When a worker dies

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When a worker dies, politicians on the Right, the Left and the Centre are indignant. When a worker dies, the day after Prodi makes a decree.
When a worker dies, Topo Gigio Veltroni makes the industrialists candidates, “but also” a survivor of Thyssen Krupp.
When a worker dies Ichino says that “We are missing a culture of rules”. When a worker dies, the President of the Republic suffers and is hopeful on TV.
When a worker dies, Maroni says “It’s not the government’s fault because the laws exist.”
When a worker dies, no one talks about law number 30, of the precarious workers, of the blackmail that they are subject to, of the law of the boss and of the empty fire extinguishers “otherwise you go home”. When a worker dies, today Fassino and D’Alema, yesterday Berlinguer and Pertini.
When a worker dies, the boss has already put money on one side.
When a worker dies, the widow and the children finish up on the street.
When a worker dies, the Trades Unions declare a two hour strike in solidarity.
When a worker dies, the fault is the helmet, it was his fault.
When a worker dies, the fault is that if he complained about the lack of safety, he would be sacked because he was a precarious worker.
When a worker dies, it is almost always an assassination.
When a worker dies, he was doing a risky job, it had to happen.
When a worker dies, they give incentives to the companies that reduce accidents and they don’t close down those that produce deaths.
When a worker dies, it’s because safety is too burdensome for the Confindustria.
When a worker dies, it’s a business fact, someone has gained out of it.
When a worker dies, if he had been a politician he would have got by for a hundred years.

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People can't work like that.. they call it "white deaths", but to me they look blacker than dying at war..

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | March 5, 2008 06:54 PM

Hello everyone,
I feel it’s time for Mr. Grillo or whoever has the time, guts and dedication to put the money where your mouth is.
In most civilized Country (Italy excluded even though is in the G8!) Citizens are allowed to sue the Government.
Italy as usual and everyone is well aware of it, ito sue the Government is like the chiwawa barking at the 800 pound gorilla.
I still believe it’s time to at least make the effort; therefore I would like to suggest Mr. Grillo and Company places an add on Ebay with this item for Sale:
1) For Italians ready to purchase their own Justice!
Attached to the Ebay add should be a Paypal account number in the name of Mr. Grillo or whomever for him and by my rough calculation at $10 each buyer the estimated sum should be conspicuous.
From newspapers I read that the Grillini should be around 8-10% of Italian electoral body, therefore:
8-10% of approx. 40 Millions should be up to a max. of 40 Million Euros.
Now, I usually disagree with Mr. Grillo, although as I see it, He still remains the only siren of disgust toward the Italian Political Spectrum in a sea of silence and apathy and corruption.
I would be the first to pledge my $10, and I believe with the above stated sum, a good team of Lawyers could and should challenged Parties, Corrupt Politicians and the self sustaining system called Italian Government.
No promises, no reward, no chimeras to chase after, and every individual pledging the money should not expect anything in return, just an all earthed good kick in the but at the system to get some attention.
Any other good idea on how to use this fund should be welcome, for the good of Italy any help is welcome at this dire moment.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 5, 2008 06:09 PM

Italian work-sites might as well be battlefields. Workers are being decimated. More workers (a lot more) died in work-related accidents than American soldiers in Iraq. Italian workers on work-sites are facing a deadly epidemic that needs imminent attention. A bad culture of unsafe working conditions has ravaged workers for too long. Blaming government, workers, employers or whomever it's useless. People are killed on the job because they don't wear hard-hats, refuse to wear safety glasses and prefer sandals over safety shoes, when they ignore respiratory and protective clothings. Defective structures must be repaired; workers must be given rest periods as alertness is the number one requirement to avoid accidents. Management and workers should meet regularly to discuss safety measures and how are to be implemented; management should stop, (overtly or covertly) threatning worker's jobs; Inspectors must inspect; worn out safety equipment must be replaced; safety takes precedence over production; accidents, big or small must be reported. Safety is a collective effort but ultimately management is responsible for all the required safety measures to be in place. Educating workers on safety saves lives and money. A functioning safety committee must review rules. Rules must be taken seriously by management and workers; safety inspectors should leave nothing to chance. Everybody is each other's keeper. This kind of work-mentality is not exactly consonant to the Italian nature of doing things, but Italians better make it consonant if they want to stop the blood-bath.

Posted by: L P | March 5, 2008 02:51 PM

Italy has not come out from the dark ages: it consists mainly of a society made up by pavid serfs ruled by a ruthless and corrupt political caste.
The difference, between now and then, is that the politicians, as far as I know, do not claim the jure primae noctis anymore. In fact they do not need it, since, at the taxpayer expense, they can choose among many willing starlets or want-to-be starlets to spend the night with, helped by enough cocaine to keep them awake and active.
Good luck Italians.

Posted by: giuseppe vidozzi | March 5, 2008 12:27 PM

Every one has blood on their hands when it comes to these so-called "white deaths..." The BBC said that Italy -- a nation founded on work -- has the highest incidence of death on the job in Europe.
tx for bringing this issue to the forefront...

Posted by: Nicole Martinelli | March 5, 2008 10:55 AM

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