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Rita Clinic in Milan
, with its price list of deaths, is only a symptom and not the real illness. 60/70% of the Lombardy Regions funds go towards healthcare. A large part of the money that Formigoni receives from the State goes to hospitals, clinics, doctors, paramedics and nurses, both public and private. The parties are the greatest donors to Lombardy’s healthcare. They fill the ASL (National Health Scheme) with their own men and they impose their own managers. Power, votes and careers. It took the magistrature to discover that the Santa Rita clinic was nothing more than a Milan-style butchery. No checks were being carried out by the Regional Administration. And yet the clinic was always in the top-ten in terms of deaths. And yet the clinic employees are accusing the ASL of having been aware of what was going on “since September 2007, but of having failed to take any immediate action”. The one paying the bills, namely the Regional Administration, should have been checking that the one who levies the charges, namely the clinics and hospitals, are operating within the law, however, they have failed to do so. Paying the bills without carrying out any checks is what creates the tumour at the end of the day. However, the Regional Administration IS IN NO POSITION to carry out the checks. The checks are supposedly carried out by 10 ASL employees. These are the terrible inspectors of the NOC (Nucleo Operativo di Controllo, or Operational Control Unit). Between them, these 10 people must check through 800,000 medical files each year. Mission impossible. If Formigoni is unable to check, why is he then able to pay in any event? If the NOC is charged by the Region, does this not perhaps constitute a conflict of interests? What would they do should they discover some or other politician with his fingers in the prostate cookie-jar? Would they report him or would they simply look the other way? Whenever the checks and balances are rendered virtually nonexistent, there is normally a very good reason for doing so. And the reason is not a lack of resources. It is a problem of connivance, bribes and backhanders. Where there are no checks and balances, corruption inevitably reigns supreme. But who stands to gain the most? What has happened at the Santa Rita is the gross domestic product of the cancer that has invaded politics. Mastella’s successor, Angelino Alfano, promoted to the position by the psychodwarf, has hastened to reassure the residents. Telephone tapping would have taken place at the Santa Rita clinic even if the new law regarding telephone tapping had been in place. The one that sets the bar at the level of those crimes carrying a potential sentence in excess of ten years. Angelino laughed, somewhat like the infamous Franti in the book entitled: “Cuore” (Heart). And then he said: “Those guys landed up going to jail for murder! They are super-tappable, of course …”. However, Franti Alfano overlooked only one minor detail, namely that the telephones were tapped in terms of an investigation into charges of “aggravated fraud involving public funds” and “forgery of public records”. Only later were the alleged murders discovered. Fraud and forgery are punishable by six years in terms of Franti’s Law. Therefore, the telephone tapping would not have been authorised. In order to save the psychodwarf’s skin Italy has become a nation of delinquents out on bail. The judges will be obliged to at least accuse them of outright slaughter in order to be able to obtain authorisation to tap their telephone lines.

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Gentili Signori,

vi trasmetto un appello per sostenere l’Isiao che per la manovra finanziaria approvata dal Consiglio dei Ministri è incluso nel novero degli Enti da sopprimere perchè con meno di 50 dipendenti.

Chi intende sostenere la richiesta è pregato di firmare, entro venerdì, la petizione sul sito http:\\

Chi conoscesse esponenti del mondo politico milanese o persone in grado di intervenire è pregato di dare il proprio appoggio facendo inviare una richiesta in tal senso al Ministro Calderoli.

Grazie dell'attenzione.

Posted by: Fabrizio Cassano | June 27, 2008 04:35 PM

The debate raging around the tragedies of workers killed on the job in Italy rings hollow. This "holocaust" of the poorest of the poor, immigrants, child labourers and workers will go unabated if accountability is not established. It's time for employers to take responsibility for what happens in their factories and construction sites. It's in their factories, construction sites and machines that people are getting hurt or losing their lives. Their silence on the matter of work safety is deadly. That aside for now, I want to make a point on the deaths of the six workers: they died because no one thought of having a "safety man" outside the pit monitoring the work of the workers below. The "safety man" would have acted as their alarm system. Had there been a "safety man" the chances are that most, if not all, of the workers would have been alive today. But, (as far as I know) there wasn't one. Why? I think that what happened in that pit reflects the Italian habit of doing everything haphazardly. I've found amazing the off-handed way by which Italians solve their problems or the irritation triggered in managers by suggestions about making the work-place safer. What managers say goes. Workers work no matter how dangerous a job might be. It shouldn't be. Workers should have the right to refuse tasks they deem dangerous without fear of repercussions. But, over and above that important detail, unsafe practices on the job should cost the employers financially: but not in the punishing sense, but in the sense of motivating employers to keep the work environment safe. Building contractors and factory owners should organize an insurance scheme aimed at compensating injured workers and pay a livable percentage while the worker is recovering from that injury. The insurance rate paid by the employer should be related to the number of workers injured on the job.

Posted by: louis pacella | June 16, 2008 04:37 PM

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