Upon the death of Brother Clemente


Upon the death of brother Clemente 1(*)

One day, if I 2(*) don’t continue to flee
from party to party, you will see me sitting
on your stone, dear brother, crying over
the flower of your gentle existence o fallen one.
The Mother 3(*) in her final lonely years
talks about me with your mute ashes 4(*),
but I, in my delusion, reach out my palms to you
and say farewell from the rooftops of Ceppaloni 5(*).
I feel the gods against me 6(*), and the secret
cures that created storms when you were alive,
and I too pray at your tranquil harbour.
This is what remains today of your many vows!
Dear Clemente, at least return the bones 7(*)
to the arms of the melancholy Italians.

Loosely translated text from: "In morte del fratello Giovanni" by Ugo Foscolo.

1(*) Somewhat euphemistically, the Author is referring to the political death of Italian statesman Clemente Mastella (Ceppaloni 5 February 1947, still alive)
2(*) The poem is attributed to long-time childhood friend Pierferdinando Casini (“Ferdy”), who shared Clemente Mastella’s (Clem) political battles for decades
3(*) The meaning to be attributed to the term “Mother” constitutes a point of discussion for the scholars. While many believe that is a reference to Silvio Berlusconi, others suggest that it is an allusion to a lady of ill repute
4(*) “Mute ashes” is the nickname given to Governor Antonio Bassolino. Just like the ashes that, in fact, do not speak, so Bassolino has never said a word to the magistrates regarding the environmental disaster in Campania
5(*) The town where Mastella was born, and of which he is lifelong Mayor. It is famous for the torch parade by the town’s inhabitants in support of Mastella’s wife, Sandra Lonardo, subjected to house arrest as a result of being accused of extortion
6(*) The “gods against him” are the forecast percentage votes for his blackmail and government party, the so-called UDEUR. Indeed, in 2008, for the first time ever a party is showing a negative voting intention. Any party accepting the Udeur will be losing somewhere between 10 and 12% of possible votes
7(*) “The bones” are actually the infamous Christmas nougat sweets manufactured by Mastella himself, using the public funding granted to his party. Every Italian would like to get their hands on 100g of these.

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