Blocks of Ice and Blocks of Shit


The polar bears are contaminated. They are becoming yellow. The seals and the penguins can see them from a distance and flee. The yellow gold against the snow is better than a light-reflector. At the Pole, the bears are getting thinner and they let themselves float off on blocks of ice riding on the currents. The icebergs are melting, but the whole planet is focusing its attention on the Olympics. Our civilisation and the icebergs are at risk of finishing at the same moment.
The glaciers of the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau are melting at a rate of 7% a year. By the year 2060 they could disappear, but already the flow that they pour into the Yellow River and the Yangtze has gone down, as has the harvest of rice and of grain.
The Gangotri Glacier could disappear in twenty years together with the Ganges that could be transformed into a little seasonal river.
The ice of the Himalayas is being transformed into rivers, the rivers into food for India and China, two over-populated nations. A few extra billion people could die of hunger, but in Beijing the nations of the world are thinking about archery and synchronized swimming.
In its own way, the human race is great, it manages to dance on the edge of a volcano during a sea-quake while an asteroid is striking the Earth.
When the glaciers of the North Pole are completely melted, and that will happen soon, perhaps in less than 10 years, the level of the sea will rise by FIVE metres. The icebergs of Greenland will melt straight away after that and the level of the sea will rise by a further SEVEN metres.
Any human being living in a place lower than TWELVE metres above sea level should move house. A research study by the International Institute for Environment and Development has estimated that the house moving will involve 600 million people.
Humans will become yellow like the bears. They will be dragged out into the oceans like the bears. Not on blocks of ice. Which will no longer exist. But on blocks of shit.

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Motor Sport commentators are forever praising the safety measures for motor racing circuits. And they have good reasons: the last fatality on a F1 race track happened fourteen years ago when Ayrton Senna crashed at 200 miles an hour. Given the nature of the sport fourteen years fatality-free is an exceptional achievement. To be sure, safety conditions for racing car drivers, in the fifties, sixties and part of the seventies, were frightening. In the fifties alone 15 drivers lost their lives; twelve in the sixties and nine in the seventies. In spite of horrofic crashes,it was only in the late sixties that the need for safer tracks began to be talked about. Race track owners, some media people and even a few the drivers were dead set against any talk of safer circuits. They claimed it would hurt the macho image of the sport. It took the conviction and tenacity of Jackie Stewart to crack the status-quo mentality of race organizers. But,it was not before Jackie himself was involved in a frightening crash that he became convinced that the lives of racers trumped any other concern. A gasoline-soaked and badly hurt Jackie Stewart sat in his wrecked car for twenty-five minutes before fellow racers Graham and Bondurant extricated him with a borrowed spanner from a spectator's tool-kit. That experience turned him into a crusader for safer race tracks and, for that, some people thought he lacked courage. He organized a F1 drivers association and threatened to boycott races if the owners didn't own up to their responsibilities. Slowly, very slowly, the owners came around to Jackie Stewart's point of view on the need for safe track conditions. And, as it is, the sport is thriving even though Jackie Stewart says things are not as safe as he would like them to be. Moral of the story? No matter the field or what they own, most entrepreneurs and owners, when it comes to make the workplace a safer place are selfish and narrow-minded.

Posted by: lou pacella | August 13, 2008 04:04 AM

Finally, what a pleasure to see a hunter (see link below) getting DEVOURED!!! I would like to see more and more to be shown on world tv! THE HUNTING TROPHY OF THE HUNTER! HUNTING THE HUNTERS and feeling no guilt for killing a human if you can! We need GREENPEACE ACTIVISTS to kill the hunters, who is ever going to know how they were killed??? We have already destroyed their habitat, lets the few bears left to die in PEACE, without murdering any further! ME is since the 90's when i started following the CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUE that I see no action and no REMORSE in the World Leaders!

Posted by: Vincenzo Giannattasio | August 12, 2008 01:13 PM

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