Two sitting side-by-side on the sofa

Tar-Head and Topo Gigio, the dwarf and his tall shadow. These two individuals have agreed to export the bullshit electoral law to the rest of Europe. If it is true that in Italy it is no longer possible to vote for a specific candidate and no one any longer says anything, then why not make pigs of ourselves in Brussels as well? If the citizens no longer has the right to select the person that will be representing him/her back home, he may just as well lose this right in Europe as well.
The marvellous extra parliamentary duo also wants to set up barriers for the European political elections as well. The higher the barrier is set, the fewer the parties that will be going to Brussels. As a result, many more of the European Parliamentarians will bear the PDL and PD-without-the-L stamp of approval. Vacuum packed Carfagne and Finocchiare put forward on everyone’s behalf. The barrier was introduced in Italy in the interests of governability. This makes no sense in Europe, where they value representation.
One page at a time, one quill at a time, they are busy taking away the citizen’s opportunity to participate in public life. It is a case of “either them or the citizens”. This is a concept that they have understood very well. The People’s Laws are being ignored. The referendums are being mocked, from the one on the abolition of public financing to the one regarding nuclear power. The army in place of dialogue in Campania. Military secrecy as regards the landfill sites and nuclear waste dumps.
The sofa at Palazzo Chigi is actually the new Parliament. A place where, when Tar-Head calls, Topo Gigio always answers with: “What are you telling me nooooooow…….”. The new bullshit European law will be promulgated, because it is precisely what is desired by the sofa politics. One simply lies down and the stretching-out phase begins.
The Europeans, however, must be informed that these new European Parliamentarians have nothing to do with us. We cannot afford to keep them in the dark. If so, our reputation would go down the tubes. For this very reason, should the new law be passed after the European elections, I will request an invitation to go to Brussels so as to publicly disassociate myself from the likes of Tar-Head and Topo Gigio’s elected individuals. Secretaries, recycled ministers, sentenced criminals, lovers, wives and debutantes. The money is ours, subject to their choices.

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: il progetto Thor del CNRnon si basa affatto su un nuovo tipo di inceneritore! Non si tratta affatto né di incenerire, né di bruciare, né io l’ho affermato in nessuna parte del mio articolo. Quella del Thor(Total house waste recycling - riciclaggio completo dei rifiuti domestici) è una tecnologia basata su un altro principio: quello della micronizzazione, cfioè la raffinazione meccanica dei materiali di scarto, attraverso una sorta di “super mulino”, che riduce i rifiuti a dimensioni microscopiche. Il dottor Paolo Plescia del CNR è colui che ha messo in atto questa ricerca. Basta entrare nel sito del CNR per avere maggiori e più dettagliate informazioni. Le cito qui di seguito alcune dichiarazioni dello stesso ricercatore, che forse chiariranno meglio di che si tratta:
“Un impianto di meccano-raffinazione di taglia medio-piccola da 20 mila tonnellate di rifiuti l’anno presenta costi di circa 40 euro per tonnellata di materiale” spiega Paolo Plescia. “Per una identica quantità, una discarica ne richiederebbe almeno 100 e un inceneritore 250 euro. A questi costi vanno aggiunti quelli di gestione, e in particolare le spese legate allo smaltimento delle scorie e ceneri per gli inceneritori, o della gestione degli odori e dei gas delle discariche, entrambi inesistenti nel Thor. Quanto al calore, i rifiuti che contengono cascami di carta producono 2.500 chilocalorie per chilo, mentre dopo la raffinazione meccanica superano le 5.300 chilocalorie”.
Un esempio concreto delle sue possibilità: “Un’area urbana di 5000 abitanti produce circa 50 tonnellate al giorno di rifiuti solidi - informa il ricercatore -. Con queste Thor ricava una media giornaliera di 30 tonnellate di combustibile, 3 tonnellate di vetro, 2 tonnellate tra metalli ferrosi e non ferrosi e 1 tonnellata di inerti, compresa anche la frazione ricca di cloro dei rifiuti, separata per non inquinare il combustibile”.
Il resto dei rifiuti è acqua, che viene espulsa sotto forma di vapore nel corso del processo di micronizzazione.
Il prodotto che esce da Thor è sterilizzato perché le pressioni che si generano nel mulino, sottoposte ad una pressione variabile fra le 8000 e le 15000 atmosfere, determinano la completa distruzione delle flore batteriche, e inoltre, non produce odori da fermentazione: resta inerte dal punto di vista biologico, ma combustibile”.

Posted by: MARTINA DURANTE | May 26, 2008 10:34 AM

To Andrea Pilastro,

Hi i agree 100% with you, I just wrote the same words in a couple of comments, yes there is no hope for Italy,of course there is not and not because of the people but because of the system, and the massoneria. People wake up,
Ciao Andrea

Posted by: Dino De Blasio | May 26, 2008 09:38 AM

When the time to move is due, you won't just sit there and pretend nothing is going on. So join the revolution, when the revolution is ready to be joined. Use beppe grillo's blog and the word of mouth, to listen and to communicate. There is no blame to make on the sleepers, therefore rebels should avoid wasting time and energy on blaming the non-conscious, nor there is a reason to fear those brothers and sisters, neither when the conventional mass media uses those who sleep to freeze any necessary change people of the society should decide to do. Also, they can always wake up, when they are really needed to and/or they can help, as the european citizens did against the nazi militia and their servants. Anyway, there is no more race here, to go for, no more parties nor movements, no more religions, nor terror, the new revolution is the one of sustainable values against the power of few and the greed for money. Let me, mention a book: Earthforce!: an earth warrior's guide to strategy (Watson, Paul)

Posted by: Mauro Mazzerioli | May 26, 2008 03:18 AM

Images of Naples alight on Santoro's TV talk-show, Anno Zero, takes your breath away in more ways than one. The surreal night, lit by flaming garbage, is one of the most haunting scenes I happened to see on TV. It was Detroit burning in the 60's minus screaming rioters chanting "burn baby burn!" It was a eerie night of profound sadness in Naples as it was forty years ago in Detroit. And, once again, I asked myself, "what is going on in Italy?" Mountains of garbage set on fire, toxic smoke rising and shrouding residential buildings of a city known all over this planet for its beauty and music was too much to bear! Once again I asked myself, "What is going on in Italy?" The mess is sixteen years old! And for the umpteenth time the guests on Anno Zero valiantly searched for a solution. Suitable and acceptable dumping-sites are needed,but in Campania they are hard to find, almost impossible. No one wants live near toxic depositories. At one point in the debate Di Pietro asked, "Where should this garbage be dumped? Nobody wants it. But it has to go somewhere! Or should we eat it?"
Sure, all that garbage needs to be disposed of. But why, should the search for dump-sites be confined to Campania? According to media reports industrial-managers from Northern Italy bear much (and the most serious) responsibility for the Southern region's garbage catastrophe: the toxification of a beautiful region of Southern Italy was done by Northern people. So, logically and rationally speaking, the search for dump-sites should include regions in the North. Garbage should be trucked North! Return the garbage to sender. Truck all that garbage North. The worse toxic shit came from up there. Northern people decided to ship it South. The same people should now clean it up and pick up the tab. Why should taxpayers pay the cost of the cleanup on behalf of industrialists without a shred of conscience? Without a gram of concern for the environment? But Italians are too busy projecting bridges. They love to impress; make "bella figura" and nothing like a bridge uniting Sicily and the Continent would do just that. The garbage? Fuck it! Let the poor of Naples breath and eat it. Naples's garbage is Naples' garbage. And what's more "Italian" than a hand wash muttering, "Me ne frego."

Posted by: louis pacella | May 25, 2008 03:28 PM

Our politicians consider us below contempt: they know that as long as soccer games and tits are shown on our tv screens, they can kick us and steal from us at will. They know also that we are too coward and disorganized to rebel.
Good luck italians.

Posted by: giuseppe vidozzi | May 24, 2008 06:14 PM

Italiani! Start learning English and other languages and go to study and work abroad!
There is no hope in Italy anymore.
Go back to Italy only for Holiday.

At some point all those stupid politicians will govern only themselves.

Posted by: Andrea Pilastro | May 24, 2008 07:03 AM

Evolution: something that skips more than one generation. It skips an entire category: politicians.

Posted by: Enza Sebastiani | May 24, 2008 06:33 AM

Beppe, you should watch how
FIAT is suffocated by PORSCHE
by means of EU commission.
Mr. Piech oiled the commission so as to drop majority of workers by fall of VW-law by decision of European Court. Now this same commission fears the fall of competition of car industry in Europe. So the jobless poor FIAT lavoratori may come to Wolfsburg and demonstrate in front VW tower. Some of them are already there! Grilli Germania!

Posted by: Reinhard Stranz | May 24, 2008 06:22 AM

Off Topic

yesterday a pregnant Italian woman was kidnapped in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She is the 40th person, (6th Italian), abducted in this town this year. The Italian government has sent there one (1) man of the Carabinieri to help the local police to find Italian kidnapped people. Let´s hope that at least he speaks Spanish, a language unknown to the previous Italian policeman engaged in this kind of work.

Posted by: maro saro | May 24, 2008 04:58 AM

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