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The least worst is the son of the worst. It is his creature. Without the worst the least worst could not exist. The worst is the reference point for the Italian. It’s useful for orientation. The Italian always tries to do better than the worst. The least worst is a leap in quality. The Italian chooses the least worst dentist, he reads the least worst newspaper, listens to the least worst TV programme, works for the least worst company, votes for the least worst party, gets his operation in the least worst hospital, eats in the least worst restaurant, drives on the least worst road, breathes the least worst air, lives in the least worst apartment, uses the least worst notary, gets to be buried by the least worst funeral directors in the least worst tomb.
The worst is the best alibi of the least worst. Rather than the worst, the least worst is always better. Anyone can do better than Alitalia, than Asphalt Head, than Telecom Italia, than the RAI. Without the worst, who would have voted for D’Alema, traveled with Air One, listened to Rete 4 or made telephone calls with Wind? However… there’s a but, why do you have to choose between the worst and the least worst? Why this blackmail? I don’t want a least worst life. I demand a normal life, in fact I want it to be beautiful, optimum, excellent. Perhaps I won’t succeed, but I must try, I’m obliged to try.
The least worst has brought us the Great Pardon, the mess up, convicts in Parliament, incinerators, the Campania-Chernobyl, Mastella as Minister of Justice, a public debt of 1630 billion euro, the lowest economic growth in Europe, the precarious work, gagged information, an unconstitutional election law, Forleo and De Magistris treated like criminals. All the sons of the least worst. The worst and the least worst are like Siamese twins. Inseparable from birth. If one dies, the other follows straight away.
The best voter of the psycho-dwarf was the left of D’AlemaViolanteFassinoLaTorre and of Topo Gigio who, new leader, publicly invites him to define together the new election law excluding the Government allies. The best voter of the DS-dioxin-now-PD is Asphalt Head. Without him, how could they justify their existence? For 15 years the worst has been their battle horse, 15 years of Italy continually sinking, of decisions against the worst never taken. But what could we have expected differently? Worst or the least worst it’s always worse.

PS This evening at 9:00pm I will be in Pescara at the Palaelettra (via Elettra, zona stadio) to support the civic list "PescaraInComune". Watch live on the Web starting at 9:00pm.

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I agree with Beppe Grillo: it is better to vote for Berlusconi.

Posted by: Sil. Ber. For. Pres. | April 12, 2008 12:13 AM

at least you guys in italy you have eleccions and the posibility to vote for your resident in cuba that never happens i don'y know what is that go and visit so you can understand what i'm saying.

Posted by: Alejandro | April 11, 2008 11:24 PM

at least you guys in italy you have eleccions and the posibility to vote for your resident in cuba that never happens i don'y know what is that go and visit so you can understand what i'm saying.

Posted by: Alejandro | April 11, 2008 11:24 PM

I agree with Beppe Grillo now more than ever.
I voted last time. I voted for the infamous " least worse" as even I used to define the Prodi government.
This time my choice will be not to vote and i have the feeling so many other italians will do so.
Grazie Beppe and all your supporters.good luck.

Posted by: Enrico Maure | April 11, 2008 04:52 PM

LOL ..thats awesome

Posted by: bloggers mosaic | April 11, 2008 02:58 PM

Berlusconi rappresent the only real immagine of Italy in the world: SHIT & MAFIA

Posted by: ndb | April 11, 2008 01:50 PM

Who says that there is no meritocracy in Italy? Only the best white collar criminals with the best potential to increase the privileges of THE CASTE, have been chosen by the political parties to represent the rest of us.
If follows that whatever wealth the Italians are able to generate, has gone and will go directly into the pockets, or into the banks, of our politicians and of their cronies.
The rest of us may not have a future but have the democratic freedom to WATCH TV, EAT , PAY TAXES and DIE. Who can ask for anything more?
Good luck Italians.

Posted by: giuseppe vidozzi | April 11, 2008 11:01 AM

master of the bluff master of the proposition

Posted by: MARO SORO | April 11, 2008 12:50 AM

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