Respecting the Rules and breaking the silence

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The ceremonial surrounding the President includes the use of the “warning”. The severe action of the President of the Republic is always preceded by an intense internal rumbling. The warning is Napolitano’s final resource and he uses it sparingly. Just in serious circumstances. When he is obliged to guarantee respect for the Rules. Then he breaks his silence and warns. Immediately before that, the sky becomes black, the Honour Guard of the President go to the bar in via Nazionale and his wife takes the dog to the Parioli.
The Rules that Napolitano watches over are guaranteeing the political-economic-constitutional-lawmaking framework. Those who govern us must operate with serenity of mind.
Rule number one: politicians are above the law.
Rule number two: the conflict of interests does not exist.
Rule number three:the “par condicio” only applies to Veltrusconi.
Rule number four: the public concessionaire of 3 TV channels, Silvio Berlusconi, can be a candidate at the elections.
Rule number five: the referendum on the election law is optional, and in fact, it will happen a year after the elections.
Rule number six: the popular initiative laws to expel convicted felons from Parliament can/must be ignored and the 350,000 signatures from citizens buried in the cellars of the Senate.
Rule number seven: the election law that does not allow for the choice of candidates is constitutional.
Rule number eight: Bassolino, D’Alema and Fassino are companions who make mistakes.
Rule number nine: Corrado Calabrò, president of the Communications Authority is “super partes” and also a good person.
Rule number ten: The Head of State who minds his own business will live for a hundred years.
Anyone who allows themselves to query the Rules “is lacking in respect”. At a certain age you sleep in the afternoon and the “violent tones” are not good for our former democracy.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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Very good article, I have been captured by this text. You have a new reader from the south.

Posted by: mutante cosmico | March 11, 2008 10:24 PM

G8, condannati 24 no global
102 anni per devastazione.

Per sequestro di persona sevizie e torture della polizia totale 76 anni.

Come al solito la nostra polizia fascista è stata protetta.

Posted by: alex | March 11, 2008 05:53 PM

Hello everyone,
Although clearly listed in Mr. Grillo’s article, the misery Italian are subjected too on the daily basis are way more complicated than the ten commandments.
Salary are low in Italy, this is the reality, but nobody especially Politicians bring to the forefront the real subject “Purchasing Power”.
Decent salaries are very important, similarly is also very important what kind of Purchasing Power Italian have with the money they do earn.
I do hold dual Citizenship, and one of them is Italian therefore I had several conversation with foreigners that lived in Italy or vacationed in Italy, and remarkably each and every one of them was astonished and shocked by Italian apathy and disillusion.
For a foreigner coming to Italy for work or pleasure, literally is a culture shock, basic necessities taken for granted worldwide, are impossible in the Belpaese.
Information are the cornerstone of democracy, not in Italy, TVs are two main one, one paid by your taxes while the other one obviously sings the tunes of the owner (?), newspapers even worst either affiliated directly to a Party and either way financed by taxes and government subsidies.
Justice is a disaster, 1500 cases pending at EU Court for failure to deliver a Timely Justice to Citizens (This fact alone is costing millions in fine and penalties!) while billions seized and confiscated properties are wasted or still in use by the delinquent?
Judges that handpick cases usually to gain notoriety, so to get elected in one party or the other and bail out from this non functional Italian Justice System (By the way average case 10 year and getting worst?)
Transportation and freedom of movement of people and goods, in Italy is the worst in Europe, freeway built and paid with taxes are now all toll roads and managed by Private Companies?
Want to use a car, as are painfully aware gasoline is horrendously expensive, toll roads everywhere, insurance cost you one arm while the other is to pay for the car property tax (Use to be the License fee now appropriately changed to Car property Tax, way more expensive than anywhere else, government collects 70 Bil Euros per year on cars alone, what happen to it???).
As for the spectrum of basic services, like Energy, Telephone, Water, Waist, Schools, Health, Airlines, Mail the list in infinite, they are all monopoly, gratefully brought to you by either your Local Administration or National Champions for a modest fee (Fees are what they need to keep their fat asses happy!).
To start a Business 64 days (In Europe average 10-12 days?) Energy suppliers one and only Them (Eni, Enel, Snam Gas, Agip?), your tax return takes on average 5 years, deregulation didn’t even work for taxis for goodness sake.
What to say about Banks, you deposit your money and the simple checking account cost you 120 Euros average, 2 major Banks, they do whatever they want, deregulation was implemented they clearly ignored the Laws and got away with it (Just read it, a class action suit has been initiated against the Banks, they ignore the Portability Law on Home Loans, the Government silence?).
Do Politicians talk about this subjects?
Don’t worry about the issues they talk about, although do worry about what they do not talk about!
Only one cure, do not vote for any of them, silence is noisier than a shotgun!
The future looks bright wear shades

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 11, 2008 04:55 PM

Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs and cutting hair
Peccato che tutti quelli che saprebbero governare il paese siano già occupati a guidare taxi e tagliare capelli

George Burns (1896-1996) American comedian and actor.
George Burns (1896-1996) comico e attore americano

Posted by: Adriana Mian | March 11, 2008 08:49 AM

Yesterday, on a Catholic site, I came across an article on confession and the new forms of sinning. It announced to practicing Catholics, seeking forgiveness, that they now must include in their confessions such sins as having conducted morally questionable scientific experiments or having manipulated genes, modified DNA, endangered fetuses, pushed drugs or are drug-addicts. But, what really wowed me was the inclusion (as mortal sins) of "excessive wealth"; "causing poverty" and "ruining the environment". Like who? I asked myself. Famous names and a question came to mind, "If Dante could update the Divine Comedy where would Silvio and Romano be fitted? In the underworld, naturally. But where in the underworld?" I've checked it out and the fourth circle is where Dante, most likely, have fitted them. There, the poet would have Romano and Silvio, straining against and pushing toward each other enormous round stones, shouting to one another: "Why do you hoard Silvio?" Silvio, shoving back the stone, "Why do you burn waste Romano?" Like that forever and ever, Dante would have them.

Posted by: LP | March 11, 2008 02:33 AM

Hello everyone,
The time for reforms, postponed for decades is upon Italy and Italians Legislators, although they still trying to avoid these undeniable necessity blatantly exposing the complete Incompetence of Italian Institutions.
Bloated with incompetence, overstaffed with incapable personnel, irresponsible by design, unionized for inefficiency and most important monopolized to survive and kill competition.
This is the de-facto description of how Italy’s Institutions and services function as we speak.
Every basic necessity is brought to you by a Government Monopolized Service Company.
After accumulating 108% of GDP of debt to establish this foolish system of Inefficient Monopolies and Services, they are now forced to squeeze citizens of Italy for 50% of their income just to keep the system floating at best.
Is anybody asking how come Municipality control 6000 Companies throughout the Peninsula?
Is anybody asking how come basic Industry are in Government hand? (Telecommunication, Transport, Energy, Aviation, Research, Schools and University, Health?)
Is anybody asking how come The Lawmakers legislate laws they do not follow themselves and their Companies?
Every Lawmaker (The one that count obviously?) has a wife or a very close relative with a Company working for the Government or Institutions?
IS anybody asking where in the hell did ended up the Law on Conflict of Interest?
Italy is a Complete Conflict of Interest!
When Italians will start to ask the correct Questions to the Idiots, then maybe (I emphasize maybe!) the Idiots may be forced to tell you the truth.
Until then, life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you are gone get! (And you resemble Forrest Gump more and more every day!).
They should kiss the ground that you walk on, where else could they get away flipping you off day in and day out, and you keep on voting for them?
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 10, 2008 04:24 PM

Straordinario articolo su di oggi: gli svizzeri compreranno 300.000 tonnellate di immondizia all'Italia per non chiudere un inceneritore e mettere a spaso 50 operai perchè gli stessi svizzeri preferiscono la raccolta differenziata e la societa proprietaria dell'inceneritore se la sta prendendo nel culo. Leggete qui, é anche molto ben scritto (per chi capisce...)

Posted by: stefano renzi | March 10, 2008 02:20 PM

hi, nice and true article as ususal.
but just a note for the translator: credo che "compagno" in inglese vada tradotto "comrade" e non companion. ciao

Posted by: omar rota stabelli | March 10, 2008 12:23 PM

The saddest thing of all is that what Beppe wrote is 100% true. We are left banging our heads against a wall!

Posted by: Mark | March 10, 2008 02:57 AM

On desk is available recently a barrel of Papaya enzymes pills chewable for heartburn. In fact, the political double scene in Italy and US, is creating a double effect in a new pathology called " Hillary Obama syndrome" in US comparable to the " Berlusca Prodi syndrome" in Italy.
The collateral effect are similar, nausea, vomit and heartburn and look like the new Papaya enzyme offer a very healthy relief!!!

Remember to use it after lunch or dinner as the side effects are yet in the development due to
unaware and unpredictable behavior of the media as well as unspecified statements in the political
Take care

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | March 9, 2008 08:20 PM

Hello everyone,
Hypocrite European Hedge funds, investment bankers and in general financial leaches are using oil as the lifeline of last resource.
Mr. W. Bush since on the way out, and with the dismal record already in the history books, should one thing that maybe, I emphasize maybe could at least salvage his reputation.
The US and Japan have Strategic Petroleum Reserves, with an estimated capacity of about 60 days oil consumption of each Country.
Currently Oil comes of the ground, and at about $40-44 per barrel Oil Company cover their costs with little profit, although by the time Oil reaches Oil markets at $60-68 should appease anyone’s greed for profit without killing the Global Economies.
Well, this is a little idealistic, and in today subprime market, economies slowing down, banks writing down billions and stock market plunging, the financial leaches have to suck blood for somewhere.
Oil, gold and natural resources have become the perfect economic shield for their money.
Combine to all of the above with the sinking dollar and the perfect storm is looming in the horizon.
Now what if the US and Japan would relinquish on the Oil market just half of their SPR (Estimated at about 750 Million barrels?).
US Oil consumption is approx. 12 Million barrels, while Japan 5 Millions and then Europe and on and on.
By my rough number if someone would put on the Market let’s say 350 M/B, at $106 per Barrel and people paying horrendous prices for electricity, home heating and at the pump, I could easily call it crisis time.
My guess (And I am aware of being a nobody!) is these leaches speculator would get a good spanking on their wallet, and an eye opening lesson about speculating on people livelihood.
The way I see it, is that Government should have the same motto as the Police “To serve and Protect!” although Italian special are so worthless that although is their job to plan ahead, they can’t even plan what underwear will have tomorrow (Probably the stinky once from the day before.
Just a thought, it won’t happen but if it did would be the sign that Government are there for a reason, for the People, by the People and to the People.
As for Italian crop of Parties and Politicians, Mr. Mastella on his way down to hell where he deserve to remain gave a good example, they should follow him.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 9, 2008 04:51 PM

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