Daisies of Padua


Hexavalent chromiumis carcinogenic and causes mutation. It is a waste product of industry. In the North of Italy it is presenting the rivers. From the Dora to the Po to the Brenta and also in the meadows. Whoever offloads it saves on the costs of proper disposal. Whoever has to control, paid by the taxes of the citizens, does nothing. Whoever breathes it in, or drinks it in the water or eats it in the products of the land gets ill and dies of cancer. The delinquents who are polluting and the parasites who are not controlling, have never been convicted. The mechanism of cause and effect is not immediate, like a pistol shot. But there is no difference. The polluters are killers and the public administrations who are informed of the facts are witnesses who keep quiet or are colluding. When there is a trial, usually their crimes get timed out for the Statute of Limitations or they have a plea-bargain. And, for them, life can go on smiling thanks to the Italian laws. 95% of the crimes in Italy are not in fact punished, a gift from the psycho-dwarf.
At Bassano del Grappa a trial is going on for plural culpable homicide due to the death from cancer of 14 workers at PM Galvanica di Tezze sul Brenta because of the chromium. The next hearing is on 21 November 2008. At Tezze and the surrounding area, during the last 20 years, toxic waste, including hexavalent chromium, has been discharged into the environment. It is a territory that is rich in polluted water and substrata, as is also reported by the local newspapers. The maximum quantity of permissible hexavalent chromium is 5 microgrammes per litre. In the substrata that go from Tezze to Cittadella and to San Giorgio, samples have been found of 170 microgrammes per litre. In the zone, there are important mineral water companies.
Everyone knows about the pollution but the days tick by smoothly. From time to time, there’s some surprise. In the meadows and in the gardens of the Alta Padovana {high area round Padua}, you can find gigantic daisies. Enormous petals to be removed one by one. Instead of “she loves me - she loves me not”, they whisper, as they pinch themselves, “I’ll die – I’ll not die”. The yellow inflorescence of the Leucanthemum cromum padovanas are tall, crowded and thick. After the daisies, it’ll be the turn of the people. The mutant Paduans will be recognizable for their slight green phosphorescence and for an exaggerated increase in the willy. The hexavalent chromium instead of Viagra. It’s great to die like that.

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Another Italy/Southern California parallel! Hexavalent Chromium was the culprit in a tragic case in the nineties which became the basis of the movie "Erin Brockovich" (the name of real woman who has become something of an occasional player in local politics northeast of L.A.). That story ultimately had a more or less happy ending (for Ms. Brockovich and her boss, Ed Masri, anyway).

Posted by: DennisSC | September 11, 2008 06:15 AM

It is really bad that the people who do this to our earth go unpunished. They forget that this planet is not ours it is for uor children. Maybe these criminal don't have children or they spare their children the risk of living in the areas they pollute.

Posted by: Michael Castro | August 21, 2008 02:39 PM

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