The Del Turco Theorem


The psycho-dwarf is right. For him the arrest of Del Turco is the “usual theorem”. The Del Turco Theorem in fact says:
”The sum of the two parties (PDL and PDminusL) constructed on the catheti is equal to the area of the tangents {kickbacks}constructed on the hypotenuse.
How much is the hypotenuse worth?
Modern Italian economic theory supplies a response with the Craxi theorem:
”The percentage of public financing, called hypotenuse, corresponds to 30% of the immaterial transactions.”
The Craxi theorem cannot be proved scientifically, but just in nature, as the financing is under the table.
An empirical proof of the Craxi theorem is to be seen in the public debt. If you do an approximate calculation of the size of the kickbacks given to the parties in the last 20 years you get by generously rounding down 1661 billion euro that is equivalent to the current public debt.
The Del Turco and Craxi Theorems are at the basis of Berlusconi’s special restricted theory of relativity (called restricted because of the dimensions of the guy).
”Justice is relative and it is applied only to others.” The researcher dealing with the statute of limitations, Ghedini and his spokesperson in the government, Alfano make it clear that for “others” the meaning does not apply to public office, to mafia people, bankers and all the institutions in the widest possible sense.
The Argentina Theory finally explains the effects of the conjunction of the Del Turco, Craxi and Berlusconi theories:
”When the kickbacks are greater than the threshold of the general poverty of the citizens, the system fails.”
The consequences of the Argentina Theory are illustrated in the Theory of Piazzale Loreto:
”When the system fails, the person responsible is hanged by their feet or escapes to Hammamet.”

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thanks for this blog

Posted by: wed-gan | July 20, 2008 03:53 AM

Vedete su YouTube 'FUSIONE FREDDA"

Posted by: Rodolfo Natale | July 17, 2008 07:50 PM


Ciao, Beppe. My name is Denise. Nice to meet you. I apologize for my english,
but I am writing you from the US and my Italian is a disgrace...but I am learning!
Anyway, I saw the article below and wanted to say that although I disagree with
much of what your government does (no, ours isn't much better), but deportation
is absolutely the way to go. This is very important.

I live in Arizona right next to the Mexican border. Right next to the drug cartels
and gun runners they provide. We give so much tax money to illegal immigrants that
citizens are hurting. They get free healthcare that we pay for. Signs and forms
are in Spanish...not America's language. Our beautiful, fragile desert is being
destroyed with the garbage being left from people. We have numerous problems with
drugs, child molesters and violence. It is becoming very frightening. Stick to
your policies on this matter what. You have a beautiful culture and
great people.

Here are some local resources to look at too.

Thank you for listening.
Your friend,


ROME, Italy (AP) -- Three U.N. experts accused Italy on Tuesday of discriminating
against Gypsies by going ahead with a plan to fingerprint them, saying that Italian
politicians are creating a climate of ethnic bias.
Demonstrators protest against the discrimination of Gypsies in Rome.

Demonstrators protest against the discrimination of Gypsies in Rome.

The criticism by the independent U.N. experts in Geneva came as the EU chief, Jose
Manuel Barroso, addressed the issue during talks in Rome with Premier Silvio Berlusconi.

Barroso said he was confident that Italy would comply with EU principles and treaties.
Berlusconi defended the treatment of Gypsies, who also are known as Roma.

Italy has drawn widespread criticism this month as it began fingerprinting Gypsies,
including children, as part of a crackdown on street crime.

The European Parliament called the measure a clear act of racial discrimination
and urged Italian authorities to stop it, while many human rights groups criticized
it as racist.

The three U.N. experts said that "by exclusively targeting the Roma minority,
this proposal can be unambiguously classified as discriminatory." They said
they are "extremely concerned."

They also said they were "dismayed at the aggressive and discriminatory rhetoric
used by political leaders, including Cabinet members, when referring to the Roma

"By explicitly associating the Roma to criminality, and by calling for the
immediate dismantling of Roma camps in the country, these officials have created
an overall environment of hostility, antagonism and stigmatization of the Roma community,"
said the statement. "This climate of anti-Roma sentiment has served to mobilize
extremist groups."

Italy must uphold its obligations under international law, said the three: special
rapporteur on racism, Doudou Diene; the independent expert on minority issues, Gay
McDougall; and the special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Jorge Bustamante.

Recently, Italian officials have spoken of a "Roma emergency" in big cities,
linking crime to the minority. Some cities have appointed special commissioners
to deal with the issue.

The Gypsies often live off temporary work and mostly stay in encampments in squalid
conditions with no access to health services, education, basic sanitary facilities
or jobs.

More than 700 encampments have been built in Italy, mainly around Rome, Milan and
Naples, housing tens of thousands of Gypsies.

In Naples, camps had to be evacuated after attackers set huts on fire and angry
residents in neighboring areas protested the alleged attempt by a Gypsy woman to
kidnap a baby. Authorities in Rome raided a camp to check for proper papers.

Berlusconi, speaking alongside Barroso in Rome, defended the fingerprinting. He
insisted the measure is aimed at identifying illegal immigrants for expulsion as
well as making sure that Gypsy children are sent to school and not begging in the

The premier said the government only wants to "make these European citizens
better integrated and to give them the same right to education that our children

Barroso did not evaluate the program.

But he said, "I'm sure a solution will be found, compatible with the great
Christian and humanistic traditions of Italy, and also ... of Europe in general."
He praised the cooperation that he said Italian authorities are offering to EU officials
on the subject.

Posted by: Denise Yurek | July 16, 2008 05:39 PM

Provenzano is The KING crucified in SODOM and Egypt... that's the reason why he is in jail... that's the reason why he is the KING OF THE KINGS!! that's the reason why HE WILL REIGN FOR 1000 YEARS OVER THE HEART!! HE'S THE WHITE HORSE WITH THE IRON BASTONE.... I LOVE YOU!


Posted by: andrea dino | July 16, 2008 05:17 PM

hey there is no other way than to keep Andreino (st) and Juda like the betrayer... the problem is:

who is the betrayer Giuda Iscariote (if the blue jerusalem is of 12 doors) someone jew of the JUDEN TRIBU'... can I call him Jamaica's Segrè??

God... clock cracker at what time??

Let me make my holydays plz... a little of peace... just a while... even in a dirrrrty world thati this is...

I think the people who criticise need a doctor... they don't do anything more in the night and keep on talkin' of nothin'...

so... After the holidays... the clock ON?

U decide, not I... you know how to put the story goin' not I... you can change if you want the story... but it's already written... up to you to make the SUM!MER come.

Posted by: andrea dino | July 16, 2008 03:34 PM

To all who criticize Grillo's English:

Communication is the transmitting and reception of a message to another party.

Did you understand this message?

If not let me give you a hint:

This message is in English.

Posted by: Rinaldi Moscatiello | July 16, 2008 02:58 PM

saccà with marchioro is the snake of baylon... Malara is the ressurected god, also the king (sun over the cross and in the back of the heads) of of the roots of the king of north MB... me... I'm still crucified in "gio-tralaltro"... can anyone do anything?? I'm still crucified in babylon as the king of kings... me... I'm still there in the fortress of Babylon... BANG!

Jack18... are you still in Egypt666?? (duality of the 18 number)...

good done fight against the FROCIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!
And "now or never" ready for my destiny... God I'm in your hands!

Posted by: andrea dino | July 16, 2008 12:56 PM

what if I'm am the Christ of golgota skull... and the blue gerusalem was built only for him... for john... yes it is I'm the wite horse... I'm the lamb... and now from here on I can Exit and go to SION and the to the universe... yes it is... I am the tiger. I am the lion wings, the panther and the bear... Yes it is... I'm from the sea... I was crucified there by the jews! Yes it is... the fault is of course of babylon... babylon the church... arcigay... yes it is... it's the truth... the woman is not Angela... is AZ.... the woman is a gay man... she contols cei... she controls the Berlusconi.... she controls the king of babyolon too... MB ratzinger...

plz my wings fly me away.

Posted by: andrea dino | July 16, 2008 12:52 PM

cari amici del blog,
Vivo a stoccarda ma sono un grande ammiratore del vs blog. Continuate cosi'!

Ho pero' una domanda tecnica.
Per visualizzare il blog uso spesso il mio smart phone.

Quando digito il link viene automaticamente mandato su quello in lingua inglese.
Se poi clicco sulla bella bandiera italiana viene attualizzata la pagina ma sempre in lingua inglese.

Si puo' fare qualcosa?

Viele grüße aus Stuttgart
Massimiliano cava

Posted by: cava massimiliano | July 16, 2008 12:18 PM

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