Eight months suspended sentence

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An eight-month suspended sentence for the death of a young man. I received a letter from the mother of Andrea, who died in his workplace at age 23 of a squashed head. She makes some serious allegations. A court case was held to investigate charges of culpable homicide. There are two possibilities here: either the company managers are innocent or they are guilty. If the former is true, then they must be absolved, however, if the latter is true, then an eight month suspended sentence represents the failure of the justice system in Italy. I am very keen to read through the sentence.
Luca Cordero di Montezemolo claims that workers in general are now feeling closer to Confindustria that what they are to the trades union. He is wrong, the workers are equidistant from both. They would dearly love to tell them both to fuck off. Temporary employment has resulted in Italy having the lowest salaries in all of Europe and the workplace becoming a death sentence. Reducing the safety measures is economically worthwhile. A human life is worth less that production.

"My name is Graziella Marota and I am the mother of Andrea Gagliardoni, who died on 20 June 2006 at the Asoplast Company of Ortezzano while performing his duties as a straightforward worker.
A pressing machine squashed his skull within a matter of just a few seconds. That is the day that my life changed. I now live with pain and anguish, however, that pain and anguish has now been replaced by great anger, which is what has allowed me to continue with this battle against the so-called “white deaths”. In actual fact, I have as yet been unable to understand why this adjective is used to describe workplace fatalities.
An initial preliminary hearing regarding the accident was held at the Fermo (AP) court on 4 April 2008. In the dock, facing charges of culpable homicide, were the Managing Director of Asoplast, Giuseppe Bonifazi, and Mario Guglielmi, Managing Director of the Schio-based Mag System Srl company that manufactured the abovementioned machine, a model T A 1000/S C/8.
The former was in the dock for not having provided the worker in question with appropriate equipment and for having deactivated the only safety system in order to speed up production.
The latter, instead, was in the dock for having built and applied the EC brand mark on a machine that does not comply with the safety requirements specified in attachment 1 of Presidential Decree 459/96 and the UNI regulations, and that was in any event inadequate in terms of safety.
With these charges on the table, I was expecting a sentence that would serve as a deterrent for any employers that are still breaking the law, thereby jeopardising human lives, namely the lives of their workers.
However, the entire court case was concluded in just a few minutes. The accused requested to do a deal and Public Prosecutor Bartolozzi decided that an eight month suspended sentence would be appropriate for both accused.
However, Andrea is no longer with us, they cut him down in his prime ….. he was only 23 years old.
Now more than ever before, I scream out in pain and anger against the scandalous sentence that shows total irreverence against all of the workplace martyrs. I will continue in my relentless battle in the hope that something will change in the future."
Graziella Marota, Andrea’s mother

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cosa devo fare per leggere i commenti che inserisco?

Posted by: Giovanna De Logu | May 4, 2008 02:31 PM

I don’t know why people listen to the sh*t from grillo,
If they would read the paper they would already know the old news grillo tells and maybe they would know the real thing and not something grillo like to let you misinterpret

Posted by: Tonino | May 2, 2008 10:46 PM

chiedo scusa inanzitutto per lo spazio e il tempo che le rubo
Mi chiamo Vincenzo Saya 51 anni e lavoro da tre anni inun callcenter quindi puo' immaginare lostipendio che ho.Ecco in breve lamiastoria,divorziato con due figli ora di 14 e 12 anni fiamma e bernardo,Nel 2004 per motivi lavorativi mitrovavo a milanomentre imiefigli erano a roma affidati dai servizi sociali ad una casa famiglia,nonessendo la madre ingrado di accudrli per una sua gravepatologia e noin avendo io unlavoro fisso tale da garantirli un futro.Lascio milano a seguito di unaproposta dilavoro a roma presso il CMP DI FIUMICINO Costretto a vivere inmacchina per glialti costi deglialloggi e il baso reddito che avevo non volevo opotevo farmivedere da imiei figli come unclochard,per circa sei mesi non gli hoincontrati,quando la situazione 'e vcambiata mi sonorecato peresso l'assistente sociale che seguiva imiei figli per poterli incontrare,da allora ossia dal settembre 2005 ho rivisto unodei mieifigli ad aprile di questoanno,essendo mistato negto ognitipodi contatto direttocon loro ora imieifigli dapprima la grande e poi ilpiccolo mihannofatto capire cheper loro nonesisto piu.Devoringraziare per questo le autorita' che dovrebbero difendere i minori.Behper me e' giunta l'ora di chiudere questa vita che era nel loro amore .Le scrivo soloper fare in modo che nessunaltro debba soffrire per questo

grazie della cortese attenzione e buonlavoro

Vincenzo Saya
vdella Nazione "0

Posted by: vincenzosaya | May 2, 2008 12:32 AM

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