The new King Herods

Incinerators in Forli

Incinerators produce nano-particles. The nano-particles enter the organism and produce tumours. Instead the separation and collection of rubbish produces wealth and does not poison the environment. Children are the ones most exposed to illnesses. Why is it that in Italy they continue to plan, construct and sell incinerators instead of promoting the separation of waste? Who gains? Who are those selling death? Who are the new King Herods?

Dear Beppe Grillo,
We would like to invite you and all your readers to spend a moment to reflect on this sentence: “The deliberate cruelty with which the labouring population has been used to increase the production of consumer goods and profits derived from them has now been extended to the whole population of the planet, involving the most fragile components, the children, by exposing them to the plethora of carcinogens, mutagens and toxic substances present in the water, the air, the soil, food, as well as the consequences of the systematic and relentless destruction of our habitat.”
These words, that conclude an article about the risks attributable to chemical agents, written by Professor Lorenzo Tomatis in 1987, have come back to our minds as a lucid prophecy when looking at the most recent data about the incidence of childhood cancer in Italy published by Associazione Italiana dei Registri Tumori (AIRTUM: I tumori infantili Rapporto 2008) {Italian Cancer Figures – Report 2008 - Childhood Cancer}.
If already the data published in The Lancet in 2004 showed that an increase of 1.1% of the cancers in children in the last 30 years in Europe appeared to be worrying, those relating to our country, for the years 1998-2002 leave us dismayed. The overall rates for all cancers have increased on average by 2% a year, going from 146.9 new cases a year (for every million children) in the period from 1988 to 1992 to a good 176 new cases in the period 1998 to 2002. This means that on average, in the last five years, in every million children in Italy there have been an additional 30 cases extra. The growth is statistically significant for all the age groups and for both sexes. In particular, among the children under 12 months the increase has been 3.2% a year.
These rates of increase in Italy are much higher than those found in Germany (141 cases 1987-2004), France (138 cases 1990-98), Switzerland (141 cases 1995-2004). The percentage annual change is higher in our country than in Europe for all types of tumour (+2% vs 1.1%), as well as for the main types of tumour; in fact for lymphoma, the increase is 4.6% a year as opposed to an increase in Europe of 0.9%, for leukemia the increase is 1.6% as opposed to an increase in Europe of +0.6% and so on."
Dott. Michelangiolo Bolognini Igenista - Pistoia
Dott,ssa Maria Concetta Di Giacomo Medico di Medicina Generale - Padova
Dott. Gianluca Garetti Medico di Medicina Generale - Firenze
Dott. Valerio Gennaro Oncologo-Epidemiologo - Genova
Dott.ssa Patrizia Gentilini Oncologo – Ematologo - Forlì
Dott. Giovanni Ghirga Pediatra - Civitavecchia
Dott. Stefano Gotti Chirurgo - Forlì
Dott. Manrico Guerra Medico di Medicina Generale - Parma
Dott. Ferdinando Laghi Ematologo - Castrovillari
Dott. Antonio Martella Oncologo - Tossicologo Napoli
Dott. Vincenzo Migaleddu Radiologo - Sassari
Dott. Giuseppe Miserotti Medico Medicina Generale - Piacenza
Dott. Ruggero Ridolfi Oncologo-Endocrinologo - Forlì
Dott. Giuseppe Timoncini Pediatra - Forlì
Dott. Roberto Topino Medico del Lavoro - Torino
Dott. Giovanni Vantaggi Medico di Medicina Generale -Gubbio

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Per qunto riguarda l´immunitá delle 4 cariche dello stato é importante ricordare che non sono elette direttamente dal popolo .
Rodolfo Natale

Posted by: Rodolfo Natale | July 28, 2008 05:02 PM

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