Nero Prodi and the eco-bales

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Nero Prodi has now decided that SEVEN MILLION TONS of “eco-bales” must be burned in the Acerra thermodestructor. No one knows exactly what is in these “eco-bales”. They were sealed without their contents being checked. They could contain virtually anything. Toxic waste, expired medicines or even radioactive waste. Burning them would mean speeding up the death sentences for the people living in the Acerra area, as well as others nearby. As a matter of fact, the area is already being called the “Triangle of death” because of the number of tumours diagnosed in the residents. One death more or less, what does it matter? It is a political gamble, as well as an economic one. If the citizens of Campania don’t complain, then they die while, if they die, they can no longer complain. Write the name of Nero Prodi, but read the name Impregilo. The women of Giugliano set themselves alight in desperation, yet Deputy King Bassolino is still there.
Herewith a letter written by Alex Zanotelli.


The thermodestruction of fundamental human rights.”It is with absolute horror that we learn of the decision taken by Prime Minister Romano Prodi regarding the Campania eco-bales, namely, at least 7 million tons (which have little or nothing to do with eco-anything, but are in fact nothing other than refuse, nothing more and nothing less), stacked mainly at Giugliano. We are talking about the provisions contained in ordinance No. 3657, dated 20 February 2008: “Urgent provisions to address the refuse emergency in the Campania Region”. The provision that is most astonishing is the one contained in art.4, namely that: “In order to speed up the initiatives aimed at overcoming the state of emergency and, in particular, to enable the speedy commissioning of the Acerra thermodestruction plant, authorisation is hereby granted for the treatment and disposal of the refuse bearing the “Cer” codes 191212, 190501 and 190503 (the Campania eco-bales, the non-stabilised organic portion, in other words the ex-fos material, and the non-compliant compost) at the aforesaid plant, nevertheless complying with the levels of pollutant emissions previously established in the authorisation provision. What this means is that the eco-bales of refuse produced by the Campania Cdr, which do not comply with the established statutory requirements, may be burned in the Acerra incinerator. (This facility at Acerra now, for the first time ever, being labelled THERMODESTRUCTION by the Government!)
This decision, which is totally contrary to the concept of community rights and also contrary to ordinary and accounting jurisprudence, is an exceptionally serious matter indeed.
How come, after the Government has fallen, Prodi now promulgates this nefarious ordinance, and this so soon after another equally serious provision to re-introduce, against the Parliament’s wishes, the CIP/6 levy to fund the three new incinerators planned for the Campania Region?
It is clearly evident that what actually lies at the bottom of this provision is nothing other than financial and contractual reasoning, because it will enable the aspirant operators of the Acerra plant to keep the tariffs high, thereby making tender participation more attractive. From a financial perspective, the Acerra plant will be kept going not only by means of the CIP/6 subsidies, but also by the simple shredding, compacting and selecting of the refuse, rather than by processing quality Compost from refuse, in other words, simple Compost from refuse. The objective appears to be to prevent the desertion of the tender, thus riding roughshod over the citizens’ rights and undermining a sacred human right, namely the right to life itself.
This ordinance, which would permit the Acerra incinerator to incinerate any kind of refuse, and this in an area that is already being called the “Triangle of death”, is nothing other than a crime against humanity because it would compromise the health of the area’s residents, which has already been seriously undermined. We say no to this kind of profit seeking, because it places the interests of the FEW before everyone’s health.
We therefore demand that the ordinance be retracted immediately. We are ready to challenge it in any national or European court.
At this point in the electoral campaign, we ask all candidates standing for the position of Premier to reveal their stand regarding this vitally important ordinance. It is a matter of life or death for everyone.” Alex Zanotelli, Gerardo Marotta, Alberto Lucarelli, Guido Donadone, Raffaele Raimondi, Ugo Mattei
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I read with interest the Beppe Grillo Blogs; because I love Toscana, where I have lived and have many dear friends. If I were Lega Nord I would draw the line between North and South Italy, North of Rome .
Like Daniela Giachin ; I have previously commented, that while Beppe Grillo's Blogs draw one's attention to the dreadful weaknesses and evils of Italian politics, he offers no constructive comment .
LP in his comment, which highlights the horrors of indiscriminate refuse disposal in Campania; questions the morality of Romano Prodi. The fact that Romano Prodi is a practicing Roman Catholic ; doesn't make him have a conscience . Roman Catholics have the advantage of confession and absolution; they do not have to bear the weight of their sins for long enough to have a conscience . I say this from personal experience !
I have been looking to find Beppe Grillo Blog in Italian. It should be MOST interesting to Italian people; could it be that most Italians, other than those immediately affected are too complacent to say or do anything about Italy's political plight, or really care. Opportunism (corruption)is so much a part of Italian life it would scarecely be seen as a sin, or a crime .
The only Italians who seem to be reading Beppe Grillo Blogs, are the few who speak and read English and Ex Patriots in the USA, Britain or farther affield, like me in Thailand .
Italy should be thankful for the retirement from Politics of Romano Prodi; leaving the way free for equally useless, impotent polititions, such as D'Alema,D'Amato, Rutelli,Fassino; the list is endless.

Posted by: David Barneby | March 10, 2008 05:28 AM

So, Prodi is unleashing a toxic-attack on the people of Campania! What the hell is he thinking? What's he got, rocks in his head? Why is he allowing himself to be set up like that? This garbage "crisis" has been a ticking bomb for fifteen years; it could have been defused long ago. Why wasn't it? Someone decided on a lassaize-faire policy and allowed the bales to pile up. Why? Someone knew! Knew exactly what was in those bales and it wasn't 7 millions tons of garbage. It was more like 7 million tons of euros. So, someone said, "Let those bales be." And a crisis was born and chose proud Prodi to solve it. Did he think about the moral question of it all? I think it's fair to wonder about that. He is, after all, a practicing Catholic. Unlike Berlusconi,and his little political minions, Prodi has a conscience. So, how does he square himself with the fact that people's lives are going to be affected more than already are? If Prodi really thinks about it, he is doing to the people of that area the same thing as was done to Litvinenko. He was poisoned with polonium and died three or four weeks later. The radiological attack gave the perpetrator time to leave the scene. To be sure, I'm not saying Prodi has murder on his mind, but I'm saying that, in the long run, whatever is in those bales are going to affect the lives of a lot of people and where will Prodi be at that time? If we think there might be an epidemic health problem now, just wait until they finish burning 7 million tons of garbage emitting dioxin, furan, flue gases, particles, vanadium, nickel, cadmium, lead, chromium, arsenic, mercury and who knows what else into the atmosphere. People won't glow in the dark but cancer rates will go up, genetic mutations might occur along with birth defects, infertility, miscarriages,(miscarriages for Pete's sake! Ferrara should be against incinerators!) slowing heart rates, depression, vomiting, diarrhea, and I better stop lest they say I'm exaggerating, or inventing the symptoms. The question is, if not incinerators then what? Well, it took 15 years to generate all those bales, now we're trying to solve the problem with a fraction of that time? The contents of those bales must be separated and what's recyclable must be recycled, what's compost must be composted and let's take the time to look at what alternative technologies available. They are available. Prodi and Italy owe this to the people of Campania. And that's the legacy he should leave behind.

Posted by: LP | March 9, 2008 04:33 AM

As an American (Yankee), I extend my thanks to the work carried out by Beppe Grillo and all the participants to this blog; you have all started and supported a movement which is sadly lacking in my own country. As I understand it, democracy should be expressed as "one man (woman), one vote," unfortunately not true anymore. I believe that YOU are attempting something in Italy, and perhaps in Europe in general, where the plebiscite is LISTENED to. Our system here in the States usually works fairly well, but with all the "funny-business" going on during our current campaign--Florida and Michigan in limbo; "super-delegates," etc., well, I wonder if we ARE still a democracy. I hope to God were are, because the alternative is either rule by "Big Business" (multi-nationals, etc.) or monolithic states (see the PRC or many of our oil-rich nations). In any case, continued success to any and all V-Days and (to Beppe) as an old friend of mine from Barcelona says: "Salut e força al canut!" Ernest Levin, Arcadia, California

Posted by: Ernest Levin | March 9, 2008 01:17 AM

read it again...he has specified how feasible differentiated garbaggio could be, and in this post he mentions compost, which could go a long way to rebuilding the suffering farmland in that area. it is criminally stupid and wasteful indeed to burn it, though the fumes are less toxic than those of the burnt plastic junk.

prodi accused beppe of the same thing, which proves to me he wasn't paying full attention.

Posted by: michael | March 8, 2008 10:46 PM

This is all well and good, and I want to start saying that I often share Beppe Grillo's toughts, however, the only criticism I would raise to Grillo is that it seems to me that most of the time he criticize in a destructive (not constructive) way in the sense that he often does not come up with any solution at all. We should destroy and refuse everything and everyone that comes from the old politicians, but what then? What's the alternative? What should we do "the day after"????? Thanks a lot for your comments and reply.

Posted by: Daniela Giachin | March 8, 2008 09:22 PM

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