; the economy benefits the few keeping the majority in poverty and hunger. This wasteful economic model is that in the not-too-distant future will experience scarcity of water and agricultural land while population grows. Just the other day I read an article by a palleontologist where he saying that we're destroying herbs useful for medical research, food and genetic resources while increasing rats, ragweeds and cockroaches. (It made me think of the Campania countryside.) The paleontologist also pointed out other things and explained that in spite of it all man will survive, "A lot of things are going to happen that will make this a crummier place to live -a more stressful place to live, a more difficult place to live, a less resilient place to live- before the human specie is at any risk at all." Well, my town may have reached that point.

Posted by: LP | March 20, 2008 02:51 PM


Why my comment o the italian blog site has not been published? I
posed a very simple question: what are Grillo´s assets in terms of properties?

here the entire comment:

"Elena V.

Ho letto l´articolo sul Tempo del quale hai segnalato il link. Secondo
l´articolo Beppe e suo fratello si sono avvalsi del condono edilizio di
A quanto ammonta il patrimonio di Beppe Grillo immobiliare e non?

Posted by: Gabriele Arrighetti | March 20, 2008 10:14 AM

every one has taken his share of benefit from the communal territory....vote has been given out of some form of benefit-extensions,garage,appalto, free flats and so on- unfortunately the politica is done in the same way mafia is done.......micro,cappilare impossible to have one head and also one only responsible we are all responsible and all guilty at the same time. every giunta has been appointed sole and escusively out of personal benefit of the voters towards the representative.....i am very sorry and apologetic in saying this. i leave outside italy but unfortunately it is the way italians are and the way italy work. we can not change this, the candidate that does not give anything out does not get voted.......it is inside the egocentric-egoistic society we live in. sad to day this but we c`n not win. back to the pre historic condition we may be able to change this situation....and italy is not to far to get there

Posted by: roberto protei | March 19, 2008 09:35 PM

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