State Secrecy on Energy

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Sites for the disposal of nuclear waste, new civil installations for energy production, nuclear power stations, “rigassificatori”, incinerators/ “termovalorizzatori” (different types of waste-to-energy technologies} could in the future be covered by State Secrecy. This is set out in a decree that came into effect on May 1st, thus under the Prodi Government.
The decree was published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale on 16 April 2008, number 90. It says that: “In the places covered by State Secrecy the control functions normally carried out by the local public health bodies and by the National Fire Service, are carried out by autonomous offices of control located at a central level in the relevant administration organisations that set them up with their own arrangements.”
”The administration organisations are not obliged to communicate with the local public health bodies and the National Fire Service but they can turn to them for help and consultation.”
Information, news, documents, official paperwork, activities, locations and things related to the matter being referred to can be covered by State Secrecy.”
Article 261 of the Penal Code says that anyone revealing a State Secret will have a sentence of not less than 5 years in prison.
If a mayor were to tell his citizens about the existence of a nuclear waste dump in his territory he would land up in prison. If a mayor does not tell his citizens he would be betraying his position in relation to them.
Our employees are treating us like vassals. If our wishes do not correspond with theirs, they change the laws, they impose State Secrecy on toxic waste, on nuclear power stations. The other countries have secrecy about national security, about military bases. We have State Secrecy about rubbish, about what is poisoning us, about their motivation, about their interests.
Nuclear power stations are not a solution for energy. The greatest world experts agree and through this blog I will collect their evidence. Incinerators are not a solution for the disposal of rubbish. The greatest world experts agree and through this blog I will collect their evidence.
The citizen has the right to be informed about the choices of their employees. Prodi signed the decree, Veltrusconi will use it, but citizens will not hand around watching. freedom of information in a free State.

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Doctors organisations for 33,000 doctors say EU is wrong about incineration and PM2.5 health concerns. Incinerator spin doctors wish to ignore the health profession with glossy words backed with no scientific epidemilogical studies.

Posted by: Rob Whittle | June 13, 2008 05:39 AM

You're puzzled as to what you can do for "this country"? I take it you're talking about Italy, but it doesn't really matter whether it is or not. In any event, I think what you should do is write on this blog. But don't write nilly-willy. Stay on the topic. Case in point: Beppe's article, on this slate of his blog, is about "State Secrecy on Energy". Well, write about anything you know about "energy". You know nothing about the subject? Start surfing the net, find the sites on the subject, read everything there is to read on hat subject, form your own opinion, come back on this site and tell what you think about keeping secret where they will bury nuclear waste.
In other words be a citizen-journalist. I don't think many people here understand or fully appreciate the impact an informative paragraph from a citizen-journalist makes on society. You'll contribute to "form open,interactive,networked, and most importantly, iterative (repetitive) reporting online." As Joshua Micah Marshall, explained in a Friday speech at a Harvard conference on the future of the web. You'll be much more useful than anyother traditional journalist who, for the sake of his job, must toe the "tacitly implied" editorial line of the paper or TV station and, more often than not, depend on "official sources" -which is like asking the host if his wine you buy from him is any good. You'll become reader and activist partecipiting to diversify and democratize news sources. That's doing your bit in changing "this country"!

Posted by: LP | May 20, 2008 05:10 PM

Nate Nead said:

>> The worst thing that can happen when
>> oppression comes is for good people to
>> do nothing.

I thing the second worst thing they can do
is submit a video to You tube.

The third is to write something on MySpace,
Facebook or whatever

The fourth is to blog.

Maybe I am old and dont understand modern technology but I am still struggling to find
out how I can actually change anything in this


Posted by: John Boland | May 19, 2008 08:55 PM in canarias.3 year a go i decided to escape from italy..because is a fuerteventura live peaple of every country..the bad italian political need the bed political of the world..and the bad pol...of the world..need the bad italian a circle...and so exist the bad global political..grillo and the other voices of the world proved that the bad global political is vulnerable. i think that grillo e c..are the solution..becouse they used a new words..we need a new words...grillo is a old voice that never the voice sing..and never will stop.. stop to think that the mans that changed the world must be a pure mans..we are are beppe..italian political sistem...have a panic of what the wold say of they..the italian people put on d&g..they have a panic on your opinion..please halp this blog...if italy can changed all the world can the end we can smile about what is tooday the our about the world that become...ciaooooo

Posted by: vito valentino | May 19, 2008 06:08 PM

We each have our own responsibility to make sure these type of things don't go forward. I agree with Ed, "every man is guilty for the good he did not do." This is very important to remember as well: The worst thing that can happen when oppression comes is for good people to do nothing.

Posted by: Nate Nead | May 19, 2008 04:22 PM

Sorry David, but your comment is delirious. Do us all a favor, don't bring up Obama's pastor and what he preaches otherwise we would be here debating ad nauseum McCain's fundamentalist preachers and their absurd sermons.

Posted by: LP | May 19, 2008 03:48 PM

David B. Monier-Williams managed to come up with some words indicating a conspiracy between Black Liberationists, The Catholic Church, Marxism, the
Far Left, Socialists, Hungarians and Obama (or did he mean Osama :-) )

Are we a little off topic on this Dave? Or have
you been snacking on a little too much Fox News?


Posted by: John Boland | May 19, 2008 03:40 PM

This is the ultimate end of Socialism when it becomes either an oligarchy or a quasi dictatorship or some combination of the two.

There are those in Europe who want to see the US become a Socialist state. They do so by wishing Obama on us.

Rev. Wright is an extreme example of a minister espousing Black Liberation Theology with it's Marxist economics. This theology was taken from the South American Liberation Theology of the Catholic Church. The Vatican banned it for its Marxist economics. Wright has been Obama's mentor for over twenty years. It is right to conclude that Obama's beliefs have been further influenced this extremist.

Its on the record that Obama has the most Far Left voting record in the Senate. It would also explain his friendship with the unrepentant terrorist and Far Left Loon William Ayers. It also explains Obamas connection with the Hungarian Socialist and financier George Soros.

The "CHANGE" Obama offers is The United Socialist States of America.

Posted by: David B. Monier-Williams | May 19, 2008 03:22 PM

Beppe write:

> The citizen has the right to be informed about the
> choices of their employees. Prodi signed the
> decree, Veltrusconi will use it, but citizens will
> not hand around watching. freedom of information
> in a free State.

I think this particular piece of legislation is nasty. But what can I/should I do about it?


Posted by: John Boland | May 19, 2008 03:18 PM

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