There’s a letter for you (Telecom sacking)


The Telecom letters saying you are sacked are arriving. 5000 straight away and 10,000 to follow. An office worker has sent us his letter. It’s subject is “Dismissal to reduce personnel – art.24 of law n.223/1991”. The letter specifies that Telecom “intends to start the “mobility procedures” for 5,000 workers that are in excess of its technical-organisational needs”.
The letter is a showcase of bureaucracy, sub-articles, articles, laws, and arrangements that have a single meaning: “You are sacked. Your family can no longer count on your salary.”
Telecom gives 3 reasons for your sacking:
1 “on the technological side, from the simplification of the production processes that have had an impact on the functions of specialist support, as well as on the provisioning activities of the network and of services, with the consequent need to rationalize the address and government structures and the territorial ones.”
2 “for the market structures, from the recomposition of the activities and the responsibilities of the positions in the functions of the company (for example the pre- and post-sales, and the commercial programming), the significant reduction in the profitability in the more traditional business, of the progressive defocalisation of the outbound activities and in the simplification of back end activities.”
3 “for the Staff functions, from the need to rationalize the company structures connected to the completion of the company and organizational merging of Telecom Italia S.p.A and TIM S.p.A., as well as the integration of the central staff with the staff of the former Operations and Corporate”.
The former Telecom employee will thus be able to explain to his children that he has been sacked for “progressive defocalisation of the outbound activities and in the simplification of back end activities.” Or alternatively for “simplification of the production processes that have had an impact on the provisioning activities of the network and of services”.
The children will be able to ask if these are the only reasons or whether the company has been plundered with the sale of the productive parts of the company, of buildings, of foreign investment to give dividends to Tronchetti and stock options to Buora, and Ruggiero and salaries among the highest in Europe to the trusted directors and to the members of the Board of Directors. The children could ask why the one who has put their family out into the streets has been rewarded with millions of euro as a golden handshake instead of being taken to court by Telecom.
It’s well known that children, that youngsters are naïve. They are “pezzi 'e core” as they say in Naples. They would never be able to understand the strategies of Tronchetti-the-unhappy and perhaps because their parent is crying in secret.
Once more I’m inviting the sacked Telecom employees to participate in the initiative of class action against the former administrators.

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1) Is it true that increasing workers' wages by detaxing overtime and bonuses diminishes money available for government to use for social programs? And is this detaxation considered (like many do) a shift of the burden of pay increases from employers to the general population?

2) If supply and demand regulates prices and wages, will that mean that by encouraging more women to go to work the labor supply will increase and wages shrink?

3) Should Pirelli make higher profits, due to lower labor costs, in Thailand or any othe country outside of Italy, will Pirelli go there?

4) Since the people that will suffer the most during the coming recession will be poor people, pensioners, unemployed, working poor and economically vulnerable people, do you think it's wise for the government to cut back on social spending?

5) The Chinese economy-of- scale dwarfs the Italian economy-of-scale. You said that in order for Italy to be competitive Italians must work longer hours. How long and/or how many hours should Italian workers work in a week to be on par with China's mega-production capabilities?

6) Italians are paying taxes for their men to go and die in far away places; their monthly wages don't take them to the end of the month; thousand and thousands of workers are laid off and made poorer. Many people think that, CEO's salaries are "immoral and unpatriotic". Are they "immoral and unpatriotic"?

7) Will the economic race to the bottom (global convergence of wages, as economists like to call it) pulling down wages and incomes in Italy, speed up or slow down once government "reforms" are made?

Posted by: lou pacella | July 7, 2008 11:02 PM

Hi Rolly, I agree with you. But should Grillo pull down the annoying bullshit that people post, he would become a walking contradiction and an easy target to shoot at for the hackwriters siding with Berlusconi. I think. Wonder what Grillo's opinion is on this?

Posted by: lou pacella | July 6, 2008 05:57 PM

Thanks a lot Edededed for pointing out the mistake. When I was writing "Guarda e Passa", I had a feeling that it was wrong.

The friend that introduced me to Dante explained that line ("Non ti curar di loro, ma guardi innanzi") with the phrase "Guarda e passa". It must have stucked with me.

But I had no idea that "Me ne frego!" was a distortion of Dante's poetry.

Thanks again.

Posted by: lou pacella | July 6, 2008 05:20 PM

@ Edededed,

Indeed, that was a stereotypical comment of mine, justifiable only by my use of the word 'typical' and reference to 'bureaucratic work habits' :)

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | July 6, 2008 06:39 AM

@ Louis Pacella

I must disagree.
It is the sole responsibility of the blogger to 'pull down' comments that do not comply with the rules created by the blogger him/herself as conditions for involvement with the blog.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | July 6, 2008 05:58 AM

Hi Rolly Wheeler and Edededed,

It's not up to Grillo to separate the chaff from the kernel.
It's up to us.
Yes,the "chaffy" comments are annoying, but there is no way they're going to stop me from expressing what I think.
I like this blog and ignoring the scribble is not that difficult.
As the national poet says, "Guarda e passa."

Posted by: louis pacella | July 5, 2008 05:05 PM


I, too, am finding the lack of active moderation somewhat distressing.
But it's typical of my experiences of Italian ways: Talk a lot, do little.
Whoever is responsible for moderating these comments needs to throw off his/her bureaucratic work habits and get on with attending to the task at hand.
It's another example of why Italy finds itself in deep trouble.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | July 5, 2008 02:27 AM


prepare yourself to torture

by $

"IN response to the comments by: clock steady to go | July 4, 2008 11:30 AM and, ok go | July 4, 2008 11:04 AM

You people are sick! What is all this crap that you're writing about? Have you had a frontal lobotomy???"

this blog makes me sick... please switch... I've said enough to be said... ?clock runs? begin.

Posted by: dio porco | July 4, 2008 02:18 PM

IN response to the comments by: clock steady to go | July 4, 2008 11:30 AM and, ok go | July 4, 2008 11:04 AM

You people are sick! What is all this crap that you're writing about? Have you had a frontal lobotomy???

Posted by: Bemused | July 4, 2008 11:57 AM

that's the reaso why I will no more be under your fuckin' shittin influence... becaus my granpa and dad... and my mother after this trip will be free... and I will no more be "battezzato" in the name of you son of a bitch jesus...

Because I'm in the north and I will be there as myself... as IO SONO... after the end of this first sory...

Posted by: clock steady to go | July 4, 2008 11:30 AM

is it ok shitting pope?? Next time... I will be in Uk... Usa... north europe... I will never see your barfing face more on TV!!! I will only hear about "apple"... "strawberrys", "skull & bones", "cherrys", "queen", "wotan" and so on on tv... and this is the place I'm starting to free Israel from you! SHIT... and then I'm gonna free America... Uk... and my personal Israel... EUROPE! SHIT OF A POPE! And it's such innopvation because my life of the ancient testament begins with revelations and endS with the "NEW STORY"... "UNTOLD"... and believe me... I'll come everywhere in the ancient and new testament told by you to change and destroy your opus!

Posted by: ok go | July 4, 2008 11:04 AM

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