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The Trades Union of Journalists, the FNSI, has decided to anticipate V2 Day. On 23 April, the FNSI will have a celebration to commemorate its centenary. Basically it will be its own Funeral Day.

The president, Roberto Natale made it clear that: “the date is not arbitrary…. We certainly haven’t waited for Grillo to put forward certain issues, and some of his responses do not convince us. More than the abolition of the Order of Journalists, we want a radical reform. Rather than the elimination of public contributions, we are convinced that they are necessary to reduce certain clientele, but it’s not OK to say that every public euro is a waste, is theft.”

So, basically Natale did not wait for V2 Day to raise certain issues (which issues?) and my responses don’t convince him (and this is a serious affirmation given that he has asked me no questions). Natale does not want to abolish the Order of Journalists, but instead he feels the need for a radical reform (what?). He doesn’t want to reduce the public contributions of a billion euro a year that keep alive, for example, Il Foglio and Libero, but he proposes reducing certain clientele. Well, here’s the rub, I have never spoken about clientele. Dear Natale, what are these clientele? Act like a journalist on the occasion of the centenary and inform us.

The Funeral Day will have the following programme:
- Visit to Morfeo Napolitano for an audience with the participation of all living presidents of FNSI. Rather than an audience, more like a funeral Mass.
- Commemoration at Rome’s Capranica Theatre on the topic: Journalism: from yesterday to the future”
- Special participation of the leaders of the federal Trades Unions: Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Ugl.
- Special participation of the Undersecretary Ricardo Franco Levi, the author of the “Levi-Prodi” proposed law that suggested closing down the Internet.
- Special participation of the Minister of Labour Cesare Damiano who will talk about the triumphs of the law number 30.
- Special participation of the leader Topo Gigio Veltroni, called Walterloo, who will explain how at one time he relaunched l’Unità with the Figurine Panini albums.

The FNSI has invited Testa d'Asfalto for his machine gun imitation aimed at the reporters in the hall, but it hasn’t yet had confirmation. Natale has even revealed the ideal participant for the Funeral Day: “The 100 years are an important milestone, but rhetoric is ready to attack at any moment. For this reason we have thought about having as our interlocutor a precarious worker.”
The secretary Franco Siddi certainly didn’t hold back: “The centenary is an occasion to respond with greater energy to today’s challenges, from the renewal of the contract to the freedom of information.”
First the brass, then the freedom.

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