The media war


The media war has been going on for years now. Subservient information against free information. Press and television against the Internet. The psychodwarf’s bullshit is at the top of the Net hit parade. Topo Gigio’s hogwash is less widespread, because it is somewhat embarrassing to repeat them. On YouTube it is possible to see Italy’s loudmouths, and it is great to pull the piss out of them. Relax. They are making as if nothing is happening, they put forward people like Vespa. The Network is the world’s evil: paedophilia, body organ trafficking, fraud, and anti-politics. A place that scares the hell out of Tar-head and the post-communists. Fully one-third of Italy currently has no access to ADSL. Without the Net, the economy cannot grow. Were Net access to increase, these overworked politicians would be finished.
On the Porta a Porta programme dedicated to the Perugia criminal case, psychologist and renowned sex therapist Dr. Graziottin stated that: "The Internet is the antechamber of prostitution amongst the youth". Vespa smiled condescendingly.
Bruno Vespa is a threat to the country, to free information and to the economy. Let’s De-Vespise Rai, starting with this particular insect.
Stop purchasing any products advertised on Porta a Porta.
I am now publishing an open letter to Bruno Vespa that was sent to me. Circulate it.

Dear Dr. Vespa,
Internet reaches more than one billion subscribers worldwide, and around 24 million people in Italy specifically. Each day there are 120,000 new blogs, for a total of more than 100 million blogs worldwide. In 2007 alone, 44 million people participated actively in the greatest ever social, cultural and democratic phenomenon in recent history.
In many authoritarian countries, the bloggers defend freedom of expression and democracy and fight against repression and, to date, going to prison for their beliefs. In democratic countries the bloggers expand the free exchange of ideas, community communications and, finally, participation in the life of society.

EU Commissioner Viviane Reding has repeatedly pointed out that 50% of any growth in the European GDP is linked to the development of information and communication technology (ICT), with the Internet being its spinal cord. The lack of access to broadband services is perhaps the most significant indicator of how far we are lagging behind in the important TLC sector.
According to the most recent data released by the European TLC operators’ organisation ECTA, the Italian scenario regarding broadband access is as follows:
1. Broad band distribution: Italy (16.5) is falling further behind the EU average (19.8), and is falling increasingly further behind other comparable countries, such as France, UK and Germany. We are obviously way behind the Nordic countries. Of the main 15 European countries, we are even lagging behind Ireland, and closely followed by Portugal. In essence, the distribution of broadband in Italy is less than in other countries with similar industrial and social homogeneity.
2. Growth of broadband services between September 2006 and September 2007: The rate of growth in Italy was only 3%, very low indeed when compared to other comparable countries, where the established rate of growth has been between 5% and 10%.
…the gap between us and the rest of Europe is continuing to grow.
Proper communications via mass media means and ICT technologies could contribute significantly toward attracting people to telecommunications, the Internet and computer technology in general, with positive spin-offs for the entire system. We wish to point out that in today’s age the Internet constitutes the main system for communicating worldwide, together with fixed and mobile telephony, with the Internet being far more functional than the latter. Just like the telephone networks, the Internet is used for legal as well as illegal purposes. This difference is that Internet communications and operations are, in most cases, open to the public, thus making any everyday, deviant, illegal and even criminal operations clearly visible, which unfortunately means that, precisely because they are so clearly visible online, they are often thought to be specific only to the Internet.
Nobody, however, and quite rightly so, has ever thought of generally criminalizing the telephone networks, even though the criminal and illegal utilisation of the fixed and mobile telephony networks is a well known, ancient, widespread and serious phenomenon, as proved by the telephone taps divulged from time to time.” Signed, inter alia, by: Luca De Biase, Juan Carlos De Martin, Michele Ficara, Alfonso Fuggetta, Enrico Gasperini, Enrico Grazzini, Marco Montemagno, Layla Pavone.

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I don't even know where to start...

Posted by: CoolDula | March 4, 2008 11:59 AM

As a member of the international media for many years I have learned to read in between the lines of what is actually said and what is really ment by political players on the world stage. Admittedly I have tried over many years to make any sence of Italian politics and "political debate". One thing I am quite certain of is that after following much "talking heads" from politicians who continuously and ill mannered keep interupting each anther they really have nothing to say.
There is a saying in International circles that "Bullshit Baffles Brain" and this applies to Italian politics par excellance.
By the way, if the word "Bull shit" is offensive "Bovine Scatology" can be used instead.
I can only imagine how bamboozeled the Italian electorate is by now.
Besides, it is good to remember that although many governments come and go in Italy the same incompetent bureaucratic class remains in place to be inherited from father to son. Just like a Feudal System. As modern in appearance as it may seem, it remains a Feudal System none the less.
Sad, very very sad!!!

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | March 3, 2008 11:02 AM

Well done! Italy, STAND UP!

Posted by: Delfi Marigo Spitaleri | March 3, 2008 04:46 AM

yuo are the best!

Posted by: alessandro morelli | March 3, 2008 04:17 AM

"The network" ?
The WEB !!!
Or the Internet...
Great article, anyway.

Posted by: Italian reader | March 3, 2008 01:46 AM

i dont like it...

Posted by: foto | March 3, 2008 01:21 AM

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