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When you do this, it makes me go mad. Thanks to you, little Fabullo will be able to get treatment in the United States. His mother in Orio Canavese has written to me. Letters like this make me feel better. Today in Genoa, there’s wind and a grey sky. But behind the clouds the sun is shining.

Dear Beppe, I’m the mother of little Fabullo.
Thank you. From the heart. Such thanks that cannot be expressed in words, but I have no other means… and I try to go beyond just writing something. I hope that Fabullo can walk once more even because this would be the biggest “thank you” for the people like yourself…
Since your intervention we have been in need of a whole secretariat to sort out all the contacts. I’ve just been to the bank and I almost fainted: tomorrow we’ll publish the figures on our website, but it amounts to 20 thousand euro in three days…. And the money is still coming in, in real time. Thank you. It’s all thanks to you and to the people who believe in you. That’s not just rhetoric. Believe me.
There’s also another reason why I’m writing to you. I know that you will have received much criticism for having decided to support a request for hyperbaric therapy for a cerebral lesion. I’m really keen on telling you my point of view, because we all are keen to show you that we have tried to act in the most rational way possible: it’s obvious that they have not given a written declaration that Fabullo will get better, but the proposals are solid. I’m also keen to let you know that we don’t just want to take advantage of your name….
It’s true that even in Italy there are hyperbaric chambers, however there is no indication and no experience of treatment of cerebral lesions. It has been said that it doesn’t work and that there is no scientific evidence: but nothing solid and serious is done to demonstrate the validity of these statements, so no one can yet understand why they manage to get results in the USA!
According to me the basic problem is not that our Health System doesn’t finance this therapy: obviously they say that it is useless. The basic problem is that they decide a priori not to do experiments: if there were good data that negate the American results then we would have nothing to say. BUT, this data does not exist. We have decided that it doesn’t work and that’s it.
In the USA, unlike in Italy and Europe, they have tiny individual hyperbaric chamber, where the therapy can be applied for the patient.
Just to show you the difference in approach: in Italy, the presence of an epileptic crisis is a contraindication to the hyperbaric treatment. In the USA, it is a treatment indicator. A similar disparity in viewpoint seems to me to be unclear. It seems to be an a priori closure.
Another myth to be dealt with: the Americans say that all children, even the most serious have full recovery. This is not true. The prognoses are very varied, even though the results are often better than anticipated when dealing with children.
However, this is a personal issue: I am a physiotherapist. I have tried to act in this situation in the most scientific way possible, even though as a desperate mother it’s not so easy. …. However it seemed to us to be honest to just try for three months. Honest in relation to Fabio, to Michela who will stay here, to all those who are giving us money… also because if we come back with important results (And let God act so that it is like that, and this is what the mother is saying and not the physiotherapist. I am becoming completely schizophrenic….) I intend to be seriously committed to the promotion of this experiment, in a serious manner. There, I think that if that is the case I will once more ask for your help, this time with a lighter heart. Look, I would say: let’s promise to meet up so as to bring “scientific evidence” to the medical conferences!!! Who knows if the good God will lend a hand….
Thanks again dear Beppe. If you are in this area, come and visit us….
A big hug.”
Angela Aimo

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