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When young people leave home to affirm their autonomy, they don’t normally ask their parents for money. If they do it is at the discretion of the parents to give it. If the sons in question want to be autonomous for life at the expense of their parents, the situation would be embarrassing. A special situation. An autonomous one who is maintained. A contradiction. Either you are autonomous or you are kept. A third way does not exist.
Anyone who crosses the borders that separate Piedmont and the Region of Veneto from the Aosta Valley and the autonomous Province of Trento has the impression of changing State. To go into France or into Austria. The substance is in the dosh, the brass, the dough, the cash. The Special Statute Regions have the right to collect taxes that other Regions just dream of. The beneficial effects can be seen in the life style of the (autonomous) inhabitants, apart from Sicily where there’s the mafia’s pay-as-you-go. Do you want a reasonable mortgage for the house? There’s the Region. The motorway free? There’s the Region. Petrol with a discount? There’s the Region.
In Italy, some geographic areas are more equal than others with the money of the others. The Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia receives four billion euro a year. The province of Bolzano three billion, eight hundred million. Sardinia six billion. The Aosta Valley one billion three hundred mullion for 125 thousand inhabitants. Sicily eleven billion, three hundred million. The Province of Trento three and a half billion. If the law is, or should be, equal for all Italian citizens, the same should apply for the tax treatment. If I am born in Mondově, Piedmont, I must have the same services as the one born in Arnad, Aosta Valley.
The villages bordering on the Regions of Plenty want to be admitted. That happens in Veneto and in Piedmont. The citizens who aspire to being autonomous are holding consultative referenda. They too want to be kept a bit as well.
For every “up” there’s a “down” and for every Region with a Special Statute, there’s at least one Region with a Subnormal Statute. It is that one that chases away the euro for the others and has third world services.

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Italy is still flying way too high above my head.
A war breaks out, the Foreign Minister manages the situation via cell-phone?
Berlusconi makes few promises during the campaign end he actually keeps his promises, so he deserve an at-boy from Newsweek?
The remaining promises, well they will get to it ASAP (Tax reduction, Alitalia, Energy prizes, Salaries to infinity and beyond?)
In all honesty it doesn't surprise me that the inner circle does what it does regularly and without the slightest consideration of the consequences for the average Joe Blow, after all the electorate can't boot them out of office, they voted not to finance Parties and they still collect millions, they are not prosecutable (Now by law?)
Meanwhile for a Newsweek article all Italian Newspapers put it in front pages while for articles from Business Week/Financial Time/New York Time and other not a single mention anywhere.
Aside from the fact that Italy in today Market is not relevant in any field, whether Financial, Resources, Manufacturing, Technology and last but not list Tourism, the idiots in charge act and behave like Italy does really belong in the G8??
During the last G8 meeting in Japan, yours truly P. Minister after a Wikipedia search done by some smack for the US Foreign Office was described as a cruise line musician, a scoundrel entrepreneur and finally elected Politicians thanks to his own TV/Financial empire?
This I may add accurate description required an official apology to the P. Minister and the Country of Italy from no other than Mr. W.Bush?
The spiraling down of Italy had and still have a solution, although you have to stop listening to this idiots (Left and Right!) what they tell you are only well establish facts and actions they can achieve without even sweating, is what they don't tell you that should worry you!
Your Country your responsibility, they are and will keep on prospering either way, so change the rules of the game and the first rule should be "Responsibility above Else!".
They can't write the rules and at the same time be outside the reach of the Law?
The world economy is going through some major downturn, and if they are having tough time ahead guess what's in store for Italy comes the fall?
Italy is disconnected and ridiculed outside its own border that is really not funny for Italians emigrating everywhere, they have to prove day-in day-out that the representatives up there in the Institutions are the bottom crap of Italy.
You don't have to go very far to ascertain what I just sat, at the EU very soon every non Italian rep. will be issued a bumper sticker stating "Welcome Italians now go Home Ciao!".

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 14, 2008 04:18 PM

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