They will never let go, us neither

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It was the autumn of 2007 that Asphalt Head made a gift of pasta to hundreds of pensioners in the outskirts of Milan. Fini and Casini had abandoned him. An old glory on the sunset road. Veltroni has performed a miracle. His first political action has been to exhume a political cadaver. Remember the photo of the two in a hand-shake after a strictly private conversation on the new election law? They seemed like Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II at Teano. The psycho-dwarf had an incredulous air. He couldn’t believe that the PD-folk were such arse holes.

At that time there was a Centre Left government made up of tiny parties. No one was consulted by Topo Gigio about a law that would have made them disappear. Topo Gigio has been the best ally of the PDL. He brought down the government: he did, not Mastella. He lost the elections in a disastrous way. He has eliminated the Left and the Greens. It can be done. If I were Berlusconi I would make him deputy President of the Council. Anyway better a true enemy than a false enemy. The Great Pardon, Mastella at the Justice Ministry, the failure to repeal the “ad personam” laws, the isolation of De Magistris and Forleo, to whom do we give the blame? What’s the difference between the Berlusconian 5-year term and the Prodian 2-year term?

The election law is unconstitutional. They have treated us like animals that can only make a cross on a symbol. And the cross we have placed all the same whether or not we are conditioned by anti-democratic media. They represent interest groups. Those who control them, control the country.

The breaking point will be the economy. We are in a recession. Our GDP will not grow in 2008. The worst result of the world economy apart from Africa. If the GDP isn’t growing, the number of jobs gets lower. Zero growth means between one and two million fewer jobs. The three card trick, that has been going on for years, of transforming a job into two positions for precarious workers, cannot continue.

A vote for the MPA and the Lega is a signal of “every man for himself”. Each for himself and God for everyone. Just as an example, if Soru had presented a secessionist list in Sardinia he would have won hands down.

Millions of people on the right and on the left will not have representation in the new Parliament. They are precarious workers, ecologists, unemployed people, young people. To leave them out of Parliament while inside there are a hundred that are convicts, “prescritti”, under investigation and on remand is not a good idea.

Without the freedom of information there is no democracy. They will never let go, us neither. V2 day. V2 day. Freedom of information in a free State.

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Ciao Beppe Grillo, in questo video ti insultano e denigrano! Ma io ti chiederei di scendere dal palco, fondare un tuo partito e combattere nell'arena contro tutti questi mediocri e malviventi che governano l'Italia. Se davvero credi in quello che dici per favore fatti valere, entra in politica e mostraci la tua forza. Altrimenti smettila ti criticare tutti che tanto non serve assolutamente a niente! Un tuo ammiratore. Dave from London x x


Posted by: Dave Garden | April 27, 2008 05:01 AM

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